Sony DSC H300 Camera Review!

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AutorNice vid ready helpfull
Autor: Email _
AutorWhat camera you used to record this camera?
Autor: Patrik Kupres
AutorIs it good for vlogging ??
Autor: Analiyah Dreamz
AutorThanks for this video, very helpful
Autor: Making The Most Of Life
AutorI can tell you idolize MK, it's good to be inspired by someone great
Autor: Zeek Street
AutorWhich one is better in your opinion and why? That Sony or Canon SX620? I would like to have a decent camera with Wi-Fi for taking shots at some video convents (like Gamescom) and for a regular occasional use. I'm an amateur.
Autor: Harrolfo
AutorI just bought this camera and I love it so far im gonna take it for my trip to New York tomorrow :)
Autor: SWMGamesToo
AutorThis camera have no viewfinder. Is this bad?
Autor: a. corelli
AutorCan I change its lens?
Autor: Oban Jr
Autorit has blur effect background
Autor: Manoj Chary
AutorDoes the strap come with the camera?
Autor: Aspen Leigh
AutorDoes it have wifi? Am I able to send videos and pictures to my phone?
Autor: IsaacJamesTV
Autoryou using which camera for video
AutorNice video
I have had it for 2 years
I just learnt about the zoom today
Autor: Samsungtab4 Sams
AutorI would like to buy this camera and take it with me on my trips. Do you recommend it to people like me that want to start to take pictures?
Autor: Arianna Guidi
Autormaking a product presentation on camera is harder than it looks, you did a good job! you could cover using raw and downloading and editing pictures in another video if you want.
Autor: TheMetalVagabond
AutorCan anyone tell me the lens diameter?
Autor: Erika Linam
AutorExcellent video great instruction thanks for posting.
Autor: Australia4031
Autorcameras which shoot action really well like soccer matches ???? cricket ... DSLR (entry level ) and camera like this Handycam ....
Autornice review thumbs up!
Autor: CorruptCarrot
AutorHow and where can i make a slideshow with that camera on pc?
Autor: vloggerz channel
AutorHow to change to no date that you took picture
Autor: ClaypanClaw
AutorIs it worth getting
Autor: Fong
AutorHow can i transfer picture from it to pc
Autor: Saad Sathar
AutorCan you use an external microphone with this camera?
Autor: Wrongboarders
Autornice video
Autor: DuscoBassBooster Channel 'DBBC'
AutorDoes it have any built in storage?
Autor: Russell Gill
AutorGreat review bro👍
Autor: Paul Guerrero
AutorHow abut shooting a video is it possible to take short films
Autor: phosphenes views
AutorIs this camera light weight
Autor: R.J Slime
AutorI dont like your stupid shirt
AutorNice video bro
Autor: Aayushman Sehdev
Autor2019 anyone?
Autor: Jacobo Alvarez
AutorWhere can i get charger
Autor: Jonathan Buchanan
AutorGreat video brother. I went to Target this evening and I was doing a camera comparison in my head and this was one of the models that they had. Looks like a very good camera judging by your video. I subbed to your channel.
Autor: Hakeem Sd70M
AutorGood review. I love this cam
Autor: Tony Y!kes
Autorare you able to look at the pictures on the camera?
Autor: Rivka Pierre
Autor: Music Times
AutorMy first 100,000!!! Thank you everyone! Im truly astonished 😳
Autor: iAndroid Chris
AutorWhat camera did you use for this video??
Autor: ErienyXoxo
AutorCan this camera be used to record YouTube videos??
Autor: Lexibanks145
AutorComparing to IPhone or new smartphones does it better for photos??
Autor: Abdelhalem Hassan
Autordoes it record 1080p
Autor: Zelus
AutorGood review
Autor: Iro Kali
AutorI just bought this camera and I love it. The wide angle helps a bunch when taking photos of cars.
Autor: RealBigR
Autorwhat camera did u use to record this video
Autor: Night Detective
Autoryo this cameras battery runs out in like 2 seconds xD
Autor: U srs
Autordoes it have an audio jack for a better mic
Autor: BRUH
AutorCan you zoom by twisting the lens??
Autor: You Tube
AutorShould I buy it to record or nah??
Autor: Jordy Rocks
Autori had sony h300 camera
AutorWhat do you use to charge your batteries?
Autor: Victoria Smalls
AutorWhat output does this camera have? HDMI?
Autor: Daniel Popa
AutorHow good is it with indoor lighting ?.
Autor: Miss Phlo
Autorh300 মডেলের ক্যামেরা তে dslr লেন্স লাগানো যাবে
Autor: Dipa Shapon
AutorI've been looking at this camera for a while, amazing review 👍🏻📸
Autor: Crazii Wolff
AutorHi there how can I transfer my photos directly to my phone
Autor: Adrian Ramos
AutorDoes it have mic port
Autor: Julian Gonzales YouTube
Autorhow is the audio on this camera?
Autor: Throttle Therapy
AutorTHANX 👍
Autor: NeueRegel156
Autordoes it have a mic?
Autor: Novice Fishermen
Autorand another thing, are batteries included?
Autor: Russell Gill
AutorI have the same camera, but I think the panoramic photo is really low quality
Autor: Corey Clark
AutorYour palm. 😱😷
Autor: S S
AutorCan we change the aperture ?
Autor: L HM
AutorAwesome job! Check out my review of THIS EXACT camera on my channel!
Autor: FozTech
Autorgood bro, i need your help bro!
Autor: Kenneth Luengo
AutorTrying to buy this camera so came here to check out some review... Thanks man!
Autor: Angel of Death
Autoryou didn't say anything about the video resolution of the camera
Autor: Daddy James Films
AutorDoes it have a USB port
Autor: didyouknowthatiloveyousomuchthatimadeareallylongnamebutmaybejustmaybeiloveyoutoomuchthatidiedtheend!
AutorOMG your video really helpful I check all the video that are there for this camera but they seem to be none but your video help me and answer all the questions that I have thank you so much!!!!!
Autor: Treasure Lay
Autor: jani drumil
AutorCan you tell me if this camera has a full auto shooting capabilities?
Autor: Drdaddydarkie
AutorHow well does this camera do for concerts?
Autor: Josh Dezern
Autor: Hacker Boy
AutorThank you man. Very helpful and great detailing the specs
Autor: Franklin Ernesto
Autor the finger....
Autor: Fury
AutorPaano ayusin ang language settings help po
Autor: Draw so fun
AutorNice camera! Great review! 👍
Autor: Charlie P
AutorDoes it have the option of manual focus?
Autor: KaLu
Autoris it a dslr?
Autor: Manahil Fatima
AutorHey there - would you say this camera is good for recording YouTube videos? I have this camera and tried recording videos but the lighting when I was watching the video was very dark compared to my other videos. It was almost like the lighting in the beginning of your video. Is there a way to adjust the light setting or is it not good to record videos?
Autor: MadameLisaRose
Autorit is help for recording videos good or bad tell me please
Autor: GSK short films
Autorcan u tell me how to blur in this camera plzz
AutorCould someone tell me how to get the pictures from the camera onto a computer
Autor: meg moo
AutorI just got the camera for Christmas and this video really helped! Thanks!
Autor: Izzy 881
AutorThis or nikon l840? Will anyone help?
Autor: Tamar Mi
Autorit is help for recording videos tell me please
Autor: GSK short films
Autorprofessionally formatted video... i honestly really enjoyed and got a lot from this thank you
Autor: Kenster Scheer
AutorNice intro
Autor: Northeast Explorer Rupesh Reang
AutorCan you attach a mike to it
Autor: JHz_YT
AutorNice Review! I may consider this, although I might want to spend another $100 on the canon Sx530
Autor: Cyugon
Autordoes it have time lapse
Autor: Daniel Sifuentes-Bradford
Autorhello, is there a way to blur the background on this camera?
Autor: Candice Berry
Autori have a few tips
1: get a fill light (aka fix ur lighting)
2: speak a bit further from the mic
And steady ur shots a bit
Autor: Ricky magno
Autorwtf? my 400$ galaxy s7 makey WAY better pictures. I dont get it...
Autor: marmoto liferider
AutorHow about the quality in videos?
Autor: Six Cilinder
AutorWhat camera did you use to record this
Autor: God lvl
Autorvery nice review Chris , congratulations!
Autor: OnerbChannel
Autoreu procurando um tutorial so bre a camera ai quando encontro e INGLES kkkkkkk
Autor: Renato silva
Autori hate SONY Cameras after purchasing the Sony DSC H300 because while video recording it goes out of focus several times.
Autor: ykeen
AutorHi there chris, Ive just subscribed and really like your review of the Sony DSC H300. I am just about to collect one of these cameras too. I am very new to hobby photography so starting out. Anyway, ill keep watching and enjoy your videos ... cheers buddy .. George
Autor: George Anderson
AutorNice video
Autor: Samuel González
AutorHe makes videos in under 5 mins and he already pointed out the important stuff.
Autor: VoiD
Autoray lmao 4 double a batteries
Autor: caxco93
Autorin which mode background has been blured?? plzz help
AutorThis is an amazing for camera for photography. If you know how to work with the exposure and other features, then I'm sure you can pull some good video out of this aswell. a wide angle lens would definitely capture some good photos. I'm going to have to make a diy one for mine since you can't add lenses on it.
Autor: Daniel's World
Autoryou're awesome!!thanks for the review...helps me decide which to buy....God bless you!! =)
Autor: Mazinger Z
AutorYou need better lighting fam. The left side of your face does not have good exposure...
Autor: Alpha League
AutorMy camera shuts off when I try to take pics or videos.. Any help!?
Autor: SheekMicStar Smith
AutorI have had my camera for 5 years. just took pics of eclipse of the moon. got beautiful pics of moon going red and then black. awesome pics. Love my camera. I would tell anyone to buy it. Thanks for vid.
Autor: Michael Bishop
AutorHindi me bol keya ye dslr he
Autor: Faruk Sodha
AutorThis Vs entry level DSLR
Autor: high onTech
Autorgreat review! thanks for all the details. i just bought this camera and im even more excited now
Autor: Evan Gagnon
AutorOne downside to the camera is its inability to focus upclose objects easily. So if you really like photos with shallow depth of field it will be a challenge to capture
Autor: Janik Bollh von horst
AutorNice Camera Nice Review Man is the video that bad
Autor: yoichi franck
AutorPurchased my camera Sunday. Thank you for this review!
Autor: Whitney G. TV
AutorThe intro made me laugh a little bit because your name is IAndroid and it’s on a IPhone 😂
Autor: Lewis Gillett
AutorYo man nice edit!
Autor: Kaël Augustin
AutorThank you for this! It definitely helped me make my mind up on purchasing this camera❤️
Autor: RickiSpeaksGlam
AutorFocus otomatis?
Autor: Adi Ahyar
AutorAA Batteries in 2018??? Nop!
Autor: Mao Templar Campofranco
AutorI am a noob and a scrub don't sub too my channel
Autor: Liam Fauve
Autorthanks for the review i ordered this camara a couple days ago.
Autor: Raylene keys
AutorLiked & subscribed! I think the Sony DSC H300 is a great camera. If you have a passion you can definitely produce art that's true to you. Check out this music video I did with this camera & a tripod using the DSC H300. Hope you like it.
Autor: Monotone Shawty
AutorHey I like yo tutorial video it was very helpful a hold lot. n I was wondering is the Sony dsc h300 cyber shot camera. Is it good for beginners for professional photography. Please n think u
Autor: India Diggs
Autorgood video i have the same camera when it comes to batteries buy lithium they last a long long time. i used reg alkaline it killed them in no time took probably 100 photos on alkaline. then probably 300 with lithium and they are still showing full power.
Autor: Jacob Bower
AutorDo you think that camera is worth it for me? I have a phone leeco Le Cool 1
Autor: Nidroico
AutorCan u attach an external mic
Autor: DDOSH
Autorlove the review!! just awesome!!☺
Autor: Upasak Mukherjee
Autor Grove Street!
Autor: Eddie Arafa
Autorwait its iandroid Chris but he has an iPhone in his intro
Autor: Xerxes 2852
AutorCan it blur out the background in portrait shots like DSLRs
Autor: high onTech
AutorThis camera is shit...been given one as a gift every pic is overexposed to much light no matte what settings u chose pics are just shit..took it for holiday and ended up leaving it in hotel room cause my cheap replacement phone i had at the time what was worth about yhe same money was takinh much better pictures.
Autor: Lukasz Nowak
AutorHey Chris NICE VIDEO. I just got this camera but the focus or auto focus in videos is pretty annoying, constantly getting some blur. Any ideas?
Autor: Eric Evolving
AutorI can't wait to get this nice camera!
Autor: Mohammed Hanif
AutorHi Can anyone tell me
Nikon COOLPIX B500 - 16 Megapixel, Compact Camera, Black

This is good or the sony cyber shot in the video?
Pls reccomond thanks
Autor: With me
AutorThanks, good review, very helpful.
Autor: SolidRockBluesBand
AutorWhen I take focus for taking picture by sony dsc, it sounds a bit noisy. What's wrong.....
Autor: abdul rohim
AutorCan anyone tell me which one is better dsc h300 sony or l340 nikon?
Autor: Suci Riska
AutorIs this better than the iphone 6 camera?
Autor: Manipulation
Autoreres jevi panal
Autorcan you do Time-Lapse with this camera?
Autor: SchmAjzer
AutorI want to buy this for my trip in October but how long does the battery life last ?
Autor: Karina C.
AutorGreat video was wondering if this camera was worth it and with the lens and the price I'd have to say yes but my only negative about it is that is powered by AA bats but that said you can get the lithium version of them which are better then standard bats. There's a cannon point and shoot with similar specs but has 4 less megapixels so technically the Sony is better and $100 less but I think some people may forego this camera for the cannon just because it has a lithium ion battery and not having to buy bats is a plus. Thanks and have a great day.
Autor: Ravens Nest Society
AutorWhat was used to record this video?
Autor: Jheanelle Brown
AutorHeh your name is iAndroid Chris but in the intro ur name is in an iPhone ❤😖 PS: Thanks! I wanna buy this camera
Autor: A.
AutorReally great tutorial Chris. U have convinced me even more now to but this camera.
Autor: Ruby Jew3ls
Autorit is help for recording videos and short films is good or bad tell me please
Autor: GSK short films
AutorThank you for this video my G!
Autor: Bub & Tre
AutorThank you for the video. the video answered my question.
Autor: Evelyn Ruark
AutorIs it better than iphone x in case of picture clarity
Autor: Akash 143
AutorThank you so much for this review I really needed it 😂😂
Autor: Makeda Kettle
Autorif you guys wanna see how the pictures turn out on this camera, check out my instagram. It's
Autor: pavle zecevic
AutorIs it has background blur option ??
Autor: Dheeraj Singh
AutorI will buy this camera 😍 i liked right
Autor: Theoneprinceos 5
AutorDoes that record in FULL HD or just HD? And how long do the batteries last? Looking forward to your reply.
Autor: Mr. Mata
AutorSo Im thinking of buying this camera they have it at Walmart but it’s labeled as Sony dsc h300/bm I was wondering what the bm meant
Autor: tiffany jones
AutorYes this helped so much ! Thank you
Autor: Asia Love M
Autor: Help Mizo
AutorChris, can this camera take timelapes
Autor: zach flatt
Autorbattery package??
Autor: shaik shaibaz Shaiu
Autorcan you buy lens for this Camera..
Autor: Kay
Autor: Enjoy fulia
AutorWhat does it mean when the camera turns on then turns off by itself?. I just got mine and when i go to the camera it shuts off
Autor: Area51 Armoni
AutorWhat's the usual way you charge it??? Do you use the USB port or do you have a battery pack to charge the AA batteries when out of the camera?
Autor: Nora Stimpson
AutorCan I use the WiFi method to get videos transported to my phone?
Autor: La vida de Niecy
AutorThanks for making the video! I'm considering buying this before buying a dslr(just beginning with photography)
Autoris this can be replace with external lens bro ?.
Autor: Franky Tinus
Autorandroid on an iphone.....bruh
Autor: Chris E
AutorCan you get the pictures from your camera sent to your phone?
Autor: 1Kingg Rizz
AutorIs this cemera has blur option......?
Autor: Thunder Tv
Autormine after a year does not down load pics is there any thing I can do
Autor: Jon Smyth
Autorcan you adjust shutter speed on that camera
Autor: Alex22
AutorOK, you microphone sucks but your review is very good. :D
Autor: Kevin H Harmony
Autori just got one today for my birthday
Autor: Sumeyra Oztek
AutorDoes it have the bokeh effect when recording?
Does it have output for microphone?
Autor: wakeupnow
AutorWhat is the camera that you currently use?
Autor: MyBest
AutorThis video was very useful! I learned so much about my new camera. Thank you!
Autor: Olivia Hadar
Autoris there anyway to add a external mic if not how does the audio sound in general?
Autor: Justin KwanTM
AutorDident relly tell me what i wanted to know but ok
Autor: fuzzy wuzzy
Autorits dslr or eslr?
Autor: Arafat Khan
AutorCan you use any lenses for this camera. Im new to photography lol
Autor: naomi ro
AutorDoes it blurr the background
Autor: shruti shreya
AutorHow do you connect the WiFi
Autor: Diana S
AutorThank you very much bro!!
Autor: Kenneth Luengo
AutorBeing displeased I allow myself to disturb you!
When I bought this Sony DSC-H300 camera, I really did not expect these results! My smartphone makes more beautiful photos! ! !
When the first time I contacted the customer service Sony I was advised to buy a tripod to do the photo so that's what I did!
Like using a camera only with a tripod one feels like going back to the antiquity of photography!
I used my smartphone more than the camera.
So I dropped the camera error! ! ! This new year I wanted to use Sony DSC-H300 with his tripod the problem is that even with his tripod the pictures are blur not all the time but too often, so I recontacté the customer service and there thank you Mr mohammed, he replies with a letter written in advance and if you write to him while taking the trouble to explain to him he sends you the same copy and paste without having the trouble to answer especially to your problem because the guarantee is finished then Sony And mohammed have nothing more to do!
While you had reported the same problem when the unit was 1 week so under warranty, thanks Sony
Autor: Sylvain Lopez
AutorHi, I can never seem to record on the camera over a minute. The camera always stops recording only after a minute. Please help
Autor: Kimberly Swift
AutorCan it blur?
Autor: Bihungsar Baro
AutorDo you think this camera would work well for my son who is just starting out with photography?
Autor: Sara Corona
AutorThanks for the no-nonsense review. It helped me a lot.
Autor: davida1b2c3d4c5
AutorI just bought this camera yesterday great review man I'm subscribed
Autor: Adam Delvalle
AutorYour intro has an iPhone...
Autor: Bazonkos
AutorHow long does it last with one set of batteries
Autor: Ethan Pringle
AutorThank you very good vid, just jumped on Amazon! Happy Birthday Hanna
Autor: Sean McNierney
Autora jelpin jan
Autor: Martin Gómez
AutorAnyone know how i would get my photos off this same camera
Autor: youngsosa
AutorGreat video! Thank you
Autor: Susan Wolf
AutorThis camera no..blur
Autor: Pvtpizzza
AutorThank you so much for this review!!!
Autor: Albinutza Bulinutza

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