Sikorsky MH-53J Pave Low III Desert Storm CSAR mission

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Autoronly the usmc fly's these now days.
Autor: mrlynnwood01
AutorWorked on them at Depot at NAS Pensacola, if asked to do again "HELL YES"...
Autor: MH53JTom
Autorpavelows r the shit
AutorMV-22 is replacing it.
Autor: acrummy
Autorwhat is gonna replace this thing?
Autor: stuntcc
Autor@4merlinn1 Shitload with armor chestnut -.-
Autor: Reaper
AutorApache and H-53 were designed for 2 totally different missions. Both are the top birds in their category.
Autor: 4merlinn1
Autor@lukey1212385 Yeah same here to bad it's not in service anymore :(
Autor: 420smokyblunts in baghdad
Autori love the Pave Low an 21 tons armor plated Helicopter
Autor: zeypherioh
AutorRIP Ben Pennington. I miss you brother. HOOYAH!
Autor: Samuel Schneider
AutorOutstanding video...I had no idea this video was around until my mom posted it to Facebook.  My father is the second crew member interviewed.
Autor: Justin H
Autor@demonikfunk the c17 carries no armament of any kind. I think you are thinking of the ac130
Autor: crackerjack777
AutorOops. I meant thanks for picking us from Lake Isbella.
Autor: OvertheArcOutfitters
AutorHands off my girl
Autor: GideonGL
Autorpave lows are big ass fucking flying turtles
Autor: Reaper
AutorTom, sorry 'bout the beer bottle under the sofa.
Autor: OvertheArcOutfitters
Autorblackout of transformers :D
Autor: amimismoXD
AutorThese were the men I had the Pleasure of serving with. They were the most highly trained tecnolgically advanced and most intelligent men and I ever worked with. They rate with any of the world's SPECIAL FORCES. The aircraft was the world's most sophisticated helicopter in the world and so were the men and women who flew on them and worked one them. I am proud to have done both. The Ofsprey will never have the history of the Pavelow, no matter how sophisticated it is.
Autor: Jon Knox
AutorHow can the Osprey replace a helicopter? Osprey may be able to do a VTOL but truly hover? Nope. I miss working on the H-53. One I worked on is in the museum at Hill AFB, Utah, another at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio.
Autor: 4merlinn1
AutorWhat "turtle" goes 200 mph?
Autor: 4merlinn1

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