Finding Your Skin Undertones | Easy Personal Color Test with the Color Professional!

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AutorGiven that I got neutral-warm as the results, it makes sense that both the autumn and winter colours suit me well (and are also heavily in my wardrobe).
Autor: Shathana Kunapalasingham
AutorNext time we will talk about skin tones more specifically, so if you have any questions regarding skin undertone please leave it in the comments!
Do you want more information about personal color? Then ask a professional!
►Info of the Personal Color Consultant(Jang Haejung):
Youtube :
Autor: Wishtrend TV
AutorWill you please do another video on neutrals?
Autor: Lydia Danis
AutorI was going to say pink looks better than soft brown...
Autor: Tae Tae
AutorI wonder what tone GD is since he has tried every single colour from both palletes on his hair XD
Autor: StarchaserArya
Autor: B T S Potato
Autori kept choosing colors i liked rather than what i was supposed to w h o o p s
Autor: yujini son
AutorCan't wait for the sharla video :D
Autor: Shana Mulder
AutorI’m still lost ಠ_ಠ I think I’m a neutral tone with a tendency to go cold? It probably changes within the year
Autor: coolname
AutorI already know I'm deep winter type but still, i am watching this :D love it!
Autor: Nikola Novkovic
AutorWishtrend should have a sale for spring. I’m very happy that there are new videos so often, it really makes my day :)
Autor: Draya
AutorMy personal color is definitely reddish brown
Autor: Latajanee
AutorGreat vid :)!! but I'm still bugged how most people believe there are different races :/ because there is no such thing (scientifically proven) and we all belong to the same species...
Autor: Laetitia Dionne
AutorI needed this! thank you
Autor: •̀ᄉ•́
AutorThank you! Easiest and most accurate!
Autor: abdulazuz adel
AutorYeah namjoon looks good in every colour
Autor: Sanjana bts
AutorJoon and his beautiful tan skin 🙊💜... love the video guys! and I can’t deny that having Namjoon in here made it even better
Autor: Daniela Bohorquez
AutorMY BABE 💗💗😩💗💗
Autor: Namjoon
AutorCould you do a video for neutral tones? I'm 100% neutral and videos about it are soooo hard to find!
Autor: Diana S
AutorShe looks like Eunice! Hahaha
Autor: Joy Lee
Autor RM 💕
Autor: Bangtan A.R.M.Y
AutorI've been wondering mine for years
Autor: AlyssasAdventures
Autor oppa what r you doing here 💜💜
Autor: BTS Army
Autorwhenever i wear something warm red, orange or brown, my classmates tell me that i look cute! im power warm tone ^^
Autor: beyzamellis
AutorYes, it helped. Thanks for making this video. I would have hard time picking colours that suit my skin tone . And this helped me a lot. I am warn skin tone and am shocked to see many cool toned clothes. Will need to buy a lot of clothes
Autor: Cutie__ love
AutorAwsome video as always Wishtrend. Can you please make a video based on your 21.5 vitamin c serum,because i am little bit scared to use it because concentration of vitamin c is high and because i am little bit scared it will cause me more pimples. I would appreciate that.
Autor: Kylier Todor
AutorI’m warm tone autumn which is not what I expected
Autor: KarenLeos91
AutorI have neutral to warm skin tone but I really like those cool winter colors 😁
Autor: irism
AutorSo if I’m power warm tone does that mean I’m tan?
Autor: Marlene Loya
Autor: Jasmine Ola
AutorI'm Warm spring to cool winter like...🌚
Autor: تـೋـقٰٚـِْى Ackerman
AutorNamjoon looks so handsome ❤️
Autor: Midna
Autor: Tyra Jade
AutorI've seen so many videos on finding your skin tone but this is the only one that actually helped me! Thanks!
Autor: Maria 03
AutorDoes this work for makeup or just clothes?
Autor: AlyssasAdventures
AutorLol neutral,but which is which for power tones and normal tones in seasons😂
Autor: Chara Nari
AutorThank y'all so much! this is such an useful video! Finally found my skin undertone. Looking forward to the glass skin video!!
Autor: Lydia Lim
AutorI know in both society fair skin is revered for specially in Asia so I would like it if this video would add more positive feedback for dark toned skin.
Autor: R Pendragon
AutorGosh I was surprised when my result came with A&B the same. I guess I really have a neutral tone. I never really stick to one color of clothes and tend to have varieties.
Sad though as I couldn't continue on the test because I'm neutral :(
Autor: oberdamujigae
AutorI think black hair is the best
Autor: Valen Jung
Autor: 슙국
AutorWow hi namjoon, didn’t expect to see u here
Autor: joondimples
AutorI know im warm autumn 😃
Autor: Bettina Puskás
AutorWarm and cool tone makeup for next.
Autor: Elaiza Trinidad
Autor: ItzSachielYT Gaming Girl
AutorI've always thought warm colors suit me. But the result of this test was power cool colors. And the colors shown was in my wardrobe. I think I'll try to use cool shades in make up too.
Autor: ellemharie
AutorI just saw RM
Autor: Tyra Jade
AutorThank you so much for this! I have a power warm tone ^^
Autor: Florzinha Rebi
AutorNamjoon my baby 💕
Autor: Zanjoon
AutorEvery K-IDOL looks good on black hair
Autor: Serena Tran
Autoralways so informative👍❤
Autor: extrachicken wang
AutorThe eye colour also has an influence on which colour tone suits one best✨
Autor: l‘ani a
Autorha i happen to be born in autumn and i suit all the autumn colours!
Autor: seoulma
AutorI have Combination + Acne Prone Skin. Any advice for this? Thank you!
Autor: Hafez Bin Abd Rashid
AutorRM ❤
Autor: Amool Yusuf
Autorcan i use vitamin c serum and CLINIC WAY 3°+ 4° Peptide Lifting Anti-wrinkel-Serum at same routine?
Autor: fathima hasna
AutorPlease talk faster. I nearly fell asleep
Autor: Melissa Hayhurst
AutorI hyped up after I saw RM 😭😂💜
Autor: Namjoon's Destruction Power
AutorOnce again confused😅I look like Autumn,the A-B test matches me as neutral and the colours that look the best on me are the winter colours.
Autor: ElberethOhGilthoniel
Autor JOON!!♡
Autor: Renae K
Autor*Jackson wang voice* "Namjoon-ahhh!"
Autor: shahahazadiii 1812
AutorJang haejung look like so much eunice 😂 I thought it was her . omg , eunice is that you ?!
Autor: Af Alla
AutorCan I use moisturiser that contains spf instead of sunscreen?
Autor: Sifa Ahmed
AutorAfter watched this im more confused and felt dumb but I think im cool colour lol
Autor: 미니13KM
AutorThank you so much for this highly informative video, I've learned so much in such little time!!
Autor: ChocoMilk
Autorit's so hard bc my color clothes are only black grey maroon and brown lmao
Autor: Zakia AF
AutorCame for the skin tips, stayed for Joon
Autor: Ali Diaz
AutorI shifted from cool summer to warm fall !
Autor: Smol Michal
Autori was so shook, it ain't even a minute in and i didn't expect namjoon to come out at 04 what i really didn'T EXPECT IT
AutorI'm power cool tone. I like the summer color. But some winter color too. But i like warm salmon color and warm pink in general and this range of pink suit me so... I'm still a little bit confused. I'm cool or neutral? Who knows? Not me.
Autor: Romy Des Bois
AutorIt's very difficult for me to know what suits me; I'm a ginger, I have warm colored hair, but a cool skin tone. Warm tones like Khaki match my hair, but cool colors like baby blue suit my skin. Because of my hair, cool tones make me look pale and sick, but according to the video I should wear cool colors. Any advice?
Autor: AnonymousCookie23
Autor: taehyugh_
AutorI feel like I got more confused... not entirely sure I'm totally warm or cool tone either, just kind of like both. I wish there's a machine to help do that 😂
Autor: TzeWei0890
AutorI'm a fall colour type. It's strange because I am extremely pale, but very yellow toned.
Autor: Annelies van Overbeek
AutorThe color suits you which make the best of you :;)
Autor: Madiha Naveed
AutorSo great test!!! Amazing video!!! 👌👌👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👏👏
Autor: tanja i
AutorIm definitely cool toned and (maybe) winter but yellow doesnt really work with my skin tone... does that mean I'm more summer?
Autor: Mari Lopez
Autori love this video 😙😙😙
Autor: Kirti Khosla
Autorwhat if I am neutral? :c Most of my wardrobe are cool tone haha
Autor: churro sama
Autorall i have is black and i think is suits me well ^-^ aka goth girl.
Autor: Annyeong Pandabat
Autor: Diamond Kakekaspan
AutorOuhhh Irene 💕
Autor: Irene
AutorI'm the fall warm tone :D I kind of knew this already, but it was still super interesting!
Autor: Hana X.
AutorThis was a super helpful video. I love how you even brought in am expert!
Autor: D2naSoaring
AutorI’m warm tone
Autor: athenaa_mo
AutorI'm neutral, and that's boooring ;;
Autor: Ayame Tsukika
AutorThe charts and stuff were too fast
Autor: Mr. Unicorn Hair Balls
AutorThat moment when you don't even know which colors suit you better cuz it could be both 😭😭😭😭
Autor: JB's forehead
AutorLol all of my wardrobe consists of black clothing. So I can't really determine what color/tone suits me best.
Autor: Kofuku Ebisu
AutorI’ve neutral undertones 😎 Most of the shades suit me but there are colors that dont look good at me
Autor: Iqra Akhtar
AutorMy wardrobe is a mess I have all the color of the 🌈 lol.
Autor: Romy Des Bois
AutorReally interesting! thank you!
Autor: Noa Spirometria
AutorThis is gonna be the next big trend in beauty omg
Autor: Queen Janeway
AutorI need you to talk about taeyong from nct,, how come he looks good in every colour is that even possible??
Autor: Annisa
AutorLol I preferred the pink on Joon😂 not the hairstyle but the colour complimented him better. It isn't because he didn't look good in the brown but because I found the pink fitted his personality much better. For me, I think a personal colour is one that expresses your personality well. The brown colour is nice but truthfully says absolutely nothing about him.
Autor: TheFingerClickingThat OneDislikeOnEveryChannel
Autori have found out once again that i am neutral skin tone lol
Autor: JellyfishGroupStan
AutorIt’s me NAMJOON LMAOO ❤️❤️
Autor: 최보라

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