Totoro Bento Box Tutorial トトロキャラ弁のつくりかた

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Autorthis is really good!!!
Autor: Mei Mei Gaetz
Autoryou are really crafty
Autor: Aisha Malika
AutorKawaii desu ne!!!!
Autor: Lilli Arvidsson
Autor: ほゆ ほゆ
Autor: あんぱんまんくりーむ
AutorYum AWESOME <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<3
Autor: Emily Forcetwo
AutorDid you guys notice that the video is mins?
Autor: Sippin Peaches
AutorI just got my Rilakuma bento box in the mail and this is what I am doing first!!!! I can't have rice so I will do the mini Totoro! thanks SOOO much for sharing!
Autor: Sierra Buckingham
AutorThe picture of to it is so freaky
Autor: SEBASTIAN291031
Autorif you take it to school can you make it the evening before or does it dry out 
Autorbest ever
Autor: WallysaurRex
Autori made the blue egg totoro and for the big black totoro, i was lazy to crush the black sesame seeds so i put food coloring instead :) it turned out very cute and tasty! thank you for sharing :D it was a big success!
Autor: fontanatam
AutorPlz make little pet shop bento box :)
Autor: Don't Do drugs
AutorNyaaaaaan.... Beautiful and delicious! <3
Autor: S. A. A. M.
Autor: Lauren Chang
Autorkawaii i wanna make that!!! but you pronounced totoro wrong.
Autor: Kalinda Miller
AutorYou are so creative!! Thanks for the inspiring video and i would never eat up a cute bento like this hahaha
Autor: Anson Ming
AutorWhere did you buy your lunch box?
Autor: Cookie Rawrz
Autori haz the totoro batterypack :)
Autor: Winter Gamer
Autor: Cdelosful
Autormy fav movie to
Autor: sarah mccormack
AutorI like that you don't use food coloring because I HATE food coloring
Autor: Sophia Alicea
AutorIt's so cute !
And looks easy ^^ (tell me it's easy please XD) you use just food, no coloring or other things... BRAVO ^^
I love the blue totoro !
Autor: Fuhen
Autoris there an alternative i could use for the mushroom part of the "acorn"?? i love the vid so much but i cant stand mushrooms
Autor: Victoria herbel
AutorYou just got a subscriber cuz I love totoro
Autor: dallas D.blood
AutorHow do you get blue dye from Purple cabbage?
Autor: Brooke Katz
Autor: Vannie Ng
Autor: えまめあり
Autor: Akise Aru
Autorthe use of straws are genius
Autor: thnwgrl
AutorI love that you don't use food coloring xD
Autor: Angelica Cano
AutorPlease do a Hamtaro bento.
Autor: Karley Hanson
AutorHappy, happy! I love it!
Autor: TuckerSP2011
AutorOh wow that is so cute!
Autor: *Braelia*
Autorso cute!
thank you!
Autor: GaaraJunkie
Autor: たいへんよくできました。
Autorすごい!どうやって卵を青くするのかと思ったらこうやるんですね。 しかし卵をカットするのは難しそう。切り過ぎて黄身の断面が出てしまったりとかいう失敗もあるのかな?
Autor: atashi shinbun
Autorsoy la unica que creyo que era en español ¿si?
ok =(
Autor: Dangori Mel
AutorDoes it taste good?
Autor: Abby Who?
AutorHi. I want to ask that so you eat the food that is cold or you microwave it before serving?? Because from the morning to lunch it will take 3-4 hours, so the food will be cold
Autor: Thuy Le
AutorAww ;-;
Autor: Ulinuu
Autorawwwwww! Its sooo cute ^)
Autor: Emi Jiménez
Autor: alethieas
AutorWhat about something from Fairytail, like Happy? I have a little brother who is a big fan, and would like to know how to make him a Fairytail themed bento box.
Autor: Kurage Tankyū-sha
Autoromg!!!! I love it actually im not a big fans of totoro but after watched your video I wanna make one for my son he should be happy <3 ^^ thanks for sharing ! have a great day !
Autor: Imen Ng
AutorWonder if cheese and rice go together
Autor: lorkshun
AutorThat's gorgeus °u°
Autor: Luckey Wlas
Autorme gusto como lo hiciste
Autor: yamilet palma
Autori love hou you dont use a bunch of expensive unensils, as a college student i cant afford them
Autor: Mitty
AutorI like the mini totoro.
Autor: Mailynn Le
Autorso cute Totoro♥
Autor: 긤쟁E
AutorI love Naruto shippudin and I know many others do too ^-^ can you make a Naruto themed one? Or a fruits basket one?
Autor: Mandy Morsicato
Autorwhat's the music? please reply
Autor: sehun's bunny
AutorI like how you use ingredients and tools that are easily accessible! Thanks for sharing
Autor: gettinjiggae
AutorI love that you don't waste food. love your work :)
Autor: Emily Acosta
Autorlooks at how long the video is heHEhehehHeheheeh
Autor: Jolene Williams
Autor: Antonia Dragongirl
Autorkawaii :) Mini-san!
Autor: nicole crispin
AutorThanks so much for this. My husband is a Totoro fan and at the moment, I don't have money for cute bento accessories like cutters or picks, but now I know I can make him a little Totoro egg so his work dinner will be cute. :)
Autor: Kacey Anderson
AutorWhat kind of rice It is!??
Autor: Justin kume
AutorI love how she doesn't use food coloring and that this is 100% natural
Autor: chau huynhie
AutorCan you do a hello kitty bento box to and like this comment if you agree
Autor: Puppylove9912
AutorI love totoro! :d
Autor: LeelanyM
AutorYour works are amazing! Big totoro doesnt look that hard to make, maybe ill even try to do him myself!
Autor: Michael K
AutorAwwww so cute :3
Autor: Karin La Galleta
AutorLooks so good my stomach rumbling
Autor: Lieutenant_Number_5 ________
AutorSooooo cute
Autor: Rabbit
AutorSuper Super Super!!!!! [email protected][email protected]=
Autor: Ludvig Larson
Autor: Ольга Папсуева
Autorso cute!😉
Autor: Sih-Syuan Liao
Autor: キャンディ-
AutorCan you do charabens that adult would like? For example like.. LV pattern or Burberry patterned bento box. I'm pretty sure Native Japanese ladies will go crazy with those charben or should I call them....logoben?
Autor: sheeplvl1
AutorIt's easier to make than I thought! It's so cute!
Autor: Marli Cruz
Autor: あいチャンネル
AutorYou are so creative!!!! I am inspired by you to make this 😋😆😀
Autor: Foxy Girl9504
Autor: Bianca Aletti
Autor: 愛凛
Autor You should totally make a molang bento tutorial!
Autor: Kate An
AutorWhen I saw this I said OMG out loud 😂
Autor: Lowoen
Autoris there any way to make a kyo, yuki, and shigure (animal form) from from fruits basket into a bento
Autor: Angela Lopez
Autorso cute love that movie too
Autor: Kawaii Girl
AutorAre u American
Autor: Miranda Ortega
AutorI just got some bento boxes today, and I am so making cute food designs like this for it. :3   This one would be a great birthday present for one of my friends since she likes Totoro.
Autor: StrawbarryFreak101
Autor: SEBASTIAN291031
Autor: corduroy99
AutorOmg -
Autor: anon RsPker
Autor: Meeping
AutorI got really hungry watching this :P
Autor: Kek himself
AutorPlease do a hatsune miku bento please
Autor: Sophia Alicea
AutorGreat video!
Autor: DarkAngelCupcake
AutorAWESOME!!! I'd like to see you do Pokemon. There's plenty of them to go around...Maybe if you can fit all the evolution forms of jigglypuff.
Autor: Chibi*Ai
AutorThank you sooo much!!! I’m so gonna do this! :P xx
Autor: Brittany Lee
Autorthese are so adorable i want to have kids just so i can make these for them!
Autor: Jay Jackson-White
Autor: 心音/colon
Autor: Love Expert
AutorStupid question, but when you boiled the egg in the cabbage color, had you already removed the outside of the egg? Once again, stupid question, but I really don't wanna screw this up ;w;
Autor: Keo
Autorsooo cute I am a big fan of totro now I want to make this!!!
Autor: Valeria Galindo
AutorU r so talented^^
Autor: Kay
Autor: Sky Blue
Autorhmmm, i don't know if eating raw spaghetti is any good......... plus its really brittle.
Autor: Witch Sandwich
AutorTuyệt voi
Autor: trong hao Nguyen
AutorThis is too cute to be consumed ><
Autor: Charmian Hon
AutorYou can also use uncooked straight noodles (like spaghetti) instead of a toothpick, so the whole thing is edible that way :D
Autor: The 33rd Bit
AutorWe are pop candy~
Autor: happy lappy
AutorDear Minicuteclub, I'm from America and I must ask does seaweed taste good?
Autor: xX_Static_ Dynamic_Xx
Autorplease in Spanish . what you put on rice was pepper ?
Autor: Melody Aceves
AutorSo cute
Autor: Grease
AutorYou are so creative, thank you for showing the tutorial!
Autor: NZemerald1
AutorInstruction are to vague I got my dick stuck in a fan again
Autor: Adrian Cervantes
Autori love that movie
Autor: fairy tail
Autori loved the idea of the blue egg :D
Autor: JOANAneko chan
AutorCould you keep this in a fridge overnight? Im thinking about doing this for a school lunch but I would have to do it the day before
Autor: Para Hive
AutorOMG It's So Kawaii! I love your videos <3
Autor: Angie Hernandez
Autor: みぃちゃんウサギ乃
AutorI will love to make this for my school lunch! <3
Autor: Cecy Gutierrez
AutorIt's pronounced toe-toe- row
Autor: Thao Lam
AutorBest Totoro tutorial I have seen so far! Really great and creative! I'll try it make one to my little sister. She loves Totoro :D
Autor: Baltoen
Autor幸香ちゃん、ごはんに定規📏は、どうだろか~🌠 🌮
Autor: kazuchiki rinzu
Autorhi, love it. I love how you made the egg with nature products and easy tools which everyone can have it. I starting to make Bento for my son since last July and I bought a lot of tools. I sometime that too much??..... anyway keep do it. I love you how to.
Autor: HawaiiFrangipani
AutorMy local supermarket ran out of sesame seeds, is there any substitute for that?
Autor: s a r a
AutorThose are hot dogs
Autor: beewew
Autorcould you please make susuwatari
Autor: peace tribe
AutorI didn't know that you could use red cabbage to make blue food coloring. Very interesting. Mini blue is definitely my favorite. Thanks for the fun video!
Autor: MN KT
AutorHow about a salor moon theam bento
Autor: Tova Napell
AutorI'd do this for school every day, if I wasn't so lazy.
Autor: iiSushistiel
AutorCould you do more videos?
Autor: janet yu
AutorI live in Rassia , but I like you vidio. You vidio is good!
Autor: Ксения Широких
AutorLindo. Videi
Autor: 방탄아미
Autorsooo cute
Autor: anime.freak
AutorOh mY god you're so creative :)
Autor: Hanh Le
Autori love bento boxs, sadly ive never made one. they are just too cute to eat lol
Autor: RedLadyBug U
AutorWah, franchement, c'est super ! Et tes idées avec les ingrédients sont très bonnes :).
J'aime bien le bleu de l'oeuf, c'est original.
Autor: Si Ssi
AutorI'm definitely adding this one to my list of bento projects 👌
Autor: Josie Sargent
AutorI love your vids.
Autor: Leng Sing
Autorjust a suggestion: you should use spaghetti sticks in replace of toothpicks ~ bc u can eat the whole thing :D
Autor: Vivian To
AutorCute♥I saw your comment at cooking with dog channel,so I come to visit your channel😃
Autor: 無神千晃
AutorOmg, SO CUTE!!! *-* //Swedeeen~~~
Autor: Robin N. Sjödin
Autor: Brianna.official_
Autor: kita Ti
AutorSo Adorable yay. U have a .You just made a sub can wait what u do next for a New year's to come :)
Autor: Yoki Oni
AutorI made a kawaii cat sleeping bento once. IT WAS SO CUTE
Autor: Periwinkle Plant
AutorSOOOOOO cuuuuuute!
Autor: Marie's Kawaii World
AutorSO kawaii! My sis got me a totoro bento with totoro on it! I must do this for school!
Autor: maemeebee
AutorI don't really like cheese so what else could I use instead of cheese to make the eyes and chest
Autor: DangThatsANiceCupofTea
AutorA shame I can't put ♥ instead a like! XD
Autor: Kodama Kaonashi
AutorWe are pop candy!!
Autor: MrMrCheeseball
Autorkawaaii desu ne<3 n.n
Autor: Yhatzara Luna
Autor: Dalia Konieczny
Autorかわいい! But I think if I made this then I wouldn't want to eat it cause it's so super cute!
Autor: Moon 40
AutorThis is totally adorable!  This would make a great meal to take to a day at the zoo!  Thank you for sharing your craftiness
Autor: Mary Marks
Autorso cute!
Autor: Alan Luong
AutorWhere can you find quail eggs
Autor: AntDies Alone
AutorCan you please do a Benito box based on the anime hetalia :3
Autor: attack on Anime
AutorThx I love Totoro!!!!
Autor: reajuan789
AutorI was hungry through this entire video! Yummm
Autor: LexisNacole
AutorHow lovely! Totoro is one of my favorite characters ever!! Idk how many times i've seen the movie ^^
 and I love the idea of using natural ingredients for colors <3
Autor: Sarah A.
AutorI want to eat it
Autor: janet yu
AutorKya~ the music. Cx It's Pop candy by Hatsune Miku. :3
Autor: World Of Blue
AutorMe: hay mom can u make me this shows phone
Mom: what are u crazy , first were Mexican and we have none of that Crap second u know for a fact your not goona eat that healthy Crap
Me: sniffle okay (goes to room)
Autor: {Rëvër§ë}
AutorDoes really somebody take things likr that in School? Because it takes so much time
Autor: Jettina *
Autor真的好可愛 >_<
Autor: XiWang Zhou
AutorWOW!! This TOTORO BENTO is very Kawaii!!
Autor: GGOcchan
AutorWhat's the title of the song? I really forgot!
Autor: Terence Baldivia
AutorI was singing along to the bgm the whole time 😂
Autor: They did surgery on a grape
Autor: Mint Gamer
AutorPlz make little pet shop bento box :)
Autor: Don't Do drugs
AutorWhat's the song called and who is it by?
Autor: Leo Roberts
AutorAwesome!! O You've got really good ideas! :DD
Autor: PandaKuma333
Autorwouldnt it also work.. if you wanna make blue rice.. boil the red cabbage till the watrs all nice and blue.. and use that blue water to make rice? O3O would the rice come out blue too?
Autor: ZhenShenGeisha
AutorDo mamegoma bento!
Autor: xoxo.Nina
Autor: SoMuchWatermelon
AutorCan u make and Sonic the hedgehog bento with Amy Rose or Shadow the hedgehog
Autor: Courtnie Bagby
Autorso cute! I love the blue Totoro!
Autor: Queenie Goldstein
Autoryour very talented but im not going to sub sorry i will watch them sometimes but not all the time so it would be like a waste sub
Autor: Lillith
AutorI don't like how she says Totoro.
Autor: Celia
Autor: Kinino Duy
AutorThat was amazing!
Autor: TheGryfonclaw
AutorVery good at free hand cutting.
Autor: Tip Aly
AutorIt is very cute ^^
Autor: Aïko C
AutorAcne pimples shattered my entire life for countless years. I used to hide away because of the problem. I used each and every nuts theory around. It didn’t fade. Finally I stumbled on the Acne Executioner web page (Google it) and I’d at long last learned something which was effective. I enjoy looking at myself in the mirror these days.
Autor: ramesh sht
Autor: Head Shot
AutorI came here from 9GAG and oh my god, it's so freaking cute :-o
Autor: アンケAnke
AutorI died from cuteness overdose like 10 times watching this
Autor: annie b
Autori'm hungry.
Autor: Schämsson Sam
AutorThis is the best totoro demo I've seen, and I've been searching for a few hours! Thanks! Now I know what I'm making for my anniversary bento box. 
Autor: Briana Mask
AutorThis is so creative!!! Especially with the blue egg!
Autor: Naronaxie
AutorMy Japanese teacher showed this video to the class
Autor: Wabi Sabi
AutorI put spaghetti straws in the acorns, sometimes it slips out but it's good for holding together, just make sure not to shake ur bento box
Autor: milo
AutorAdorable! Love it :) And I love that the dye is natural.
Autor: nothingtoseehere
Autorthis is so clever!!! :)
Autor: nacht98
AutorI love that you don't use food coloring. Thank you!
Autor: Young Immersion Japanese
Autorcomo se llama la musica de fondo?💕😝
Autor: Vane Andrea n.n
AutorThis is so cute! I so wanna try making this!
Autor: Cassie Schwing
Autoromg yass i love totoro
Autor: rianti 2016
Autor: ダスメリオ
AutorI have that bento box!!!!
Autor: Ella Henderson
AutorOh, my goodness. I really should have a better humor than to laugh at that last part but sadly, my humor is just that low xD Sorry xD
Autor: avernion
Autor: bigeyesxx
AutorThis is freaking awesome!
Is this an idea from your own? Ahh doesn`t matter. It's absolutely cool!
Autor: Ann R.

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