Ronald Reagan Discusses Gun Control Laws

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AutorGun confiscation has nothing to do with crime, it reduces nothing. But it all has to do with protecting the State, i.e. Socialist regimes's soul purpose is to remove your rights so they survive. As the wheel turns, the Democratic Party has become the Today Socialist Party of America bent on removing the Bill of Rights, which offends them in a large extent, but also the constitution as to them it was written ass backwards. To them, the Party (the controlling government) controls the masses as was the Soviet Union and now in Cuba. This party (Democratics) have successfully destroyed our FEDERATION by the 17th Admendment under then Pres. Wilson. We are now governed by waring parties while the country sinks.
Autor: John Grunwell
AutorThe Australian model would work in the US if there was broad support for it like there was in Australia. There’s not.
Autor: M H
AutorWell he was also for open borders so if you want to spread his message try not to be so biased
Autor: Ms.poppybutthole
AutorWe need to keep guns so we can start another American revolution
Autor: Mad Snake Films
AutorLike I have said before, your videos are less about facts and increasing right wing, gun control laws, do help, I'm Portuguese we have really hard gun laws, ang gess what, comparing dada, even taking into account the population difference, gun crimes are almost unheard, no ofence to gun nuts but why do you need an m16 for protection, or 50 cal, rifle, our an AK, why would you even by a rifle four a 6 year old, any gun nuts feel free to explain
Autor: João Soares
AutorI had more faith in PragerU than this rubbish. Riddle me this. Who signed the 1986 Firearms Owners' Protection Act (misleading name)?
Autor: Joseph Land
AutorExcept Reagan banned full auto, signed the Undetectable Firearms Act into law, supported the Gun Free School Zones Act of 1990 AND the Brady Handgun Violence Protection Act of 1993. In addition, he also voiced support for the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 (signed by Clinton, expired in 2004). As Governor of California, he signed the Milford Act, which prohibited carrying of handguns and placed a 15 day waiting period on purchases. Reagan has a much more anti-2A record than even Obama. Stop touting this man as a defender of liberty. He wasn’t. Period. End of story.
Autor: Derek Wills
Autor154 people OD deaths every day in America.
Autor: Jesus Christ King of kings Lord Of lords
AutorIsn't this the same guy who made the first gun control laws in California? Smh
Autor: FatBoiSlim
AutorHow well is it working in Chicago.
Autor: Rick Picone
AutorWasn’t Reagan the one who advocated for a gun ban while he was California governer?
Autor: Mr. Meestard
AutorAnd yet, as governor he initiated the term "assault rifle" he also helped ensure passage of one main gun control law/and several small ones...history and facts matter

Like all politicians, Reagan was a zero made into a hero but still a zero
Autor: Jesse Mathewson
AutorReagan passed the unconstitutional assault weapons ban.
Autor: mike3030303030303030
AutorThat’s like sayin drug control laws don’t work bruh
Autor: Thatdude 1777
AutorReagan was no paragon of Constitutionality, or a staunch ally of gun owners.

Remember, he led the charge in California to outlaw the open carry of loaded firearms after he was among those who scrambled for cover when the Black Panthers peacefully marched through Sacramento, armed mostly with loaded sporting long arms.

Or how he assured gun owners that he'd sue to get the Hughes Amendment (forbidding the registration of any new full auto weapons after May of 1986) stricken from FOPA 86.
Autor: Terry Faugno
AutorWe miss you Ronald.
Autor: fight for freedom
Autor“President Reagan: Gun control laws don’t work.” False.
This video is from 1983, but in 1991, then-former president Reagan supported the Brady Bill, which implemented waiting periods for purchasing weapons. In his op-ed for the NYT, Reagan touted a similar measure he had signed into law as governor of California.

Furthermore, in 1967, after several Black Panthers walked in to the California statehouse carrying loaded guns, then-governor Reagan signed the Mulford Act into law, which banned the public possession of loaded guns.
Autor: Jeff Gibbons
AutorSimple concept. Only deluded people would think otherwise.
Autor: flashclynes
AutorFYI, gangs in Los Angeles are now manufacturing their own guns since it's too hard for them to get legal guns.
Autor: Michael Davis
AutorThis is an absolutely JOKE!!! Ronald Reagan, three years after giving this speech, introduced the most overreaching gun legislation in American history, known as the Hughes Amendment(the first of the “assault weapon” bans). Reagan was no friend to the Second Amendment and to try to say he was, is revisionist history propaganda. Reagan could give all the pro-Second Amendment speeches he liked, but it was his actions that showed his real intentions — and they were just as anti-Second Amendment as something the Clintons or Democrats would be for.
Autor: Kyle D. Arthur
AutorJust ban crime lol
Autor: 58Plymoth hot rods a Lincoln
AutorRemember: Charlton Heston's NRA Words!
AutorAll true, good common sense.
Autor: Mystiek Melody
AutorCriminal: Guns are banned? I better use a knife instead.
Autor: Dax Corsiar
AutorReagan signed a gun control law and the nra likes gun control so they can use it as a marketing tool. In reality they are both bad examples for the second amendment.
Autor: Angry HayCutter
AutorThe period of the Wild West was from 1865 - 1895. The 'Old West' was famous for cowboys, native Indians, the lawmen, gunslingers, the pioneers, the prospectors, the gamblers, the scouts, the outlaws, the gangs and the gunfighters.  Did they try to pass gun control laws at that time?
Autor: Lisa Edson
AutorYet this was the guy who banned machine guns...
Autor: Dank User
AutorThe Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990 is helping mass murderers to easily kill large numbers of people without facing armed citizens which could stop them. For the sake of our children, let's abolish this insane piece of illogical and very dangerous legislation. Thank you.
Autor: BLD Lightpainting
AutorSo let's ban high 4x4's too. They can easily mow down hundreds of people, in crowded area's. Very dangerous, these assault vehicles.
Autor: GTfour01
AutorIt won't work because we'll start killing the cops you send to take our rights away. And then after that's over we'll come for the stupid law makers that ordered the cops to TRY to take our guns! Don't be stupid Demacratics! You'll end up getting yourselves hung for TREASON if you keep this shit up!
Autor: b w
AutorIIRC, he did sign the open carry ban when he was governor of CA.
Autor: Doctor Quackenbush
AutorResult of gun control here in Brazil, implemented by the left in 2003: 64K homicides per year. This will change with the new president from the right, Bolsonaro. Criminals do not respect gun control laws.
Autor: Luiz Arthur Zanni Jr
AutorThe only gun law I recognize anymore, is the one that says..."Pry it from my cold, dead fingers!!!"
Autor: willglo
AutorUnfortunately, guns will be banned soon enough. In CA, you have to go through background check each time you buy ammo. They will put up even more barriers that it'll only be criminals who have guns. Already, carrying gun (conceal or not) is illegal for almost everyone.
Autor: Chevy SparkEV
Autorhistory proved multiple times that banning guns is just as pointless as banning

look it up,banning abortions does not reduce abortions,sexual education reduces abortions.
facts don't care about your feelings so suck it up.
Autor: videakias3000
AutorReagan banned open carry in California.
Autor: Bernardo Hernandez
AutorWhy can't it work in america if it works in every country around the globe???
Autor: Checho 125
AutorWe should ban anti gun ideology all together! we've learned in history gun confiscation leads to once ownership of a gun to being on the muzzle end of a gun . Fight for a free and healthy society with overwhelming support for the second amendment . And raise more awareness for mental illness ...

Crazy how mostly all gun legislation is past by Republicans think that one over
Autor: rutrow shaggy
AutorI read somewhere that even with gun control in England, there have been more murders there than in NYC.
Autor: NSJ Valentine
AutorBut Reagan wanted to ban semi auto rifles
Autor: Jonathan Gatto
AutorPre-Alzheimer's Reagan was the best!
Autor: CatchCanista
AutorWhy cant we just... Ban crime???
Autor: Nasatech
AutorOne of the worst presidents in American history
Autor: Sapiens Ursus
AutorYet him and the NRA created a law to take guns from the black population, especially the Black Panthers.
Autor: Earl Wallace
AutorAustralias population also isnt as large as ours. They could use those guns now with all the radical muslims being let in.
Autor: Mr Person01
Autor: MeTaz
AutorThis cuck banned automatics. Nothing pisses me off more than republicans banning guns
Autor: Jmack1lla
AutorI was stationed in England during the 80's. Handgun crime was on the steep rise; more and more armed squads of police were needed because criminals had a field day- the people couldn't defend themselves.
Autor: Tina Gallagher
AutorUmm...WTF? Have we forgotten that Reagan loved him some gun control? Prager really has a short memory don't they?
Autor: TheWin200000
AutorMore stand your ground laws?
Autor: That Guy
AutorThis law enforcement survey came out 5 years ago yet is even more applicable today:
95% of COPS say banning so-called "high capacity" magazines would NOT "reduce violent crime."
Almost 90% said they believed that casualties would be decreased if armed citizens were present at the onset of an active-shooter incident.
More than 80% of officers support arming school teachers and administrators who willingly volunteer to train with firearms and carry one in the course of their job.
71% of police officers say banning semi-automatic firearms would have "no effect on reducing violent crime."
70% of respondents said they have a favorable or very favorable opinion of some law enforcement leaders’ public statements that they would not enforce more restrictive gun laws in their jurisdictions.
While some officers said gun violence in the United States stems from violent movies and video games (14%), early release and short sentencing for violent offenders (14%) and poor identification/treatments of mentally-ill individuals (10%), the majority (38%) blame a decline in parenting and family values.

Quite clearly, the majority of law enforcement officials polled oppose the theories brought forth by gun-control advocates who claim that proposed restrictions on weapon capabilities and production would reduce crime. In fact, many officers said that those controls would negatively affect their ability to fight violent criminals. For contrary to what the mainstream media and certain politicians would have us believe, police departments overwhelmingly favor an armed citizenry, would like to see more guns in the hands of responsible people and are skeptical of any greater restrictions placed on gun purchases, ownership, or accessibility.

The officers patrolling America’s streets have a deeply-vested interest, and perhaps the most relevant interest in making sure that decisions related to controlling, monitoring, restricting, as well as supporting and/or prohibiting an armed populace are wise and effective. With this survey, their voice has been heard.
Autor: BLD Lightpainting
AutorDidn't Regan sign some Ati gun bills like machine gun ban? Also the NRA is a double face organization. They pretend to defend your rights wile they collude with the other side and rake in money for their pokets.
Autor: DudeInWalmart
AutorGun controls only purpose is to facilitate crime, tyranny, and genocide! Gun control is a human rights abuse!
Autor: Michael Foye
AutorJust a reminder that Reagan passed gun control legislation as Governor of California.
Autor: MrEarthling99
AutorI am on the right side of the aisle, but this all seems to be a matter of drawing a line. There are weapons that people cannot legally own, am I wrong? Where do we draw that line?
Autor: Jordan Munroe
AutorExpecting a mass murder school shooter, a carjacker or rapist or drug pusher to care that his possession or use of a gun is unlawful is like expecting a terrorist to care that his car bomb is taking up two parking spaces.
Autor: Dave Rave
AutorI read a study by the CDC that said, guns have been used in x amount of gun crimes. Which was something like 20,000 a year. Still less than car accidents. But when used in defense of crimes, that had been over 2 million times. We can do the math on that. And that makes guns the most effective vaccine on the planet. If it wasn't for those 325 million guns in the United States oh, we would have been involved in the caliphate as well. We would have been invaded by the Japanese. And the British in the War of 1812, would have successfully got into New Orleans. But something important there in 1812, the politicians let the British walk right in and burn down the White House. Yet, the king never got his colonies back. That was because the militia, was on its way. But if you also notice in the Constitution that says nothing about the police governing the colonies. It does say something about a well regulated militia though.
Autor: Reel Tech
Autor>Gun control laws don't work
>Passes machine gun ban
Yeah ok Reaganite Boomers.
All politicians are traitors.
Autor: MatthewOfGilead
AutorEven if they did get rid of all Guns, people would probably just switch to Knives, Chainsaws, and other sharp tools to inflict a lotta damage.
Autor: AbsurdlyLudicrous
AutorHe enacted strict gun laws in California because the Black Panthers were arming themselves
Autor: Ean Myers
AutorRonald Reagan:A cheap third-class actor who killed Osho
Autor: Saurabh Malhotra
AutorLaws against robbing banks and vandalism don't keep ppl from doing those things either. Why have laws like that then?
Autor: Sokobansolver
AutorYet didn't Reagan make it illegal to open carry in California, and then banned automatic weapons for the common people?
Autor: Theron Nett
AutorThe original cuckservative Ronald Reagan
Autor: arsenic milkshakes
AutorDidn’t he use gun control to keep guns out of the hands of the Black Panthers? If criminals aren’t afraid of gun control, why would he think that it would work on them? Hmmmmmm
Autor: Andrew Funbun
AutorAnd this is coming from the guy that made open carry illegal in the state he was governor of because he was scared of black people open carrying them when they were protesting an abusive government... lol.
Autor: The Person
AutorGuns are The People's tools of Revolution. Revolution is The People's birthright.
Autor: Judson Joist
AutorThe blood bath following an attempt at gun confiscation would be massive.
Autor: NPC 69541
AutorNow look at Germany and especially Japan: strict gun control and by far less school shootings than in the US.
Autor: Avenged Prophet
AutorWhere are your sources?
Autor: Dogvs Cat
AutorRather than ban guns, toughen penalties for gun-related crimes.
Autor: Curtis DeLor
Autor: Tim Fullname
AutorThis is coming from the man that passed a firearm law that prevents lawful citizens from owning new automatic firearms.
Autor: zeke276
AutorControle de armas não é sobre armas, é sobre controle.
AutorYet he was able to put gun control when he was governor of California.
Autor: Santiago Bron
Autor>gun control laws don't work
>allowed the FOPA to happen

Autor: Justin Jake Tabasa
AutorAmerica doesn‘t have a gun problem, you guys got an education problem. The average teenager in germany is more educated than the average adult in america
Autor: Sef Efsfe
AutorFYI: There's no such thing as an "assault weapon," for anything including the human body can be used to assault, as FBI Uniform Crime Reports testify people are wounded and killed with every year. This is a made-up term designed to strike fear into the hearts of firearm ignorant people for the purpose of gun-control. Hitler accomplished this propaganda goal when he named the STG 44 the Sturmgewehr, which in English was interpreted as "assault rifle.”
Autor: BLD Lightpainting
AutorUm...... 1986, anyone???
Autor: Donovan
Autor"Assault rifles" are not a thing
Autor: Aaron Green
AutorOne main reason gun confiscation worked in Australia, is that it's an isolated island. Mexico, for example, bans just about all guns and ammo. Yet how many shootings does Mexico have? Cartels have little or no interest in an island such as Australia. Mexico isn't an isolated island and neither is the US of A. However, every legal US citizen will turn in their weapons because the government can and will seize bank accounts and make arrests. But be forewarned, there will be those that will not give up their weapons without a fight.
Autor: Big Earn
AutorI get gun rights, but wow the comments about having full auto weapons have to be jokes. None of these people know a damn thing about the practical use of a weapon and can't be bothered to get off their fat ass and learn real self defence.
Autor: Kirijo Cafe
AutorYou wouldn't need gun control if you had two years mandatory military service for all able bodied men and women.
Autor: I'm into Fitness
AutorHypocrite! He signed into law the Hugh's act of 1986, which banned machine guns! Reagan talked out of both sides of his mouth, like a typical politician!
Autor: Keith Gee
AutorUnfortunately Reagan wasn’t a good friend to the second amendment close to the end of his term. Neither him or Trump have been very pro second amendment.
Autor: I’m not paying for that !!!
AutorThis is the most stupid thing if ever seen. Bann guns and there will be less crimes. I live in germany and here guns are illegal and we dont have so much gun crimes. (Now sarcasm) But wait you can make profit from it right? I mean who cares if some high school students get shoot right?
Autor: AaronBorchard
AutorWhy can’t we go back to these times and have a president that doesn’t garner so much hate?
Autor: MC King
AutorTL;DR - "It's too hard, so let's not try anything."
Autor: Mr Offensington
AutorWorld leaders agree that gun control works:
Autor: Nowl Wane
AutorGod love him... but Reagan was a sell out on guns.

As governor he signed gun control in CA and under his administration we saw gun gun control expand.

The only President in my lifetime who left guns alone, or even helped the cause was GWB.

Trump talked big too... but we still dont have national reciprocity and we now have an accessory... a stock being classified as a machine gun. Thanks for nothing.
Autor: your mom
Autor: APB 28
AutorThey'll never take our guns.
Autor: James Lindsey
AutorSays this while signing the Hughes Amendment which banned full autos in civilian hands in 1986, and after signing the Mulford Act in 1967 while acting as governor of California which banned open carry in CA due to fear of the Black Panthers. But, since he’s Reagan he gets a pass because he was a “real man,” give me a break you Fudds. Fake ass 2A supporter, just like all politicans (looking at you 45).
Autor: E K
Autor144 gungrabbers
Autor: blubber butt
AutorWhat about that time Reagen wrote an op ed in the New York Times in support of the Gun Control Law titled "The Brady Bill"

Does that not fit the narrative?
Autor: Lazyrix
AutorThat's why Regan voted for the mcclure volkmer law. What a fool or deepstate traitor.
Autor: rick miller
AutorIt also won't work because America has the most open borders, take a look at Mexico and how the Cartels got their hands on guns, those guns can easily bypass border security and make it into criminal hands in the US. Criminals will have them, law abiding citizens won't.
Autor: Gaming Spite
AutorReagan was the final signature that infringed on owning a fully automatic firearm, the NRA has been the author of most federal firearms rights infringements since its existence, we need to push for something better than the NRA and the Republican Party
Autor: maxximus2012
AutorEverybody should accept that it's bad that almost everybody can have a gun. Less guns mean less gun crime. The problem is that in the US are so many guns that it will be hard to control.
Autor: GermanCoaster Fan
AutorCitizens need guns because if they didn't violent leftists would then just freely mob and bully people into submission. Ever wonder why Antifa doesn't go into gun friendly areas?
Autor: Raving Rando
AutorYet, Reagan kept civilians from owning full autos made after '86 lol.
Autor: vinny thehourshower
AutorI am an Australian firearms owner. In 1996 Owners of semi-automatic firearms were told to hand them in for small monetary compensation or be jailed for 1 year.

Today, criminals seem to be able to get semi-automatic firearms with ease while law abiding firearms owners must submit to quarterly 'Inspections' of our firearm storage, our paperwork and our licence. We are quite literary, the lowest of the low in Australian sociality.

Autor: Mark Johnson
AutorNo really, I think I understand finally the idea of gun control advocates: Look at drugs... they destroy and take people's lives. The country has made them illegal to possess and be under the influence of... so people stopped selling, buying and consuming drugs, problem solved! HUH? Oh! Really? OK, wait... let me come up with something else as idiotic.
Autor: Dustin 2112
AutorPart of the problem is the tendency of the left to want to impose its city based value system upon the rest of the country. When you live inside a large cosmopolitan city your whole life (or inside a gated community with armed security guards ) it’s easy to look down upon the rest of the country and tell them to give up their guns.

Things like abortion, transgender bathrooms, recreational weed, and gun restrictions are not in the Bill of Rights for a reason. Maybe your neighborhood or state holds to idiosyncratic views but the rest of the country does not. Most gun owners are responsible people and most illegal handgun use occurs in urban areas with large populations on food stamps. America does not have a big gun problem, it has a big government problem.
Autor: Art Curious
AutorDespite his lip service, Reagan supported a ban on the domestic manufacture of military-style semi-automatic assault weapons, e.g. the AR-15 and AK-47. Not so pro-2A after all.

Here's a letter he signed on to urging such a ban, along with Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford:

May 3, 1994

To Members of the U.S. House of Representatives:
We are writing to urge your support for a ban on the domestic manufacture of military-style assault weapons. This is a matter of vital importance to the public safety. Although assault weapons account for less than 1% of the guns in circulation, they account for nearly 10% of the guns traced to crime.

Every major law enforcement organization in America and dozens of leading labor, medical, religious, civil rights and civic groups support such a ban. Most importantly, poll after poll shows that the American public overwhelmingly support a ban on assault weapons. A 1993 CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll found that 77% of Americans support a ban on the manufacture, sale, and possession of semi-automatic assault guns, such as the AK-47.

The 1989 import ban resulted in an impressive 40% drop in imported assault weapons traced to crime between 1989 and 1991, but the killing continues. Last year, a killer armed with two TEC9s killed eight people at a San Francisco law firm and wounded several others. During the past five years, more than 40 law enforcement officers have been killed or wounded in the line of duty by an assault weapon.

While we recognize that assault weapon legislation will not stop all assault weapon crime, statistics prove that we can dry up the supply of these guns, making them less accessible to criminals. We urge you to listen to the American public and to the law enforcement community and support a ban on the further manufacture of these weapons.


Gerald R. Ford

Jimmy Carter

Ronald Reagan
Autor: OBAAT
AutorRonald Reagan definitely is not the best advocate for gun rights by far. Was fine with Banning full auto made after a certain date and was for an assault rifle ban as well.
Autor: Jon Smith
AutorFirearms ensure the safety of the individual. Safety from crime as a deterrent, safety of property, safety of defense and safety of sovereignty from a hostile State. For these reasons leftists MUST vilify, lie and smear to ban weapons of all kinds. Why? Safety, liberty and independence can all be achived WITHOUT the State with a well armed and disciplined people...This is how this country started. Without personal firearms it is also how it will end. Good guy with a gun trumps bad guy with a gun every time.
Autor: Tablet One
AutorIn Brazil, we had a referendum back in 2005, when 63% of voters decided against gun control. Nevertheless, socialist Worker's Party introduced a very strict law with very tight rules that left common folk virtually gunless. As a result, we experienced an increase in murders from 39k in 2005 to 64k in 2017.
Autor: Anderson Girotto
AutorWtf does regan know... he tried trickle down economics and see where that led us
Autor: Hamster's Mailman
Autor2018- reagan is dead
Autor: tikocal
AutorMy concern is that no gun is able to protect us from the power and potential of the 5G network that can literally microwave our bodies.
Autor: mnewt712
AutorWho are you convincing with this video? The arguments are too weak. Do better! Be more thorough! Get Crowder on here!!
Autor: David Johnson
AutorYou morons, Ronald and his successor Bush signed some of the most restrictive gun control laws to date...
Autor: Clay3613
AutorReagan banned full autos. Hypocrite.
Autor: Brian Arnold
AutorCome and take it
Autor: John C
AutorGun laws, criminals don't obey them and, good people don't need them.
Autor: Rick Esler
AutorGun control laws work, see: UK, and all of Europe.
Autor: Luis Henrique Steuer
AutorIts too bad that the argument presented in the video talks about the gun confiscation and how hard it will be in the USA because the amount of guns. I would have liked to heard more about the statistics of decent people that didn't have the means to defend themselves because the guns were taken away from them but criminals didn't cooperate with the stupid confiscation, BECAUSE CRIMINALS DON'T FOLLOW THE LAW.
Autor: Andrew Mtz
AutorRemember that time he banned guns when he was governor because he didn’t like black people having them?
Or that time he lied to the whole country?
But nahhhhh
Best president everrrr
Autor: Violet Fields
AutorThree years after the speech, Congress passed the Firearms Owners Protection Act, and just like that, full-auto firearms were banned. Sounds like infringement to me...
Autor: Chris McCarthy
AutorHe banned automatic weapons
Autor: Jimmydog
AutorpragerU needs to stop talking out of their ass. bye bye
Autor: mdstmouse7
AutorAnd who shot him? Who did the would-be assassin have ties with?
Autor: twodogs716
AutorSo... do nothing about America's insane gun problem?
Autor: Erron Black
AutorThe NFA was enacted in 1934 which banned sawed off shotguns and other "modified" firearms. It really just made it easier to convict mobs and get them off the streets. The 1986 act was an amendment to the 1934 bill which redefined silencers it also made it more clear as to what what the government can do with automatic weapons and who can legally possess them. Civilians can get them but there is a licensing process to go through.
Autor: Will Kietzman
AutorThis was almost 37 years ago... How is this relevant at all?
Autor: Alex Murphy
Autornot to blaspheme his Reagan-ness but wasn't the '86 auto ban passed on his watch? just sayin.
Autor: snuggles
AutorReagan, then why did you support the Assault Weapons Ban and sign the 1986 Machinegun Ban, you worthless sack of shit? If you're so goddamn smart, why did you give illegal immigrants their first amnesty? What a crock of piss. If you're a conservative, I ain't with you.
Autor: Mike Barksdale
AutorThen why'd he pass the Brady bill?!
Autor: Robert Montoya
Autor: fight for freedom
AutorHe is totally correct.

If it did work, Brazil would be a paradise. But currently more people die here than countries at war such as countries in the middle-east and Eastern Europe.
Autor: zanychelly
AutorSaid the coward who banned assault rifles.... This coward is the reason why there is a second amendment
Autor: sean strickland
AutorYou're right gun co trip doesnt work but the banning of guns does
Autor: refrigerator salesman
AutorIf they'd focus on fewer ILLEGAL guns instead of attacking legal gun ownership they'd finally be getting something right. But NONE of these people EVER bring it up. It's the ILLEGAL guns killing our youth in Chicago & other cities on a daily basis
Autor: LT Kell
AutorReagan's gun ban is still on the books.
Autor: DMG2FUN
AutorDonald Trump needs to listen to this.
Autor: Chris Taylor
AutorNo Victim = No Crime
Autor: Borussia Doormat
AutorThere's no way to actually thoroughly ban guns in reality. They'll just be illegal, like drugs. Illegal drugs are bountiful in every American city and town. So, if guns were banned, law abiding citizens will obey that law, but criminals, who're the ppl who kill ppl, will continue to have guns if they want them. It's idiotic to think gun control will have any positive benefits. It'll just do away with the positive benefits of citizens rightfully owning guns, leaving the negative benefits to remain.

And it won't work in the US like it did in Australia. The biggest reason being the US isn't an island nation geographically isolated from any other country by water. It'd be much easier to keep guns from entering the country if the inly ways to bring them in is by boat or plane. We're connected to two other countries, Canada and Mexico. Mexico is already a crime ridden place, with 98% of crimes going unsolved, cartels plentiful. They'd be pumping more weapons into our nation than they already do and they'd make even more money and even more ppl will be killed.
Autor: voilaviolamh
AutorIs not the guns or the kind of guns you own, the problem is some firearms end in the wrong hands LEGALLY! and the government doesn't seem to care.
Autor: Ardijey Rafael Diaz
AutorHmmm, laws banning abortion don't work either, but I'm sure a lot of you guys don't want to stop working on making abortion illegal.
Autor: Miscellaneous Moon
AutorWhy do countries like Australia, Canada and Japan have so little gun violence? If it’s not their gun control laws, what does it?
Autor: DHB
AutorSame man signed the 1986 machine gun ban (FOPA) and the 1967 ban on open carry in California (Mulford Act). Reagan was yet another lying politician that made promises to our face and stabbed us in the back.
Autor: Jon McClure
Autorin 1983, The NRA actually opposed gun control legislation... nowadays they'll sell out anything as long as they can spin it to their membership base as being a "reasonable" restriction... look at what they did with Bump Stocks...
Autor: Stiffun Jackman
Autorthis needs to be longer.
Autor: markknife1
Autorronald reagan was a traitor to his nation who turned california blue by amnestying millions of illegal mexican settlers
Autor: Cheekypop
Autor: Rix Pix
Autor"I will reverse every strict gun and weapon bill everywhere whether restriction or ban, no questions, no disenegrations." -
Autor: Steven c Gutierrez
AutorMy liberal friend says there is zero empirical data that states that responsible gun owners stop shootings. Anyone manage to find any?
Autor: puggy420
AutorSigns or court papers, laws, wishful thinking, stardust, or unicorns will never keep anyone safe. It's your job to provide for the physical security of yourself, your family, and to help your community and nation. Do not delegate your responsibility to anyone else.
Armed man/women = Citizen
Unarmed man/women = Subject
Disarmed man/women = Slave
Autor: BLD Lightpainting
AutorDidn't Reagan sign the Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988, outlawing certain firearms that can avoid detection by metal detectors?

Just another hypocrite politician.
Autor: Sons of Freedom
AutorReagan ‘83: “...the Constitution does not say ‘the government shall decree the right to bear and keep arms’...”

proceeds to sign FOPA ‘86, banning new machine guns from the registry
doesn’t fight to remove tax stamp or replace NFA/GCA in the subsequent years before leaving office

Should’ve stuck to cracking Soviet jokes and covering for Iran-Contra.
Autor: LegacysJay
Autor...But Reagan certainly had no trouble, as CA governor, infringing on the 2nd amendment rights of a well-regulated militia that was patrolling their neighborhoods.

oh crap i forgot to mention they were black, which completely changes your narrative doesn't it you inveterate hacks
Autor: The Chairman
AutorCan’t relate to this gun nonsense in the US, as a European.
Autor: Hen Mate
AutorI like PragerU videos and their message, but if they are pro-2A and anti-gun control laws, why did they feature Ronald Reagan and not mention the fact HE DID infringe on 2A rights by banning new production machine guns for civilians?
Autor: Gewk Hunter
AutorI wonder why we in Europe have way less shootings then the USA. Maybe because we don't allow guns to be sold to every citizen?
Autor: Jelle
AutorFirearm-related murders in the U.S. are at least 7 times higher than all other high-income countries (population adjusted). I take the right to life (an unalienable right) over the right to bear arms any day.
Autor: Derrick Peng
AutorThis is too hard to understand for the left. But for those who try, it is willfully ignored.
Autor: thooke222
AutorI see 167 sissies dislike this video. Probably some Californian Soy Boys 🤣
Autor: Zakk Hann
AutorThis comment will make liberals and conservatives pissed, so bear with me:

Although I am not saying it is good, communism is ideally the best political system. Again, I do not support communism, or socialism, or fascism, or nationalism. I am just saying that it is ideally the best system. Also, that Australian shooting was a tragedy. A man lost his wife and two young daughters to that man. Guns should be given to trained hunters, not lunatics.
Autor: Azure Wing
AutorRemake this video without Regan and the NRA. Historic and recent proof have shown both to backstab gun owners.
Gun Owners of America are one of the few true defenders of the 2ndA.
Autor: hav2win
AutorAnyone who supports gun control is too stupid to live in a free country.
Autor: Papa Palpatine
AutorPeople are stupid today of course gun control does not work if someone has a gun illegally and determined to kill you with it no low in the world is going to stop them unless you can read their mind in advance
Autor: ska punk OI! alternative living
AutorThe government does not own my guns and can not own my guns. The government simply lacks the authority to control my guns and lacks the authority to give itself the authority. Should it try to do so, the government is usurping my authority for itself and has ceased to be a legitimate government existing under the consent of the governed - and we are back to Locke and Jefferson.

It is as simple as that. The government can tell me to hand over my guns for taxation, registration, or confiscation and a three year old can demand ice cream for dinner. Then answer to both is "no" and no amount of pouting, tantrum, or acting out will change it. Rather, the only result, if pushed, will be right hand of justice to the backside of iniquity.

If I will spank my darling children for misbehavior, you can imagine I would not restrain myself in spanking my government down if so needed.
Autor: Oakspar Oakspar
AutorI really hate this new format with the ugly header and footer. It doesn't format well for youtube and looks cheap. Go back to the old style or something similar. This is tacky.
Autor: drschplatt
AutorAnd then he banned machine gun production for civilians. Yes, if you're a Republican, it's all coolio, you can sign a ban into law.
Autor: Gewk Hunter
AutorSomeone send this to Mr.Trump!
AutorFunny he signed a bill restricting guns passed by state legislatures in California when he was governor
Autor: abdullah hassan
AutorIf I remember some of the worst gun laws we’re past by Republicans...hmmm
Autor: nicholas stewart
AutorLol idk why right wingers are still trying to rehabilitate Reagan? We have the internet now. The guy banned open carry in California, gave amnesty to 3 million immigrants(of course prager would never post the very moderate immigration debate between Reagan and Bush Sr), sold weapons to Iran, let 200 US soldiers die in Lebanon, I'm a lefty but if there's one thing I know is those are supposed to be deal breakers for right wingers
Autor: Morenito Moreno
AutorI hate to sound so cliche but "they can take my gun, when they pry it from my cold dead hands" and sadly the way things are going, they probably will.
Autor: Steve H
AutorDo any of you idiots even realize that Ronald Reagan established gun control policies when he was governor of California?
Autor: Squashman
Autorforget the Wall...
let's make a DEAL, We The People keep our GUNS, stop the anti-gun BS. No more gun control, we forget the wall, we can protect our homes from the criminals the democrats want for votes. that would be a deal.
Autor: Dava Golino
AutorReagan was responsible for the largest ban on guns our country had ever seen up to that point. then his vice president turned president initiated the largest gun ban this country ever had by executive order later to be signed into law by bubba Clinton. don't be fooled. do a little research before believing this garbage... Reagan was a democrat most of his life and Bush voted for Hillary. come on sheeple. wake up!
Autor: toby 2
AutorReagan screwed us in California on Open loaded Carry so yes he infringed on the 2nd Amendment. . He paved the way for Jerry Brown to ban open carry completely!!!

He doesn't get a pass just because he realized it after the fact. The damage was done and has only gotten worse because of what he did.
Autor: fordsrule35
AutorWell it works for Switzerland so I don't know why they shouldn't work for the US
Autor: Gabriel S
AutorReagan also signed the Firearm Owners Protection Act (Hughes Amendment). The reason why we cant afford to buy a machine gun. Seems like most republican Presidents signs anti 2nd Amendment laws while in office.
Autor: GunNutPerk
Autor"Ban fully automatic AR-15 machine guns!!!!!"
1. Fully automatic guns are already illegal...highly!!!!
2. A AR-15 is a assault rifle, NOT a machine gun....
3. A machine gun is a M60 or RPK, a different gun from the AR-15 totally...
4. It's super duper hard to own a fully functional heavy machine gun, has to be licensed and registered with the ATF, and made before the 1940' it makes a better collection item then a let's kill everyone gun due to there rarity.....
Autor: Porg liberation movement
AutorThis guy signed in the gun control act though..
Autor: AddictedToSpeed
Autorfun fact: he actually strengthened gun control laws as governor, but only cuz black ppl got their hands on em
Autor: Girl Woman
AutorMexico is proving every single day what the Gipper is so eloquently saying is 100% true.

The sewer nation of Meheeco had 33,341known (this doesn't count the bodies that haven't been found) murders in 2018 alone but has one of the world's most stringent gun control laws.

We should just send all the gun control DemonRat liberal progressive idiots to Meheeco then build the wall.
Autor: Truthseeker1
AutorPresident Reagan, one of the worst we have ever had
Autor: FZ Channel
AutorFlop video PragerU. Regan liked his gun control
Autor: Brodie Kirkpatrick
AutorWhat law is not broken. Can a conservative actually follow the 10 commandments?. Do not conservatives lust for the resources of others. Do not conservatives gossip do not conservatives have business open on Sabbath? Do not conservatives engage in killings? Do not conservatives place money and accumulating wealth above human rights. Did not our founding fathers murder, lie, steal to gain control of land.? Do not conservatives covet the mineral wealth of others?
Autor: dan randall
AutorHow come this channel only has videos with conservative view points?
Autor: playaa playa
Autorthere is no such thing as "gun crime". there are crimes where the perp chooses to use a gun, and there are crimes where the perp chooses to use a different tool.
Autor: milcoll73
AutorNo matter how many speeches a politician gives in favour of gun control, it's a safe bet that his own bodyguards are still packing heat. Even if he's giving a speech at a school or post office or other gun-free zone. The Secret Service and other professional-bodyguard types apparently don't trust the ability of "No guns allowed" signs to keep shooters from hitting their targets. That's the difference between public servants and the public they serve. Our servants lives are considered much too valuable to risk in a gun-free zone.
Autor: Dave Rave
AutorI’m sorry but he helped ban machine guns with the Hughes amendment
AutorIf we want to protect ourselves from armed criminals from doing harmful things, maybe not ban ARs or just get rid of the 2nd amendment. I suggest that Congress should pass background checks banning people who have committed any felony or has a record of mental illness be banned from ever using a gun and that in order to buy one it should require a gun license that you would get after learning how to use it and passing tests on using it. This, hopefully, will protect people who use guns for safety and for recreational activities while keeping people safe from people who want to harm people with guns thus preventing the majority of mass shootings.
Autor: DabbinGeo Master
AutorStill as true today as when he said them. Where is the worst gun crime. Cities and states with the most idiotic gun controls. God bless!
Autor: Sam Baggins
AutorHe did more to harm the 2nd amendment then Obama did.
Autor: Chandler Williams
Autor"It’s a nasty truth, but those who seek to inflict harm are not fazed by gun-control law. I happen to know this from personal experience." Ronald Reagan
Autor: BLD Lightpainting
Autorreagan signed gun control laws after he was shot
Autor: Another An-Com
AutorAmen and Amen President Reagan. Man how I miss the Gipper. Love Trump but Reagan was one in a million.
Autor: Truthseeker1
AutorKinda odd that Prager University would use Ronald Reagan as a proponent of gun rights when significant gun restrictions passed during his leadership as Governor of California and POTUS. Unless, PragerU is not as staunch proponents of the 2A as we believed.....
Autor: rsalcido
AutorIf you think Ronald Reagan was pro-Second Amendment, you clearly do not know the history of gun control in the United States of America.
Autor: Kyle D. Arthur
AutorFunny coming from a president that banned machine guns
Autor: Matthew Morel
AutorSpot on!!! Listen to the Gipper.bPres. Regan was right too.
Autor: Troy Mi
AutorI will gladly kill any American citizen who attempts to use their lil' gun to harm the motherland.
Autor: Bobby Q
AutorThat’s why he banned fully automatic firearms and said it shouldn’t be legal to own an AK-47 right? Reagan was an authoritarian, anti gun, NRA psy op member. BOTH parties seek to disarm you, stop enslaving yourself by voting for these parasites.
Autor: Emperor Alvis
AutorDude,, Reagan our gun control acts into place, not a friend of the gun owner. Similar to our current Commander in Chief.
Autor: Dylan Draper

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