Wwe Sheamus e Cody Rhodes and kaitlyn

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AutorI wish cena and kaitlyn together they're meant to be not nikki and cena gross!
Autor: Luise Ramiscal
Autori love kaitlyn is plz come back😢😢😢
Autor: singh rupesh
Autor@LattySwag "How ya doin lass, what's goin on?" TRANSLATiON (from Irish slang to American English) "Hi girl,what are you doing?"
Autor: Kevin Walsh
Autori think cody or dolph should date kaitlyn
Autor: Nattalee Rog
Autorwow cody likes kaitlyn just to fight he was realy mad about him
Autor: Nattalee Rog
AutorI wished they had a storyline relationship. I love them 💖💖
Autor: 主人公SNOW
AutorGood night kaitlyn 😂😂😂
Autor: Taija Harmon
AutorThanks !!! I was taking when he was walking away from Kaitlyn but no worries I heard.
Autor: Latty
AutorWhat did Sheamus say to Kaitlyn? I need 2 know.
Autor: Latty
AutorHEY!! shaemus has a sexy beard
Autor: Daniel Peacock
Autor2 guys 1 girl
Autor: Ashley Lee
AutorI totally ship kaitlyn and cody <3
Autor: candy love
AutorI love how sheamus said what's the matter which you
Autor: victoria omolayo
AutorCody andkatilyn are cute
Autor: Mikyyah Thomas
AutorHe said lad
Autor: Audrey Garcia
AutorJacksepticeye is a boss and everyone subscribe to this boss!!
Autor: Darragh McHugh
AutorKaitlyn snorts weird and cody is cute
Autor: Maria Rios
AutorDat mustache doe.
Autor: Kirsten Quigley
AutorI love kaitlyn
Autor: PandaNerdy Touch
AutorI'm racist
Autor: mine dotty
Autor"Make sure he stays off the caffeine will ya."
Autor: kekangles
Autor2 Poder Fica Junto
Autorcody is a cool and funny guy. kaitlyn is awesome as weel
AutorKaitlyn snorts weird
Autor: Maria Rios
AutorWhy does kaitlyn snort
Autor: Maria Rios
Autorcody say u keep gettin in my business does that mean kaitlyn might me in his business
Autor: karen lopez
AutorFakest Brogue kick ever.
Autor: Zayn Alam
Autori think cody rhodes is cute and so is sheamua
Autor: Daniela Herrera
Autorsheamus is beast
Autor: King Chief
Autorhaha they love her :D I mean seriously,how could they not love Kaitlyn? xxx <3
Autor: EmmasCxpcake
Autor: zoeee
Autor haha jerry says goof night kaitlyn 
Autor: Maxy Vidz
Autorlol 'goodnight kaitlyn i mean cody'
Autor: Vanity Paige
AutorKaitlyn snorts are funny
Autor: Crimsonite20
AutorFakest Brogue kick ever.
Autor: Zayn Alam
Autor@LattySwag How ya doin lass, what's goin on? TRANSLATION ( from Irish slang to American English ) : "Hi girl, what are you doing?
Autor: Kevin Walsh
AutorI love th Mustache segments
Autor: EdwinRmz45
Autorwhen kailtyn snorted she was shy i think her snort is ok
Autor: 3zzamhero
AutorThanks !!!
Autor: Latty
AutorShameus is better than Cody.🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜ants
Autor: linda jones
AutorAs Shameus being sacked.
Autorand kaitlyn and wants to sucks ryback weiner
Autor: jessica robinson
AutorThat porn star level acting
Autor: mystic1410
AutorCody and Kaitlyn was the many times hinted and never developed storyline...I don't really know why.
Autor: anxofarmesto
AutorCody, you're awesome but the mustache IS NOT working for you
Autor: SlyGuy2895
AutorSheamus and kaitlyn should get together like if u agree
Autor: Taylor Slattery
Autorhe said make sure he stays off the caffeine will ya
Autor: twilightcasanova3
AutorTo much drama
Autor: Lena M
Autorthe crowd sounds 110% fake...
Autor: lSUPAlsonic
AutorIts soooo obvious Cody Rhodes is digging her vibe
Autor: LaJoSha Smith
AutorSheamus said how are you doing lass (lady) to Kaitlyn :)
Autor: Catherine Bernardo
Autor: Sara Howell
Autor: Arif Rahman
Autorwhen kailtyn snorted she was shy i think her snort is cute
Autor: 3zzamhero
Autorwhen ?
Autor: melissa palmerin
AutorShaemus ia the best
Autor: david parra
AutorI wonder wat Cody was going to say to Kaitlyn before she walked away... If I were him I would have gone after her. I love Cody and wat he did to Damien's MITB briefcase was awesome but sometimes he's just so stupid
Autor: Morgan Lane
Autorkaitlyn wants to suck big e Langston roman reigns big show cody Rhodes sheamus wade barret kofi Kingston Tyson kidd percy Watson john cena triple h rand y orton the miz brock lesnar seth rollins zack ryder Daniel bryan kane jack swagger derrick bateman weiner
Autor: jessica robinson

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