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AutorWhy do you boil it? Doesn't boiling the root remove a lot of flavor and health benefits? Great video! Thanks for posting.
Autor: Dirk Dorresteyn
AutorExcellent video!
Autor: Lynda Douglas
Autor: Sayali Dixit
AutorI just received my organic Turmeric, but it is rainy and very humid here.  Can you dry the Turmeric in a food dehydrator at low temperature after boiling?
Autor: Bob Ruchalski
AutorHow long did you cook the turmeric for ?
Autor: Karen M
AutorThis is a great video.  Thank you.
I make a delicious golden milk paste with canned coconut cream, natural sweetener, pumpkin pie spice, vanilla, a bit of pepper and vanilla.  This paste can be added to whatever type of milk a person prefers and heated for golden milk and it stores for up to three weeks in the frig.  The only problem is the turmeric I buy from the local farmer's markets is gritty.  I am hoping to make my own and clean the roots well and perhaps eliminate the grit.
For those who don't know, a scientific investigation was done in India because Alzheimer's is very uncommon there, even today.  It was discovered that the turmeric that is so common in that culture actually dissolves the special plaque in the brain that causes Alzheimer's.  Scientist now believe the disease may be caused by "Type 3 Diabetes" which affects only the brain and, caused when the brain is deprived of the glucose it needs to function.   In one study all patients given turmeric made progress.  The white plaque-coated brain walls even became pink again. In another study, after a year on Turmeric, three patients in the advanced stages began recognizing family members, conversing, walking, and/or feeding themselves. Regrettably,you can find the information on line but  you won't hear that in mainstream media or from traditional medical providers.  That is criminal! 
Autor: Barb Basel
Autorhello! why it is necessary to boil ? thanks
Autor: Alessandra Alcon
AutorThanks for the information , now I have learnt something new :-)
Autor: Paul Feltl
AutorThank you <3  I'm going to use the SEDONA  food dehydrator     I'm making fresh ginger root as well as drying fresh ALL ORGANIC  with Organic  garlic  then                                                                                                                                                    I I'm grinding into powder and getting gel caps  and making for  this winter emergency   NATURAL ANTIBIOTICD   the word is out  it came in a Dream  This 2016  Flu season is going to be HUGE and the SUPER BUGS  are going to be bigger than anything America has ever seen  Why  They wont stop eating Gmo feed  Toxic animal laden and inject with antibiotics   People who have been eating theses TOXIC Animals as well as GMO other things are going to be suffering the WORST  I wish more people would wake up and realize  No One is going to take care of them and there are no magic pills  The Magic is what people put into to there bodies Daily  ORGANIC and ONLYORGANIC  Plantbase   I'm not going to lie                                                                                                                             I'm so frighten for America  and the lackadaisical  attitude on GMO's  and the toxic  chemical pesticide's  fungicides  and now  those with weak immune system have to worry in Florida  about the GMO mosquito that is made with the HERPES VIRUS and E-coli    not tested on Human but if the Florida votes don't VOTE NO   GMO mosquito will be  released  and no one really knows  what's going to happen  Its  alarming how  miss informed  Most Americans are ~~~ to busy  trying to what they call  Keeping up with the jones  what good is the latest car ,clothes , things  when you don't have your health or the health of your love ones   ABSOLUTLEY  NOTHING     Like my Mentor  teacher  Dr Deepak Chopra has shared  before a Mass awakening  there will be chaos     Its pretty chaotic in America already .  Hoping for the BEST  but preparing for THE WORST
Autor: June ribaldi
AutorQuestion so all commercial turmeric  is  boiled then dried ?  I highly encourage  ORGANIC and ONLY ORGANIC~~~~ non organic  turmeric is  coated with Cobalt ^0  radioactive DONT BUY IT
Autor: June ribaldi
AutorMaybe its better every time you need for cooking just get raw and blend it? So no need to boil , to dry? Nutrients stay? Just sharing coz I'll do this when I be home soon, I'll plant turmeric in my garden and other vegetables too.
Autor: Marivel Mahinay
AutorYou kill goodness in the root by boiling. What the reason even to bother?
Autor: Linda Weiss
AutorWhen you said 1 black pepper to 100 turmeric, are you sure you didn't mean 1 piperine to 100 turmeric, or curcumin itself? I understand your comment on not being quite exact, but I think it could make a significant difference if piperine only makes up a small percentage of black pepper (which I don't know).
Autor: what ishappening
Autori just want to ask if how much is the 1kg of fresh turmeric  when it becomes a powder,,i mean when it turned to powder i really need your answer thank you very much
Autor: Zairah Abaya
Autorcan you steam the turmeric instead of boiling?  thanks
Autor: tofudogg
AutorCan I use this in face or not plzz tell me soon I want to know plzzzz
Autor: Sahanaz Begum
AutorThis is very helpful. Now, I'm encouraged to make my own turmeric powder.
Autor: Diana Marie Pablo
AutorThank you. Great simple DIY video!
Autor: Mama Doll
AutorThanks for the great video. I have a question: do you recommend food dehydrator? Thanks again.
Autor: dessertcat36
AutorHow long can we keep that turmeric powder?
Autor: xxxiamthebestxxx
AutorTurmeric shouldn't be dried up in sunlight.... It fades away like yours did!
The color would've been brighter.... If you'd have dried it in room away from direct sunlight!
Over all good video!
Autor: Parul Chauhan
Autori dont think after the boiling and drying it in the sun preserves the natural enzymes in the turmeric .. the process might kill all the nutrients in the turmeric i guess,,, dont u think ?
Autor: Anthony Magsombol
AutorThank you for the video :D Why do you cook the turmeric before drying it, - is it necessary? :) Regards, Marlene from Norway.
Autor: Albrechtsen84
Autori am looking market for turmeric, presently selling @ $30usd.for[ 30lbs]whatapp 876-598-8829 mark
Autor: Mark Hull
AutorCan you dry it in the oven instead of the sun?
Autor: Harrison Ekhator
AutorIt's simple, Just go to woodprix page - and enter the Wood World.
Autor: Antonetta Kowalewski
AutorAnother question: you said that you blend it. Is it a blender or a grinder?
Autor: dessertcat36
AutorHi- Did you peel off its skin? I've a turmeric root but not sure if I should remove its skin? Also - is boiling absolutely necessary, or can I just wash and dry it?
Autor: Ritu Bahel
AutorTHANK YOU!!!!!
Autor: Francesca Owens
AutorThank you! Very helpful video, and you've got such wonderful energy!
Autor: Kay Krish
AutorCan I steam it? Is the reason to cook it to kill bacteria or to soften it? Because drying it still requires a good blender to blend. This is the first recipe I have seen it cooked. NO ONE else does that.
Autor: africanpride69


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