Just Bedwetting Alarms: Malem Ultimate Alarm

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AutorMy bro wets the bed and we bought this but he sleeps through it. HELP!
Autor: Kaytee Loftus
AutorHow safe is it to have that high-pitched sound so close to your child's ear?
Autor: NubianP6
AutorPrince Bravery and Grace -Attack of the Wet Knights ...its the Best Bedwetting book for children who struggle with bedwetting. The story of a young prince who struggles with "wet knights" and defeats them by using an alarm.
Autor: Gailann Gross
Autor: Micheal Lewis
Autorreally? he will attack cereal? Frosted flakes or froot loops?
Autor: Stewart Lyons
AutorIt's used to help retrain their brains to stop ignoring when they pee. Of course they're going to pee with it on for a while at first, then they begin to wake up right as they start to go...then they wake up BEFORE they pee. It's a process
Autor: This and That
AutorTo improve his odds of waking up when it sounds, make sure the alarm box is high up on the shoulder so that it's not muffled by blankets and is close to his ear. He may need parental help to wake up during the early stages of treatment, but after that he should learn to respond to the alarm on his own
Autor: JustHealthTV
AutorKanye troll you are an idiot how is this scientifically proven dumbass.. I know this grown man and his mom said he wet the bed and he is definantley not a serial killer you must be judging yourself now go turn yourself in because you just told on yourself...ugh sick creep
Autor: nubianqueen7810

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