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AutorHow can you have a 99 free throw ???, is it because the normal bonus an the bonus of the practice??
Autor: Kyrie Irving
AutorI feel like he is playing on rookie since how do you swish a deep ass 3 with a red light hey but I might be wrong never know
Autor: Lord Cooler
AutorBroke 2 records
Autor: Cole 2400
AutorI scored 242 points
Autor: Camren McIntyre
AutorWhat's the beat on
Autor: Aundray Lipson
Autorpick & roll .... Leave me alone
Autor: Jar Jar Trumps
AutorOj Sparks is insane
Autor: Nico Desjardins
AutorI scored 41 points and 2 assist and 10 rebound in 14 min with a 62 overall
Autor: Jostyn Diaz
AutorRecord pts in a game is actually 186
Autor: Stephan Goodrich
AutorWhat song was playing at
Autor: Cyrus Johnson
Autor: QUAYBALLER kingkid
AutorHe broke the record of most points by a team also. (The Pistons had it with 183)
Autor: Alejandro Madera
AutorI got 100 points every game
Autor: iKillem _-
AutorYou the man you the best I just started my new career 66 overall
Autor: Jaden Behel
Autorwho took the W
Autor: Tye Simmons
Autorplay football2kmycareer
Autor: V2 unknown
AutorJuiceman has the best gaming videos ever
Autor: Amari Eley
AutorWhat camera is that
Autor: Litty
AutorI got 103 exact with Derrick rose
Autor: Mathieu The ankle breaker
AutorThe make three is at 100 so u just lied saying that u got 100 points
Autor: Thatcher B
AutorHe scored 100pts g.o.a.t
Autor: Rage Momments
Autor cousins not boozer
Autor: KidNextDoor
AutorKingdom hearts music at the final xD
Autor: Jajajajaja
Autoru got skills no one can take that from u I cluch 3s I ever seen out any 2k you tuber
Autor: Jonathan Strong
AutorTheres no way this is Hall of Fame
Autor: Harris Hall-narro
Autorwhat song is that I like that though
Autor: DJmoney333
Autorjuiceman, do you have any videos showing your camera settings? please answer back, thanks, also, you are very good!
Autor: Prophet Nation
Autorin 4 quarters I got 109 points or 108 points
Autor: Kellan Wu
AutorThis man prolly gets so much vc from these games
Autor: Anton FM
Autor: Master Assassin
AutorI reached 110 in an all star game
Autor: Sebass King
AutorYou are the clutches player on 2k
Autor: Jalin Vanderhorst
Autorare u better than king shawn
Autor: tyty tha gawd
Autorchange this camera bro
Autor: Foivakos Jordan
AutorCrazy bruh
Autor: Pim P
AutorThis just became my favorite page...SNAP THAT NET
Autor: Big Mike
AutorAwesomeness 😎
Autor: Jaylan Holder
AutorWhat camera angle is this?
Autor: Paulinho JC
AutorNvm thought this was 17
Autor: Bryson Thomas
AutorJuiceMan Don't need to be jealous but that was 48 points in 15 minutes triple overtime.
Autor: Josiah Turpo
AutorI can do 121 points
Autor: Gamemaster17 A.K.A Maskman
Autorwhy didnt they doyble team lol
Autor: Jaqos
AutorDang bro thts good i scored 99 points in triple overtime on PRO gotta giv credit
Autor: Benny2timez
Autorjuiceman u had 102 points ur the first ever youtuber that i saw have more than 90 and 100 points ur the best :)☆☆☆☆
Autor: Mrgreenbeanbrother21
AutorMy name is jeff
Autor: Grace Alo
AutorYou the man
Autor: TBKDell_YT
AutorHow do you play 12 th quarter online? My scoring record without extratime is just 38 but I have not played so long, Got 20 in Quarter 27 in Half
Autor: Jonas IDK
AutorIf it was on HOF you would get 10 points for each bucket and 15 for 3-pointers. So...
Autor: Sam Obrien
AutorWhy kd on thunder doe?
Autor: Bryson Thomas
AutorWhat position are you and what jumper you use?
Autor: Owen Cassidy
AutorPlay madden
Autor: Mannie Akolaween
AutorYour best game ever ! And I have seen all of your videos
Autor: Johnny Marvelous
AutorWhat's the song at the end of the vid
Autor: Grant Brewer
AutorThe sound effect for the the block tho
Autor: Big Mike
Autor nice choice of two steps from hell man!
Autor: 3-point assassin
Autorhe said ''finding my man bozzer'' but it was actullay cousins
Autor: Sana Osman
AutorHi juiceman
Autor: Yaileen Perez
AutorBest nba2k game ever
Autor: Jajajajaja
AutorI did a game and got 258-112. Video on my channel I'm 57 min
Autor: CODES
Autor: Vegaacv 111
AutorI want that game
Autor: Aiden Garcia
AutorYes you did
Autor: Joah Burgher
AutorI'm 89 overall center and I'm 7'1 Shaq Jr and I scored 97 very hard when only 65 speed and 60 3pt shot props bro!
Autor: Mac Attack
AutorCan somebody plzz plzz tell me how to play with a shooting sleeve
Autor: Jay Sooodrippy
AutorI got more on hall of fame 115
Autor: Boss man Louie
Autorlet play man and I show you how to score 100 points let play cmon man
Autor: Gary Manzanares
AutorIt like he dunked on cousins
AutorYou know you had a triple overtime so it was easier to get over 100 points
Autor: Jon Chadiha
Autorive scored 229 in game
Autor: Jackson Boughner
AutorI like basketball
Autor: LaTina Neal
Autorpick and roll MESTERIO.....LMAO NIGGA its MAESTRO...kinda like u tryna say MICETROLL without the L's @the end.
Autor: kenyan boy
AutorWhy did he get 115.000 fans? 🙄
Autor: Bobo Bobo
Autorwhat position do you play
Autor: Isaac Rodriguez
AutorNice job man
Autor: WDB Belko
AutorBoul my player is nice .. I'm now a new subscriber
Autor: Yini Donnie
Autor+JuiceMan I've scored 115 before
Autor: GamersCity 534
Autor: Brandon and Deven
AutorYo what difficulty do you play on?
Autor: Infinity Trickshots
Autori Scored 71 points 25 rebounds 26 assists 10 steals and blocks and 5 fouls and..... 11 turnovers but my guy is only 80 overall but it was on rookie
Autor: Baller boys
AutorWhat camera angle is this
Autor: Doctor Jones
AutorI scored 255 p in 1 min each q
Autor: Xxnevergiveup xx
AutorJuice man it's be 2 years I been here now wow crazy 😳
Autor: Kimorah Velog Meetroro
Autorbest game ever you should try this again
Autor: Niyaa And Twiz
Autoron his shooting meter it was red and he still made it
Autor: lit dance structures
Autorwhy does the bar always go white when u shoot at the end of game I notice that today when u was playing everytime its a close game an u shoot it everytime it goes white and u make it everytime its white
Autor: RoSe ToFlame
Autorthis guy is amazing
Autor: Ryan Sinnott
AutorNigga just go on 12 minute quarters I got 112 points in 1 and a half quarters nigga you ass
Autor: NeRo Melts
AutorMy nigga i can drop 100 if i had 3 ot 2 bruu bruu, i usually drop almost 30 just in the 1st qrt
Autor: Zizo
AutorIts official, Juiceman For MVP
Autor: Mark Parisi
AutorNice game!!!
Autor: Jordan West
AutorYou pretty good and I got a fan duel
Autor: BadKameron19 You can't brake history
Autorbest shoting grad
Autor: king Mccalebb
Autorgood job that was nice
Autor: Chroniium -
AutorWhy don't you do a quadruple double challenge?
Autor: Ruben Y LOS Guerrero's Laser
Autorbroke the wilt chamberlain record in early 3rd quater
Autor: KPS
Autorhe had to be playing on rookie cause on hall of fame who tf makes s red and shit like et I'm not hating body bag is really really good a 2k no disrespect
Autor: Maurice Deramus
Autorhow did u change your hand from left to right
Autor: Shatika Jackson
Autorwhat shooting form u used??
Autor: Ivan Tham
Autorjuiceman juiceman juiceman ohh
Autor: lil goat
Autorare you playing rookie mode
Autor: chaden Smith
Autor: rahqoun watsom
AutorAnd 6 mins
Autor: Boss man Louie
AutorDid anyone notice he said boozer not boogie or cousins
Autor: Salty potatoes
AutorStill legendary
AutorMy player is averaging 95 points
Autor: Lino Sanchez
AutorI got 86 points in 16 minutes in mycareer. At the time I only had 5 minutes a quarter
Autor: Chrisoo 2x
Autoru got mad skillz bro
Autor: Miguel Ramos
Autormy nigga
Autor: Malik Siddell
AutorHe put his game on rookie
Autor: money boy
Autoryou got a cheat code .
Autor: Drizzle K
AutorMake Taron Kiff Jamri
Autor: Taron kiff
AutorDid anyone else see the guy throw the ball at kd?😂😂😂😂
Autor: Reginal Snell
Autoryo juiceman
Autor: Ahmad Ruffin
AutorLol difficulty modifier so 2.00 so HOF much!!! (Great Vid)
Autor: teamkenny120
Autortheres a friend in my school with 136 point record in 2k16 lol
Autor: cool93 hypixel
AutorDid anybody notice that the score was over 200 points
Autor: Colin Henry
AutorLet's be honest you were sweatin buckets in this game
Autor: Carter Winkle
Autor: Owen Jac00bz
AutorSo this game was just who every plays worse defense in the clutch loses or it’s just a three point contest no hate tho
Autor: RiChOnToP
Autormake video man
Autor: Stephen Dixon
AutorI broke wilt chamberlain with 156 points
Autor: chef curry
Autorwho gives af about haters. keep up makin vids
Autor: Kevin Kake
AutorBruh u didn't break wilts record tho

U broke O.J.s record
Autor: Ur boy kidson
AutorI dropped 50 points in 5 min quarters if I played 10 mins I have 100 points game on hall of fame but gj on getting 100 points
Autor: Jonathan Strong
AutorLet's go juice man
Autor: TrevMakes_G/V Jeret Paul
AutorAt Kevin Durant gets the ball thrown at him.
Autor: Old Site
Autorthis guy is a annoying fuCKING gOOf
Autor: Johnathan Xavier Pugh
Autori hate it when you keep saying lets fricking go you loser
Autor: Edgar Uy
AutorKD is a savage on hall of fame. i got my own double OT drama vs OKC
Autor: Jonathan
AutorFirst time watching and your vids are 👌 just earned a subscriber
Autor: LilJorge
Autor: Brycen Dockery
AutorMy 70 overall scored 106 points
Autor: iNextrus
AutorPick n roll teacher
Autor: LazerShanePower
Autoryo juice wilt holds the most points in a game 100 points
Autor: Daniel Rosales
AutorL e g e n d a r y 🙏
Autor: KiddMax
AutorI know this is 2years ago but this is the greatest mycareer video of all time no argument facts and I've seen it like 5 times and am still amazed
Autor: Eli Brady
Autorummmmmm. ik im late sayin this but😂😂😂 boozer and demarcus dont look alike 😂😂😂
Autor: _.yvng._ _.ignorance._
AutorJump shot?
Autor: Trigga.Tre10
AutorHow did he make a colored red shot??????
Autor: Alejandro Madera
Autorhyу friеnds, Аmаzing!!! I сaaаn now add unlimited VC -->
Autor: Dipak Sharma
AutorHe only scored 98 points, he started overtime with 54 points and finished with 102 points.
Autor: Jackson Harding
Autordawg your ad timings are atrocious
Autor: its alright
AutorDude your description is wrong. You had 54 points going into overtime. you ended with 102 points. That's only 48 points in overtime.
Autor: Charles Hoskinson
Autorwatching old juice lol
Autor: muhammed
Autorhow they threw the ball at Durant
Autor: Keiran Kyambadde
AutorI can score 50 points playin six minutes
Autor: Kobe Xavier
Autoris this Nigga I bklood because he said bkrazy
Autor: 2014 was A good year
Autor100points can become a savage or greater
Autor: Latrell Powell
Autormy nigga
Autor: Malik Siddell
Autoryou good bro any new 2k17 videos
Autor: leron williams
Autorthe song at the end??
Autor: Andrew Thompson
AutorThat's my boy!!!Juiceman!!!
Autor: Randen Cornett
AutorI Like basketball
Autor: LaTina Neal
Autorwhere are you from
Autor: j Donald
Autor2k this year is hard. My career player is so slow and cant take good screens. Had to upgrade 3s alot to make some. But still with decent shooting % I only get 8-9 points ppg and career high 19! But I never got more than 11min. Recorded almost a trippel double in 10min once
Autor: Jonas IDK
Autor: BrolyssjKing
AutorIs the same having 80 in three plus the practice bonus (15) and the normal bonus (5), that would make 99 three. And having a 90 three plus the practice bonus and the normal bonus??? I think that no
Autor: Kyrie Irving
AutorIt's maestro
Autor: Jarrell Wilkerson
Autorthis ain't on hall of fame
Autor: Kid Stop
Autorhow does okc get more than 200 points in 1 game
Autor: Jon
Autorlol 79 points in in quarter
Autor: Mr. Ping
Autorstill on 106
Autor: John Sargent
Autorsavage life
Autor: Royalfn •
Autorbest 2k vid ever
Autor: Kevin Kake
AutorFirst 200 point game ive ever seen!
Autor: Derek Davis
AutorU suck dick
Autor: Offxcial DJ
AutorYour a beast
Autor: Clout.nino_
AutorIt's just 2k
Autor: Davin Shepherd
AutorOj is a BEAST
Autor: DC_Shadowz
Autorlmao this was like one of the first videos I seen from u man I watched it all I remember the intro man 2k16, was lit
Autor: gwapon lock
Autor10 turnovers...
Autor: lit dance structures
AutorWith my point guard I got 63 points 20 assists and 2 blocks and 11 rebounds oh and 11 steals and we still lost the game against the Nets
Autor: Michael Miller2.0
AutorDamn that's crazy!
Autor: Infinity Trickshots
Autorman bro I score 123 point in a game bro I didn't go to overtime it only took me 1 game
Autor: 2WAVY.S -
Autor@ he said Boozer and it was Demarcus
Autor: BerdMan424
Autorwhat the hell 100pt
Autor: Therealtweeze
Autorthis is on rookie
Autor: Alex Schachinger - Schachinho
Autoryou should start block that Spalding
Autor: Gavin Coleman
Autor: ClampGod Rob
AutorThat wasn't Boozer it was Demarcus
Autor: Anime_Kami
AutorAt I'm dead😂😂😂
Autor: Casey Shaw
Autor: nonononon ggg
Autor2K GOD
Autor: Jaden Wilson
AutorHe play in on rookie
Autor: Patchmade Khi
AutorWiltsmrecord was 103 sorry juice man
Autor: Jimi Edgar
AutorI love you juice man
Autor: Isaac Cruz
AutorI wish I have nba 2k16
Autor: Gabe Obias
AutorYou are a god
Autor: Sahar A
AutorI dropped 122 a hall of frame
Autor: Colton Allen
Autor1000th comment
Autor: buku skars
Autor118 do day
Autor: King Money
AutorTry to get 300 points
Autor: Tamara Harris
AutorHe scored 48 pts in three overtimes
Autor: Ousman Ceesay
Autorbruh this was lit🔥
Autor: game freak
AutorWhat camera does he play on??
Autor: Route66Kicks
Autoru hella good
Autor: Kimberly Nunez
AutorI remember this
Autor: Baara C
AutorI got an ad right when you pulled up to send the game into 3OT
Autor: Joel
Autorwhat shot do you have?
Autor: AblazeAk47 Finesse

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