5-Minute Donut Mug Cakes

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AutorI have everything just about to make it
Autor: Casey Adams
AutorI dont have nutmeg could i leave it out
Autor: Saleha here
AutorYummy yummy
Autor: Areesha Malik
Autoromg this is so good every body should try it
Autor: Casey Adams
Autorwere i can find nutmeg?
Autor: Lupe Memoli
Autor: Areesha Malik
AutorWhat watt microwave was this made with?
Autor: k Kindness
AutorWhat's nutmeg tho?
Autor: maya khirfan
AutorWhen you have everything but nutmeg 😑
Autor: Cat TheRetard
AutorIt tastes yummy thanks. I only put 1 tbsp and a half of sugar and no nutmeg instead and it tasted great.
Autor: My lovely Dolls
Autori made this dounut but actually it wasn't a dounut it was a marvelous cake ... i used cinnabon instead of nutmeg and it was perfect .. i used a store bought chocolate sauce instead of heavy cream and dark chocolate .. but by the way it was the best mugcake in the world
Autor: reham shehab
Autor: The Muffin Man ChaCha
AutorYou can always use cinnamon instead of nutmeg ^^
Although, use a 1/2 -1 teaspoon of it
Autor: deganii
AutorWhat if your microwave has 700-800 watts?
Autor: Abnormally Normal
AutorIs the nutmeg optional?
Autor: Moayad Shehadeh

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