Understanding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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AutorI found the green stick figures goin nuts kinda funny. I have OCD over a fear of goin nuts. But trust me, therapy and medication really helps. Science is closer to a cure every day.
Autor: Vössler Benjamin
AutorI loved what her grandmom did when she helped the girl with the compulsion and cleaning to reliefe her anxiety..
Thats the real understanding of problems
Autor: saleh egury
AutorI have major contamination OCD I'm in therapy and on medication and I've been bullied for not being able to touch something, OCD is hard but I hope some day there is a easyer way to cure it
Autor: Jacob Kolodziej
AutorMedication is just a Chemical lobotomy, it only masks your problems and makes you an omega.
Autor: The Wolf Among Sheep
AutorEvery room I walk into I have to open and close the door 3 times while swiping my feet against the floor. And I have to tap my fork once before eating anything with a fork, I also don't like going to public bathrooms, and I will hold it. I'd rather pee myself, or get a bladder infection than go to a public restroom, should I get help? :,^(
Autor: addis life
AutorMaybe my problem is different
example i do things twice
1 .if i touch a thing then ill touch twice must
2 .always feel alone
3 .always be in fear of something bad
4 .stressed
5 . doing a thing in even number not in odd number
Autor: Shahbaaz syed
AutorI have OCD as well, but it has calmed down significantly over the years. Thank God.

One example of my OCD is when I would see images (like a photo, or a book cover) upside down... I was compelled to turn them over. I just couldn't stand seeing them like that. It was so unnatural. I needed everything right side up. That's just one of a million examples of my bad habits I had to deal with over the years.
Autor: Rabbit Ronin
Autorthere is no such things as religious obsession. This is just a term added on by atheist.
With religion (example Islam) we are told to do 5 daily prayers, we have to do it daily. This is a command from the Creator. Not an obsession, because I can stop whenever I want. But I choose to do it myself.
Autor: Salim Al-Jabry
AutorI just.... Dont want to drug myself...
Autor: BiancaHunt
AutorI am 12 and I have severe OCD. Every day I blink 7 times, count my steps, and if i don't get somewhere in a multiple of 7 or 4 steps then i had to restart. I tap certain things, and go back to tap them in case I forgot to tap and then something bad will happen. My mom will get in a car accident because she came to pick me up. My grandmother will have a stroke because of the stress I caused her after I didn't make it from the car to the door in 21 steps. If anyone wants to talk, please email me at [email protected] I know how stressful it is to bottle your mental health up and how relieving it is to finally talk about what's going on.
Autor: AnnaLee
AutorThat girl tho "Are you for real right now" aw that was so cute and funny
Autor: Alishba Nasir
AutorOCD is not solely about "arranging things" "putting things in a particular order" "washing your hands often", etc. Just saying. Hoarding is of course one of the classic issues, but it can also manifest by the person throwing out mass amounts of things deemed "unclean" inside the person's head. Personally I do that.
Autor: Kitana Kojima
AutorMy OCD is checking.
Autor: pugx
AutorWtf is this shit
Autor: Zurtendo 45
AutorIsn’t this also a good thing because you are already alerted or cautioned thus actually avoiding something terrible
Autor: Benedict Ybañez
AutorWhat a great and informative video.
Autor: Magpies Minnesota
AutorI'm 14 and I have OCD. I have to check things over and over again. I also have a need to touch things like turning the door knob an even amount of times. Even turning the lights on and off. My parents know I have OCD but say it's something I can easily get over if I try. My mom also says everyone is a little OCD. I used to cry myself to sleep because I know what I'm doing is crazy...
Autor: Michelle Paige
AutorI have OCD. I don’t know when it started. I just realized that i already have it. It’s really hard because it stress you out and sometimes you tend to lose focus on other things. My Obsessions and compulsions are like checking the lens of my camera if there are any dirts or dust or smudges, if there are, i’m gonna wipe it clean for minutes until i’m satisfied and when i am temporarily satisfied, i’ll be thinking later on if there are any dirt again and i should clean it. I also hate when my things are not organize. I’ll organize it now, and again when i’m feeling a bit satisfied temporarily, later on i’ll check if it is organize. It’s really hard having this kind of anxiety, obsessions in your mind.
Autor: Daniel Leyno
AutorI have OCD I have to jeep my room clean organized and if it'd not I flip a lid.and I hate it.I like keeping things clean. but I also hate that I take twenty minutes after I get in bed just to fix everything..or else it bothers me and o can't sleep knowing theirs a mess
Autor: Lil Riptide
AutorMy OCD isnt as extreme as the ones shown in the above videos, but, I think it's just bordering it. Like Il keep checking the doors after I have locked it, will keep touching and checking the latches again and again. It's the same when I leave home too. Il keep pulling d door from outside to chk if it's properly locked etc. I do that about 3-4 times and if I feel like I have touched something dirty, even thoh it may not be, I wont b in peace until I don't wash my hands and even a hand sanitizer wont work. It needs to b with soap and water.
Autor: Madhavi J
AutorI have OCD too and i'm only 10 i worried too much that i cry even if it was am
Autor: Obama Villapili
AutorI have ocd I have to sleep every night pls don't make fun of me
Autor: Oltzy Music
Autorcleaning bathroom floor with tooth brush 😓😓
Autor: Gurjeet Singh
Autor: Gean H.
Autormy family can't really understand this kind of sickness..they just think I am crazy and perfectionist .
Autor: Marina Mitchell
AutorMy obsessions are wanted no unwanted
Autor: Chooper
AutorI have Ocd and it's so frustrating having to constantly check over things thinking 'what if'
Autor: Random Potato
AutorHey everyone I read most of the comments and you guys seem to have similar ocd to mine. I’ve always had ocd ever since I was a little boy. I just never fully knew what I had until several years ago. I take Wellbutrin and see a therapist. It helps. Feel like I need to touch something a certain way, check things, chants, and repeat actions so nothing bad will happen. Sometimes I can stop it and continue my day. I just want everyone to know on here you are fine and you just have ocd. No ocd is the same for everyone. This video was a quite accurate representation of ocd. Ocd can be overwhelming but don’t freak you are not the only one out there. Ocd falls into a repeated cycle. 1. Obsessive thought. 2. Anxiety 3. Compulsive Behaviour 4. Temporary Relief.
Autor: Mr J
AutorI have these symptoms and I tell my parents it bothers me, but they just tell me Im stupid....
Autor: CroZone
AutorI also sufferef from this what can I do
Autor: Harjot Bal
AutorIts so weird to watch someting like this and realise you're being described after being oblivious that these are disorders, thought it was just how i am, my personality etc... :( now what?
Autor: Kachlimpen
AutorI have to avoid certain numbers or I will tap or stomp my foot seven times. I also count and check things. I have little control over it. However it's my Tourette's that is causing the biggest problems right now.
Autor: TS777
AutorMy OCD is very bad. I have to count things in 1 2 3 4 5 0 1. If I look one way I have to look the other way the exact same amount of time. Sometimes it takes ages. I have to do everything In a specific order. And it's like if I don't I have to go back and do it all over again or something. If I take juice out of the fridge I have to make sure it's facing the same way and in the exact same spot. I've now just recently started counting my steps. Could anyone suggest anything to help this?
Autor: Blaire
Autormine starts at 6... being scared... 8 or 9....i always repeat touching objects... arranging objects too much... too worried...
Autor: Clash With Zan
AutorThis is my life today. And meds and therapy isnt helping much.
Autor: Phillip M
Autorlol this comment section is just people trying to prove that their OCD is worse than everyone else's
Autor: Matthew Morris
AutorI'm 16 and have OCD. I do my compulsions by singing, or doing things with my hand. My obsessions are arranging, organizing, checking thing's and I have images about bad things.
Autor: TouchItBae Productions
AutorI’m 15 with ocd my parents found out when I was like 3
Autor: Jakiya Shaunice
Autorwhy's the grandma cleaning the floor with a toothbrush...
Autor: Na2ihah
AutorI have OCD myself, and like in this video, OCD really bothers me with everything I do. But on my opinion they forgot to explain the process going to a therapist, of course it doesn't has to be explained precisely, but it isn't just "going to a therapist and talk", in my case at least. The moment I'm going to a therapist I really have to think very concentrated and a lot of questions are asked me about the most difficult thoughts. E.g. 'why do bacteria scare you?', and 'what happens when you don't put things in order correctly or don't wash your hands after touching the lightswitch?'. Even though I've got a lot of people wanting to help me, it's not as easy to minimalize your thoughts as they say in this video. For the rest it is explained very good.
Autor: Vera
AutorI was diagnosed with OCD yesterday but I only have compulsions, I used to get obsessions but not anymore, I wash my hands alot and I mean ALOT, My mum even tells me to stop washing my hands but I just can't stop, I also have this thing where I recheck things and if I don't I get anxiety. I also have this thing where like for example I say a question 5 Minutes ago, I would say the same question again just incase I didn't say it.
Autor: Deniz
AutorWell, this was kind of depressing. 😞😞
Autor: Shakir Henderson
Autoroh my god I am sooooo lucky stumble upon thz...this is sooooo true...so true
Autor: pelevizo lone wolf
Autorohhh sshhiiiiit ! 😱😱😱 I also have OCD
Autor: Jaczad
AutorI have ocd of checking door, switch, again and again.. I fed up from this shit things, so i found a solution to stop this nonsense things by clicking photos of close door and off switch.. And by doing this i can check in mobile and sleep very well
Autor: infinite solution
AutorI have obsessions, and when I start tapping my feet on the floor or so, I have to tap them the same amount of times and then both of them together the same amount of times. If I make a mistake that I dont tie my shoes correctly I get a panic attack and may start punching the wall or so. I check the door always and I have these awful thoughts that I forgot to do something and something will happen to my family member or so.
Autor: Balaika uwu
AutorDo I have OCD it annoys me there is wee in the toilet
Autor: Ladea Lottings
AutorI have some shit were i think i have illnesses or diseases and i even wakeup very anxious with nausea until i am normal again, this happen every month at least 2 weeks.

What THE HECK i have????! And is for bs i do in my head.
Autor: Death Boi
Autori take 15 mins or more to check if the stove is off and then i need like about 5 turns of the door knob to make sure it’s locked, sometimes more. and it takes about 5 mins to check if my alarm is off. i don’t think this is ocd but i’m not sure, it could just be a habit
Autor: Sgt.PepperTaehyung
Autor: izac ._
AutorI wish my compulsions at least surrounded organizing and cleaning things, I'm a mess and the only compulsions I have are utterly pointless ones like touching things the correct number of times and way, hovering hands or feet over things the correct amount of time, making sure objects obstruct my view symmetrically, deleting things I type until I consider myself safe from an intrusive thought, and many other small things I wish I can just quit doing already. Perhaps I have OCD, but I'm to nervous to attempt seeking a diagnosis.
Autor: Another Roo
AutorR yew fuweel wight now
Autor: Sarabi Scruggs
AutorI always have the feeling to touch something, if I touch it, I can't stop touching it, I touch it until I feel like it's perfect, gets really annoying, it happens like 3 times every 10 minutes.
Autor: Spooder
AutorThere are a few factors in treating social anxiety naturally. One plan I discovered that successfully combines these is Kevs Control Plan (check it out on google) without a doubt the most helpful guide i've heard of. Check out all the unbelievable info .
AutorI’m 9 and in my head for P.E another voice asks to come out and play so I let it And in class an aggressive voice asks to come and beat others up but I don’t let. It was so frustrating to keep them off.
Autor: Plait Ferrow
Autormy OCD is reduced almost completly .... i had a lot from wearing my cloths to wake up in morning til sleeping.... but now i have controlled it
Autor: Kanchan Pathak
AutorI threw my lucky guitar pick away after my friend touched it without washing he’s hands...
Autor: Seedy sloth
AutorGirls or boys,if you have OCD,get help. Go to the doctor, remember it's serious. And if you've lived with it until now,I'm proud of you. But it's going to devour you if you don't get rid of it,these things don't get rid of themselves. I don't suffer from OCD,but I know it's not a joke. If u do, then I salute you.
Autor: You know you fucked up when deku asks you that
AutorMy obsession is over a woman my x's is getting ready to marry. I can't stop harassing, stalking hacking and thinking about her with him. It's been going on for 9 years. afraid to ask for help Don't want anyone to know so I do a lot of pretending. where do I go to get help?
Autor: constance grimey
AutorI really liked this grandmother for taking this seriously❤️ If I lived with either of my grandmothers she would have just told to stop this nonsense..
Autor: Kawayo9 Ahai.
AutorDawn Boydmm is murdering me dhe us with Sheila Brown tok old and retarded Natrea Hodges she gave iber 1000p knives she us craxzy
Autor: disability.2677 Pickett
AutorOCD is an excuse for pussies it doesn't exist
Autor: Mr0Justice
AutorI am 12, At night I organise all the door's and was my hands a lot. Also count a lot when I do things.
Autor: Benjamin Levy
AutorIm obsessed with washing my face and feet...
Autor: Tina Maglene
AutorFor me everything has to be straight like if something is crooked i gotta move it so its straight by the millimeter my parents think im just making it up
Autor: Judah Baggerman
AutorI'm a guy in my early 20s. But this video made me terrified because I have this. I didn't know it was a disorder with specific name. And I've just found out about it now?
Autor: Ron García
AutorDance used to be my dream. I quit out of fear of accidentally harming myself. I don't want to say exactly how because I don't want to trigger anyone who reads this comment. But to others with OCD, i can say that we are some of the strongest people on this Earth to put up with this. Don't give up: there is always a way to get to where you want to be. I am still sick but I found faith in myself even through all this. I have dark thoughts everyday, and I keep going anyway.
Autor: Catherine McNamara
AutorLooks like i have ocd. Just because i hate when something isnt in order.
Autor: Liter YT
AutorIf anyone reading this has a form of mild OCD could you please reply telling me your experiences (if you’re not comfortable posting a public comment my ig is katryna_cary) thank you so much! Sending love xx❤️
Autor: Katryna Cary
Autorall my life i thought i have anxiety but with the help of this video i realized i have OCD thank you so much
Autor: paranormal lazivity
Autorscared to sleep
Autor: Clash With Zan
AutorWell... i just realized i have OCD
Autor: Ashley Chua
AutorOCD controls every aspect of my life at times, some days are better then other but I'm really stressed out it gets worst. I have to do everything in 3's or something in my brain will tell me that something terrifying with happen to me or my family, so of course I have to do it. I also smell everything, it's disgusting. OCD is so different for everyone
Autor: krissy k
AutorIts hard to live with people who have never heard about ocd..
They say i am weird and start laughting when they see me doing the compulsions to reliefe my anxiety..its bad really bad
Autor: saleh egury
AutorTo everyone who thinks it is good to have OCD
Autor: chelsea kc
AutorI swear Angel cake from strawberry Shortcake has OCD
Autor: Unicorn Shortcake
Autorik that this is 2012 but this videos is such low quality i'm laughing
Autor: home
AutorOne of my friend have this , thats why im searching the meaning of this to understand my friend behavior, its so hard to deal with her everyday, being with her everyday but I always thank to God because I believe everything is happen for a great big reason
Autor: Aissel Montoya
AutorAt my dad tap me on the shoulder and i jumped lol
Autor: Dusk of Oolacile
AutorThis was really good. It makes me think that relaxation techniques may be very useful in OCD
Autor: Tall Lad
AutorI have OCD but no one knows about it. Everyone tells me I need to strenghten my memory and to stop acting like a "perfectionist".
Autor: demitrcn
AutorGod never made our mind messed up, its demons its accepting the demons lies they whisper in your ear. The only way you can get peace is by JESUS CHRIST WHOS GOD IN THE FLESH COME TO HIM HES COMING SOON <333 READ THE HOLY BIBLE AND ASK GOD TO REVEAL HIMSELF TO YOU. <3333 HE DIED FOR OUR SINS AND LOVES US. HE KNOWS WHATS BEST FOR US. what we think is best for us is destruction which will lead us to hell. :(((( trust me please I know JESUS IS REAL HE CAME IN MY DREAM. HE went to hell for us so we would haven't to go there. I deal with ocd and JESUS helps me every time.His Word the Holy Bible helps me fight off the thoughts <3333 JESUS IS AMAZING COME TO HIM
Autor: You need JESUS
AutorI have cleaning OCD and its really annoying and can’t do much about it though.
It started in late first class of high school and it got worse. I almost constantly have the feeling that my hands are dirty I have to wash them like 3 times to make it go away and I must shrub all the parts of my hands correctly. It’s worse at school days. My hands get an even dirtier feeling at school and when I touch my school stuff like pens, pencils and school books, they get dirty too. I always have to take a shower, put on new clothes and wash my hands multiple times a row after school and I also clean my Ipad that i took with me at school. and I may not touch door handles in public places. Then it got even worse. I was afraid to make my homework because I would touch my ‘dirty’ school books again and if I did, I have to wash my desk and my hands again and my cleaning OCD of affected my grades at school because I had to spend a lot of time into cleaning which makes me tired. My father noticed that the soap bottles were running out that fast and he noticed that I was washing my hands that much because my hands were cracked and red because of all the hand washing but I tried to hide what was going on. Nowadays my father knows that I’m obsessed with hand washing and My father Kind off helped me with it but he doesnt know how worse it actually is and I’m still afraid to tell.
Autor: JustLaraTheGamer
AutorI have obsessions, but not compulsion, just running away from reality, play video game, watch movie, or playing guitar
Autor: Trisnoadi Wikantoro
AutorWhen normal Tensions become an Earning sourcrs for Psychiatrist
Autor: Soumyajyoti Sarkar
AutorI'm 17 and i've lived with it since i was 12, i can only open everything 3 times a day, cannot look at my dad, cannot touch anybody because my hands will get dirty, i washed my hands everytime i feel uncomfortable, like there's dirt on it, i washed my hands again if I feel like i just looked at something dirty, I would only go to sleep if time passes o'clock, things juat getting worse and worse by day.
I told my parents about it but they think I'm not serious, I know there are people in this world who got it worse but i just don't feel comfortable, all I ever wanted was to live a normal life like everyone else but at the same time i just cannot have it, I'm not allowed to and I wish i could just disappear and never be this useless again
Autor: Giau Hanh
Autor"Man in The Mirror" Michael Jackson fits into this box Possibly went through life undiagnosed ??? Like any OCD person the positive part can be turned into your greatest strengths as well weaknesses Michael's was the drive in dance & music artistry
Autor: Kevin Mills
AutorThis is great!!! I remember compulsions from elementary school. I was diagnosed just after high school. Brain Lock was the book I read and it opened my eyes. Effexor has worked for me for 20+ years. So awesome that it is treatable. It is awful.
Autor: Mommie Kat
Autorall of these actions are literally performed everytime by the OCD sufferers... I am one of them but I'm not into cleaning.... I'm into repeating something and adjusting every correct positions of any things sometimes I turn around a product with label ahead ... and it happened a lot of times and the anxiety will be stronger if somebody needs your help or at least waiting for you or excited of something presumably like if you wanna travel then before you go you have to do your rituals.... adjusting, and repeating until you feel relief.. but the thing is .. it always has a little anxiety feeling and not completely gone and it's based on my experience and currently I've been trying to do some online therapy wish me luck and you guys.... you need to be the old you keep fighting this pyhsical disorder.....bless you all
Autor: Dean Andrew
AutorI've been living with OCD for years without even knowing it. What can I do to help myself?
Autor: Draven BBS
AutorI def have ocd i left my moms house until i started to think did i lock the door would if someone comes into the house and kills my mom or my cat or if someone burns my house down or if i do and leave the burner on and if they rob my house and my cat runs away and i would keep checking in on my mom its difficult
Autor: Bat Cat
Autoryou know what's so awful?

When all youre siblings are untidy and you go ballistic.

and the way your friend leaves rubbish everywhere.

and how you contemplate too much.

and having OCD
Autor: AsianFruits
AutorI have ocd, and the big problem is when i go to school
Autor: lordasion he
AutorI have OCD for over 4 months continuously which was very severe I became helpless can't express to anyone and I am a suicide failure but I really say it's not chronic.
Autor: Vbp's Oblivion
Autor: Ausra V

Autor: 0human0 1being1
AutorGreat video!
Autor: Amarins Jellesma
AutorOMG I have one
Autor: Kawaii Fatimah
AutorGuys, where do I start if I want to confirm if I have OCD? I don't know if I have it but this these things going on with how I do everything is really messing up my life....im afraid
Autor: giljhon Modrigo
AutorI have to say certain things every night and I always wash my hands and crack my fingers I’m always in fear something will happen to my mother so I never leave her unless i know where she is and that she won’t leave to go anywhere
Autor: Daphney Gaming
AutorAs someone with OCD, I've seen a running trend in the way our thoughts work. It's always "something bad will happen". But the reality is, what I am afraid never actually happens. For me, it is a religious fear that if I don't do something correctly, God will be far from me at best, and worst, I will go to hell.

This may or may not be your case, but I want to say that the core of this disorder is fear is vulnerability. Meaning, I'm afraid of being exposed. We don't wanna be wrong. I'm here to tell you that it is ok to be wrong. In order to grow, we must be vulnerable to address our mistakes. It's like we wanna avoid being wrong when the reality is, we are ALREADY imperfect people before we make an OCD decision. Therefore, we have nothing to hide.

The way I deal with this is that I don't have to be afraid of messing up because I know that Jesus already got everything right for me. Therefore, IF I accidentally contaminate a door handle because I wiped my nose recently, I can rest assured that Jesus has removed any guilt I could receive from such an act.
Autor: Aaron Vick
AutorYeah,i have OCD,but with mental things,sometimes i have the ocd of organization ,but not too much,i have this like 2 years ago,and i don’t know what to do,sometimes i want to kill myself
Autor: diana m
AutorI think my Mother have OCD 😢
Autor: Nabil Lion
AutorI only have minor OCD but its still kinda bad like everyday I take a certain route to school and if there is construction I have to take another route and the whole way there I get anxiety and panic attacks because I worry that I don't know my way or I'll get kidnapped, I brush my teeth from molar to canine teeth in order from bottom then top left side the right everyday, I always get exactly one dollar everyday to go to one corner store and buy a juicy fruit gum the third one in the second row of the box I don't know why I think imagine that if I don't I'll get hurt or the store owners will go in debt or the store will go out of business, and in school I always only get an orange juice, if I take notes I have neat handwriting so if its askew I erase it and rewrite it and I use different colored pens to make cute notes and to make it easier to comprehend and its so frustrating and I cant help it I do it naturally sometimes not even noticing and I get so stressed doing it all but I feel like I put myself and others in danger by not doing it. The other day there was juice spilled in the kitchen and without thinking I cleaned it then I broomed and moped the whole house by the time I was done it was exhausting cause I have a big house and added onto my minor OCD I have MPD or DID Multiple Personality Disorder...
Autor: Yahi Junco
Autor: Lightning Farron
Autoryour syndrome are very easy to halp
Autor: Irishairisha
AutorCouldnt have explained it better
Autor: nabina khatri
AutorWho are here after watching telugu film 'Mahaanubhaavudu'
Autor: vinaygoud tinku
AutorAt least someone mentioned about mental compulsions
Autor: Netherland Soccor
AutorI have OCD and I can't take medication because it is said to give some people suicidal thoughts in which I don't want to get. Dang it!
Autor: lemonwaffles
AutorJesus loves you
Autor: Regina Große
AutorI can help you but YouTube clearing my post
Autor: Irishairisha
AutorEveryday when I open and close a door I have to touch it 4 times or it feels like my mom will die or a close family member. Or my brain will just force me to do it for 10 minuets. Sometimes I have to push my belly in because if I don’t it feels like I can’t breath. Idk if my brains making me feel like that or something. I’m only ten and everything she said related to me a lot :(
Autor: Derick WRLD hype
Autor: C B
AutorI am Suffering from this since I when I was 5-6 guess ...it's like since last 13 years ..and I thought I was alone doing this werid kind stuff .many time I tried googling it but I was unable to find any lead for what I have and I was thinking I was fuked up ....but today when I was watching my employment training video , i found about mental patient and then there was an example of OCD ...finally I discovered what the fuk I have ...opening and closing lunch box just till I reach my satisfaction, switching TV on and off ...and only switching it off putting volume to 3 and channel number to 1 , fuk it was worse
Autor: Ayush Patel
Autorwhen i was younger, i thiught that it was just little games in my mind that made me do things when i got older it got worse and i discovered OCD. i realized thats what i have and right now i see my self do things that are completley unnessasery yet i feel like i HAVE to do them
Autor: Elisabeth S
AutorOMG I had an obsession with washing my hands and locking the door💔😮🙁
Autor: Kawaii Fatimah
Autormy friend has ocd thanks for the video. I wanted to understand it more about it.
Autor: Beauty Strike
AutorI have OCD but it is very hard so I make it into a game somehow this works but otherwise I'm fixated on thinking how to remove the obsessions
Autor: Mills
AutorWhen the video said. Something took over in my brain.... That's demons of fear
Autor: You need JESUS
AutorThat's me my brain will just explode and wanted to fix everything
Autor: Kim Lexie
AutorIf find these kind of OCD much easier than cleaning OCD. If I don't do a ritual or follow some rule that my brain has set up then I will feel anxiety for an hour and then it will go away. But let's say that my hands are dirty and I go to bed. I will move my hands around while sleeping so my whole bed and body will become dirty. The day after I might use my pc and then my mouse and keyboard will be dirty. Now whenever I go to bed or touch my mouse and keyboard i'm dirty again. It does not go away!
Autor: Danielpall Smarason
AutorI have ocd 😬
Autor: vl LEGTxSQUAD X
AutorI have a little "OCD" after I lock my bedroom door,walk out of the ,and then sometimes go back inside to make sure I didn't forget to lock my bedroom door. This is causI don't fully trust the honesty of some people I live with. I suspect someone could go in my room and remove some thing,while I am not at home. I left my door unlocked once,came back later,and realized money and my security deposit receipt was missing.
Autor: Keith Bowden
AutorOh God, this is just described me
now I almost 22yo and still have this
I always want to see a symmetric object, clear and clean, even the icons in my phone I spent more than an hour to manage my home screen icons, crazy right? and I always open a messeges without reading it just want to see the clean without a dot of notification.
but I have something special with my brain, I can see outside myself, I can see a different perspectives, when the OCD comes to me, I can stop it with my mind, just like this ( this is unreal, I need to stop this).
I hope you guys can control the OCD like me
AutorTherapy since I was 7, Medication since I was 12. I'm 15 with severe OCD and it hasn't stopped! :(
Autor: Sierra Mills
AutorI'm probably have an ocd 😦
Autor: j germanotta
AutorMy OCD stops me from eating..😭😭
Autor: Flamingo Face
AutorI'm glad I don't have ocd too much but I do double check things
Autor: Jo'Valris Thomas
AutorOne of my bigger things is that I can't let my phone battery go under 50%. I am convinced that something terrible will happen if I do, and if it ever does when I have no way to charge it... let's just say the times that's happened it really hasn't ended well.
Autor: Kelsey P.
Autordeath the kid from soul eater
Autor: 0human0 1being1
AutorOkay, I have OCD. And why say "Hey grandma, get over here!" ? I say "grandma, please come here."
Autor: Sugababy 17
AutorYou had that anxiety because you were missing your parents and felt unsafe. Grandmother participating in your compulsions was a huge mistake, she validated and encouraged them.
Autor: Dan
AutorI think I have ocd to and im10
Autor: Iyana Savage gaming
AutorMy best friend has OCD and this made me understand what he’s going through.
Autor: Formage de Chèvre
Autor25% of viewers are tumblr girls that are 14 that organized their room once and need to be special so they go around school bragging about it. OCD actually sucks and ruins my life. So thanks girlies in middle school
Autor: Juni Cortez
AutorI would understand ocd because like I used to have it but it wasn't sepending my whole time on it lol but if I had a thought to do something I would have to or it would keep being in my head but it's fine I haven't had it in a while
Autor: Killer.liuyoudie Killer.wolf12345
AutorOMG......how beautiful that her Grandmother got down on her hands and knees just to say “ I’m here with you”. You are not alone.
Autor: Colleen Lyttleton
AutorI have obsession to clean and organize but thanks God no fear or worries ..
Autor: Mohammed AlYahya
Autorso relatable and especially the part explaining obsession and compulsion with the balloon was true in my case
Autor: rahul chaudhary
Autorwait, you can got OCD or you are born with OCD. I KNOW THIS IS STUPID COMENT.
Autor: Ema Ems
AutorI'm going into high school with OCD, I'm totally not prepared for it. My OCD has taken over my life. I can't sleep anymore, I get chest pains when I breathe in too deeply, I never feel hungry anymore. I know I should eat and sleep but I can't because my body won't let me. My body won't let me sleep before a certain time, and every time I do try and sleep earlier, I'm reminded of what happened in my chest and I have to stay awake even longer so I can know when something happens. I'm so scared for my health, my obsessions have completely consumed me into something that I'm not meant to be. Every day is a damn struggle, I just want my life back.
Autor: Brooke Jett
AutorI think I have this then. Idk if it's me just thinking about bad things happening to my family, and me gettin bothered by unorganized things..
Autor: bianca
AutorThe "organisation" thing isn't the same for all cases of OCD, but the "I know it doesn't make sense, but I still must do it" feeling is.
Autor: Heard They’re Reforming The DaWnGuArD
AutorIts decade now since i had it, on an average half a day is waisted on dreaming its not a good feeling.
Autor: Prateek kundra
Autoroh fuck I think I actually have ocd
Autor: 222 333
Autori don't think i have ocd, but i have sum rituals i do like tapping my fingers, foot or sumthin in the order or 5454 5445 and if i don't remember doing right, I'll just do it again. and sum other things but nothing life intrusive
Autor: chanellovvesyou
AutorOK so ocd is when you want to organise everything???
Autor: Stella Sarsoni
Autor: Saurabh Prasad Gupta
AutorHer shirt triggered me so bad. It said, "I heart dance" THE GRAMMAR IS SO BAD!!!
Autor: Paperzz z
AutorI have OCD. When I was a child I underwent a series of psychological tests and was probably diagnosed with it back then, but my mother went into denial. I'm now middle-aged, and been living and coping with it. Thankfully it has never affected me where I couldn't function, but I'm still suppressing and hiding it the best that I can. No drugs. I don't know who's to blame here, me not seeking (or even wanting) help, or my dumbass mother, but lets just say, life is a constant struggle, a mental battle. That's all.
Autor: Edward Bliss
AutorI wish I didn’t have OCD :|
Autor: Vanessa Spiker
AutorMy life is fucking hell because of OCD. Legit OCD! Takes me an hour to lock the door when I leave.
Autor: Steve doughja
Autorhis 've ocd to
Autor: Lil Riptide
AutorOCD is frustrating. I’m eleven and everyone in my school claims they have OCD to be cool or something. OCD is not just satisfying videos! It’s like a chain. When I go to school I have to constantly check my backpack every two minutes to make sure I have all my things. Then I have to count things. Then I have to click my teeth. All these things annoy me and my family. Some of my family members even think I’m faking it. OCD is terrible.
Autor: whoop-dee-doo
Autor: Knack Robo
AutorWhat a bunch of fucking weirdos 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
AutorThis Is Exactly What It Feels Like
Autor: Hailey Verderosa
AutorThis is an awesome and really cute video. Everything was explained perfectly.. I wish I saw this along time ago when I was a kid.
Autor: sea lion
AutorOkay , so i'm not diagnosed with OCD , and i'm not sure if i have it or not , but i noticed that i have some symtoms . I don't have a problem with the obsession , i mean yeah sometimes i get scared (esp if i watch a horror movie) , and i kinda have some images but overall it's not a big deal , however i suffer from some compulsions ( mental and behavioral) . I'll start with the mental compulsions: so i talk to myself (silently lol) a lot , and sometimes i get stuck in a sentence and i keep repeating it in my head several times , um that's the only example i can think of atm , and the behavioral complusions are: 1)i keep washing my hands over and over and over , i don't know i just feel like if the water hits on my right hand then it should hit the left one too and so on this happens especially when i'm doing the dishes xd . 2) the same thing happens with the teeth ... 3) i have this ritual before i sleep, basically i just make sure that everything is in place , the windows are closed , everthing's in order and neat and then i could sleep ... 4) i have this thing with my pockets , they just fuckin annoy me for example when i'm wearing sweatpants , and i'm sitting , the outer part of the pocket curves up and i just feel the need to fix it and i also put my hands inside the pockets and i spread the crooked lining with my fingers , i keep repeating this for several minutes and sometimes my hands get really tired, the same thing happens with my bra straps ... 5) i'm just a neat person in general , and i like things to be in their right places , it takes me so long to get ready , and i also have this thing with dust or whatever , i hate it when i wear black clothes and it catches white dust particles or whatever , so i keep removing them one after one .... Anyway i just wanted to share my 'story' like everybody else and i wanna know how to get rid of these behavioral compulsions , also do i have OCD because of these behavioral compulsions , or should i have the obsessions and the mental complusions too
Autor: shannon Bear
AutorI am suffering from OCD,it disturb my school life...
Autor: Genius Brain
AutorI have OCD no one undrestand me even my husband
Even he studied ocd
Iam in critical condition
Autor: hasan hussain
AutorDid any one take the medicine and had side effects?
Autor: Marwa Allam
AutorHow is fixing things in an orderly fashion not make any sense? I never understood that. I have OCD and at times I use it to my advantage.
Autor: JoAndra Van Dowall
AutorWhy are they brushing the floor with their toothbrushes?
Autor: Naud van Dalen
AutorI have ocd and it’s harder than people who don’t have it think
Autor: Bri The breadstick oof
AutorI thought I was alone out of billions of people. 🙁
Autor: PaPaRiley 57,900,987
Autorall great artists and musicians had ocd
Autor: Tsal Eman
AutorHi doctor I am being murder right niw
Thus girl has this dieases abd she has been stalking ne gor nine years I cant excape this girl now she us on a jesloys ramoage and she us killing me nie she wont ger name us Dawn wildon she us very ugly and I think shevis s ma. Dawn Boyd us murdering me she jeep stsbbibg me pkease get thisboysco she has cut my
Autor: disability.2677 Pickett
AutorI have ocd dam it dam it dam it I have this same thing I check if my door are locked I tape my windows I check if my is closed I check if my mom is okay dam it dam it :( I always think somebody out side
Autor: BOWSERJR4500
AutorEvery time I'm in another room I feel like something is not right in the room I go and have to put everything in order like for real
Autor: Kimberly V
AutorOmg you Poor thing☹️
Autor: Sal Fisherxx
AutorI am 30 and I have bad OCD. I am currently living with my parents and some siblings..They are normal in the house unlike me moving all the time..waking up in the morning so early and start doing chores...cleaning and organizing all the time..fears from something giving me stress...seeing in organized stuff make me panic and fix at once..but I am really trying to find some cure about this cuz I wanna live normal and have fun with my family...
Autor: Marina Mitchell
AutorWhen I was the only one in the office back then, my officemate handed me the key because he couldn't wait for me to finish my work. So, he ordered me to close our office. and when I got home I can't make myself stop thinking about, if I locked the office door, or if I shutdown my computer. It feels terrible. And when I got back early in the morning, I'm glad nothing bad happened.
Autor: Adoyable L.
AutorI am being murdered Rhonda zpickett- Jackson, MS. Parslize her soon niw she is going crazy stop her now please cutting abd being geld hodtege live in a cage dignous is iver 10 golmiwed me to Jackson, Ms no attentiob
Autor: disability.2677 Pickett
AutorI have OCD
Autor: Danielpall Smarason
AutorIf you're reading this you forgot to lock your door and close the refrigerator door completely you also left the toilet seat up. Now go waist your fucking time
Autor: bored NOTHING
AutorI'm ocd 😢
Autor: liya jung
AutorI'm 15 and I have ocd I can't sleep if my bed sheets are not neatly layed across the bed ,or if I see something not straight I would get up in the middle of the night just to fix it I have a night stand and everything is symmetrical on it I have a ruler and I count the cm so everything is exactly the same.😥😧
Autor: white crown
Autorim a 16 year old female and i have mild to severe homosexual ocd even though i know i like boys and i always have. i keep getting these thought about normal action like smiling to a stabger walking down the street, my mind goes "why did you smile at her. is it because you like her, are you gay? you must be gay, you smiled at her. great now she thinks you're gay, are you?" and it's just so bad i can't stop my mind i cannot focus on anything else its so debilitating. i also recently started waking up thinking "you're gonna die today, you're gonna get hit by a bus or a car or someone will stab you to death and leave to bleed" or " you're gonne run over your mum with your car" im so worried that i will hurt someone even though i absolutely do not want to. my compulsions are usually mental mantras such as "you like boys, youre not gay, you like boys, you really like boys and boys only" and it helps me for like five minutes but then the "are you gay?" creeps back in
Autor: softnpeachyg
AutorI Am 13 Now i came to know i have OCD And In School I Always walk In The colourful patterns of tiles and if i stepped on other tiles i think my day will not be good however only The Patients Of OCD Will Understand My Problem And Should I Worry About It Or Not, It Is Getting worse as I Grow I Have Habit Of Symmetry If I Clicked the Left Button of mouse i have to click right button as same times i clicked right button i also have habit of smelling and washing hands even i touch my sweat i have to wash hands i think this condition develops mostly when we stay idle and have many things to do for fun but we cant i have also habit of securing my room i always wanted an underground house which is made of destructless walls and i can control and see everything from ther i hate outsiders to come in my room this condition develpos when i was about 8.
Autor: jagtar singh
AutorNow I know what this is called. Now I know that I have a disorder. I have OCD but I try to fight it.
Autor: system outside
AutorI think OCD I told my parents they don't believe me.
Autor: Prestyn Griffis
Autorthe only thing I have ocd is on video games that needs PERFECTION
Autor: Martin Leong
AutorMine is all about pressures. I have scars on my hands from rubbing them until they crack and bleed. I scratch parts of my body til they bleed
Autor: Apollos 02
AutorAt first, i was taking this activity very lightly and I also do such activities like washing hands, checking out my things, closing the door, walking my steps repeatedly and counting and making some of my movements in order. when my family members saw me doing like that, some of them laugh while some of them say ' why are you behaving stupid' and some of them gets angry and my parents don't even take this activity seriously. But now I came to kNow that why I was behaving like that. Sometimes I feel like I have maybe psychological disorder but everytime ignore it but now I don't think that I should ignore this. I thought that I am the only person wHo is doing this type of activites. Thank you so much for posting for this because everytime i want to know the reason behind this....😄😋😊🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Autor: Jayu
Autorfrom the animation style, to the voiceover, to the overall tone, right down to her I <3 dance t-shirt, which she either has many of, or never washes, this video plays like a cheese-induced flip flopping nightmare fever dream
Autor: Katy Johnson
AutorThis video helped me realize that I do not have OCD.
Autor: ShiningAGs
Autor Hey granma get over here😂😁
Autor: ARIEL 7.50 Lang
Autori am sure i have OCD cause i have an extreme need to check everything, be clean/ fear of infection and i count in my mind.But i had gone to a psycologist once i told her about that but back then we gave attention to some other problems.Also maybe she wasnt educated on treating OCD...
Autor: naSia Red
AutorImagine having a friend with ocd their house must be beautiful and neat!? 😍😂
Autor: Alishba Nasir
AutorWho else came here from turtles all the way down to understand what COD really is
Autor: aesthetic is sad
AutorEquine therapy has helped me a lot. But I haven't tried medicine yet.
Autor: Majestic Wolf Girls
AutorHi I can’t seem to find an answer anywhere so I was hoping someone could help me, what a normal amount of times to wash you hands each day?
Autor: Kade Marsden
AutorThanks for this video. It is really helpful.
Autor: Angelica Andrade
Autorim 15 i have OCD my doctor gave me medicins called ” sertralin ” and it works so good!
Autor: Izabella
AutorTell me why the doctor sounds like he needs to mark a new settlement on your map
Autor: Bimbo Jenkins
AutorThis video help me,Thanks
Autor: Genius Brain
AutorI have OCD and believe me its very difficult for me. Everyday i have to check if i locked the house and many times i come back to check that everything is okay. One day i thought that my sister was hurt and she would be in my living room dead and i litterally ran 2 stairs and she was just sitting in the couch and she was looking at me like i was crazy. Almost everyday i have the idea that i forgot sth open (for example that i left the stove on and the house is on fire and i go check and these tyoes of things are happening every day i give up i cant take this any longer
Autor: Annaaa
AutorOh well hello doctor Obama
Autor: M I R A C U L O U S

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