Arlo Baby Monitor by NETGEAR review | AD

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AutorThis is more like a commercial than a review.
Autor: Lukas Ficner
Autor>>>  I love my cameras because at any time I can look and see what's going on outside. I also cot someone stealing from me it's great because I can show a police officer
Autor: james cruz
AutorHow much lag does the camera have? How many seconds is the lag?
Autor: Daryl Chang
AutorIt will not scan my barcode
Autor: LS LS
AutorDo you need an arlo base station?
Autor: Alexis Potts
AutorHave more 👶!! 😁
Autor: Yelena Galachinskaya
AutorIn spring of 2018 they are adding a tablet to the kit on the website for an extra $100. Not too bad if you're a family that doesn't really utilize tablets (like mine!)
Autor: ImaITman
AutorI have a couple questions: Does it have continuous sound? I know some only have alerts. If you're playing on your phone will it still send you alerts? Can multiple Arlo cameras be hooked up to the same system app? Thanks!
Autor: Sarah nicosia muench

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