Makro Racer 2 Metal Detector In Depth Testing and Review

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AutorGreat videos, hope you do some more.
Autor: Lostmysoul Today
AutorHello scanerguy, thanks for showing all the depth test`s, really good as best on Yutube. Would like to see your test if you ever get a XP Deus as have dought`s about mine, Thanks from the UK.
Autor: tony pops
AutorWhere the R2 shines, is the 5" sniper in trash. I had a friend that never took it off the machine!
Autor: Jason Barnes
AutorDo more detector reveiws ! Could careless about flashlights
Autor: silver shark
Autorscanerguy 1968 I have my GD detecter stolen and can buy a new one , I use mine to clean parks and schools of bad things blike needles and the aluminum things that used to cook it up broken pop cans Nails Etc we've had two kids that have been stabbed with needles and multiple kids that have been stepped on nails cuz there's been someone going around putting them in the beds of the parks but my question is do you have a detector that's good that you might feel to give me a good deal on second hand
Autor: Dustin Kvammen
AutorWhen are you going to test the new Garrett At max?
Autor: Steve Miller
AutorHit that test bed in 2 tone and the score will go up.
Autor: Greg Weems
Autorshow de bola.
Autor: Detectorismo Sertão
Autorwhen doing reviews, keep your kid out of it. It really bothers me !
Autor: Perry Haen
AutorCable is way too loose near the coil. You should tighten it up and increase sweep speed and repost new video. Love the videos
Autor: The Equinox Hunter
AutorAre your coins in the US copper cored? I had a Fors Core and a Gold+, l run a test using a cut quarter hammered silver coin and Roman minim ( a tiny bronze coin), in tubs of contaminated soil from a Roman villa site. The Racer 1 and 2 find them very easily, the Noktas both could`nt pull them at all, and l tried all settings. l have found with the R2 l had to put the tone break on zero for both coins, this is in 2 tone.The Tejon on British soils is poor also.You tried lowering or adjusting the tone break? I think my R2 set up my way would pull most, if not all, on your test bed.
Autor: Celtic Karl
AutorNice moves your doing great as always
Autor: ronnie b prospecting
AutorVery nice garden bench you have, got covered a lot of possible target scenarios, thanks for the video ! HH
Autor: JM V
AutorI love watching your test videos. The Racer 2 was on my list to replace the Fors Core but I may put that on hold and wait for the Nokta Impact sometime this year. I also have an AT Pro. Why did you chose the Fors Core over the AT Pro?
Autor: Charles Cadrin
AutorI've noticed that with both my Nokta relic and my racer2, on some of those deeper targets if you go faster on your sweeps it will register a bit better without so much grunt with it on DI3 not sure if it has to do with the size of the snapshots or what but unlike my Tesoros, slowing down the sweep hurts more than helps.
give it a try, can't hurt.
love my Nokta, makro and Tesoros.
thanks for the video. best test bed on YouTube.
Autor: 2010stoof
AutorMake more go kart videos
Autor: Ven Kelley
AutorI've seen you do this test on other machines. Do you have the results compiled somewhere? Be interesting to see them. Keep up the good work. I enjoy your videos.
Autor: Scott Byers
AutorOr are some coins ferrous cored? Try 2 tone, iron audio 0, tone break 0, disc 1, pulls the coins out of contaminated sites of habitation.
Autor: Celtic Karl
Autori have never gone metal detecting , well only once with a crap $100 machine but i have spent a lot of time watching these videos and i can say this machine is one id really love too own and anyone who has a good ear and is into science physics etc can see how obvious it is that this machine responds well as does the aka as does some of minelabs machines and some of whites tdi sl .. personally the garrett would be my last option although the at max looks cool and the water resistance kinda sucks you in a bit and you also have for a decent price the quest pro even the q40 looks like it has a good response also is slick as hell .. now u can also go buy a bounty hunter or fisher or some Chinese tixuan and ad a cool coil that costs more then the machine and it mite do great but im talking about stock machines factory settings etc but back too this machine i feel for the price it is something special also looks cool and thats it folks good luck whatever you choose !!
Autor: Ilija Stojanovski
AutorCan you test nokta golden sense please.😊😊
Autor: Lorenzo Alacayir
AutorTook it out for a test spin and I do believe I will make memories with this machine.>>> It handles smooth and is easy to understand/ follow for those just starting out, like me. I highly recommend for all ages.
Autor: muslim Alim
AutorGreat video! One piece of advice, try 2 tone mode instead of 3 tone mode for more depth. Also, in deep mode you MUST swing the coil extremely slowly as per the manual. I read the main Makro support dealer mention this on the treasurehunter forums. I can't recall what he said for depth increase, but I thought it was 1" in 2 tone mode over 3 tone mode. I've got a Racer 2 on the way! Can't wait! :) Was set to buy the F75 (non SE/LTD) for Fisher's anniversary price of $599, but this smokes that machine in most areas (remember, I'm talking the NON deep mode, slower processor F75 non SE/LTD). The Racer 2 really especially shines when it comes to actually DIGGING a signal, especially when next to iron. It might be our soil here, but many guys have found the same. They can actually HEAR the coin next to the iron as a dig-gable signal (even if no VID comes up), while with the F75, T2, etc. you can't get a strong enough tone from the coin to tell that one is actually there, and it ends up being left in the ground. The direct audio stream of the Racer 2/CoRe is vastly superior to the having to process individual hits like the F75/T2 do in this regard. Several other good youtube videos demonstrate this nicely and are worth checking out. Thanks again!
Autor: Eganwp
AutorHey Julio you wear that crap when you metal detect ? Ya look like your ready for EOD ! lmao
Autor: Perry Haen
AutorFor the small target test do you give a point for hitting all 3 targets? What is the benefit of hitting targets that small. I understand the grains of gold, but not the copper. I can tell you when I get this great signal and I pull out a tiny aluminum screw fragment, I'm quite disappointed. I'd take away a point if it hits the tiniest copper test..Owning a Tejon (which to me is the boss of tiny targets), I was afraid to see this video come out. Great to see it didn't beat the Vaquero!
Autor: PAPlugPopper AndBuzzkill
AutorVery unusual as its performance is supposed to be better than the Fors Core. I think you had to turn down the Iron Volume quite a bit more and get used to the sound nuances as the iron volume adds additional sound information which differs from what you are used to with the Fors, they also like quick swings for depth. Also 3 tone tops out at about 13" max on a nickel sized object (AIR), it isn't the most sensitive by far on the Racer 2. I have a Nokta Fors Core, but I'm waiting on the Impact. Thanks for the video Scannerguy.
Autor: Julio P
AutorThe race 2 showed up today didn't even open it and sent it back. I have a teknetics T2 that works the same or better
Autor: DIYPV
AutorNot good in trashy areas?

Are you smoking something?

Youi do NOT know how to use the Racer, sorry.

You really don't.
Autor: Minelab Matt Wales
AutorThanks for another great video Tim. Who do you think has the best detector for under $1,000 dollars?
AutorI don't think it's your coil. I bought a R2 a couple weeks ago, I have yet to find anything over 5". I have about 25 hours on mine so far, have dug a lot of trash and some clad, but unfortunately that's it. Even areas that usually have a few really deep targets have not produced with this machine. The ground is really dry here, I'm hoping we will get some rain so I can go to the parks, don't want to kill the grass and get people po'd at detecting
Autor: Kat S
AutorSays right in the manual that two-tone is a deeper mode so why use three tone ? I think you should have tested in two tone mode. Just my .02
Autor: G. Fortin
Autorthose who say its not good on black sand or highly mineralised soil obviously do not know how to use the Racer 2. i use in on dry sand...wet sand etc and it works FANTASTIC!
Autor: Minelab Matt Wales
AutorGreat video ! Looks like the Tejon is still King
Autor: Jeremiah Martel
Autorfor the irony targets the racer 2 does better with lower gain... also 2 tone is the best overall mode for depth aside from deep mode...
Autor: corey harrington
Autorim off to the beach near me with very highly mineralised black sand....and i will bury my silver ring at 12"....and prove how awesome the racer is.
Autor: Minelab Matt Wales
AutorHow does this compare to the AT Pro? Which one did you like better?
Autor: Tom Haigler
Autorbought one...not accurate on mineralized soils !!back to goldmaxx power
Autor: nono Nicolas
AutorHi do you think the Core is a better Detector vs the Racer 2?i saw a few Videos with the Racer 2 on you tube and the Deep Mode dosnt impresset me much in Terms of Audio report and ID stability. Thanks for the informative Videos
Autor: 8111972ful
AutorIt may have hit some of those deep targets but the tone and Id numbers would mean I wouldn't have dug them. Great video!
Autor: Kernow Beeper
AutorPerry keep your comments to yourself,hi another fine video,we love them in the Uk.god bless ya.GL HH
Autor: Sean Smith
Autorhello scannerguy
great videoas always very very tranquil and clear .like youre honesty man.
thank you for all your work.
cheers from eastern europe
Autor: Masita atisam
AutorI almost grabbed one of these instead of my fors, glad I made the right choice. Great video as always!!! I got one for your bed,a recon pro. I'm curious to see how it would do. Not well I'm thinking loI but I only use it to shoot nuggets and she's fine at that. But ya I wouldn't mind lending it your way to see how it gos...
Autor: Billyboy
AutorI owe the MR2 Garrett AT Max AT Pro and the XP Deus. But must say the MR2 is my favorite detector. But the Garrett wins the weather test😂
Autor: Historydiggerpat
AutorHello from Russia! Can you test on your test fild Nokta Impact? Very intresting the capability of this device!
AutorNokta Fors Core with MARS TIGER COIL Yeeah:)) Stock coil gold ring 36cm with Mars Tiger coil 45cm :)
Autor: 15 Inch Digger

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