A word on stress management, deescalation, and the right to fail.

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Autor: Constantin Dumitru
Get some more solder to fix a MB board mid-flight
Autor: Ryan Jones
AutorBest youtube personality by a mile
Autor: Joey Greathouse
AutorMuch thanks to Louis.
Autor: Cosmin Chiranus
AutorI needed this video. I've put myself in this corner so many times.
Autor: gnbman
AutorKeep calm and eat Burrito ♛
Autor: Lucas Ignacio Rodríguez
Autorred face? and two color arms doesn't count? LOL
Autor: Rik tec
AutorGreat video by the way.
Autor: Phil Abrahams
AutorGreat video as always Louis. Brilliant topic and wise words.

For the past few two weeks I was "sick and worried" about an examination. I went to the written examination a little over a week ago. I was prepared and everything, but I was not worried about this examination at all. I was worried about what were to come if I did not pass it. It is easily the hardest examination in this semester of my BSc, if you fail the first attempt, you will be going to a re-examination, but due to the nature of the study and the examination form, the re-examination is an oral one.

Now, why does the oral examination worry me? These should be a little bit easier after all, as you are able to correct any mistakes you may make during the examination. It is the timing of the re-examination. It is in August, which usually is fine, because next semester doesn't resume until September. But the oral re-examination is 3 days after I am going to have a jaw surgery(I'm not worried about the surgery), but the surgery will make it incredibly hard to speak, let alone do a full oral examination on a hard subject.

It wasn't until yesterday I came to the realization, as I had finally calmed down, that I could always ask to have my examination expedited and have it a few days earlier, before my surgery. I knew I couldn't have it postponed, because it could potentially be weeks following my surgery, before I would be back to normal. Secondly I don't feel like it would be right either, because it would give me more time to prepare for the re-examination, making it unfair for my fellow students.
Autor: Lars
Autorthank you Louis Rossmann, i am an 18 year old mo who works at an IT store(repairs for laptops/desktops/apple, and a lot of customer interaction) where i get a lot of stress built up, and it sometimes actually makes me lose my passion for making people happy with the skills i have in the craft. and sometimes, it makes me go batshit crazy trying to figure out a way to fix shit at work, and i just dont get anywhere. I am going to implement your advice starting this tuesday, and i am going to grab my bearings, and just destress. thank you for your video and your awesome guides, keep being awesome!
Autor: MarvelFreak
Autorprotect your skin sir. i love you
Autor: onofreisk8
AutorIt's not a make or brake moment.
Autor: Andrew Smith
Autorwow you got burned hopefully you take care of it instead of peeling like a fool lol gl
Autor: grassy climer
AutorWhat mountain did you hike Louis?
Autor: sterpumihai
Autordo you pin comments?
Autor: vincent van Rijn
Autorthanks louis! this is very helpfull!
Autor: B.B. Repairs
Autorthank you for this. I'm going through a lot like being arrested when I called the cops for help. my family in ruins and on the verge of giving up my passion for hardware repair and messing a little with everything with software and the reason I fail is stress and this is exactly what I needed to hear. and thank you for all your videos I've learned so much from you and I've only subbed a month or so ago. cheers brother
Autor: Xell Xex
AutorFWIW: Not all anger escalation is tied to a deadline. Consider when something that is nearly complete breaks when 95% of the work is completed, requiring to restart the whole process from the beginning, which can be a huge waste of time. For instance lets suppose you spend 3 or 4 hours fixing a board, only to have a component associated with a voltage regulator to unexpectedly fail causing destroying the board completely to the point its no longer economically repairable.Another common issue is dealing with idiots working around you. Imagine that you have co-workers that you didn't not hire, or don't have any control over, take tools from your desk, without your permission, and either never return them or return them damaged.Missed deadlines is the least issue I get angry over. 99% of my anger issues is over people doing really stupid things that wastes my time, requires me to find or replace my stuff that they borrowed without my knowledge or approval and never bothered to return them.  For instance, recently,  I had a coworker take my PC monitor\keyboard and mouse off my desk while I was at a meeting, to use on a test machine that he was screwing around with (not even a business need) .The justification provided by said co-worker was: "Oh, I didn't think you needed them". WTF!? If you have an anger management solution for above, that doesn't involve breaking the law, please share."The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity." -  Harlan Ellison
Autor: Guy Tech
AutorThis deserves to go a bit viral, having this as common knowledge would be nice.
Autor: Sankanyu
Autorwhy do you change the tone of your voice when you talk to blackberry? 😂
Autor: fttx
AutorYou should have joined the military.
You have all the talents needed to make a good commanding officer!
Autor: Viper Zero
AutorJust on time! Thank you.
Autor: RepublicanMug
AutorGreat timing, thanks Louis. Also, big thanks on the tip of where to buy iPhone Parts :)
Autor: Aaron Moffatt
AutorThanks Blackberry, I did learn something!
Autor: Jarrod'sTech
AutorCalifornia? Did you finally get a vacation? It's been a while since I've watched one of your videos. (Don't care for the live streams, but I do love these talks).
Autor: Matthew Trevett
AutorI think you have a bigger problem of your cat being a theif.
Autor: Jombo
Autori love your kitty, she's adorable, it's like she helps you with the streaming, coming in and out the scene in perfect timing :p
Autor: Edmondfreak
Autorsomewhat similar for me, when my education was ending and i knew i have to figure out how to keep my apartment and survive. My mindset was simply set to money and how to get it for a while, and i ended up with a good result at the end.
no money = no home or life
Autor: Loke Laufeyson
Autorgood advice, thx Louis!
Autor: xApemanx
AutorThe only space you shouldn't have room for error in is life or death situations.
It's like confucius say: "you can skydive without a parachute, but you'll need one if you want to skydive twice."
Autor: ṽᴧ volts
AutorOne of my client's website was screwed after a theme update because I don't know how to work with children themes yet (which isn't a problem as long as you write down all modifications that you did in all files, which I didn't).

It was about one day's worth of relaxed-pace work with a client that is open minded, relaxed and generally not time-critical in any way. However, at that point I had a huge nervous breakdown and ended up getting drunk.

I was so obsessed with doing everything perfect, better than everyone else, that failure was the end of everything at that point.

Since then, I learned that failure is not only normal and acceptable, but it is also a heck of a good indicator that you actually CARE for your clients and that you actually do shit well. Others bill $4000 for a search button that they never implement. of course they never fail :)
Autor: Ri Max
Autorthank you for being genuine.
Autor: Sx
AutorId love to see these as a podcast? Is that a possibility
Autor: samuel mc sherry
AutorSo your cat hid your phone because it did not want you to leave ! That cats a genuis ! It should open a bar. Cat Genius Bar . Better than Apple.
Autor: LRoy Shreding
AutorThank you for this video. This sort of mental lockup due to a doomsday scenario is very common for me. I'll try to put your tip into action right away :)
Autor: DoodleFox
AutorI really needed to hear this today. Thank you Louis.
Autor: Thus Forgotten
AutorI think the problem is, most people have a possibility of failure in their head, but it's just an option they cannot accept.
Autor: Дмитрий М
AutorThank you Louis. You've just helped me tremendously.
Autor: Austin McCallister
AutorStress is not always a bad thing. Normally stress improves the performance of a person and it is a mechanism developed by the nature, to help perform better in a difficult situation. The problem is prolonged stress and being stressed all the time. That is when the stress starts to eat a person.

Acknowledging the option of failure and trying to keep a cool head are of course very rational.

But there is also a chance to increase the possibility of failure, if a person starts to think too much about the failure and plan B. If you give up in your mind, a difficult task easily fails, because you aren't trying hard enough anymore. This is especially true in physical exercises. Problem solving and cognitive tasks are a bit different. In problem solving the performance is usually better, when one has open mind and not too much pressure. Negative ways to motivate obviously narrow the thinking.
Autor: wopmf4345FxFDxdGaa20
Autorthe "Fuck your tractor" A guy takes a wrong turn and ends up in the mud STUCK... he thinks ..hmmm there maybe a farmer who has a tractor that can pull me out.. on his way to the farm he thinks "wait.. this guy is gonna screw me over.. he will charge me 10000 bux to move my car" he walks on a little bit and thinks "wait... this guy is gonna keep my car AND charge me 10000 bux for polluting his land" he arrives at the farm front door and simply says "Fuck your tractor" that is the infinite negative loop cycle
Autor: Spencer Bentley
AutorLOL, "angry tomato"! That's hilarious!
Autor: She's Sometimes Double Chocolate!
AutorYou're not an idiot, you're a chamaleon.
Autor: A K
Autoru sooo [email protected] thanks.
Autor: Avi Weisz
Autor"33% of people will screw you given the chance" haha

I'm kind of surprised it was that low.
Autor: Dustin
AutorI'm known by most of who I know as incredibly aggressive solely because I demand more than a claim before I even consider engaging in an argument.
Autor: Bryan
AutorGreat Video, thank you for sharing your thoughts
Autor: ExSiZuGeSe
AutorIf you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, ask yourself: "Can I change it?". If yes, great. No need to panic. If not, oh well. No need to worry because you can't do anything about it. There's a funny video on this very topic. Search for "Why worry?".
Autor: Alex Holden
AutorLouis you red-faced idiot....
Thanks for another video
Autor: Peter Krull
AutorNope I am MGTOW all the way 😉
Autor: Phil Abrahams
AutorHow the fuck did your cat move your phone and hide it?
Autor: RustyShackleford298
Autorbe cool man , you kan not screw up more than the next guy
Autor: karl De Pauw
Autorwhy is Trump doing this video?
Autor: Jason Renfro
AutorWow, despite your sometimes foul mouth, you're full of good principles, Louis! I hope a good woman gets hooked up with you soon.
Autor: She's Sometimes Double Chocolate!
Autorhonestly im really into tech, but most of the livestreams you post are way above my technical ability and thus fly right over my head. im really only here for these kinds of videos
Autortaking up farming eh?
Autor: Farquharson
AutorDepression has a habit of magnifying the feedback loop, it's not good, i've been there.
Autor: zx8401ztv
AutorSo why didn't you submit a claim with the people who upgraded your website for the lost $9K ?
Autor: 2P Innovation
AutorNever be ashamed of your skin color Louis ! Be proud, its only your outer shell that incases your superior intellect !!!
Autor: LRoy Shreding
AutorI've had it, it's wixplitting time!
Autor: djorkaef
AutorWell said, great video. What you are saying is definitely true. If I had to add something, never make a promise you can't keep. If it's to a date, or a client. If you don't already have the motherboard fixed, don't promise them the minute it will be ready. Tell them Usually it would be done by - - - and I can certainly try my hardest to get it to you by then, but there is the possibility of more serious problems that we are not seeing at this point.

That's what I would add, not sure if you do similar or not?

Keep up the amazing work. I really enjoy all your videos, advice and repair knowledge!
Autor: Joseph Hughes
AutorI'm watching this as I prepare for finals next week.
Autor: Andrew Gong
AutorI swear, Louis is the voice of reason that I wish I had in my life.
Autor: OutOfNamesToChoose
AutorBecause of the current tint of my monitor, Louis Rossman looks like black man.
Autor: ini the man
AutorEvery time I get a deadline at my job to solve a problem I tend to follow this route:

1) Realize the situation is messed up
2) Realize that traditional problem solving isn't going to get it done fast enough
3) Go and have a smoke (vaping now actually) and grab a coffee
4) During the smoke and coffee break my brain calms down
5) When I'm calm I suddenly start remembering random stuff: Per example, "Wait, I still have a broken PC in the back that has a working..."
6) Formulate a plan with the new found ideas I got during the moment I was calm
7) Come up with 1 or 2 backup plans, other ideas start popping up in my head as I prepare the first idea
8) Execute the plan

It's something I learned from someone that studies medicine: As you keep focusing on a specific problem, the analytic part of your brain takes over more and more as time progresses. But, to solve a problem, creativity is often required. Getting yourself into a relaxed state, sort of "reboots" that creative part of your brain.

Now smoking is bad for you and you shouldn't pick it up, but people need to figure out small routines that take ~5 minutes tops for themselves that free up their mind a bit.
Autor: Corrupt^
AutorDamn, wish I would have come to this realization earlier in life!
Autor: Nathan Imig
Autoryou need a website
Autor: Farquharson
Autoryour a fuqing idiot louis im going to lambask yiu for this. Thanks for the video. Your content is great.
Autor: Puffball Avada
Autorits so funny in 1978 I worked out the ne555 could be used as an audio amp, I lost my job because the firm I got my apprenticeship at was in the dark ages. they so took the piss.
the thing to do is believe in yourself and never bulshit
Autor: Jt Zoonie
1. When stressed, instead of going into a loop and worrying - have a plan B ready for the worst case scenario.
2. If you're not going to complete something on time, face it. Do the best you can. Be honest with yourself.
3. Do not put complete trust in people. Prepare for getting screwed over in situations where trust is needed and avoid having to get into those situations.
Autor: Ryu
AutorI do this loop of death all the time, even though I know I am doing it. It is good to talk about this, it is hard to change it.
Autor: Crocellian
AutorThe ability to recognize a negative thought pattern, to control ones emotions and allow a solution to be efficiently sought is the fundamental difference between a business owner and a lifelong worker. I've seen that very trait in every successfully self employed person I know.
Autor: ACA332
AutorHas your cat always thought it's a ferret? Adorable.
Also YIKES that sunburn is making me itch.
Hard to focus on this good analysis & insight with all these distractions
Autor: nah cur
AutorLouis took another vacation....weird :P
Autor: pumpuppthevolume
AutorThe Eight Habit of Highly Effective People. Much appreciated.
Autor: Squeaky G
AutorLouis, I really needed this video. Thanks!
Autor: Daniel Dogeanu
AutorI like it how a lot (or rather all) of your philosophy advice come from your own recent problematic experience :-)
Louis, the no bullshit guy :-)
Thank you. This is one of those of your videos which began practically helping me just immediately.

Also I'm really suprised about a cat hiding your phone ON A REGULAR BASIS :-D
Autor: Цельнометаллический разработчик
AutorI'm off to bed. Marked this as "watch later" as need sleep. 2 AM and stressed about wake up time! I'm sure I will fail to open the shop on time... Fail!
Autor: clunka
AutorGreat breakdown of the stress-anxiety feeling. Suffering from it quite alot now at work for quite a while, they sent me to a fucking shrink and you basically took the same advice i got there and just summed it up. Getting to far in your career quick can be quite terrifying if you don't get a mandate to take decisions. So, good advice, deserving of my first youtube comment.
Autor: Jonathan Parsman
AutorThank you, Louis. You pretty much explained my mindset during every work day. It's good to have someone say the things that I often forget to tell myself to do.
Autor: Wil's VG Addiction
Autorsorry Louis but having the other option be career reuin doesn't relieve stress for me. I think I understand the point you are trying to make but haven't worked out how to apply it yet thanks though
Autor: parity bit 0
Autorcame for the max books stayed for the wisdom
Autor: iamsupersammie
AutorThe world isn't flat, if it was cats would have knocked all the shit off of it.
Autor: Mechanicus
AutorLouis, what phone are you using know? I love my Moto G4, but the power button fell off a while ago and it's time for an upgrade.
Autor: urm8ker
AutorYou have a great perspective and presentation on anxiety "in the workplace", I appreciate your speaking frankly and honestly to others on the subject. You have my thanks.
Autor: Mark Hunter

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