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Autor2014!!! bro this video has the quality of a 2k17 video yet it was made in 2k14. great job
Autor: VF6
AutorYou should FREEZE the mozza before deep frying ti.... you fucked up.... dislike....
Autor: oopopp x
AutorAre you from Greece 🇬🇷 because I saw your tattoo ΙΧΘΥΣ this means fish in Greek
Autor: Chronic John
Autormake some vegetarian sandwiches and stuff
Autor: krish soni
Autornice tattoo!It's greek letters ΙΧΘΥΣ💜
Autor: AnnDaEditor
Autorwell aren't you sexy!? 😍😍❤
Autor: Alisha Marie Moonraye
Autoryou have a tatto that it says ιχθυς in greek .
are you from greece?
Autor: idk Sublinals
Autor: Here's Johnny
Autoryour making me hungry
Autor: star stable with noha
AutorCan you make Funnel Cake
Autor: Denver MadeAminata
AutorMozzarella in Europe is totally different in color (it's white). Why is that?
Autor: Przemyslaw Halasik
Autor: Ciana Martin
AutorSo good
Autor: Sabrina La
AutorCan u try making the same thing but without eggs please please
Autor: My life Full of music
Autorwatery mouth after seeing this...amazing...😦😘
Autor: samina mansuri
Autor: Feria Anam
Autor: - -
AutorPls suggest eggless substitute for dipping before breaking.
Autor: Mythila Manour
Autoryummm making them this week
Autor: Opal Smith
AutorI hated cheese as a kid. now I'm in my 20s and it's my favorite meal
Autor: GiGixx621625
AutorWhat kind of cheese is that?
Autor: JTickett
Autor: dimitris papadimitriou
AutorHi, did you have any recepy for sangría
Autor: Herón Arreguín
AutorIt would be highly recommended to freeze it before frying so it doesn't get hole piercings :)
Autor: Just a typical Youtuber
AutorI have eat crispy mozzarella sticks at whataburger
Autor: Matthew Nelson
AutorOmf I wish I was related to u
Autor: ella vitug
AutorByron makes all the favorite weed munchies snacks you only can be high and watch this to get the full meaning of what I would like to call " A MOMENT"
Autor: Marah Alabaas
Autorthe trick to frying cheese sticks is to freeze/refrigerate them first and also don't over cook them so the cheese boils out of the stick.
Autor: Rusty Shackleford
Autormozzarella is mah fav cheese
Autor: MMWO
Autor: rivenblades
Autorgive us your take on jalapeno poppers
Autor: Kobe The Third
AutorI made it with all the leftover cheese sticks in my fridge- super delicious!
Autor: Hannah Murray
AutorAnd now I will make these myself every day O___O ...
Autor: jfarrisdesigns
Autormmmm mazarella sticks with all the fixins...!!
Autor: nugget buns
AutorWow, just like that?! I always thought it was more complicated than that. Man, I so wanna try this!! Thanks Bryan! Your videos are cool to watch!! I'm hungry now. lol.
Autor: Danny Simion
AutorI must have these!
Autor: Jan Beard
AutorNumber one ☝️ chef
Autor: YoungGenius TV
AutorMozzarella sticks + a plate of sliders = the best combo of food
Autor: Jango Bun Bun
AutorBTW, even though this wasn't mentioned in the video, if you don't want the cheese oozing out and you just want it to keep it clean and not spatter everywhere, than after coating the mozzarella sticks put them in the fridge for about an hour or over night!
Autor: Nike Who
AutorOmg 😭 Im so hungry
Autor: Abby Alvarez
Autor: Anna prt
Autorhow much flour
Autor: Rahima Faizan
Autorhow is this guy still skinny with his cooking skills omg
Autor: q h
AutorI want to try breading the minas cheese I got in my fridge, but no way the rest of the folks in my house would approve. ):
Autor: vaiyt
AutorWasn't he supposed to let them freeze for a little bit before frying
Autor: k
AutorThose tattoos are distracting, they both have them.. Does anyone know what they mean?
Autor: Brigette 5280
AutorLow moisture """"mozzarella""""
AutorTo Make This Recipe More Better:
1.) Get a pack of Cheetos.
2.) Put the Cheetos in a bowl.
3.) Crush the Cheetos.
4.) Put it in the breading mixture.
Autor: Derich Manalo
Autorno cos wspanialego ! uratowal mnie pan ! i juz mam danie dla gosci ! no rewelacja ! bardzo prosze o odpowiec po polsku bo nie znam angielskiego , czy pasuje do tego dania salata , i biale wino ? pozdrawiam goraco !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Autor: Zofia Klimczak
Autorbyron is so hot
Autor: Jeremiah Saint
Autorstomach creates earthquake
Autor: sylphie
AutorThank u for showing this recipe 😀😀😀😀👍🏼
Autor: Yer Xiong
Autorinstead of.egg what to.use?
Autor: sunil israni
AutorAmazing Recipe!!
Autor: Belly UpCooking
Autor: peach dragon
AutorSeriously this makes me so hot
Autor: vulnikkura
Autori am so dumb😬 i watched this and and now i am hungry😠 thanks Bryon!😂👏
Autor: KAZ ._.
Autorothers have much more less ingrediants..... but usr have more and it looks awesome
Autor: Sajina Mujib
Autordaaamnnn be my hubby lol..jk xD
Autor: I'm just a human jk I'm from Mars
AutorWow, he is very attractive.
Autor: corah !
AutorAre u fucking kidding me? That's not mozzarella, that's is industrial milk, not even near to the concept of mozzarella.
Autor: ImatikO
AutorIs that mozzarella? Are you kidding me???
Autor: Antonio Palomba
AutorI came here specifically for the Italian cheese comments
Autor: Everything is stupid
AutorWhat can I use as a subtitute for egg?
Autor: jxvf
AutorCan you do a recipe on Stonewall kitchens lemon herb aioli it would go so great with this
Autor: Matt Clary
Autor: Bokulus Hpal
Autortheir like dirty little penises I want in my mouth
Autor: A Serious Salamander
Autortanks dude recuuupe
Autor: vikingyo
AutorKys you leftst piece of shit I bet ur a communist ☭
Autor: Neo
Autormarry me
Autor: william
AutorI wish you still filmed your videos like this, this video is way better than your current videos.
Autor: Billy Bob
AutorMiami ces trés délicieux
Autor: Hkimi Nadia
Autorcan you use bread crumbs instead of corn meal?
Autor: MsIkkiPikki
AutorCan we prepare without using egg yolk?
Autor: Владимир Харша
AutorThe color of those mozzarella sticks are perfect 😄👌🏻
Autor: Steven To
AutorI'm in a state of laughter simply because he has all of the essential tools needed to prepare these little snacks. I died when he check the grease temperature w/ that device... its that crucial😂😂😂😂
Autor: Prince
Autorchef, do you suggest to freez them before frying?
Autor: ebtesam ali
Autor: Pakakorn Nimitsawan
AutorDoes it work on other types of cheese
Autor: op 234
AutorI cant find low moisture mozzarella blocks
Autor: AheadClover
AutorHow about making Fried Swiss Cheese Sticks? I had them at a Restaurant called Harry Bears and they are so much better and creamier than the Fried Mozzarella Sticks. They served them with some Honey Dijon dipping sauce that just seemed to belong with it. YUM!!!
Autor: Tina Haider
Autoryou can't call mozzarella that brick of cheese
Autor: Nicolo Pieragnolo
AutorYour tongue hurts when you eat it when it's hot, right? 😆😆😆😆😆
Autor: RobloxGames And Art
AutorAnyone know what erbs are? Ive heard of herbs but never erbs
Autor: Cale Rea
AutorI will try this for sure
Autor: Nasif Pervez
AutorI remember making these almost 30yrs ago. Protip: Toss the cheese sticks in the freezer for about 10 mins, prior to breading. Use the same shape containers for all 3 steps of a breading station. Bowls and sticks don't work that well for even coverage.
Warmed red pepper jelly is probably the best thing ever for mozza sticks.
Autor: AtheiHumanist
Autorim fasting :(
Autor: S PN
Autorthis dosnt look like mozarella
Autor: Rafy Koby
AutorCan we bake it
Autor: Tabya Khan
Autormozzarella sticks been my fav food since 8
Autor: RECCLEZZ 187
AutorI want to eat it with bear or soju... :)
Autor: David R
Autori love u
Autor: Hannah Swann
Autortry to freeze these before frying. They will hold their shape better.
Autor: Rana Ch
AutorPlease open up a restaurant
Autor: Nawfal Jafri
AutorThis does not look like mozarella
Autor: Kyra Lorene
Autorwhos watching in 2016
Autor: Rahima Faizan
AutorCheese sticks look yummy. They’re almost as thick as your skinny arms
Autor: karbonphiber
AutorFor you this is mozzarella.....okkey
Autor: Clipper95
AutorI'm hungry
I have idea I'm gonna make this thank you for that goodbye
Autor: princes mariam
Autorhey em... Mr.BYRON.... can u pls tell the ingridion before u make the food ?
Autor: Margareth Lalenoh
AutorIf you freeze them before you fry yhem, they won't leak out the cheese
Autor: Amy Curtis
AutorNot flirting.  Rare to see a nice, good looking, fit guy who can cook up some food and be neat as well.
Autor: Tee J
Autorcan I use Corn Oil?
Autor: Badass Uchiha
AutorCarmll or Carmel
Autor: Kamonphon Phasavath
AutorI wonder what the outcome would be if you froze the cheese before breading it.
Autor: Michael Foster
Autorthe hunger... i feeeeel it
Autor: Cyanide
AutorThe way you explain everything is just so perfect.Loved it. :)
Autor: Sayan Tani
AutorI am so sick and tired of seeing you secret illuminati trannies everywhere!!!
Autor: Donna Joy
Autorif I was in his wife's shoes I would be the luckiest woman in the world
Autor: miyako
Autorwill you please put this recipe back on your website or down in the description box
Autor: Bre H
AutorStop talking about them. eat them while their hot. Mango habenero is excellent with them.
Autor: Steve Rzucidlo
Autorit's 3am, I have a test in the morning and I'm lactose intolerant... why am I here
Autor: Anneke Rose
Autoroh man why do Italians have to be so butthurt lol
Autor: Cirno9Baka
Autorlooks so delichus
Autor: RacerNoah
Autorhow to eat mozzarella sticks
Autor: sarah almandeel
Autorpretty sure thats not mozzarella
Autor: Alexensual
Autor: TheZachary MartinShow
AutorWas barely eating again due to depression... but I figured that I'd maybe try cooking something... so I made these, they came out absolutely delicious and got my first "proper"(I realize this is sort of like fast-food but at least it was nutrients i very much needed), and actually, I did not use a pot full of oil to deep fry it; you can get sort of the same effect on the pan, just make sure that the heat is not too high, otherwise you will make the crust brown but the inside is still sort of not done. Lower heat, regularly flipping them over... still needs a generous amount of oil in the pan, though. I would also dare to try this with other easy to melt cheeses. I am thinking that I will use a certain smoked cheese readily available where I live, melts a bit harder than mozzarella but still easily enough and tastes wonderful.
Autor: Jürgen Ruut
Autoru making me hungry rn xD
Autor: Akali
Autor heavenly delicious sound 😂
Autor: Yuki A.
Autor: mok nnn
AutorI think I'm inlove with this guy😍😍 😅
Autor: Росица Велинова
AutorSo I tried making this. What ended up happening is all the cheese leaked out and overcooked. :( whyy
Autor: moogaret
AutorCould you please do video showing us how to do the fresh bread 🍞 crumbs in the food processor. Thanks 🙏🏿
Autor: Besty Lawson
AutorHi, did you have any recepy for sangría
Autor: Herón Arreguín
Autor: Gi K Mike
AutorCan u marry me? I need you to cook this for me everyday. I'll give u my wifi password😂
Autor: JJ X
AutorIs there any alternative for eggs?
Autor: mihir patel
Autorhey can i use another oil instead of canola?if yes what would my options be?
Autor: crdbl k
AutorTaste of bathroom
Autor: Chins Channel
Autori hipe im in your house but im filipino
Autor: gaming with Elijah Morales
AutorCranberry source
Autor: TOM Jefferson
Autori think u should double the on the mozzarella sticks that way u can prevent the oozing of the cheese coming out when you fryit.
Autor: Where Cheap Is Sweet!
AutorWhats a substituue for egg?
Autor: zac morris
Autor: ella vitug
Autoreating these atm. MUAHAHA
Autor: Heather Chandler
Autoru making me hungry
Autor: Muntaha Chowdhury
AutorI just wanna say I made this today exactly like yours and them shits is BOMBBBBAFFF
Autor: Cassie
Autorjokes on you i'm using swiss.
Autor: ItsGokuable
AutorCan we use cheddar cheese block to make these sticks?
Autor: Farhat Abdul Mateen
AutorDelicious and looks so easy
Autor: Fay Kontos
AutorI just fell in love...with the cook! <3 Mozzarella sticks
Autor: 0000 0000
AutorCan this be done in an air fryer? I know that air frying does not make it as crispy as deep frying, but I have read that brushing on some oil should fix that. Any suggestions/tips?
Autor: Aaron Yu
Autor: Barbie BFF Me
Autoron a diet

sees Byron flaunting with how stringy his mozzarella sticks are

this is fine
Autor: Buddha B
AutorThey need to be frozen before you drop them in the deep fryer.
Autor: Mohamad Fares
Autor: Tony LEE
Autormozzarella? XD hahah
Autor: Overed ITA
AutorLooks delicious
Autor: Jeffakagab A gang
AutorOn a diet munching on apples y am I watching this
Autor: egg yolk
AutorWell good cooking :), My parenthood Joana has to cook this :)!!
Autor: Nigel Sy
Autorwow I didn't even no this was a thing tbh. one time I was randomly playing around with food trying to cook something new and I cooked these and they are delipusl
Autor: Selena Audrey
AutorAm I the only one who made this? ( Delicious btw)
Autor: Joe
Autori knew i did something wrong when the cheese melted in the oven >.>
AutorMcdonalds, take note please thanks.
Autor: Kay
Autorthat is no mozzarella. whatever you may call this, it has nothing to do with mozzarella.
Autor: Marquis Charlemagne
AutorHmm! I love the look
of those hot sticky sticks.
Can't wait to put them in my
mouth and let their white
savoury creamy goodness
fill my throat. Amazing vid!

I'm so gay for it!
Autor: Fabio IJzer
AutorSo, before you book it to Italy with dreams of feasting on your favorite "Italian" dishes, you may have another thing coming.
Mozzarella Sticks

This heavenly, melty, crunchy dish comes to your red-checkered tablecloth straight from Little Italy. Put plainly, if you’re really hankering for mozzarella sticks when you’re in the actual country of Italy, there is one place you’ll find them—McDonald’s.
Autor: vilko skorlich
Autormine came out as an egg :(((((
Autor: Honesty is Confidence
Autor: 田中琢巳
Autor: Jeffakagab A gang
AutorI love Laura but this was the best recipe yet
Autor: Cassie
AutorWill the packaging in the cheese say low water content cheese or is the mozzarella cheese just normally a low water content cheese?
Autor: Missi R
Autor: もたね。
AutorI also do cooking videos and I hope to get my channel as good as yours one day!
Autor: It'sabondslife
Autor: Melissa
Autorwill cheddar work instead
Autor: Eight Pawns
AutorI subscribed after that cheese pull… 😭
Autor: hai
Autorthis is the first vid i watched about you and i subscribed
Autor: NemoTive
Autorthats not mozzarella
Autor: thoretoto
AutorWow that made me hungry ;-;
Autor: Anneliese Siduch
Autorhow you are eating infront of us,?send us please
Autor: sunil israni
AutorThis mozzarella looks weird
Autor: Isa Schaeffer
AutorHow do you stay thin as my Uncle used to say over the lips on to your hips. LOL Looks great!!!!
Autor: clarence alexander
Autor: Agustin Almada
AutorI want some!!!!!
Autor: Stephanie Samuels Lives
AutorThank you for the recepie, I will recently try it 🙂😉😉
Autor: RobloxGames And Art
Autorwell I don't eat eggs but I really want to try these
can I use any alternative
Autor: Siya Bora
AutorI like this...hungry now..
Autor: Shaheer Hazman Fitri
AutorAint mozzarella damn
Autor: Enrico Del Ben
AutorLooks awesome! Love it. Gotta try it some time. Just wanted to point out that the cheese you use is not anywhere near a real mozarella. Mozarella is usually a white, ball shaped cheese. This looks like some synthetic cheese. Still looks great no question but I think with a real mozarella cheese it tastes even more awesome.
Autor: winnipegfiredep
AutorWhy not use the dry hand wet hand method? It could prevent clumping in the final station and also make the process a bit smoother. Personally, I much prefer dipping the sticks one by one and remove the risk of it not fully coating.
Autor: MandishFyre
AutorEating the most yummiest mozzarella sticks ever
Autor: Jacob The fish
AutorDo I have to use mozzarella?
Autor: Snicker Bar Who?
AutorThis looks bliss!
Autor: Lifeofsunshine 007
Autoridk. okay video brian!!!
Autor: Haajra Sirhindi
AutorYou're so awesome thank you for sharing all this great recipes👍🏼🤘🏼‼️
Autor: Francisco Luna
AutorThe cheese is pouring out of yours Lmfao amateur hour at the Apollo I guess 😉😉😉
Autor: Jack Goff
Autoraaaaaaaaand now I'm hungry.
Autor: Rebecca Gaskins
Autoryou should've put some garlic in there
Autor: Nathan Carbo
AutorWarning do not watch when hungry
Autor: aubree utt
AutorI know you wife and your son
Autor: maya sanders
Autoror, consider this:

1. cheese sticks
2. panko
3. fry that shit
4. ????
5. profit
Autor: theCuttlekid
Autorcan we use feta cheese instead of mozzarella?
Autor: Ourania Tsolaki
AutorUff in Ramadan 😭😭😭
Autor: Swekbitsch Please
Autorand im here pretending to eat them
Autor: Allana Pauline
AutorYummy 🤤 😋
Autor: Besty Lawson
AutorYou could do some "dipping sauces"; that wud be nice! Thanks!
AutorGet a proper frying spoon instead
U r pouring oil like water in ur final serving
Autor: RJ Shiva

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