Will Silica Gel Kill You?!

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AutorTHANK YOU SO MUCH! I swallowed some by accident when I was faking it in front of my class, some went down my throat, and I thought it was over.
Autor: Toffifei
Autorwats haben wen i botat in watr ?
Autor: محمد فوزي
AutorI used to chew on these when I was five because my sister told me that they would disappear in your mouth so I would spend all day just waiting for it to go.
Autor: Karina Voita
AutorI ate these when I was little but I'm still alive 😂
Autor: EditingWith Lisa
AutorThx i thought it will kill me
Autor: mlg-hot dog_2323
AutorDon't eat it it can take all the water in your mouth
Autor: Thasnia Ahmed
Autorkya isse sch me mr skte h
Autor: Simmu Bhardwaj
AutorHow much because I need to kill myself.
Autor: 동첸임니다
Autorodd video but good info for those who want to know what it is for lol
Autor: neek247
AutorI hv ate many tyms it make our body dry it observe water from blood
Autor: Fathi Asi
AutorI ate 6 little pieces of slica gel when I was 4. I'm okay, though.
Autor: Janet Andrewson
AutorThey actually taste pretty good I eat one pack a week
Autor: Reece Paine
AutorI swallowed one of these am I ok?
Autor: Spacax
AutorToxic so we will die after eating
Autor: Juhafa Jeore Mujib
Autor1 eat one ball every day
Autor: dr. whet farts
AutorYummy! Planning on doing a taste test.
Autor: Canoopsy
Autorthank you I accidentally ate them and was so worried you saved me pal
Autor: Z2charizard s
Autorim watching this because my dog ate one and im worried
Autor: friggen heggendarn
AutorWow, thought it was not even safe to touch.. thanks
Autor: Google+ SUCKS BALLS - the worst forced social network
AutorI eat them when no one is looking.
Autor: Patrick S
AutorThat cleared up so much confusion thanks :D
Autor: Kushal C
AutorHahah. Cool video! I didn't what they were before watching this video!
Autor: Turbo Tech
AutorFala português doido ksksks
Autor: Canal Do Pedro
AutorDamn I will have to find another way to kill myself-_-
Autor: Ariza Santiago
AutorWhhat?? You made an entire video on Silica Gel? LOL
Autor: Gaurang Joshi
AutorCan you touch it? Will it destroy your skin?
Autor: LZ Productionz
Autorumh i have eaten some when i was young and i waned to know could i have died
Autor: Bigi pienninen
AutorI early this shit and it exeplouds in my mouth lol
Autor: Ritzy _
AutorIt will suck all the water from your intestines. It won't kill you, but you will be severely bloated. Your stomach might even explode, or you may experience explosive flatulence. But if you seek medical attention in a timely manner, you should be ok. I know all this because I stayed at a Day's Inn.
Autor: 1
Autor"be sure to stay tuned" b-but it's a 2 minute video?
Autor: Msdj Jdndn
AutorKya silica khane se kuch hota hai are you sure
Autor: Shraddha Dey
Autorif my friend doesnt know that its nontoxic i think i can manage a prank...
Autor: Rainbow Cheetah
AutorI got one on my tongue
Autor: Okay
AutorCan we put silica gel in slime? Lol 😂
Autor: Call of the Dino
AutorThanks for telling us because I think I ate one of the packets and I thought I was going to die:)
Autor: Andrea Doolen
Autorthe forbidden fruit
Autor: living la vida loca
Autorwill do taste test soon
Autor: N0LIMUS
AutorDon't swallow these things.
They absorb moisture.
The human body is 75% water.
They will absorb all the water in your body and reduce you to a pile of dust.
Autor: pachma
AutorIf you get your phone wet a jar of those beads would be nice to have. I have heard people saying use rice but I am not really sure if that will get the water out faster.
Autor: John Doe
AutorI swallowed one of these am I ok?
Autor: Spacax
AutorM worried mA daughter eat half pack.she is just 18 month UFF !!! Keep away from children 👶
Autor: बेरोजगारी
AutorMy friend got poisoned from eating it..
Autor: Dingo ate my kids
AutorI work in apparel and eat these all the time 🤷🏻‍♀️
Autor: Racheal Jones
Autor: Leaveil Wellons
AutorDid anyone eat this? if yes then are you alive xD
Autor: HowZic Extras
AutorShould i eat one of these
Autor: J_ Gaming
AutorAnyone else hosting a silica/tidepod all you can eat banquet after watching this??
Autor: darksquirrel409
Autormy brother eat this and stomach pained
Autor: Ajmalkonnakkad Ajmal
AutorSilica dehydrates us so might kill u tho
Autor: xd Liftless
AutorI ate them but I didn't know that it was silica gel.
Autor: amit_ murmu
AutorThey say don’t eat them cause they will absorb all the moisture in your digestive system not because they are poisonous!
Autor: Sarah
Autorso silica gel absorbs water.. but then i see silica also being sold as a product that can help our bones and callogen production and hair and nails and connective tissue in general have you heard of this? im sure you have what are your thoughts?
Autor: daspecialist1220
AutorI licked sand
Autor: Don’t Hug Me I’m Literature
Autorbut will it get u sick if u swallow them
Autor: BSG17
AutorDONT EAT some might be coated with cobalt chloride ?
Autor: J D
AutorI wanted to try !!bt gtng afraid???!!what's gonna happen??!!
Autor: Yashaswini Gowda
AutorI like your style and your constant uploading but if you want any attention you have to do some real interesting tech reviews imo. For example best value or really cheap or extremely good. For example I recently received a 11/15 dollar smartwatch which is surprisingly extremely capable. It's called the dz09 not saying you should do that exact product but something that appeals to the masses would help gain you some attention. Or do collabs. I wanna say "nice video" but I mean... Great channel. Good luck. Amazing shots tho
Autor: Msdj Jdndn
AutorIt was a very good video very informative. A lot of people don't know these things. .so for those who like to criticise try find something nice to say. Thank you Mat for your video :-)
Autor: Maria Jardim
AutorI found it in my pencil case. I put it in my pocket in school. After school, I put the balls of silica gel in the cup. I put water in it.
Autor: ꧁ ꧂
Autori ate it and now i’m in the hospital don’t trust him
Autor: AbsoluteMemeMaster
Autor: Grim Games
Autor: Steven Webb
AutorMy dog just ate this
Autor: Alexandra Long
Autorquite a relif my child eat it now iffff God
Autor: HADI hussain
AutorI'm putting this in my mom's food.
Autor: Heavenlyskyway
AutorMy friends friend eat one of those and went to hospital the next day 😅
Autor: Tut9
AutorOh, thank god my cat ate one
Autor: Cat In a cheese puff jar
AutorCool man ty for posting this video love ur upbeat attitude
Autor: Michelle Lee
Autori remember when i was little i once broke one of these packets open and i was fascinated with the little transparent balls and i started playing with them... then my curiosity got the best of me and i put one in my mouth... and ate it.... it was hard so i just ended up swallowing it not chewing lol yeah so i kinda had a feeling they wern't toxic XD
Autor: Awkward Potato
AutorI accidentally ate silica my friend said it would kill me I was scared all day then I’ve watched this
Autor: xd Liftless
Autori hope you know that when you said they were safe i just ate 4 of them so you best be right
Autor: ReecesPieces
Autor: Jdellis94 -
AutorDamn guess gotta find something else to kill me
Autor: Steven Webb
AutorI accidentally eat it when i was kid
Autor: VoezX
Autorsilica gel is a water absorbent

cough cough our bodies are 60% water
Autor: Hannah Wurz
Autorput these in your Nerf strife and your good FLYWHEELMASTERRACE
Autor: eat a purrito
AutorI thought my sister will be killed by that silica gel bcoz she ate it...!!! 😭😭😭😭
Autor: Asia bongato
Autorwho else thought about eating one and watch the video to make sure they weren’t gonna die
Autor: J A Y Y B R E E Z Y
AutorHey Matt, thanks to you, I just ate 3 silica gel packets. Thanks, for the new food source.
Autor: 1000 Angry Bees in a Trash Can

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