Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #5

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AutorOkay but there are actually people out there who hate John Krasinski? Like how? My baby, he looked so sad. He needs a hug
Autor: Smalla than A bug
AutorI can recognize Nick Offermans voice anywhere
Autor: jka 121
AutorWho else only clicked on the video for Jim Halpert (John krasinski)
Autor: ElephartVirtuosity
AutorOkay but the Bruce Willis one was actually really good
Autor: clockwork red
AutorGlad to see my tweet on TV
Autor: Hsini Oussama
AutorI'm an ass with a purpass
Autor: AjGuerrero @gmail.com
AutorKeven james is the king of comedy he is the 20th century jon candy
Autor: graham peebles
AutorSo nobody is gonna talk about the depressing music in the background?
Autor: Savage Meme
AutorI wanted to give John Krasinski a hug! His face was so sad ♥️
Autor: Tearsa Bryan
Autorwhat's the name of the song?
Autor: will goodwin
AutorWtf is that supposed to be a cannabis plant at . Is it in other videos? Never noticed it.
Autor: Ali Rashid
AutorMark Ruffalo lmao
Autor: John Monks
AutorJulia Louis-Dreyfus LOL!!!
Autor: RSG simslover
AutorSo, these are pre-written and then tweeted by people with rando twitter accounts that work for the show.
Autor: PostHawk
Autor: Audrey Manfredi
AutorThe one about Kevin Bacon was definitely someone from England who got sick of seeing him on EE ads😂😂😂
Autor: Sami Smidah
AutorWhy would you hate John Krasinski??? Just...why?
Autor: Crying_In_A_Cool_Way
AutorStop those f*cking fake laughs for god sake!
Autor: lil Fish
AutorMean tweets is my new favorite 🐈🐈🐈🐈
Autor: umesh singh
Autor How can you hate Kevin Bacon?
Autor: Robert Downey Jr.
AutorWe've done it, we got Amy Pholer and John Krasinski in a video Together
Autor: Jewel Mine
AutorWho dared made fun of John Krasinski? I can find you
Autor: dorourke105
AutorAaron Paul my sweet babyyy
Autor: Zeynep Nur
AutorThey made John cry DX
Autor: Grimm Lover
AutorReally? I think John Krasinski is really handsome.
Autor: Petec23
Autor"I hate you John Krasinski."
Pouts into the camera
Autor: Delvy
AutorOmg john krazinski 😭😭 he looked so sad
Autor: Julia Isaac
AutorSame music from mall cop 1
Autor: Itstehmateo
AutorWho could possibly hate John krasinski?!?!? He is soooo likeable what's not to like??
Autor: Reba Galva
Autor: The Musicmaster107
Autor: Park Chaeyoung
AutorI’ve watched every episode of Seinfeld and when the hell do they eat pickles ??? 🤷🏾‍♂️
Autor: Cameron Thomas
Autor: Bloomiederp
AutorLarry David
Autor: Girls
AutorHow could you say that about John 💔
Autor: moll horan
AutorAmy does survived a nuclear blast
Autor: Ravan kumar
Autorhahaha. this is SO funny
Autor: Gabrielle Taillon
Autori will fight whoever talks about john krasinski
Autor: cenaria.
Autor Trueeee!!!! 😂😂😂
Autor: NeChY BOI
AutorKevin Bacon definitely is the center of the universe!!!
And it has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that I am connected to him by 6 degrees!
Autor: Peleg
Autor2 from parks and rec
Autor: Rip XXXtentacion
AutorJohn Krasinski looks so sad it actually hurts. He didn't even know tweets could be mean. :( AND HOW CAN YOU HATE THE MOST CHILL HULK!!!!
Autor: Victoria Tassone
Autorwe live in a world were people hate John Krasinski...

Autor: Dot.
Autor: Baylee Parrott
Why'd they have to come for Julia Dreyfus so hard
Autor: Fuтuяе Sтяаиge
AutorI loved Julia’s reaction 😅
Autor: Raquel Tavares Moura
AutorWhy are people so obsessed with John Krasinski!? Is the office really that good?
Autor: Maaz Parvez
AutorJohn you are 6’11 and you weigh 90 pounds. Gumby has a better body then you. Boom Roasted
Autor: Maxzzz
Autor: Stop Deonna
AutorNot on mark ruffalo I feel so bad about mark ruffalo he is the best 🙏
Autor: Rana Saleem
Autor you could tell he was hurt T-T
Autor: Gacha Videos
AutorI only watch this for John krasinki's reaction
Autor: Sourin Basu
AutorI don't like this talk show but mean tweets is always funny.
Autor: Azriux Surana
AutorKevin James was the best one
Autor: matthew grant
AutorOk, but are we gonna ignore the fact that these celebrities have some old ass phones?
Autor: Paco Supreme
Autor aww he so cut he look like baby ...... with beard LOL
Autor: Cresent Wolf
AutorI felt bad for the first guy.
Autor: Viewer
AutorJulia's reaction is the best!! haha
Autor: Mauricio Sángari
Autor🇩🇰看美女露点小视频➕微信girL6393🇩🇰发挥风格反反复复t ghi
Autor: five Quort
AutorAmerican pie are the best 8 movies of all time.
Autor: Sam Gautreau
AutorTF you say to ron
AutorThe way john stared at the camera reminded me of the office
Autor: jiny han
AutorHow can someone hurt my baby John krasinski
Autor: Rena Rigney
Autor: Nils Axel Ragnwaldh
AutorDoug Heffernan can do whatever he wants
Autor: michael jordan
AutorDwight went a little too far with that tweet.
Autor: DeathFromBelow 11
AutorI miss Kevin bacon 😭😭
Autor: spicydank
AutorWe love you John krasinski❤️😕
Autor: M Harrington
Autorcan we protect John pls he’s so precious
Autor: Skrtskrt Oof
AutorLove the background music though!
Autor: Kunga Rangrick
AutorWhy do humans hate John krasisnki (sorry I spelled that wrong)
Autor: Taylor’s Show
AutorYassss Larry David tell that troll
Autor: June Jade Leota
AutorOmg why would anyone say that about John Krasinski. It made me feel even worse when he made that face.
Autor: Rebecca
AutorThat last one made me laugh.
Autor: gxfan039
Autor yah kidding me, mall cop was amazing, there should be a campaign for kevin to make more movies
Autor: PrimeAlexandra
AutorI love how all the comments are about John
Autor: Shae Norris
AutorJohn Krasinski is a badass!
Autor: Rouge one
AutorThey laugh at the white people jokes. They don't know that those who write this are actually racist and want to genocide white people .
Autor: BrianVoid
Autor: The Winchester
AutorDisliking John Krasinski gets you an automatic ticket to the bad place
Autor: phoenix 1018
AutorI’d donate to that Kevin James kickstarter
Autor: nohomers100
Autor: Hungary
Autorawwwe john’s reaction
Autor: Ava Gundrum
AutorWhen I saw john, I cried. Nono
Autor: Nadia Daniella
AutorI didn’t used to think Larry David was a real person. I thought it was Chevy Chase with a bald cap...
Autor: iamsheep
AutorThe Hank one is so true lmao I just noticed
Autor: De Freitas Fernando
AutorI wanna hug my boo <3
Autor: viggu3 x epsilon
AutorMclavin will be he's nickname for the rest of his life lol
Autor: Royce Verus
AutorJohn better have been fake tearing up because if not someone better prepare to get tortured
Autor: Spirit Miesner
AutorI love how that john krazinky guy reads his mean tweet in a kermit the frog voice.
Autor: Aaron Ruesch
Autor: Rebecca
AutorWhy does kevin james look so much like dj khaled?
Autor: Nicola Bevacqua
AutorRon Swanson knows what he’s about, son.
Autor: Afreen
Autor SAVAGE! 🔥
Autor: Nerdus Maximus
AutorAW JOHN :(
Autor: sav
AutorJohn 😭😭😭😭
Autor: Lizzie Robertson
AutorI love John krasinski 💕💕💕
Autor: Marissa Donovan
AutorBack when Jimmy Kimmel actually did stuff on his show and was funny.
Autor: Becky Swonger
AutorJohn Crananski, seriously?
Autor: Raj Roy
Autorwhy is the background the same rem song
Autor: Scenic
AutorJohn Krasinski ‘s face is lovable
Autor: Ruby Ling
AutorJohn Krasinski is the best!! Love ya Jim! Watching the Office and now sobbing
Autor: Emily Tressler
AutorDont pick on John Krasinski, he is a good looking fella and a really good actor as well!!
Autor: C MayR
AutorThat first tweet was from Karen Filipeli no doubt
Autor: Ish
AutorNot to be mean but Chris o donell dose have a potato face
Autor: Austin Foust
AutorLarry David doing Larry David things. 😂
Autor: Saad Ahsan
AutorJLD had to put on reading glasses to read 1 sentence? That's a mean tweet waiting to be written.
Autor: David R
Autoras if these are actually mean ;)
Autor: ashton r.
AutorHow can you say anything bad about mark ruffalo??!!
Autor: srilaxmi donthineni
AutorNo one hates on mark ruffalo
Autor: Crafting Crazy
AutorLouis Tomlinson could be Kevin Bacon’s son
Autor: Madi
Autorthe Chris Odonnell one is true.
Autor: mack cummy
AutorLarry David’s reaction kills me
Autor: Max Wasserman
AutorIt was probably Dwight
Autor: Jose Flores
AutorI think Kevin Bacon resembles Tom Brady
Autor: I'll Be In The Car
AutorCelebrities reading Mean Tweets. The only good thing that comes from Jimmy Kimmel
Autor: Lili
Autor: Sophia Castellino
Autoruncultured swine😬
Autor: J rkpb
Autori wanted to climb through the screen and give a hug to john
Autor: ashley
Autoraw john looks sad
Autor: connie han
AutorClicked on it for jim
AutorDennis quaid still looks good
Autor: Tony Nguyen
AutorI did not send that tweet to John. That would be very unprofessional of me.
Autor: Eve Joyce
Autorhow can one hate on john krasinski? i don’t understand
Autor: Janelle Greene
AutorWhy would anyone hate any of these guys? I'm shocked
Autor: Shruti N
AutorWtf ? Mc Loving has wierd eyes.
He doesnt look real😂
Autor: Micah Bell
AutorAmy Poehler does look like a ghoul...
Autor: Evil Hanz
AutorKrasinski made me sad
Autor: HVYContent
Autoris it legal to hate jim halpert ?
Autor: Professional Feeder
AutorOmg the Kevin Bacon is the best!
Autor: Darrell Baum
AutorHe should of done the office look at the camera
Autor: Daniel Gonzalez
AutorJohn is Jim change my mind
Autor: Angela Davidson
AutorMark Ruffalo is my only crush on tv 😊
Autor: Rachel Voss Twin Flame Tips
AutorAaayy even though I hate Jason Biggs he’s in OITNB so I’m excited-
Autor: TaffyChu
Autorjason bigs alway cracks me up
Autor: Pramod Singh
AutorThe show about Jews in New York*
Autor: Ron Happold
AutorI felt sorry for john
To me He is beautiful :(
Autor: blackbat121
AutorAww John :(
Autor: Tiffany Woolworth
AutorFour amazing people; hulk, Leslie knope, Ron Swanson, Jim halpert
Autor: Parker Coffman
AutorJohn krazinski is best.
Autor: Gaurav Mankame
AutorHow can you be so mean to Kevin James😂😢😢
Autor: Baylee Parrott
Autor: Leo Jobin
AutorI wonder if Dwight posted that and Jim saw it.
Autor: DominoPerson 5
AutorHow could anyone make fun of John or the few from parks and rec?
Autor: Rick_Grims99
AutorThese really got me in tears
Autor: money Jys
AutorJulia Louis-Dreyfus was my favorite
Autor: BlueJ
AutorNo not Chris O'Donnellllllllllll, he's amazing!
Autor: Kayleigh
Autor: hanii Hii
AutorYou gotta be kidding me, John is the cutest thing you can set your eyes on. Come on.
Autor: Hipppogrifff
AutorNick Offerman didn't even take emotional damage. He just laughed. Dude just doesn't care. Lol
Autor: Mark Black
AutorTheir jealous of these celebrities maybe cause they want attention
Autor: Kimberly Matagolai
AutorI wanna see more of these
Autor: crazyguy84
AutorI love Julia!! 😂😂😂
Autor: yvetterene
AutorSooo true how can anyone hate John Krasinski?
Autor: stephen w
AutorAwww but John is the most handsome @ whoever wrote the tweet, u blind?
Autor: HIND
AutorHow can you hate John Krazinski

I am straight and I would kiss that man on his beautiful face
Autor: Juan Naym
AutorOi Gayboy ! Thats funny :)
Autor: Darth Revan
AutorJulia Louis- Dreyfus was one of the funniest ones. There I said it. A show about nothing with that dry ass humor made it that long on television. God Help Us All...
Autor: The Connonedrum
AutorThis made me cry
Autor: me me
AutorWe all know @theforger_ is just Roy
Autor: NinjaCraft
AutorWhat? John face looks stupid?
He's cute!
Autor: Wing Lau
AutorI love the football player cupcake ad
Autor: Maddy McLelland
Autorwhy Dwight gotta be so mean
Autor: Tomato Smoothie
Autor: Ava Singor
AutorYou go, Larry David!
Autor: The GuyWhoDoesEverything
AutorWhen John Krasinski made a sad face the audience went AWWWWWWWWWW
Autor: Izumi Sparer
AutorBest one
Autor: Kyle Smith
AutorJohn Krasinski is so hot. And I agree about Kevin James
Autor: Ashley MacDonald
Autor We know that look hank...
Autor: Johny Cage
AutorI love how every single one of these comments defend John Krasinski. He deserves all the love
Autor: Rain's Vids {jalebigirl}
AutorI can’t help my self but the comments on John K makes me laugh

Just because of how many there are

John is AWESOME though
Autor: SKY JP
AutorAs soon as john started talking i was in awe how could anyone be mean to john hes a sweetheart :(
Autor: Isabella
AutorI love you John Krisensky
Autor: Ashes AllAround
AutorJOHN NO!!!! MY BABY!!! I love you more than all your fans combined!!! Your face is not stupid, it is beautiful!! I might even say it's more beautiful than Chris Hemsworth.
Autor: Molly Thomas
AutorHow are you liberal after the man show Jimmy ?
Autor: Clay Murphy
AutorMe: *looking at thumbnail* Who was mean to Krasinski?!
Autor: Rebecca K
Autor Dean Norris*
Autor: iMidnightMonster
AutorEveryone on Seinfeld was Jewish
Autor: Miles Liang
AutorOK I admit this is funny but nobody likes haters, and if you have something mean to say, don't say it
Autor: UniKittyCorn
AutorJulia is Hot !! And funny !!
Autor: Antonio Montana
AutorI think Dwight tweeted that first one
Autor: Nick Young
AutorI’d watched 7 videos of the series and must admit you that the NewYorkers answer in the same way: short and useful
Autor: Glechik897
Autor 😖😖😖😖😩😩😩😩😩😫😫😫😫😭😭😭😭😭😩😩😫😫😫😖😖😖😧😧😧😧😟😟😟😧😧😖😖😖😖😩😩😩😩😫😫😫😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Autor: Vivian ._.
AutorJohnkrasinskis face made me feel so sad I cried
Autor: Potatoe Salad
AutorSharon Stone looks good. Aging quite gracefully. 👌🏾
Autor: Ladykyra101
AutorI keep coming back to this video just to watch . Her reaction is fckin hilarious
Autor: That Ain't It Chief .
Autorpoor john ):
Autor: Shae Norris
AutorJohn's reaction was so cute..
Autor: Sadman Plays
AutorT^T when John frowned I cried
Autor: bre_125 plays
Autorwho can possibly hate kevin james hes hilarious and john krasinki's an angel
Autor: Julia Deemer
AutorI had to scroll down 19 comments to find one that wasn't about John Krasinski LOL.
Autor: The Prism Star
Autorcomment section

85% John Krasinski

10% mark Ruffalo

5% other
Autor: lkajdfhkajsdfhkjadhkjsadf
AutorIt's 2019 and I still keep mark ruffalo in my prayers :'(
Autor: David Andrew
Autor: Enya Epps
Autorwhat inspires people to mean tweet about fictional characters or random celebrities? That is really weird to me. Of all things to do with your day... I really don't understand random hate (or over interest either) of celebrities.
Autor: A J
AutorOk, wait, someone hates John Krasinski?! How is that even possible for a human being to do?! I have so many questions!
Autor: I'm A Lover Not A Loser
AutorAww. John😭
Autor: Katherine Berrios
AutorJulia dreyfus read a very witty , mean but witty tweet.
Autor: Sahira Naz
AutorA rare comment not about John Krasinski
Autor: Rahul Kunte
AutorJulia Dreyfus is sexy and with her sharp chin
Autor: DeMario Thompkins

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