The Daftness of Duffel AND Jon X Army

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Autor: Blake Wolf
AutorOk i watched it and your final coments were right im a man not a boy and no the trigger thing didnt work you were right again . thats two in a row. Keep it up
Autor: David Duffell
AutorThat was weeks ago i last messaged you. I havnt got a channel and i am famous. Super super special infact super super duper special. I think you must have missed me
Autor: David Duffell
Autor: Sy Anturio
AutorWe will rip your soul out. Tic Toc 🚪
Autor: Blake Wolf
AutorHey****Love*******it's frankntank
Autor: Marion Hatfield
AutorI would watch the whole video but honestly i get sea sick mate
Autor: David Duffell

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