Setting up your home for Montessori children

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AutorGreat summary ❤
Autor: Carla Cram
AutorThanks! Having surfed the net and youtube for a while I found this video to be one of the most helpful in preparing a Montessori environment for my daughter.
Autor: Matthew Wright
Autorthis is perfect! would love to see more how-tos like this. 
Autor: Meow Mineh
AutorThis is just wonderful! I know of so many of my clients that are going to love this video. Thank you Simone!
Autor: Marie Mack
AutorIt is very useful! I am just getting started on changing my home for my two daughters. Looking forward to your online tips.
Autor: Things of nature
AutorYes, very useful.  Thank you. 
Autor: Who I Am
AutorA great introduction to Montessori, thank you!
Autor: Brony G
AutorHi. I'm sending my child to a non-Montessori school but want to do Montessori at home if I can. I dont have much space in my lounge room like you have in this video. I also dont want the entire house to look like a Montessori classroom if possible. How can i do Montessori at home in a small way?
Autor: Dina Zaitman
AutorGreat job Simone!
Autor: CheriEbooks - Kids Learning
AutorThis is amazing!
Autor: Gladys Goeringer
AutorWhat's Montessori
Autor: Baba Yee
Autorthank  you very much, excellent
Autor: Mohamed Mostafa
Autorvery helpful and inspiring thanks a hole lot of bunch!!!
Autor: M.J.MommyOnTheGo
AutorWow! This is wonderful! We just started working with Marie Mack on our own Montesorri set up and she recommended this video and I'm so glad she did. I have so much to learn -- thanks for this great intro!
Autor: Melody Schade
Autoryour a star x thank you!
Autor: Hear No, See No Speak No Evil
AutorWow. I love what you have done with your space.
Autor: little lady

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