Japanese Tea Ceremony: Tea At Koken WITH SOUND

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AutorI’m watching this video in the school lol
Autor: Cristian Depazbonilla
AutorSato was an old foe of Miyagi's
Autor: Michael Roper
AutorI was expecting a cat to come and drink it after she set the bowl down halfway through the vid.
Autor: Steve Kasiaras
AutorAh, I see! That is why she was pouring water from the fresh water container to the heated water, right? I hadn't seen that before. Only the practice of the discarded water bowl. Thank you!
Autor: Machina
Autor"Are you lost?"
Autor: Caramel Bun
Autoryea, not erotic perse...just good ol ASMR...however some people do call ASMR AIHO (attention induced head orgasm)
Autor: ZylerOdwn
AutorWell thank god we had sound for this. I would've had no clue what was going on without it.
Autor: Autism Boi
Autorwow watch this is so relaxing
Autor: Alejandro Mola
AutorJust a comment to break the 666 😉
Autor: joamontio
AutorThe tea ceremony is the stupidest thing.
Autor: Jonathan yagami
AutorBeautiful video. It would be nice of western "cultures" would have respectful ceremonies like this.
Autor: WhiteDogTherapy
AutorSo this is the video the animators of Samurai Jack watch for the tea scene
Autor: Conor Taylor
Autorjust watching was calming
Autor: Steven Rettig
AutorI'm glad we have such open-minded and tolerant people like you infesting this planet.
Autor: Scrinoverlord
Autor64 dick wrinkles gave this thumbs down
Autor: Friar007
AutorWatching this makes me feel so peaceful.  Seeing a Japanese tea ceremony in person is on my bucket list.  <3 Japan.
Autor: Rozzy Rozz
AutorThat better be one amazing cup of tea.
Autor: Dusty A
AutorAsked about "Jinzen Jimbi", it is an old Japanese expression meaning 'supreme virtue being attained through supreme beauty'. In making tea, or in sharing the precision of a tea ceremony, the goal is to express Jinzen Jimbi. Refer please to either Willa Jane Tanabe or Yorshiro Tamura. I am not a teacher; merely a practitioner. But, I also agree with Sen No Rikyu. "Boil water, make tea, drink it" and beyond this we are in danger of having form trump poise. An excellent tea may be quiet, but always deeply intimate and respectful.
Autor: William C. Weaver
Autorits so good i almost fell asleep, took me to ease <3 gouranga! thank you
Autor: Sif
AutorI like the video but I would be late for work if I went through the entire ceremony. I'm with dirtTdude.
Autor: Keith Bolton
Autor: Jack Xiang
AutorSamurai Jack, is that you?!
Autor: grumpy9721
AutorTea party's in Japan would be the worst lmao
Autor: - MightySpriteKnight -
AutorI came here because of Samurai Jack
Autor: Ian Sit
Autorand if a single drop is spilled it's a beheading
AutorI first remember this ceremony on Karate Kid 2, so relaxing to see.
Autor: John Crankshaft
AutorNothing that infuriatingly OCD could possibly foster tranquility.
Autor: Lollipopfop
AutorGreat :)
Autor: FriendlyASMR
Autor James Wolfe is not a Japanese absolutely! He has not left any comments in Japanese. I posed an assignment of translation for him. I look forward to it. Don't pretend Japanese in saying bad comments. We are suffering from too many Zapanese! Annoying...
Autor: music ouverture
AutorCould somebody explain to me why making tea even deserves to be a ceremony? Seems like a waste of time just for some flavored water.
Autor: DJSbros
AutorWhy am I so obsessed with Japanese culture? Simple: Because everything there is refined into either an elegant artform or a spiritual meditative process. Writing calligraphy, pruning tiny trees, arranging flowers, folding paper, or even something as basic as brewing and drinking tea!
Autor: Michael Welsh
AutorHonor, Discipline and Respect. 名誉、規律、尊敬
Autor: muntaser barsoom
AutorWhat is Japanese tea ceremony?
Autor: Rachel Flanagan
AutorI hired someone to make my tea like this everyday while I'm in the other room watching TV.
Autor: Phil W
AutorKarate Kid 2 😎😎😎😎😎
Autor: Habib Ahmed
AutorThat silenced my mind.
Autor: Mic A
Autorthere should be some narrating done here to describe what they are doing. if not audience will be confused of what's happening here. esp with all those repentance.
Autor: GutsyXav
AutorThis is great! Thank you! This would be cool to come home to everyone in a while (hint, hint ladies) ;). Heck I'll wear the kimono and do it for her Iif she wants just for the fun of. Thank you for posting. :)
Autor: Jay Ceester Deester
AutorI don´t get it. (Might have been nicer with explanatory subtitles or commentary...)
Autor: loukkaus
AutorA nice video, however the camera changing to all those different angels was very disorienting. Next time pick an angle and stick with it, otherwise people may get dizzy.
Autor: EJR horselady
AutorGood thing this video comes WITH SOUND.
Autor: KeystoneHeavy58
AutorI'm glad we have people with such a keen ability to detect humor on this planet.
Autor: Nestarine
AutorSamurai Jack Episode 6 Season 5 looks good
Autor: The Devil's Advocate
AutorNo I am Japanese. Bred, born and raised there from a very wealthy family. I am an educated Japanese - not someone that should have been drowned at birth like any other mongrel. I take it this is your bitching from my other comments to your ignorance. I do not comprehend why you whine like bitch dog, unless of course you are bitch? Either way, as I said beforehand, in the real Nazis they would have beaten your head in for your stupidity.
Autor: James Wolfe
AutorThe original ASMR video, long before anyone knew what ASMR was. Simply the best!
Autor: bananafingerrrs
Autorwhat's important here is that the process of HOW something is done, i.e. making tea can be just as important, healing and revitalizing as WHAT is done. This is a great reminder that we are at the base of ourselves creators, so why not enjoy the process as much as the end result :)
Autor: Peace Incarnate
Autorlove it
Autor: Martha Erazo Valdez
AutorSamurai Jack performing this made me come here.
Autor: wow zers
AutorI was talking more about today's Western culture with tea. However, if you watch an elderly British person prepare tea, it is an elegant process. You can also get glances of gong fu tea preparation. Like how they warm up their tea pot first and then dump the rinse water. Some even do a rinse of their tea like in traditional gong fu. But in today's modern culture, it's been popularized to have the lowest grade of tea being steeped waaaay too long in water not even the correct temperature.
Autor: JDN
Autorwith that kind of cup you know the tea is not going to be as hot as most occidentals are used to
Autor: Djlullaby22
Autorthat was fascinating and brill
Autor: jamiez tunez
AutorI must be weird, I keep coming back to watch this. I find the precision of her movements so interesting.
Autor: CommissarKane
AutorThe pure movements are very meditative.
Autor: Icky Elf
AutorWesterners could learn a thing or two from this.
Autor: Xolcin
AutorIt's clearly not about the cup of tea, I mean ceremony is in the title... how much more obvious can it be that it's about the ceremony...?
Autor: gojirra
AutorBest ASMR video anywhere.
Autor: Old Hay
AutorFascinating stuff.

Again, its kinda weird that the point of japanese tea rituals/ceremonies is less the tea and more the art and aesthetics of the ritual itself, but I guess its just a good example of the inherent "quirkiness" of japanese culture. And this video doesnt even show the whole of it. Everything from how the headguest has to speak with the teahost, what roles the other guests fulfill and the order in which they sit and drink and are served, the candy that is served with the tea...again, fascinating.

Not my cup of tea personally (pun intended) but a very good look into japanese culture.
Autor: Busterdrag
AutorTo all of the people who think that this is pointless and a waste of time... This is a form of meditation and it's all about Zen.

The majority of us find this extremely relaxing. Go be rude somewhere else!!
Autor: SonicStalker123
AutorI love this. Japanese culture to me is so fascinating. It's calm and controlled, yet complicated and elegant at the same time. Go Asians! :)
Autor: Sarah Pham
AutorThe greenteapoint URL given in the video no longer seems to be a used domain.
Autor: John Doe
Autorfor the record, there is technically a specific way to serve english tea in a proper manner. a kettle of water is brought to a boil. tea is placed in the teapot , traditionally porcelain, and the water is poured over this and left to steep for about 4 minutes. methods of adding milk differ, either before or after the tea is served. white sugar may then be added. the teapot should hold more tea than enough to fill all guest cups. ...
Autor: Neko Mata
Autorwatching this at school cause we are told to
Autor: P I Staker
AutorThe pinnacle of presence.
Autor: Kirk Faulkner
Autor: Zac Labbe
Autor: ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ
Autorloved it... awesome!!thank u would like to visit japan nd see all of those things in person >>
Autor: NADA AL
Autor文法的には間違ってないが、明らかに不自然な表現が外国人である事を物語ってる 日本人ならこんなグーグル翻訳したような文書かないからなw It's not grammatically wrong but absolutely unnatural No Japanese guy writes such a strange sentence which had been translated by google
Autor: NaziShepherd
AutorI would love to see this in real life.
Autor: vanessa barraza
AutorI love the dedication and style. This is a first for me to witness this, I think it’s amazing.
Thanks for sharing.
Autor: Wim M
AutorI had the basics, but I learned from this video, and I did the ceremony for gifted students. They loved it. Thank you!
Autor: Michelle Cohen
Autorthis is so fucking stupid ......

i just wasted 9 min of my life
Autor: A Levisee
Autor: Sean Campbell
AutorAfter watching this I feel like I've had the privilege of witnessing a intensely intimate moment. It's no wonder the Japanese have developed this formal ceremony into an art. Each movement and action become complex expressions of the strictest and purest sense. At least that's how I feel. ;)
Autor: pluckydono
Autoris she greeting a ghost
Autor: SoapUltra Lady
AutorThe best ASMR is rarely meant as ASMR. Yes this is meant to bring about peace and tranquility, but ASMR wasn't the intended goal.
Autor: Gist432
Autor" Όταν τελειώνει τη σύντομη προσευχή της, στρέφεται ξανά προς το μικροσκοπικό μαγκάλι. Μιλάει και γελάει με τον Ακίρα, ετοιμάζει το τσάι, το χύνει σε μικρά φλιτζάνια και μας το σερβίρει γονατίζοντας μ' αυτή την υπέροχη χάρη (γραφική, παραδοσιακή) που για εξακόσια χρόνια ήταν η στάση των γυναικών της Ιαπωνίας όταν σέρβιραν τσάι. Στ' αλήθεια, μεγάλο μέρος της ζωής των γυναικών της Ιαπωνίας περνάει σερβίροντας μικρά φλιτζάνια τσάι. Ακόμα και σαν φάντασμα η γυναίκα εμφανίζεται στις λαϊκές ζωγραφιές προσφέροντας, σε μια φασματική μορφή, αέρινο τσάι. Από όλες τις ιαπωνικές εικόνες με φαντάσματα δε γνωρίζω καμιά περισσότερο συγκινητική απ' αυτήν όπου το φάντασμα μιας γυναίκας που γονατίζει ταπεινά προσφέρει στον φασματικό και μετανιωμένο δολοφόνο της ένα μικρό φλιτζάνι τσάι! ".

[Από τη "Χώρα των χρυσανθέμων" του Λευκάδιου Χερν (Μετάφραση: Γιώργος Κ. Καλαμαντής), σελίδα 130, για την έκδοση στα Ελληνικά, εκδόσεις Κέδρος, 1998.]
Autor: Christos Dafopoulos
Autor: dOG-FΔRт
AutorI am very relaxed now, so much so I could fall asleep.
Autor: Carla Lee
AutorThat was so soothing
Autor: Emls479
AutorIn defense of Western culture, while we've never had the same ceremony to making tea as Asian cultures, it was originally more complicated than just shoving a teabag into hot water. It wasn't a ceremony, perhaps, but it was at least enough to provide a little relaxing ritual, and still does to those of us who prefer loose leaf tea.
Autor: Florence MacKenna
AutorI notice, in some of the comments, a noticing of mistakes in this video: someday, someone will perform the ceremony perfectly,and then we will no longer have a need, or desire, to watch again.
Autor: Wm Bu
AutorThe best ceremony on YouTube
Autor: Lenora Collins
AutorMany years later, and watching this is still my go-to relaxation method.
Autor: IamTheS
Autor43 dislikes are from South Korea for sure
Autor: NaziShepherd
AutorAnd I thought British were good at making tea.
Autor: Crimson cringe
AutorGet the lads round on a Friday night, slap on some tea ceremonies and have the most relaxing drinking session ever
Autor: Mr Banana
AutorVolume has nothing to do with it, it's an abrupt and very sharp sound in the middle of a mainly quiet video.
Autor: I've Been Framed
AutorFunfact. The higher the slurp at the end of the cup, the more signal you are sending that you enjoyed the tea.
Autor: Gist432
AutorThis is a reflection of Buddhism and enlightenment experience......which is real experience.....not a metaphor
This action impossible to know and experience except as a result of deep concentrated real meditation and a return to the natural state.

The purity is clarity of action by unity of the universe behind the head and in front of the head.
Autor: MilesBellas
Autor0/8 All the necessary ingredients are there, but it lacks balance
Autor: ScoutKirby
Autoroh great! now I feel relaxed and I have a ton of things to do (don't want to now) ...#relaxing
Autor: pcking2008
AutorThis is what l theanine can do for you.
Autor: Zen Davis
Autor: Serena Dotson-Smith
AutorI've found my original comment from half a decade ago. Here it is, and I quote:

"I've got a tingling sensation just below the back of my neck
I can't believe I've seen an actual Japanese Tea Ceremony . . . WITH SOUND!
It was really lovely"

Re-watching it today and I still get the same sensation. I don't know what it is, but a guy replied to me back then with somewhat interesting "explaination" and I use the term very loosely because it doesn't explain exactly why I get this feeling. Here is that comment:

"@AriochStarr I get that sensation when I'm learning/watching something
interesting. You're actually the first person I've known that has had
the same thing."

It kinda does make sense as I do find it interesting, even if it is slightly. It's really weird what I'm generally feeling, though. Just out of curiosity, does anyone else have the same tingling sensation?
Autor: AriochStarr
AutorWow, this was really soothing to watch, I really enjoyed it.
Autor: HatashiLuvsU
AutorSpeed x2 in this video is the normal speed...
Also...very nice ceremony :D
Autor: Miguel Alejandro Koziarski
Autor[Performing the Tea Ceremony]
[Makes mistake]
[Commits seppuku]
Autor: MoralDeQue
Autorじゃ、この自分が書いた文を日本語にして。 それから、これを英語に訳して 「汝とまはりのあひだには渡うるにかなわぬ齟齬と深淵のませり」 「成りすまし、うぜーよ、このおたんこなす!
Autor: music ouverture
AutorI like watching video's like this because it's relaxing and it helps me slow down in order to not become a burnout figuratively and literally speaking. If someone just keeps moving without taking things easy you will shorten your life span and most likely be less happy with yourself throughout that life span as well. Watching these video's helps with that problem. I live in the U.S and people think I am crazy for doing this until I tell them that being alive is important as well and should not be taken for granted.  
Autor: Accepted Giant
AutorThanks God we have the sound ;-)
Autor: Luigi Clemente
r e l a x i n g ~
Autor: Purple Tea
AutorSamurai Jack Season 5 episode 7 reminded me of this video.
Autor: HiddenWen
Autor先生はかつて言った: なぜ動物と話せるように自分自身を下げる? I speak Japanese, Russian, English and German fluently. I usually don't lower myself to speaking my mother tongue to simple dumb animals though. That's you and NaziShepherd.
Autor: James Wolfe
Autormaking tea*
Autor: Florence MacKenna
AutorIncredibly beautiful and mindfull
Autor: N A
AutorSo relaxing, reminds me of Karate Kid II
Autor: Lg4242
AutorAnyone else find it extremely calming for stress just watching her?
Autor: Abby Beatson
AutorIt's fascinating to me how this culture made such a painstaking and reverent ceremony out of something as simple as making tea. I wonder why that is.. There aren't other ceremonies like this for making rice or anything is there? (I don't mean any offense I'm from the USA and just curious about it)
Autor: swish007
Autoris a ASMR equivalent....
Autor: Diego Favre
AutorGood video for the ASMR community.
Autor: Vminhope
Seriously, the vibrations basically ruin this. Sounds like when someone's on Teamspeak and they keep messing with the mic boom on their headset, sending vibrations down it. The audio guy should be fired.
Autor: Cronyx Ravage
Autorは? なら、日本語使えよ
Autor: NaziShepherd
AutorSamurai Jack performed this better
Autor: Sebastian Ricci
AutorDomo arigato, Sojyu san. Please, may I ask, which tea school style is this? Enjoyed it all. The sound, of course, is important. Wish I were there. Brava.
Autor: Yudhi1950
AutorJapanese Tean celemony(Sadou) is totally orijinal.It does not from China.Please learn Wabi and Sabi.Another Asian do not have simillar spiritual culture.Relaxation and meditation is not mainly things.I think you are miss undestanding.
Autor: Mountain Snow.
Autor"This tea is terrible."
Autor: RevoMation!
AutorWay to be insulting AND wrong in one comment. Bravo. I stated from the beginning that it certainly isn't a ceremony on the same degree as the Japanese (or Chinese) tea ceremony, but there certainly is an elegant ritual to the 'proper' way of making team. Boil the water, pour it into a pot, swirl it around the pot to warm, then pour. Put the tea in the pot, pour freshly boiled water, let the tea brew for few minutes, pour tea into cups, pour in milk, give to guests, guests add sugar. Drink tea.
Autor: Florence MacKenna
AutorWell in Asian cultures preparing tea isn't just shoving a teabag in hot water like it is in Western cultures. They view it as a manner of relaxation and meditation. In medival Japan, the samurai would have a tea ceremony before a battle in order to meditate and clear their minds. When you watch a Chinese tea preparation, it's almost the same length.
Autor: JDN
AutorLook up ASMR because it's probably the strange partly relaxing and partly stimulating sensation that videos such as this can produce in people (effects differ between people). I believe there's a crossover between this phenomenon and sexual arousal. Both are forms of sensorary stimulation - sexuality doesn't have to be something crude, that's just what we've relegated it to in much of the West. Either that or you're just imagining sexual thoughts, in which case I'd say try to transcend them.
Autor: MoonlitVibe
Autorthis isnt how a tea ceremony works
Autor: bannor216
AutorSkip beat
Autor: TheCurlySage
Autorうーん…裏千家かなぁ…お抹茶飲みたいわー。 お茶菓子は餅系でお願いします。
Autor: yunoi xumi
Autor gunshot. Just wanted to point out
AutorWhy didn't she actually drink the tea after all this trouble??
Autor: Hussein Allam
AutorHave a look at this KOREAN FAKE SADO /watch?v=PMKpO3uQ3_0 THIS IS KOREA
Autor: NaziShepherd
Autori'll never fold a table cloth the same again :D LOL
Autor: Chew Sama
AutorThat's why it's called a "ceremony" and not "making a cuppa" or "summatime on tha porch" or "going to the coffee shop to listen to live, local music and do artsy things on my Mac".
Autor: Nikko Nikko
AutorAm I the only person that feels impatient and actually stressed by the ammount of time it takes to prepare a meager bowl of tea? I'm a disaster when I cook, I spill things, things fall down, but the end result is quick, fantastic and then i'm off to work...
Autor: Nihilanth Non Serviam
AutorBesides loving Japanese culture a lot
Im here now for Smaurai Jack's s5e7
Autor: Satoshi eswc
AutorSo sorry to see the tribal and primitive posts on this link. We all have one heritage. It is Africa, and only local conditions made any difference between any of us. Try reading some Darwin and gather understanding before you take pride in any of your genes.
Autor: William C. Weaver
AutorThis is so relaxing to watch. Thank you for not spoiling it by playing background music.
Autor: KekBo
AutorI've seen people at Dunkin Donuts move slower
Autor: TheJollyGreen
AutorWhy do all that I brew my teas the easy way takes less then 1 min for delicious tea and I use the ball leaf oolong
Autor: henry nguyen
AutorA beautiful tradition, thank you so much for sharing!
Autoryo bitch! make me some tea........ (2 hours later) >.> nevermind i'll have some water instead.
Autor: Kiet Rivers
AutorTo make the connection with China, you must trace the history of tea and tea ceremonies. But yes, while its origins can be traced back through Korea and China - (evolution or not) the Japanese Ceremony is truly original, in its "way" and incorporation of Japanese culture.
Autor: Wm Bu
AutorIt doesn't get on my nerves, it calmes them ;)
Autor: Gist432
Autor10 minutes to make a freaking tea. Don't you dare making fun of british people again ! Never.
Autor: John Tedonneraipasmonnom
AutorOCD Alert she spilt some water drops next to the bowl at , start again....
Autor: Fit For Life 101
AutorBeautiful demonstration of mindfulness.
Autor: James Romine
AutorI am very curious what kind of tea Japanese using in tea ceremony since Japan rarely have their own tea.
Autor: Frost Xue
AutorI'm here for Samurai Jack :p
Autor: Brechum
AutorWow, i feel like if i skip even one second, i commit a sin...haha
Autor: Justin Niece
AutorА я чайный пакетик по 2 разв завариваю
Autor: Alexey Ivanenkov
AutorYou think this is funny, but in feudal Japan a samurai would most likely take your head for making such a comment. Baka...
Autor: Brittany Kirchan
Autorcont. when served with saucers on a table the handles should be placed in the guests direction. the saucer should not be lifted by the guest and the cup should be placed back down between sips. if standing or sitting in a chair, hold the cup the with the dominant hand and the saucer with the other. it is held at waist height if not in use. all fingers should be on the handle of the cup. there are various other rules. the spoon should not touch the side of the cup when stirring as an example.
Autor: Neko Mata
AutorWas in Kamakura a couple of years ago and saw one ceremony live. It was so relaxing to watch. Love the attention to each movement.
Autor: Eric Thivierge
AutorYes "traditional" Korean tea ceremony with a MODERN thermos. Get real, get a life. Come back when you have a brain seeing as you missed the point of my comment.
Autor: James Wolfe
AutorHe was joking. Get the joke and laugh. I actually found it funny.
Autor: yanyanyanyan70
AutorSamurai Jack does it better!
Autor: Kavian
AutorJoseph needs to try this any time soon.
Autor: Xx Nightmare xX
AutorNo it's 43 dislikes from idiots that don't have the patience for much. And who'll probably amount to nothing in life.
Autor: James Wolfe
AutorThis is a very interesting japanese tradition
Autor: A
AutorI am sorry to view some of the Korean people's comments - I studied in Korea in the 70's and was amazed by the culture and people. I was received with peace there. I study, teach and practice Tea because of my heritage and my parents. It isn't about me, it's abut peace towards others, and a hope for world peace. I incorporate into my Ceremony many cultures. I respect all cultures.
Autor: Joy Mari Sato
AutorYou may use any of this video you want for educational purposes. Thank you for asking permission.
Autor: Don Goede
AutorIt was so fascinating and beautiful to watch the process of how they make the tea :D
Autor: Mystearicia
Autor: シャムネコ siamese cat
AutorHeck, I DO use it to fall asleep. The water pouring sound in particular.
Autor: crazedthoughts
AutorWhat is the difference between the two containers of water?
Autor: Machina
Autor: MeTaz
AutorI feel so peaceful after to watch this video... Thank you Japan to me feel so good.
Autor: FerTitanRBLX
Autor(takes sip) "This is terrible"
Autor: Andrew Ouellette
AutorI have to agree with the people who said this was like ASMR; I experienced that as well. Which is a pity really, because while I do realise that Japanese customs are very different from the West (e.g. slurping is a compliment) I don't think they would take too kindly to me falling asleep while they're making me a nice cuppa...
Autor: consciousmixture
AutorI remember watching this in 7th grade history and was as close to sleep as a butt cheek is to the other
Autor: Addie G
Autormeanwhile in america "puts lipton tea bag in hot water"
Autor: Fadi Khoury
AutorI can't believe I found this incredibly filmed ceremony 6 yrs ago and it still moves me!
Great notes: several camera angles
:Beautiful sunlight pouring in
: Fantastic SOUND (which really makes the while experience!)
:Love the non-verbal
:Inspire me to go to Japan to see ceremony in Kyoto, etc...
Culture is meant to be shared, we're all connected on our small planet!
Autor: Catherine Nagel
AutorThat large black thing had hot water in it, but that white container also had hot water? What's the difference between the two?
Autor: Eve1156
Autorso are you saying that because he is racist he is automatically less funny?
Autor: TheLordkorv
AutorSkip beat
Autor: Aaliyah Montgomery
AutorI love the juxtaposition of the wild random wind sounds and precise ordered tea making sounds
Autor: chronopup
AutorI dont get why people make fun of japanese culture all because they are different.
Autor: Razzberreh
AutorBeautiful, relaxing, and fascinating .
Autor: Luciana Borinato
AutorA beautiful chanoyu video. And so nice that is has the real sound. It seems all other videos need to put some music or bird noise over it. This is how it should be. Beautifully done. Very serene, very beautiful
Autor: AafkeArt
AutorThis is terrible
Autor: 강남훈
AutorWhat she’s actually thinking the whole time: “damn. My knees and wrists hurt🤬”
Autor: Airport Blue
AutorSnapping the teacloth is proof to the tea that you mean business.
Autor: Leia Ysonesse
AutorThis is for tourist. Meanwhile Japanese drink a cucumber taste green tea. Or sake. Warm or cold as you wish.
Autor: Dawid Warszawski
Autorwho else came from samurai Jack
Autor: Noah Nuñez
AutorInternet makes sarcasm and humor hard to appreciate. Based on your comment history, it appears you're genuinely being racist and xenophobic.
Autor: jkl6652
AutorJust disappear you ignorant "Nazi" - Christ, in the real Nazis they'd probably have beaten your head in for retarded intelligence. The Koreans have had a tradition with respect to drinking tea for centuries, almost as long if not longer than Japanese and Chinese. It is not as well known as either because not a lot of people care about Korea - unless it's about war, strife, etc. - compared to the antics of China and Japan.
Autor: James Wolfe
AutorMost ancient ASMR
Autor: August Hayek
AutorThis is terrible.
Autor: windows_x_seven
AutorWhat's the deal with the ridiculously sensitive mic? I couldn't even finish watching, the hum and constant little annoying sounds were too annoying. :/
Autor: Caleili Palquin
AutorBut was is “terrible”
Autor: Tomkanplay 2
AutorWatching this video I feel as you serve me with a cup of interior peace. I think this is the mean of the ceremony. So thank you very much for your kindness !
Autor: Titian Mitar
Autordude, u have a condition
Autor: JoséAlves
AutorThis is terrible. Yes , quite terrible. It has all the ingredients nessecary , but lacks the most important one.
Autor: xolbor
Autormust be frustrating during those times when all you want is a cuppa!. All jokes aside, i really enjoyed watching this. Thank you.
Autor: The Outback Tinker
AutorThis is Japanese traditional way to give guests a warm welcome hospitality. Her behavior looks so slow that it really gets on your nerves. but when you come to Japan, try tea ceremonies. You`ll be very impressed.
Autor: haikyo1989
AutorHoney, you took too long. NO TIP FOR YOU!!
Autor: Esteban Rincon
AutorI think she missed the step where you are supposed to invite the guests.
Autor: Brian McBee
AutorGive me chills seeing the level perfection in everything the japanese do, even something as small as tea.
Autor: CommissarKane
AutorHow many cups of tea would Western cultures have drunk before she ends? Well, anyway, thank you very much you helped a lot with my project!
Autor: RodgaRouge
Autorif you don't care about tea ceremony, why do you even bother watching this video, let alone leave sarcastic comment ? I don't give a fuck about gardening and cabin cooking, so what do I do ? I don't watch those videos and I don't leave any sarcastic comments, and i see that you are 48 year old geeser, LOL. I guess i should check out your videos and do the same now
Autor: Ken Smith
AutorShe is our middle school teacher..
Autor: thekmar10
AutorSamurai overreact though.
Autor: MoonlitVibe
AutorI would fall asleep before i get my cup of tea lol
Autor: Omnia Rawa
AutorI realise I'm being an ignorant douchebag by saying this but... Am I the only one thinking there is a slight touch of obsessive-compulsive disorder in this whole tea thing...?
Autor: dbarbala
AutorFor you see, drinking tea is a lot like a good marriage.
Autor: luccagiovani
Autor: 脳内アルゴリズム解析器
AutorThis is the ULTIMATE ASMR video...Im in heaven.
Autor: ZylerOdwn
AutorAnyone else come back here to confirm that what Jack did was correct or mostly correct?
Autor: Stonestream Dubs
Autor: yanchen's hoe
AutorProbably yes, but it was still funny :)
Autor: Omni
Autorif i was doing that, it would be water everywhere
Autor: AsenaKar
AutorTo all who are here because of asmr, i suggest samovar (Russian device to make tea) video from life of boris, it's very relaxing too
Autor: Aurelio Leon
AutorSuch utter beauty
Autor: spiralluv9797
AutorThis was my first ASMR video before I knew ASMR was a thing...
Autor: John McAndrews
Autor: MetalDart
AutorGarra Style!
Autor: Kendo Kiel
AutorThank the gods l don't have to wait for her to make my tea in the morning, it kills me just waiting for the kettle to boil. Got to love Japanese culture though.
Autor: Sandra Gilbert
AutorI have a few questions. Is this ceremony performed by a host for a guest, or can a guest volunteer to do so? Is this performed to make a single cup of tea, with the steps repeated for another cup, or can many cups of tea be made for multiple people and, if so, how do the steps vary for that scenario?
Autor: GasMaskTrenchCoat
Autor, she's gotta be great at giving hand jobs :)
Autor: Chris Lugo
AutorVery educational.
Autor: The Sinking Python
AutorSamurai Jack anyone?
Autor: Game Hunter
Autorignorant people like you would never understand the hidden meaning behind every single things
Autor: chiantee593
Autortea art ;-) you must wait
Autor: ShibuyaStation
Autor: IRP01
AutorAs for my heritage that's none of your business mongrel, even half blooded I can probably trace my pedigree further than you can.
Autor: James Wolfe
AutorGod bless Japan and Japanese people
Autor: Αξίας Αθηναίος
AutorThis is a very well made video of an Omotesenke Usucha temae. The tea bowl used I happen to recognize as they were made for the 25th anniversary of the founding of the California Shibu held in LA in 1995. Sen Sosa attended as well as creating the design and signing these bowls.
I guess I should add that there are two non-standard things done for this video.
Usually women do not snap their fukusa before purifying the chashaku at the beginning and she is using an Urasenke style chasen. Please do not think that either of these are "wrong". I mention this only for the sake of any Omotesenke students who may view this. As far as I know Omotesenke tea whisks are only available in Japan and cost $100-$200 while the white whisks can cost as little as $9. Omotesenke men always "snap" their fukusa when folding while most women do not at the above mentioned time.
This is really a very well done video that captures the essence of tea. However if this is interesting to you I suggest you search for opportunities near you as tea is meant to be a very personal and intimate experience for which "You Tube" is no substitute.
Autor: John Larissou
Autortwo spoons of the matcha. Isnt that too much? So strong tea
Autor: Marnix 23
AutorThe constant edit cutting from front to side was both annoying and distracting
Autor: 50 Shades of Shade
AutorThe skill of complete composure only raises the ire of those who don't have it. For me, there is more grace and poise expressed here than in any ballet I ever saw. Wa Dok
Autor: William C. Weaver
Autor Spam: visita il mio canale :)
Autor: JapaNapLessons
AutorWait what? Where's my cup of tea?
Autor: Sethor Thorinson
Autorlike when you bring crumpets :v
Autor: Wilmerson Pierre
AutorGreat to watch, shame it didnt have the ceremony for drinking it correctly. surely there is some etiquette for drinking the tea which has been made?
Autor: DeathJester1066
AutorIdk why but this is so fucking interesting to watch wtf
Autor: Hannah Lee
AutorVery interesting to see the ceremony. But to whoever directed the video - far too many camera angles! The side and front view were plenty!
Autor: westwardsongs
AutorEntire thing triggers ASMR.
Autor: Zero Tolerance
AutorSimply wonderful!
Autor: Glenn Titmus
AutorAren't these ceremonies extremely expensive to attend
Autor: liefek
AutorThe native american and asian cultures i have the deepest respects for, they hold such piece and calmness in their way of life it is unreal, and seem to be completely one with nature, and or 'truth', if there is one..
Autor: Why are we here?
AutorCan't believe I'm saying this, but what I found extremely fascinating was the ever so slight difference in sound the 2 temperatures of water make when poured into the bowl. It's very subtle, but there is a difference!
Autor: ohsosmooth01
AutorDoes CROM enjoy a cup of tea? That certainly isn't very manly.
Autor: Rasil0n
AutorI googled "Tea Ceremony" expecting an ASMR paradise. This one delivered best. Well filmed, crisp but unobtrusive audio, and a relaxing delight. Thank You.
Autor: The Cardinal_
Autorit is amazing the Japonese tea ceremony and I send my blessing and greeting to Nippon relatives from Hungary!
Autor: Attila Ambrus
AutorI just watched The Karate Kid II. I forgotten back in the 80s I wanted to actually see it done for real. thank you for the show
Autor: nekkomeowz
Autor10 years old? I remeber when this video had like 200 wiews
Autor: The Global Network
AutorIs this omotesenke? Haven't really seen people snap fukusa like this while folding in in urasenke
Autor: BlackLapis
AutorI'm interested in this, I'd like to try it out one day. But what if you don't bow all the way to the ground? I'm not allowed to because of religious purposes, but I can still do a half bow, is that still acceptable? Or will that be considered rude?
Autor: Tariq Elsaid
AutorHoly hell this is relaxing. Now I want tea.
Autor: TheTsar1918
AutorShe looks like she is masturbating that bowl
Autor: Dylan Egan
AutorI'm not saying the Japanese tea ceremony originated from China. I'm saying that Chinese tea preparation is almost the same length, nothing else. Relaxation for Chinese and meditation for Japanese. I was giving it to the original poster in Western terms for easier under standing. I know what wabi sabi is. I've taken Japanese history and culture courses.
Autor: JDN
AutorI have always wondered, what is the point of the tea ceremony? Anyone?
Autor: Krystle Canales
AutorI can't help but comment. I am half Japanese and had the favor of watching my grandmother do a proper Japanese tea ceremony many times. I routinely drink green tea in the USA and it is quite literally as simple as shoving a tea bag in a cup of hot water in European "tea ceremonies". I have no idea if you walk around the kitchen singing to your tea while you wait for it to steep, but the fact you think European based tea making is even worthy of a "ceremony" makes me wonder at your sanity.
Autor: James Wolfe
AutorJoy is a gifted woman and I have gotten to experience this ceremony many times at Koken and having her as guest presenter at the library were I work. I'm also studying this amazingly, beautiful ceremony.
Autor: Robin Hohn
AutorBah. Everyone's experience is different. If he can find something erotic about this, good for him.
Autor: liquidmoxi77
AutorI saw today in real life
Autor: Sophia
AutorWho else came here after watching Samurai Jack make tea
Autor: eric eguia
AutorWhich are you an Asian or Westerner? Korea does NOT have such a "traditional" tea ceremony cos Korean people in the past didn't have custom of drinking tea
Autor: NaziShepherd
AutorCould someone please tell me how to get all the items needed for this type of ceremony? I'd like to teach it to some students as we study other cultures.
Autor: Charley Tucker
AutorI was brought here by Samurai Jack
Autor: Armand Castro
AutorI love tea and Japan.
Autor: neonia hazelwood
AutorI jump every time that cloth snaps
Autor: frtard
AutorSamurai jack brought me here
Autor: Natasha Newwonders
Autorproud to be human
Autor: Keivan Tayeb
Autor: 大澤蒔央
AutorThey skipped the part where she shouts "Who wants tea!!!" then a pug dog dressed as a sumo wrestler rushes in and laps up the tea...sublime
Autor: Sergio Lobato
AutorI find this video extremely relaxing 
Autor: 芥川賞光
AutorTrump is president and people feel an animated character performs a better tea ceremony. In the immortal words of Laozi." Fuck You."
Autor: BlackTongue BodyShop
Autor: Michele McCarthy
AutorI saw a tea ceremony live. the whole room was so quiet and the atmosphere was amazing. It was probably a once in a lifetime happening, so I'm very glad I got the chance to see this.
Autor: Flowlee
AutorDoes anyone know where one can learn the ceremony?
Autor: Ezra Melchor
AutorYou speak Japanese FLUENTLY? What? LOL Don't make me laugh, LIAR!
Autor: NaziShepherd
AutorVery nice. Urasenke? And where is Koken?
Autor: James Fichera
AutorToo bad it's over terrible looking laminate floors to me and the dripping of water on it should never have done. I also didn't like the her sleeves of kimono is dragging the floors. So many things were different from Japan's standard. But very beautiful and calm. Thank you! Still needs lots of improvement. 
Autor: Sandy Saijo
AutorWhen ever I feel stressed out I always come back to this video, love it to bits <3
Autor: Viktorija P.
AutorMesmerised... she is an artist.
Autor: Toby Brunt
Autor: Roberto Montebello Documentarista
AutorI had found this awesome video way back in the beginning & decided to revisit. So glad it's still available. THANK YOU for posting. It's one of the only Tea Ceremony vids that has everything line up...the Sun, the solitude, the patience..the SOUND is everything! How sad that comments on here are so ignorant of an ancient ritual. Even tho this is filmed in CO, these Japanese arts are dying out...absorb some beautiful healing culture before it's gone.
Autor: Catherine Nagel
Autorsorry about that. i just can't understand some people who watch videos that they don't have to watch and complain about them.
Autor: Ken Smith
AutorKarate Kid 2 has a Tea ceremony that tops them All.
Autor: Jo Bckts
AutorPeace is at the heart of the tea ceremony. I don't see a lot of peace in the comments.
Autor: Nathan Alfred
AutorAs long as my misses doesn't put the milk in with the Tea bag, I'm happy. This is next level brew making.
Autor: Pilgrim2501
AutorWhat a whole lot of pointless shit for just a cup of coffee.
Autor: Azitock
AutorI think you are right but OCD has a right to their art as much as the disorganized types. Think of it maybe as ceremony? Some ceremonies are long and difficult and other fast and furious!
Autor: Don Goede
AutorNo, He's speaking full on Japanese. For example, I can type something in Chinese: 你好!你好吗? (Hello! How are you?) However, you're right in the sense that he doesn't need to treat the human race like dumb sacks of potatoes just because they say something abot their culture. T_T
Autor: Yello
Autoranyone can speak ANY language online because there's google translate. You gave yourself away by going a *little* over the top. j/s
Autor: C.A Cary
AutorI Love n Miss You ~ May the Sacred stay Sacred this I pray...You are Sacred to Me <3
Autor: Allie Bear
Autor: Trung Thong Do
AutorMaybe it's different in person, but I don't really get how this is at all relaxing. It made me fidget just watching. I jumped every time she snapped that cloth!
Autor: I've Been Framed
AutorWhole video I was patiently waiting her to drink it.
Autor: Geeky Panda
AutorO Cha Kaksama!
Autor: muntaser barsoom
Autormonk drinks tea "This is terrible . . ."
Autor: Althemastermind
AutorI love the show of the elements and the power they give to the ceremony. The wind prayer was beautiful and I love the water blessing on both the cup and the earthen pot at the end. What a wonderful artist. Thank you for sharing this ancient skill. May I one day know such calm grace over a cup of tea! xxxooo
Autor: Estha McNevin
AutorWhat a long but interesting way too make a simple cup of Tea, hmm, but it is relaxing though :) this can put you too Sleep.
Autor: Anthony Shunnarah
Autor"I AM A ZAPANESE!" Right? ^^ You are Korean
Autor: NaziShepherd
AutorI bet the creators of samurai jack watched this for season 5
Autor: Anthony
AutorI have a feeling that the person that created this ceremony just wanted to fuck with people, and see how long they could make it. lol
AutorThat was beautiful. I also have to say, I am highly impressed with how accurate Samurai Jack was with this. I would have loved if they had animated every important motion but sadly they were on a strict schedule.
Autor: lunerlilly
AutorWatched several times. Pick up something new almost each time.
Autor: William C. Weaver
Autor↓"James Wolfe"から来た日本語のメッセージ ↓This is a message in JAPANESE from "James Wolfe" >人間として、私は動物と話すことを拒否する。 >それはあなたです。 こいつ、絶対に日本人じゃないでしょ i'm fuckin sure he's NOT JAPANESE!
Autor: NaziShepherd
AutorI hope they have very long breaks in Japan. You'd wait in line for 3 days at StarrookuBuksans.
Autor: Chris Reich
Autorbecause we are learning about the tea ceremony
Autor: John Buckley
AutorWhy would ms.guckenberger give this for homework??
Autor: thekmar10
Autor9 minute to make a tea. seems legit
Autor: Sloth Aussie
Autorhahahaha omg u guys...
Autor: Lulu Tian
Autorwhy is this done on the floor?
Autor: Max ime

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