Is the song Girl From Ipanema just a cat call?

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AutorGoing by the original lyrics, without consideration for syllables and musical metrics:

"Olha, que coisa mais linda;
Mais cheia de graça"

Would be: Look, what a beautiful thing; so full of grace

"É ela, menina,
Que vem e que passa"

Would be: "It's her, the girl, that comes and passes"

"Num doce balanço
A caminho do mar"

Would be: "In a gentle sway towards the sea".

From here I'll assume people get the gist of the translation.

"Moça do corpo dourado
Do sol de Ipanema
O seu balançado é mais que um poema
É a coisa mais linda que eu já vi passar"

Girl with the golden figure
from the sun of Ipanema
Her swaying is more than a poem
It's the most beautiful thing I've seen passing by.

"Ah, por que estou tão sozinho?
Ah, por que tudo é tão triste?
Ah, a beleza que existe
A beleza que não é só minha
Que também passa sozinha"

Ah, why am I so lonely?
Ah, why is everything so sad?
Ah, the beauty that exists
The beauty that's not only mine
That also passes alone
(The last two phrases referencing the girl herself)

"Ah, se ela soubesse
Que quando ela passa
O mundo inteirinho se enche de graça
E fica mais lindo
Por causa do amor"

Ah, if she only knew
That when she passes
The whole little world fills with grace
And becomes more beautiful
Because of love

TL;DR : The lyrics are not a cat-call per se because it's not actually directed towards anyone. It's the thoughts of a lonely guy who witnesses a beautiful girl walking by and reflects on his current situation, her beauty and his sudden admiration for her.
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AutorI needed this today, thank you lol
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AutorHaha.... thanks for a good laugh, more of these please :D !
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