HOSTILES ON THE HILL — A Bad Lip Reading of The Empire Strikes Back

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Autor"Sassy bad guy what do you want to say? Before my friend blows your life away. Here comes a hot booger!" 😂🤣👌
Autor: Lucca Decimus
AutorShi, if you are reading this, I love you.
Autor: Lara Dutra
AutorIll pour sauce over your nice pants lol
Autor: Mollie Zehner
Autor: MrDynamic44
AutorImma sing dis erday now!
Autor: TuffyMcFluffy :3
AutorThis is awesome yet cringeworthy
Autor: Garret Melgoza
Autoru areee like cinammon
Autor: Thats Cj
Autor😂😉Considering the current state of HIP HOP today, this song on point. Jus sayin.
Autor: Mr. Lawrence
AutorI’m a year late to this catchy ass hook!! Top notch
Autor: thanewage403
Autor"Deez nuts on my face" -Bad lip reading of your mom
Autor: That Guy Adrian
AutorAre they using software for this? It's amazing.
Autor: Tamas Mihaly
AutorHostiles on the hill = hoth
Autor: William White
AutorI love this
Autor: starwarsfangirl1000
Autor"Don't worry bout it Darious, cus i'm a mile high and i'm the scariest."
"Shame he won't be at the barbecue, then again, i guess he is a barbecue."
General Veers, yes.
Autor: Epiclongsword Productions
AutorShame he won't be at the barbeque, then again I guess he is a barbeque. Technically my lies are probably true. Tell your mama not to burn my shoes
Autor: SummerTyme Studios
AutorGeico, really???
Autor: Seth Horton
AutorWoke up to 'wish I wasn't so damn sweet, so damn sweet' in my head....................Have I been watching this too much?
Autor: Ru
Autor: Casey Mathews
Autor: Elisabeth Pietluck
Autor: Wyatt Guilliams
Autoroh look its a bad guy
Autor: Evelyn Feauto
Autor What plays in my head when I edit videos.
Autor: DodgeThis 82
AutorI love that there's no actual references to star wars in the lyrics. It makes it so if I am listening to this and someone doesn't know what it's from they will be very confused.
Autor: Revoltech Worm
AutorYou are like cinnamon
Autor: Mantha Re
AutorYou gotta make a full-length movie some time.
Autor: Caleb Stone
Autor: kkaren .xx_
AutorYou are like cinnamon
Autor: Shana Radtke
AutorThis is the best BLR song ever!
Autor: Airsoft Sniper Boom
AutorHey can you do more of the funny ones of this one thanks ilysm
Autor: Anika Hulshoff
AutorWell Dac is dead
Autor: Poulton Boys
Autormy freinds when they rap: superhuman yeah im booming you cant stop me what you doin
me when i rap: you are like cinnamon
Autor: leo alex
AutorCan’t watch Star Wars the same now
Autor: Noah Bingham
Autor: monica warren
AutorThis shit is live
Autor: Dustin Clark
AutorOver a year ago I clicked this the second it came out, and I was the first view. Then I watched it about 500 times, then got bored. Now 1 year later it has 4.8 million views and I’m binge watching it again
Autor: HQ Prodz
AutorYeah, I watched this scene the other day, and it has become boring.
Autor: Derek Stinson
AutorThe best part is that its actually a pretty good song
Autor: Jacob Thaxton
AutorI wish I wasn’t so dang sweet!
Autor: Llerhcoc
AutorOof! U barbecue
Autor: TuffyMcFluffy :3
AutorHey guys, this song is pretty hoth! ;-)

Ok I'm going to look for a job.
Autor: Richard Waltz
AutorI love AT-ATs
Autor: Humongo gamer
AutorDak was like a zombie because Luke was so dang sweet. He was like cinnamon.
Autor: Michael Kaduck
AutorWell, 20 nights in the ice is a long time when theirs hostiles on the hill
Autor: Bouch
AutorYou guys should do Pulp Fiction
Autor: Rocalocko 1171

Autor: Leo Finlay
Autor Is he supa hot fire
Autor: HQ Prodz
AutorBrought to you by geico
Autor: Commander Bacara
Autor is the best part
Autor: Michael Matejka
Autor: Kiera Derksen
Autor: The saiyan Warrior
AutorThis song is "so dang sweet!!!"
Autor: Sarah Brown
AutorPossibly, one of the best videos ever made. Great clips, great beat. A reall catchy song.
Autor: glitchez
AutorJan 28, 2019
I LOVE this!😍💙
Autor: Megan Z
Autor"here comes a hot poker" followed with "poke me two ways" -- pretty subtle.
Autor: Rodd Matsui
I cracked up so much I psst my pants
Autor: soundless
AutorTry playback speed 1.25x, Luke instantly becomes a rap god
Autor: kiddynamite 162
Autor: HQ Prodz
AutorHas anyone listened to this at .50 it’s actually really good
Autor: Bepis Man
AutorToo bad I hate rap.. I thought it might be a gag of a Peter Gabriel song....
Autor: jm sparger
AutorWhen I first watched this I thought it was ok

Second time: I kinda like this song

3 millionth time: you are like cinnamon

It gets stuck in your head... Like really bad
Autor: Vegas W
Autor - sick burn

anyone? anyone get it?? ;[
Autor: Kyle Mouttet
AutorI wish I wasn't so dang sweet

You are like cinnabuns
Autor: Awesome Fire Newt Gladiator
AutorWho love this and the Seagull?
Autor: Bloxys Gaming
AutorYou're like a soup can-I'm like Superman

weird flex but ok
Autor: Dianne Rose
AutorYoutube, why I can't to like more then once??!! It deserves ten millions likes!!
Autor: Дмитрий Вагнер
AutorThis is an actual banger😂 why can’t this be on the radio
Autor: Raddy X
Autor: Howling Burd19
AutorYou are like cinnamon
Autor: angela hannon
AutorThis song is so dang sweet
Autor: Liz Hall
AutorBrought to you by Geico
Autor: c813 04c
AutorThis song reminds me of Christmas
Autor: virginia desens
AutorDid anyone notice that when the text "Hostiles on the Hill" starts fading from the screen," H O T H" are the last remaining letters
Autor: ProfessionalChild
AutorBetter than today’s music or “rap”

in my opinion.
Autor: mateo
Autor20 nights
In the ice
Is a long
When there's hostiles on the hill
Autor: Kazuto Kirigaya
AutorH ostiles O n T he H ill HOTH
Autor: Hank Morrison
AutorIs it weird that I actually think this is a really good song?
Autor: Nolan Jones
Autorstill here exactly one year later
Autor: Scout
AutorOmg so lit 🔥
Autor: Shawn Peterson
AutorI sing this on the bus with half of the kids
Autor: Awesome Fire Newt Gladiator
AutorI love these people
Autor: Toby Woolnough
AutorRap makes for an effective battle strategy.
Autor: Banana Mustard
Autortell your momma not to burn my shoes
Autor: Jacob Post
AutorAnyone still here In 2019???? If your not... you are like cinnnasdmon...
Autor: MushMellow Studios
AutorMy new favorite BLM!
Autor: Yawning Pheonix
AutorDamn, so many catchy songs
Autor: Pyro Flame
AutorI crack up everytime when Zach comes back as a zombie. Too funny!
Autor: BondFreek
AutorWhy does the best star wars video have the second least amount of views?
Autor: wiiztec
AutorWTF! Its such a good tune..And the lip sync is almost perfect..Seriously..This was never released..They didnt wanna try to put it ont he charts..What a cool beat..I can never watch this scene in TESB without thinking of this again..
Autor: Ad H
Autor: Sunrise_island1602
AutorThis is like a Minecraft song XD the hostile on the hills are creepers and ZOMBIES
Autor: Younger Scrolls
AutorHe just played harmonica in art class.

Chill voronica
Autor: Amy Kerstetter
AutorFriend dies
Autor: Cevapi Mapping
AutorOne of the best bad lip reading videos!

3 questions:

1. How do Imperial Walkers get to the planet surface?

2. How are Imperial Walkers a more practical or effective offensive weapon than TIE Fighters?

3. If shooting an Imperial Walker from above makes them blow up, like the one that fell due to the cable wrapped around its legs, then why not shoot all of them from above?
Autor: CloudStreets
AutorUhmmmmmm..I reserve my comments.
Autor: Ben Andoh
Autor: hakichiki
AutorI never dissed the original trilogy, I just haven't watched it since I was very young. this video made me watch Empire again and holy God damn, what a great movie. And this battle scene is incredible. man, what happened to Lucas?
Autor: Yawning Pheonix
AutorCinnamon isn't that sweet
Autor: Mako The seawing
Autor: Aadi Patel
AutorIt got me when it said avoiding death
Autor: Falcon_star 330
AutorYou are like cinnamon
Autor: Zeke’s Animated Channel
Autor: BT07
Autori used the "your like a soupcan im like superman" roast on my friend
Autor: MrAvacado
AutorWho needs the movie when you got this
Autor: Francisco Torres
Autorstill here exactly one year later
Autor: Scout
AutorAwsome I’m your biggest fan number1
Autor: Redice animations Sterling
AutorHostiles On The Hill. HOTH
Autor: StarWars Guy
Autor classic Dak😒
Autor: Kaden Bourquin
AutorI wish to see full movie like that!
Autor: Дмитрий Вагнер
Autor: David Pomerantz
AutorThis is my favorite song...I know the youngsters, I think they call them millenials, like the seagull song, but remember good looking bad guys, hostiles are on the Hill and they dont smell like cinnamon. It's not about what they want, you gotta do your own thing.
Autor: Subtle Nature
AutorPirated version . Cause theirs apostles on the hill.
Autor: Dylan Oelrichs
Autorwhen i get to school the kids play bad lip reading which is fun
Autor: F C
Autorlegend say people still watching this video.
Autor: Nilla my
Autoryou are like cinnamon
Autor: lewis l
AutorYea...Hamill is sweet like cinnamon <3
Autor: Jessica Nipper
AutorWhy is "Hostiles" missing from your collection on Amazon Music? I own the rest, I'd like to buy this track too!
Autor: Shawn Barrett
AutorThis is all my kids jam to around the house. Im cool with that.
Autor: MG 75
Autori love the part YOU ARE LIKE CIDAMIN
Autor: Prince Productions
Autor: O k
AutorBest song I've heard in awhile. Sad when a parody is a hit lol
Autor: Ritz Cracker
AutorYou are like cinnamon
Autor: Shawn Peterson
AutorWhen you realize hostiles on the hill spells HOTH
Autor: Meaty Yeet
Autor"you are like cinnamon"
Autor: P.D. S
Autor: Roland Taylor
AutorF for dak
Autor: Gregory Bycraft
AutorIf you click the like button twice, it doesn't change!
Autor: Destiny
AutorThis song is so damn catchy!!!
Autor: Lucky•TV Central
AutorI'll never get this out of my head.
Autor: LukeAnd BunnyGaming
AutorThen again i guess he is a barbecue...
Autor: A Person
Autor: Samon 200
AutorThis person isn't only funny but they make good music
Autor: Flame Redpanda
AutorTo bad he won’t be at the barbecue, then again I guess he is a barbecue, technically my lies are probly true😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🥩🥩🥩
Autor: Marybeth Scheetz
AutorI wish I wasn’t “so dang sweet So dang sweet so dang sweet” I wish “I wasn’t so dang sweet so dang sweet so dang sweet”
Autor: SanikMLG Gaming
AutorGreat editing, great humor 👍🏼
Autor: Bob Johnson
AutorBest song ever
Autor: ninja bomber08
AutorBetter than rap god.
Autor: Brent Sylliboy シ
AutorYou are like simon BLR
Autor: Ninja Face522
AutorThe fact he sings this whole song with Dak just lying there in the back
Autor: Seth Yates
AutorIt's an epic song
Autor: bens house
Autorthis should be on itunes
Autor: Olivia Portnoy
AutorHere that, you are like cinnamon.
Autor: Ewan Wilson
AutorMy list from worst to best

5. It’s Not A Moon
4.Not The Future
3. Seagulls Stop It Now
2.Bushes Of Love
1. Hostiles On The Hill
Autor: HQ Prodz
Autori will pour sauce up on ur nice pants i like romance
Autor: BOY TOY Reviews
Autorthe 2k who disliked this made a huge mistake
Autor: Josh Ulloa
AutorI wish I could download it but I don't have premium
Autor: Fudge King2342
Autor dat drop tho
Autor: Sensitive Skeptic
AutorLove it
Autor: Amber Miller
AutorAnother great tune :)
Autor: Bas Finnis
Autorthis is fire lmao
Autor: Taylor Sanchez
AutorJust wonder if this was orginally planned as the script
Autor: Prime Minister
AutorEvery time I watch this scene my mind emediatly converts to "u r like cinnamon" and the bbq part
Autor: Kai G
AutorThis is the problem with putting those big stereos in the trunk. Now Dak is a zombie.
Autor: RansomeStoddard
AutorWow, You've really made some impressive music video. You even invited Mark Hamill from Star Trek and that guy from Lara Croft. Dang, good job.
Autor: BlackBug Defiance
AutorShame he won't be at the barbeque..
Then again, I guess he is a barbeque...
Is the best line. Come on.
Autor: Kyle Mouttet
AutorPure genius
Autor: TronandFlynn82
AutorHe just wanted to see a tree
Autor: Larrie White
AutorYour so phat you broke your pedomiter <Holds a snickers candybar>
Autor: iMYX
AutorBad lip reading. Y'all have to make more of the songs of other movies. Really!
Autor: GlassyDave hotdogchicken
AutorThis is AMAZING!
Autor: Reece Oerding
Autor 😂😂😂
Autor: WIll Kelley
AutorThis is my jam when I’m on hoth
Autor: theWolfKing3615
Autor: Robert Millis
AutorIf it would be possible I'd press that Like Button a thousand times! Great work guys! More please!!!
Autor: Der Foxen
AutorU are like cinnamon!
Autor: Gamer Nightmare
AutorDamn that’s funny.
Autor: Greg LaPlante
AutorI wish I would be like cinammon...
Autor: Empty Slot
Autorthis shit makes me laugh every day keep them coming
Autor: bigb666able
AutorI just realised the titles first letters spell HOTH
Autor: The Gaming Cat
AutorHey you reading this. I just have one thing to say:

"You are like cinammon!".
Autor: Simon Parker
Autor" See if you can get more bass " BOOM OUCH
Autor: starwarsfangirl1000
AutorWay better than the last Jedi. I would have rather seen this in the theatre.
Autor: howard bonds
AutorLuke reks the Imperial
Autor: Humongo gamer
AutorSomebody rank these songs already!!!
Autor: Eric Johnson
AutorThis song's got me eating verbal spoons of CiNnAMoN
Autor: Ben Jensen
Autor: スペース 忍者
Autor read the letters as they fade lol
Autor: Titus Susu
AutorFreestyle Level: Jedi Rap Battle.
Autor: Nadia Augustine
Autorare you on spotify
Autor: Ayush Bajaj
AutorWow, JUST now seeing they made an extended version of this...! OMG this is still so ridic phunky
Autor: tiltsf
AutorIdk what's whiter, the snow, the lyrics, or the singing. XD
Autor: Ninja Penguin
Autorsigh Dak is dead. keeps singing
Autor: kristianiakkb
AutorBest song ever
Autor: War Gamers
AutorI say in my science class I said ''20 nights in the ice is a long time" then a boy said ''whe there's hostles on the hills
Autor: legonerd fan12
AutorWait. . .What. . Is cinnamon sweet? I thought it was more on the spicy side.
Autor: Victory Valladares
AutorI mean he’s a freaking zombie!
Autor: HQ Prodz
AutorHi I just want to see tree and you will ahh no I whontwq
Autor: Aaron White
Autor(sings) This is like cinnamon!
Autor: Jedidiah Martin
AutorU are like cinnamon
Autor: Connor Wallace
AutorIs it bad that this is actually a top track, well produced and kicks the arse of a lot of serious music? Good job!
Autor: L Bukem
Autor1 like = 1 dollar donated towards dak's new base system+stereo
Autor: Super Dude21
AutorLol I love this song
Autor: Moore Time
AutorAnyone notice how veers looks kanstapsted the whole time
Autor: Big Smoke
AutorWho ever made this got dome skills. I luv this stuff
Autor: Michael Chevrefils
AutorCan't stop listening to this song.
Autor: ValterTheBest
Autor"Too bad he won't be at the barbecue... GUESS HE IS A BARBECUE."
Autor: Locke Lamora
AutorBass was a little dangerously unstable.
Autor: Kev Reads
AutorThese songs are so catchy!!
Autor: Katrina Johnson
Autorso dang sweet.....
Autor: Zolboo Jugder

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