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AutorThe female voice at the beginning of the song says: '' i told you this would happen, that's the way she is'' , in Serbian language. o.o
Autor: Djurdja Garcevic
Autor: Frank Nieves
Autorcreo que es demaciado bohemio, en la cancion esta hablando de seguir un camino paralelo ,diagonal a lo que conocemos como recto... puede que sea carente de letra.... pero muy pegadiza, y creo que en el video esta ese 50% de significado que le falta a la letra, qseyo esta buena.
Autor: Sandra Gonzalez
Autorthis is just silly
Autor: Hilary C
Autor: Suave Canal
AutorThere's something, about this video.
Autor: Sean
Autor: Dianna Hendrix
AutorMenudo moñas
Autor: Lía Ndongo
AutorLoving this Video! Classic!
Autor: Magda Sztompka
AutorA song about a nun becoming a VJ definitely deserves a music video. This was a nice surprise. I still love music videos. I've been making mixes and watching them on my computer/TV, but Youtube ads are annoying. I was wondering, if there are there still any good music video programs?
Autor: carrielogo
Autorooo napokon neko sa ovih krajeva da slusa devendru :D
Autor: Dimitrije Milenkovic
AutorPeople seem to forget that this is a music video, not a history lesson for school. It is not supposed to be extremely factually accurate.
Autor: Bryan Chavez-Castro
AutorPerfect song. Perfect story.
Autor: Alex Selivanov
Autorklaus nomi?!
Autor: Monica Skinner
Autor: Artzigo
AutorWhy Hildegard had her headaches. She was a thwarted artist--thwarted by the strictures imposed upon her sex during the time she lived. Her headaches and her visions were the result of her oppression. If her creativity had not been so confined and suppressed, who would she have been? What would she have done?
Autor: meganmann0617
Autor: BeatsOnStrike
AutorDevendra chiquito mi amor :3
Autor: Valeria Cabrera Guillén
AutorJe pourrais écouter cette chanson encore et encore
Autor: Katrina Natasha
AutorI can't believe the dumb comments that I am reading. Why so much criticism towards the video? The video is a work of art. It's not a history lesson. It seems that the black nun has a dream to become a VJ. She is working hard in order to reach her goal. Lighten up people. Try to take something positive from such a beautiful music video. Devendra is a musical genius!
Autor: Hernan F.
AutorIncreíble <3
Autor: Nelly Di
Autor1:48 Klaus Nomi ;)
Autor: Bambussolini
AutorLove the song and have been listening to it for a long time. In cases like that, a new video seems distracting.
Autor: TheSQDoctor
Autor: Google made me do it
AutorI think this is an example of what a music video should not be like. If one thing, it's certainly not artistic and certainly not "art". The video just "shows" the story, rather than "telling" anything new. A missed opportunity.
Autor: Steerpikey
Autorya casi en Bogotá :)
Autor: IndieElectroNewWave
AutorHardcore Henry brought me here...!!!
Autor: Dexter
Autorthat is actually amazing.
Autor: benjamin Thomas
Autormerci nova ! again again again
Autor: x dedalus
Autordevandra! me ha gustado mucho tu musica DON FEIRA! sigue componiendo
Autor: mikehabada
AutorDevendra never dissapoints!
Autor: sanimalista
Autorbecause it was like, literally, added just today, literally
Autor: elzpi
AutorNo idea how excited I was when you had the Klaus Nomi lookalike
Autor: Jhonas Burke
AutorNo se os parece esta cancion a la de Flaca de Calamaro??
Autor: Andrea Pulido
AutorOMG Love the video.
Autor: VALIO
AutorC'est magnifique
Autor: rebecca vader
Autor: Janio De Souza
Autorim here bkuz of hardcore henry
Autor: Mikeypak90
AutorDevendra is great
Autor: Benedito Prado
Autorthis is cringy if you know anything about Hildegard
Autor: Kevin Rawdon
AutorGrace Jones, is you?
Autor: Pedro Ivo
Autoresp mala LAW soriii
Autor: Natjushka1
AutorLove this video, love the klaus nomi spot too.
Autor: dreamingNihilist ——
AutorHardcore henry thank you
Autor: RaTeD ForBidDen
AutorThis guy has ruined my life for years by being so awesome
Autor: Jeffrey Bahlo
Autorlove this video!
Autor: Katia Luyo
AutorOf course he'd put his longtime girlfriend in his video, haha. Ana Kras - 1:36.
Autor: Susie Hughes
AutorDefinitely one of the best songs and videos of 2013.
Autor: SinatraDoctrine
AutorGoooooo Jodie!!!
Autor: feathers437
AutorINSPIRING......SO ,  THAT I LEARNED MYSELF A THING OR TOO ABOUT THis sT. hILDEGARD.   (superb video, excellent music!)                muchos gracias 
Autor: mickey garza
AutorI'm not really sure how I feel about this song
Autor: Jenna James
Autorbasically sister act in reverse 
Autor: Meow MEow
AutorI saw Somebodyyyy <3
Autor: Nomi Hagen
AutorElectric feel - MGMT
Autor: ork3000
Autorona je prosto takva. :)
Autor: Maja Ljuba
Autor: bulletz flyin
AutorSegún yo, cuando es tu vídeo, puedes hacer lo que desees con él. La gente se aloca a lo pendejo en el "debería ser así"
Autor: SauYen Loo
AutorI was so surprised to hear this in Hardcore Henry!
Autor: Dr. Butt Hartmann
AutorWhat a genious song and vid! I like so much! This song gives a little bit of the rebellious life of St. Hildegard. She wrotes songs and poems and was very critical to popes, cesars and kings. This video shows a modern form of Hildegard. Thank you!
Autor: garaffa78
AutorOMG she is gorgeous !!!
Autor: Игорь В
AutorSo, Grace Jones is Hildegard van Bingen reincarnate?
Autor: Hayashigame
AutorDevendra Power!
Autor: Fax
AutorWhat are the nuns saying at the beginning of the video?
Autor: SalixMalina
Autorygbjhgjhgjhgjh te amo dev♥
Autor: Moiichuliss Martin
AutorПривет из России!   Я обожаю Девендру Банхарта. Мне не так нравится его музыка, как он сам. Конечно, я являюсь поклонницей его песен( знаю все наизусть), но душа у него и  его сущность настолько полны и многогранны, что ими нельзя не восхищаться. Я прочитала множество комментариев, и положительных и отрицательных, но останусь при своем мнении. Я бесконечно признательна ему, и восхищаюсь этим человеком. В песнях Девендры есть он сам, его сущность, его душа. Он не пуст- он полон. Он красив и снаружи и внутри. Конечно, я вижу и отрицательные качества, но они как-то блекнут на фоне положительных качеств. Девендра Банхарт- индивидуальность, которую ни с чем не спутать. Когда смотришь его концерты, клипы, видео, то на лице сразу же появляется улыбка. Он легкий в характере, как и его песня. Он искренний и честный. Вот за это и стоит любить Девендру Банхарта.
Autor: Alice Woodpecker
Autor: Isidor Morales
Autorshort and beautiful. love it
Autor: Boris Céspedes
Autormusic: all along the watchtower!
Autor: kolokythas george
Autororiginal y hermosa como toda tu musica!
Autor: Flopita Mondino
Autori'll seen him in 7 days :D!
Autor: Natali Salinas
AutorPensé que iba a encontrar comentarios a portantes con respecto al vídeo pero me equivoque por la gran mayoría. GENTE! por favor utilicen la poca inteligencia que la naturaleza les a prestado para ir más allá del propio concepto y letra. Devendra es un ARTISTA  de una complejidad permitida. Su trabajo no es para el común, entiendo al fin tanta baba que escriben.
Autor: Andrés Galeano
Autorklaus nomi at
Autor: Adolfo Lapatky
AutorWhat other song does this sound like? Especially the guitar riffs...
Autor: Joshua Pero
Autor: Lucia Dileo
AutorAt least they put some thought into it and did not do copy cat. Other than Sister Act II there have been no nuns who live in dark skin and this is not old black magic.
Autor: 15 Minutes
AutorJust watched Hardcore Henry, had to find this tune.
Autor: Gianni Blaze
Autor: Sascha G Dot
Autor: Silvi Balderas
Autor: James Lovelock
AutorWhy is there always a neccessity for pagans to blaspheme the name of the only true God ?! "the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain." Exodus 20:7
Autor: Raphaël Infinity
Autorwhat happened here?
Autor: 32cactusking
AutorNice beat. But song seems unfinished.
Autor: Kkoun
AutorTodo es perfecto
Autor: Susan marant
Autornow she's dreamiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin
Autor: Raul Cuellar
Autores un genio, sin dudas a
Autor: Moiichuliss Martin
Autorwtf klaus nomi, so fuckin bizarre
Autor: Ryan Ureña
Autor: Biófilo Panclasta
Autorte amo devendrá eres un genio y hermosa la protagonista amos a esas chicas...
Autor: Griscelda Hernandez
Autorsay what you want about me but, devendra banhart has been the only man ive ever loved since I was 15...still till this day hes me and I am him in two different forms!!
Autor: Joseph Eddings
AutorWatching Hardcore Henry gave me motion sickness but the soundtrack was amazing.
Autor: brownjellow1
Autorthis is 🔥 🔥
Autor: Spooningwithyourmoma Rome
AutorSuch a beautiful song. Brings me bliss.
Autor: Adrian Munoz
AutorShe's working on MVV = MTV.
Autor: Wesley Vieira Fonseca
AutorMelhor música ♥
Autor: Luis Dantas
AutorOh gosh this is so good
Autor: Christopher Jacob
AutorEerily hooky: cinematically and musically.
Autor: M. Saldivar Galindo
AutorCompared with the music and designs from Hildegard herself, this video means nothing. Soon this almost non-song will be forgotten. Hildegards songs will go on. 
Autor: pieter lucas maria lemmens
Autor"my ego wants to kill you but my higher self doesn't." - Hippie Jimmy
Autor: Victor Hugo
AutorStole the plot from Sister Act
Autor: Jesse Martin-Allan
AutorYeah, I'm sure Hildegard von Bingen would have liked this. So inspiring.
Autor: Zohydberg
AutorWhat is Klaus Nomi doing here? :o
Autor: Alicja Mikrut
Autor: Ana Rocha
AutorPerfeito! :3 ♥
Autor: Igor Ferreira Barbosa.
Autor: Globopez
Autor40k in 2 days, yay Devendra.
Autor: Deschanel Darmodihardjo
AutorNunsuch records :-)
Autor: dadadatumbatumb
Autorklaus nomi!
Autor: Franco Estrubia
Autor<3 Devendra Banhart
Autor: Luisa M. Rondón Figueroa
Autor: Ezio Amato
Autor: Katika Vidal
AutorThey reverenced the plot. I think they missed the point...
Autor: Joshua Pero
Autornice video but what's with that guy's static facial expression
Autor: 3f2u1c4k5g6o5o3g2le
AutorOye a ti te conozco! Que risa leer comentario de alguien que conoces. Pero si, ameeeeeeeisin.
Autor: Rafa Ramírez
Autorya casi en México :´D
Autor: Alberto Reyes
Autor: Jacqueline Crowther
Autoryou are a chameleon
Autor: Manuel Yarto
AutorLovely track.Just watched Hardore Henry and tempted to overthrow my government and play this song when i put up a new flag on the hill.Maybe even have Jimmy at my inauguration.Great track!!!
Autor: Bonny Simiyu
AutorNo sé a quién le cuentan más cosas sobre mi...
Autor: Pepe beast
AutorAnyone know what the voices are saying in the beginning of the video??
Autor: Camilla Fuchs
AutorYeahh devendra you are always awesome
Autor: Indira Garciia
Autoresto es una estupidez. La letra es demasiado simplona y con carencia de palabras, no tiene absolutamente nada que siqueira se relacione un poquito con algun aspecto de la vida de Hildegard Von Bingen, excepto porq ella fue una monja de verdad y la protagonista del video es una monja fugada. Esto no es mas que un intento de Devendra por atraer gente a su video gracias al titulo, y es asi precisamente como llegue a verlo, hasta hace 10 minutos no sabia quien era él, y accedi al video porque youtube me lo recomendó mientras estaba viendo canciones de HIldegard von Bingen
Autor: thedabick
AutorHasta los gitanos querían reírse de mi familia o de mi para poder ser los más malos,o les decían que lo hicieran.Siempre quieren ser los más malos matando a los existentes y eso es lo que no quiere a una mujer.Con haber estudiado religión y menos ciencia sabrían lo que hay aunque no les hubiera servido de mucho.Ahí se ve que los padres de todo el mundo son los más feos.A los mejores no les dejan tener hijos.
Autor: Pepe beast
AutorAmé que se cortará el cabello... ahora puedo hundirme en sus ojos
Autor: Yess Je-Ló
AutorHardcore Henry gots me ere! 😉
Autor: Brett Buckles
AutorYeeeees!!! :)
Autor: Aleksandra Hrib
Autori don't understand what devendra is attempting to do here. if he wanted to illustrate the "oppressive" nature of the church by making a song/video about a "runaway nun" then it shouldn't have been hildegard. hildegard von bingen was a visionary & a magistra who founded two monasteries, never regarded herself as oppressed or caged by the church. banhart is either ignorant to hildegard's biography or is just using her name as thedabick said to attract people to a video that is fundamentally irrelevant to a historical figure. save yourself a wasted three minutes & just listen to hildegard von bingen, or read up on her rich biography. she is one of the most interesting female figures i've ever read & this video is boring, & i usually like devendra.
Autor: Mary Dunwody
AutorThis is so goddamn beautiful, I can't deal rn
Autor: Kailee Hubertus
AutorNo, it's based on the real story of Hildegard von Bingen, I suggest you do some reading before making yourself look like a complete idiot. The only thing this has in common with Sister Act is that they both feature black nuns and singing.
Autor: Deric Ect
AutorQue buena rola!!
Autor: Omar Alejandro Leal Guerra
AutorHas anyone else noticed the near resemblance of this track with Warhaus - Leave With Me and/or Warhaus - Machinery, I can't decide if it's one or the other or both but they definitely have the same notes.
Autor: nemotek12
AutorAna Kras is the luckiest women in the world
Autor: Velvxt
Autoradore! regards from ARgentina! thnk u!
Autor: Viktor Ans

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