Pinwheel Clock Man - remastered (The Missing Nickelodeon Cartoon) Original English dubbing - 1976

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AutorActually, this wasn't that bad at all. Even if I was little and saw this it probably wouldn't bother me much. Plus, I'm a 2000's kid. I've watched courage the cowardly dog and flapjack enough to be desensitized enough to watch this if it aired alongside it
Autor: Absolute Garbage
AutorI love the old animation, music, narrator, and the message. Perfect!
Autor: Joseph Ellis
AutorIDK if it's because I live in a completely different century or something, but it wasn't creepy at all
Autor: Super Gaming Bro.
Autor had to do it to em
Autor: pizzalovur 11
AutorThey should have filed for kidnapping
Autor: Eclipse Wolf Live
AutorThe short made me smile not scream
Autor: Raccoon Gamer
Autorwho came from Blameitonjorge?
Autor: Galaxy The Wolf
AutorMore scarier than Madoka Magica...
Autor: Illyasviel von Einzbern
AutorAm i the only one who knows the title in the intro
Autor: ASMR miliv
AutorWell fuck
Autor: Grubinator
AutorIt’s weird I watched Pinwheel all the time as a child and saw this. But altered in a much longer and much more creepy version. This feels unlike the original one that I saw during the later 80s. It had a different plot, style, but it was way more traumatizing. I thought I had found it but I’m still confused. In the version I watched it was at least 12 and a half minutes and the clock man was much more abusive to the girl, almost rapist. Not to mention his design was like looking at death himself, Incredibly hard to describe. And the girl died in the other version idk where this ending came from.She straight ascended to heaven just over stealing a pair of shoes. But the clock man had already abused her so much in several different disturbing methods like actual torture. Idk if I’m going crazy but jeez man the version I saw could be the one this whole thing started with.
Autor: Jonathan Simeon
AutorMan, I heard a lot about this short being real creepy. This actually very nice.
Autor: yourdude snickerditch slick
AutorWow this is not as they described they said that the clock man basically kidnapped her and she kept begging take me home please as he just kept ignoring her
Autor: Hotdog 97
AutorThe wizard is actually a REALLY DOPE GUY!
Autor: Quercu Nigrum
AutorAutomatic Captions on English,
Autor: strandtentje
AutorEveryone is saying that it's not scary (and I agree, it's actually really sweet and well done for its time), but it just reminds me of how to this day, I am still slightly terrified of that robot character from yo gaba gaba I think it was called.
Or that one scene from over the hedge that scared me as a kid. (Which, creepyish story, I was rewatching the movie a couple years ago, and the scene didnt actually happen. Same DVD and all)

Childhood trauma goes a long way.
Autor: Hailey Lake
AutorThis isn't as scary as I thought it'd be, but honestly that person with 5 years of research for this was clearly dedicated to finding it.
Autor: Sabrina
AutorHagrid? You’re awfully pale
Autor: Kinetic Comedian
AutorThis bitch has the most punchable face
Autor: U.S.S.R A.K.A Soviet Union
Autorthis actually wasnt scary, i dont understand how people were scared, i mean, they were saying they were around 6 and thats understandable. but still, its not too bad. sure it is a little unsettling at times, but still though this is actually not too scary like i would watch this whenever i felt like it.
Autor: FoxTreeGAMES
AutorSally Sally
Yes wizard
Did you tell your mom bout the gloves
Yes wizard
Telling lies
No wizard
Open your clock
Ding ding ding
Autor: Hurricanian
AutorThis would happen to me
Autor: Smol Lou
Autor Oh God her eyes
Autor: Tricodzy
Autor: Ploopybear
AutorB-but the irish dance
Autor: Irfan Spirtovic
AutorTheres something I find creepy about this, I just can't point it out
Autor: Aeyen The Lobster
Autor pause because clockman's face is priceless
Autor: Abbi-leigh the animator
Autorwhat an bull💩 cartoon and
people actually liked this?
Autor: حمزة الخفاجي
AutorAfter watching a documentary about this, there's only one thing I have to say:
Why the heck does the narrator sound like the witch from The Wizard of Oz?
Autor: Joseph Bradley
Autori was expecting some scary shit😂😂😂
Autor: EarldDaryl Alvarez
AutorThis gives me the creeps..
Autor: Cosmic Child
AutorWait I don’t get it so basically the guy enslaved her?
Autor: Pepe The frog
AutorDamn. A year later and it’s still so cool that they found it.

But so damn creepy
Autor: Kinetic Comedian
AutorThis was really sweet but the bedroom kidnapping scene that they were searching for is pretty unsettling
Autor: mr cat
Autor oh god oh fuck OH GOD OH FUCK
Autor: Josh Reilly
AutorOkay this was actually really wholesome
Autor: Michelle Elis
Autornot as creepy as I thought but I love how cute this turned out
Autor: Kūpaʻa Kaleo
AutorI found clockman 😂👌🏻💯
Autor: Evan Lemon
AutorOHH that wicked old man.
Autorits 5am, haha like i needed sleep
Autor: vinyl
AutorPfft the way the people who was it described it to be really creepy and scarring, the descriptions were so much creepier, I almost didn't watch the video because I thought I'd be scarred. I can see how old memories can warp a lot. If you have no idea what I am talking about, check this channel
Autor: Potato Duck Productions
AutorSo, five years of research.

Most people believed it was a real scary episode..

Some thought it was a creepy pasta...

It was feared by the people who watched it...

Autor: Sophague
AutorI actually thought the story was kind of heart warming. I don't know I liked it.
Autor: Mama Crow
Autor look at her entering random people's houses like she's in pokemon
Autor: orville pareja
Autor“But the wizard did NOT forget” gezz it gives me the shivers and yes this is very scary but it’s what’s makes it scarier is this is almost lost footage XD
Autor: Jayson Troupe
AutorThis wasn’t creepy it was just weird looking people but it had a good message
Autor: Ol Man Wrinkles 123
AutorHer mother has big titties
Autor: Hurricanian
Autor"A long time ago, she made stars in the sky for me, too". But when Sally made the stars, it appeared there were no stars, meaning her mother was a liar and they dimmed away :(
Autor: Kevin Dembinski
Autor5 years ago: "The clockman is an evil man who kidnaps a little innocent boy"
Reality: "There you go! I made these gloves for your mom!"
Autor: The Gaming Lion
AutorWhat the hell.
Autor: Sadiash
AutorThey said “Shoes” but it’s gloves.... also this cartoon scares me... after reading the 4 chan story.
Autor: Angelina Gacha Tube
AutorDespite the art style I kinda like this story
Autor: Phyco Girl XXX
AutorAfter 5 years we found it!
Autor: Kristal B
AutorWait did I just hear fussy or fucky cuz with captions it says fucky
Autor: Krazy Genius
Autorhow is it scary????????????
Autor: Small_O_Kills_U
Autorsend toe pics
Autor: Kordru
Autorwasn't really scary. was kind of nice actually
Autor: Happy meal 15
Autorhonestly, the only thing i found creepy was the part where he took her everything else was kinda nice and wholesome.
Autor: saltysis
Autor: Dedosdemanteca
AutorI expected something very creepy! But it wasent very. It was just a little creepy.
Autor: Austin's Challenges N Gaming
Autor5 years and it was not as creepy as I expected it to I’d rate it a 6/10
Autor: Shad Flowers
AutorOmg.... this easy?
Autor: Abyss •
Autoryes, they found it... on youtube.
Autor: Rhys Miguel -the 3rd-
AutorI can honestly understand why this would scare children and confuse/weird other people out on why this was scary
Autor: #makeroygreat Sakurai
AutorThis is actually a really cute story
Autor: yeemo in training
AutorIt's a great cartoon short
Autor: domanic williams
AutorOne of the cutest scary things I’ve ever watched
Autor: BC Nation
Autor the subtitles say f*cky mother
Autor: Spartan Viper7
AutorThis used to scare the hell out of me when i was a kid
Autor: Noboy
AutorBut the wizard is not deterred!...oops, wrong cartoon.
Autor: Jovan Mitrić
AutorThe only thing I considered creepy is the wizard's face and animation
Autor: Mio
Autorclockman never forgets
Autor: animagi
AutorThe thing is, many things can seem really scary when you're a child, even though it really isn't. I remember I was TERRIFIED of skeletons in general, but especially in Pirates of the Caribbean and Spy Kids (I think??), which really isn't that creepy. Then there is ofc characters like the Groke of Moomin...
Autor: The-Kris555
Autori took her to my penthouse and i freaked it
Autor: O LiXoSo
Autor: HeavenHells
AutorAm I the only one who wants the score for the beautiful background music?
Autor: Trap Queen
AutorWho came here from the blameitonjorge video?
Autor: Fi male
AutorWizard will remember that
Autor: Roblox Administrator
AutorThe wizard was a nice dude he was just wild.
Autor: Amanda Estevez
Autor"ItS NoT ThAT CrEePY"
Autor: clouded
AutorMoral of the story: tell the truth, or else a wizard is going to break into your house, kidnap you, and force you to make a bunch of stars
Autor: sub to pewds
AutorCommander Santa must be proud
Autori thought Sally was a girl
Autor: Kiem Chinh Nguyen
AutorThis was such a sweet short. Well animated, I like its style. Would show to my kids 10/10
Autor: Joseph M.
AutorThis is kinda nice. But I do see why that guy was scared of it when he was a kid.
Autor: Bekah Sp
AutorI feel like the only thing that was remotely spooky about this short was the scene where the wizard was going up the stairs, along with the line, "But the wizard did not forget."
Also the fact that the wizard kidnapped the girl by the way.

Other than that, this short is just a story about needing to be honest with people. The art style and animation is weird, but I like it I suppose.
Autor: Professor Hare
Autor demon eyes
Autor: Adam Aaron
AutorWe're all here because of blameitonjorge
Autor: lolWhatARetard
AutorI was expecting a creepypasta but this is so sweet and innocent
Autor: π•π
Autor: MW43778 Plays
AutorI don’t care what you say, but is creepy af
Autor: Elvis Monster
AutorKids imaginations are hilarious.
Autor: Tamoor 622498
AutorAwh this was adorable really
Autor: John Segway
AutorThis was actually quite wholesome. Just goes to show how overactive kids imaginations can be to warp cartoons over time into nightmare material
Autor: Cardiac Captain
AutorOkay, my theory is that.... her mom was giving her all these things and she was making promises not to loose them. She didn’t break any of those promises... but as we see she broke one by losing her gloves... she was panicking because her moms abusive and would probably beat her up... she was high ((That’s why, he is teleporting)) She went and knocked on the door.... he gave her new gloves so she can take to her mom... and he said “Tell your mother” she forgot because if the mom found out she lost the gloves she’d have a purple eye.... she went to sleep.. and the same creepy man came teleporting up the stairs, slowly walking towards her door.... (And if he doesn’t teleport, how did he get in the house? Because he told the mom... and she let him in to punish her) he went behind a clock.... (Probably because she’s on drugs) and he kidnapped her... the mother was probably happy... the guy forced her to “Make stars” but that’s the co-word for “Take off your clothes” than we cannot see but he raped her.... but at the end Why didn’t the mom care that a random stranger kidnapped her child? Because she thought she deserved the punishment for losing the gloves....
Autor: Angelina Gacha Tube
AutorThis probably would've creeped me pretty good as a kid tbh. The scene with the clock and the jittery animation already had my heart going a but faster than normal. As a kid I probably would've been freaking out.
Autor: PerrinPansy
Autor: Kennedy Lee
AutorThis is very weird. But the music at the beginning is pretty OK...and beautiful.
Autor: ERONITO World
AutorEveryone here is talking about how this is more wholesome than creepy, but the part where he enters her home is creepy as shit because of the music in the background
Autor: lolWhatARetard
AutorWow, all that hype about a scary, lost short, and it turns out to be just a cute story about a girl that told a lie and learned to tell the truth.
Autor: Aaron Landry
AutorIf I was at least 4 or 5 and something that looked like this aired on tv, this would've freaked me the heck out. But since I'm 15 it's not really scary, I do have to admit that the scene where he's running down the stairs with sally in his hands and that haunting smile on his face is pretty creepy.
Autor: Marbenmin
AutorIs this the short commander santa short
Autor: Tommy Harvey
AutorThis isn't creepy tho, it's actually have good story.
Autor: Baba
AutorI already caved and watched the search for this video after it was in my recs for several months and now this is on there. Better get it over with.
Autor: Louisa Scheffel
AutorI just found out about the whole search for this animation. Pretty cool story. Much better than the actual animation itself. I’m glad to have seen it tho, knowing its history.
Autor: christian stephens
Autor Saly was afraid to nut on his door
Autor: Yeet Skeet
Autor: Toxicc Penguinn
Autorthis is the cutest shit i ever seen
Autor: Grendel -
AutorAll in all it’s a wholesome video, but Sally’s face at is kinda unsettling? Or is that just me??
Autor: Caetano Capurro
Autoroooooooo creepy
Autor: Hector Valenzuela
Autorlooks at the clock in midnight
Autor: Null _
A 5 year search
For t h i s
Autor: a_closet_otaku · 69 years ago
AutorFound it.
Autor: Amalgathor Menace
AutorVery wholesome. Not scary at all. It's funny how when we're kids that certain things are scary. Like, literally nothing scary about this.
Autor: Jolland
Autorhe's possesed
she's possesed
they're all possesed
and me?
Autor: Totoro Catbus
Autorthe music is good
Autor: jay calahasin
AutorDespite he look creepy he is very nice
Autor: alaskanspartan89
AutorI literally just watched the video on my computer and this pops up on my phone I’m-
Autor: Xochitl Alvarado
AutorThat... That was actually pretty charming. I guess a grandmotherly narrator some sweet music and a good message really changes everything! Thanks Mr. Kadabra!
Autor: Deniz Güler
AutorIt's weird this was in the same channel as SpongeBob.
Autor: It's me, Wendigo
AutorI’ma have nightmares now.. Just wonderful..
Autor: Sarah Emo
AutorOmg this is so nice I'm crying
Autor: Andrew
AutorNot so scarry
Autor: Erdan 711
AutorLol I like that this was recommended to me as soon as I watched blameitonjorge
Autor: The Playinghand Show
AutorI think the thing that makes this creepy is back in those days we didnt have youtube or facebook or anything, it was just us in the dark with the tv for hours watching everything sometimes not many channels so this comes on and freaks you out
Autor: Caolan Robinson
AutorThis was such a good mystery
Autor: I_haz_a_tumor
AutorFINALLY that nigga can die happy 😊

P.s. I don't like how the wizard rubs his ass wizard nigga
Autor: E L S E W H E R E
AutorThis immediately becomes better when you remember the 5+ years people spent searching for it, some accusing it of being fake creepypasta shit but still being pursued just out of a love for lost media.
Autor: rae
AutorI wanna live in Sally's village. So charming!
Autor: Christopher Cipollini
AutorAll hail Mr.Cadabra also known as Abra.

Abra Cadabra the only true lord!
Autor: Samuel Hearfield
Autor If you put on the English subtitles, it’s says “Because she had a really fucky mother.”

When I saw that, it literally made me say out loud “Wait, What!?”😂
Autor: The Grizzly Bear Gamer
Autor: _MaRK_
AutorPause at
Autor: seanner
Autor i thought he was gonna fall
Autor: Tricodzy
Autor how tf did those gloves get on her hands
Autor: SoySauce GD
AutorI regret watching this, this will be forever in my head fuck
Autor: space candy
Autor Law and Order
Autor: Gabi's TV
AutorMade in communist Czechoslovakia huh?
Autor: Francis Friesen
AutorWas it scary and weird for you? You have to see our other Czech movie made in our AAA studio too. CGI scary feature movie Goat story!  😉👌
Autor: AAA studio - Animované filmy zdarma
Autorbut the wizard did not forget
Autor: Rayure Le Pas Velu
Autorhonestly mr. kadabra is just a friendly old man. like look at him having fun morphing into trees n shit. u go u funky wizard dude
Autor: Yili Feng
Autorplease don’t let Shadman see this
Autor: pencilskipschips
AutorMr. Kadabra, why would you take a child into this said, “Magic Chamber”? Isn’t that, like, illegal or something?
Autor: Ian Bonelli
AutorI thought this was creepier
Autor: The King Of All Things 1
AutorThe Santa dude that first mentioned this made it sound so creepy. He said she asked to go home and the clock man would ignore her. It’s more sweet than creepy.
Autor: Just Ok
AutorI thought this would be scary smh my head
Autor: Celespeon
AutorThis isn’t creepy it’s cute
Autor: Kreen7u7 Tea_3
AutorThe wizard looks like Rasputin
Autor: Kuro Neko
Autor: HeavyWeaponsGuy PW
AutorThis is actually very relaxing for some reason.
Autor: Me
AutorTheory: The wizard is the mom
Autor: Anne Madden
AutorThis might just be my weird mind, but I think clockman is kind of cute looking.
I'm sure if I saw this as a child, I wouldn't have felt the same way
Autor: H quinn
AutorPiece of shit Sally. Why don’t you just keep better track of your shit so you’re not forced to make deals with questionable people.
Autor: Ed Matos
AutorMr Kadabruh
Autor: Matthinator
AutorThe feeling of this is creepy and nice at the same time (but mostly creepy)
Autor: Abbi-leigh the animator
AutorMr.Cadabra was a bit of a nonce wasn't he
Autor: RooTube
AutorHonestly the most scariest part was her eyes at
Autor: Powerful Guy
AutorThis was fire
Autor: Big ounce
Autor: Ethan Mole
AutorAnd this is what started it all.... And this is what made people search day and night.... And it was on YOUTUBE THE WHOLE TIME!
Autor: Abby The Cat
Autormoral of the story: report wizards to the police immediately; they are stalkers and will take your children
Autor: Pico Attomann
AutorChild labor
Autor: User
Autortbh you can see how somebody found this terrifying whilst having a fever. I mean without one its ok but with one you can see how they thought they were being taken through dimensions and shit. Old cartoons always tripped me out as a kid
Autor: the drunken ramblings north east UK
AutorThis is actually super wholesome
Autor: Fishice Fishnice
Autorbut the wizard did not forget
Autor: Honeymelon
AutorGave me a little faith for Candle Cove...
Autor: TheAltarf
Autori don’t know how to feel about this....

weird fever dream
Autor: bun bun
AutorI paused at and her pupils were like "You are HELLA UGLY IM LEAVING"
Autor: { Slumbz }
AutorIt's nice and all but the wizard is a little creepy
Autor: Black Rose
AutorMr. Cadabra looks vaguely homicidal. I'm not surprised this scared small children.
Autor: Moonfall777
AutorHuh nicer than I thought
Autor: Nitro Maniac
AutorBruh am I the only person that weren’t scared but rather felt a wholesome feeling from this short?
Autor: alan pompom
AutorThose gloves...look like hands you agree (I'm not saying they are they just look like it)
Autor: Tammy Rizer
AutorMoral of the story is Don't deal with Hagrid.
Autor: Zackneb
AutorGipsey wizard not spooky even for child.
Autor: B Hole
AutorThe animation is so beautiful honestly for a film considered horrifying it was truly a work of art I don’t really think it should’ve been put in a children’s show as kids have a difficulty with understanding and processing abstract art on this level but man did I love this
Autor: j
AutorGotta lay off the LSD
Autor: GREENWOLF 1337
AutorI'm only here because blameitonjorge
Autor: Nazy Ponce
AutorWhat pussy thought this was scary?
Autor: Diamond Humphrey
Autoromfg that face sally has tho...
Autor: TheHolyMCPE
AutorAll the characters looked female than male.
except his mother,or her HERIS,BDHCGBSDC,HISRR
Autor: The Animator Is Animating
AutorOnly creepy thing was when she blinked
Autor: Pedro
Autor"He picked her up and took her to his magic chamber"

"Sometimes you have to do hard things, Sally."
Autor: emokidrants95
AutorOkay but I don't like the wizard
Autor: Memedoc Thiccals
Autor: MemeGod2.0 _
AutorWhy is Mr. Kadabra such a creeper tho??
Autor: Aura Fox
AutorJesus. I wish i was born when this was made so i can call my mum 'fucky' too.
Autor: StopV
AutorWho is here from blameitonjorge?
Autor: White kid from polar express
AutorThe wizard is creepy.
Autor: 創造的なK REAL [yes it is]
AutorShe says "Fuzzy" not fucky ffs
Autor: Morgana Sundelin
AutorHonestly, i thought this was a nice story, other than the wizard practically kidnapping sally, this was a cute story about teaching honesty.
Autor: BlazoRaptor
AutorI see a lot of comments saying this wasn’t scary, we’ll keep in mind that CommanderSanta (He was the one to claim about this short) was only about 5-6. Usually children would get scared of something like this.
Autor: Mooze
AutorI heard that you guys made this short film and somehow you were able to upload it on YouTube even though It was old. You deserve to have 1M Subscribers!
Autor: The F Channel
Autor: No Cowser
AutorExcept for the fact that he kidnapped her everything else about this actually has a good moral and nice storytelling, what was so scary
Autor: KimStar204
AutorWhat if Mr.Kadabra was actually Don Bluth's Rasputin before Anastasia
Autor: Paradox Messenger
Autor1st thing it's not nicklodeon 2nd thing there was text on intro "ústřední pújčovna filmú uvádí " witch is my language called Czech and not some fat American
Autor: Daniel Adam
AutorI know how pathetic everyone thinks this is, but can you at least try to imagine seeing this through the eyes of a five-year-old kid, at a time where animation like this was considered modern?
Autor: kingcrusher23
AutorThis better not become a meme.
Autor: 創造的なK REAL [yes it is]
AutorThe wizard looks more or less exactly like an old-fashioned European caricature of a Jew
Autor: soup sandwich

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