PES 2019 SIM Tips | Coach Mode Master tactics. PESOLOGY

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Autor: Ezio not Auditore
AutorI watched it all
Autor: Abhishek Suraj
AutorI watched it all
AutorGame is totally broken they have totally made a mess of the game there is no flow to the game. interceptions constant... hope they fix 2019 it needs lots of fixes....
Autor: sharon terry
AutorTroy Deeney has been really good for my SIM team, he plays CF and has captaincy skill too. He averages 1 goal per game in my SIM team which is basically white and bronze players. If you are looking for a good young bronze GK, try Mile Svilar (Benfica)
Autor: Bujang Lapuk
AutorHey, i just switched from fifa this year. Not having any experience in pes i made a serious mistake. I used all of my clubcoins to get players but my current coach cant handle them. The coaches that would be able to i cannot buy with gp. What can i do? I also cant be getting enough coins even if i received all the coins from 'myclub-register'. What now?
Autor: Fatih Kun
AutorI watched it all THANKS PAPI
Autor: Chris jake
AutorI watched it all
Autor: The Greek Mac Geek
AutorWhy you don't want to be more than 2 stars?
Autor: Aníbal Pavão
AutorGreat vid sep! will try your tips on weekend
Autor: Delta TSANG
AutorGreat video, well done. Can u recommend any silver box to box players? I currently have veretout but not really liking him. Cheers
Autor: AJ Theo
AutorWow awesome this master manager😂😂
Autor: benji alesana
AutorI watched it all while i played my first sim matches!
Autor: guillembad
AutorI watched it all.
Autor: Midzi Supremo
AutorMan, your guides are gold. Thank you so much.
Autor: Pekrosha
AutorDoes sim mode count towards unlocking top managers or do i have to play so i can get good managers ?
Autor: Esteban Nicolas
Autorholy shit man...thanks a lot!! i followed some tips of this video...after 2/3 days i jumped from 28k to 900(in 37k) in global ranking! ;)
Autor: Fred Mendes
AutorWatched the whole video . Bro please do a dribbling, protecting the ball and advanced shooting tutorial. I have been losing the games because my finishing is so bad. I am creating lot of 1 on 1 chances but losing because of the finishing. I don't want to use basic shooting because it's easy and I like to play games if it's harder. Please help me bro.
Autor: Kiran Raj
AutorPls post a video haw to play coop thx
AutorI watched it all
Autor: Rickey Nelson
AutorWhy keep team strength below 3star ??
Autor: Soon yong Lim
AutorBro there is less YouTube community for Pes but you are so unique.
I like your videos and tactics.
Bro please explain the defense properly with second man control in the next video.
Autor: Rohan Paul
AutorDoes it work in Master Leauge as well?
Autor: Tamás Takács Scrat
AutorI watched all
Autor: Periklis Apostolopoulos
AutorAny tips about my club advanced tactics don't no what 1 to pick
AutorThanks, man!
Autor: Иван Димитров
AutorSEP tell me your honest opinion about myclub this year
Autor: Ahmed Elmahdy
AutorNo one plays pes😂😂😂
Autor: M. N.A
AutorThanks for the tips brother you are a legend
Autor: Tony lfc
AutorI watched it all !
Autor: michael caldwell
AutorSim is virgin mode
Autor: Don Balon
Autori also put one player who has captancy that hamsik i think btw i watched all your vid
Autor: Bleachguy
AutorI watched it all. Very interesting and informative.
Autor: austintrain
AutorI watched it all
Autor: ThePesCompany
AutorThanks PESEP. Question regarding farming GP. Do you think having a 2* team that can win consistently earns more GP than setting up a 5* team with bronze/white balls and black ball bench then losing nearly all the time? Cause the 2* team would also have to cover for contract renewal costs so I'm wondering if you end up on top.
Autor: AvatarST
Autortx for the tips i just throw any em in there ive a white ball team and bronze is it worth doing a silver team and for cost on player what max u go to my sim manager 4-2-3-1 he similar to yours but lower cost of 260
Autor: Bleachguy
AutorI watched it all! ... Great stuff as always thanks MrSep STELL_R (STEEL R)
Autor: STELL_R
AutorI watched it all

If you find him can you do a review or get back to me and let me know what you think of the HIDDEN GEM bronze striker target man

Autor: famous stranger
AutorThank you for your great tips. I like PES but I fill upset that it takes time to find opponent in online mode.
Autor: amazpyel
AutorIt's called coach mode not SIM mode. Also why can't put this mode into fifa?
Autor: Timothy Abraham
AutorGot question about GK, for example A.Olliero got 193cm and great 80+ skills but low 67 jump, will it make him less catching and more punching falling high ball or even losing goal against high jump/ header CFs?
Autor: Droga Samotnego Wilka
AutorWatched it all, dude. Great video. I'm really only simming to farm coins (4* bench w/ white/bronze players). Even though I lose most of the time (and so don't meet manager auto-renewal requirements) it is an efficient way to grind some GP. However, I would like to take it more seriously so this is a great video. Cheers bud
Autor: jahvyn
AutorGreat video bro, I watched it all and learned a lot!
Autor: AlmostAverageGamers
AutorI watched it all . Great video as always.
Autor: Kevin Val
AutorThe keepers still do that silly save
Autor: William Martin
AutorI watched it all ohhhh check out Bronze GK Team Nantes. M. Dupé I have him and his doing really good in myClub but I’m sure A. Olliero might be even better!!!
Autor: Joel De La Cruz
AutorFifa is always going to better
Autor: M. N.A
AutorI watched it all
Autor: Presly Ekpebe
Autordude, may i do a translated to spanish video saying same concepts you using right here?
im askig for permission to almost "copying" your video, not exactly the same, but mostly based on it...
Autor: Kazoo
AutorI watched it all ! Thank you for this awesome tip! You sure are making PES more fun to play !
Autor: Music23flights
AutorI watched it all papi
Autor: Amir Raouf
Autorwatched all, love you(no homo)
Autor: Emin Sahin
AutorThnx brother
Autor: Rocky James
AutorThanks Sep, brilliant tips!
Autor: Kakarot
AutorI watched it all
AutorWached all
Autor: IR Papi
AutorIve watched ALL but on speed 1.25!
Autor: Betotube81
AutorI watched it all
AutorAwesome do u have 2 managers set also? and if u get to top anything does youre bonus improve (rewards gp)
Autor: Shaun Buys
AutorAdvanced Instructions
Autor: Salim Pes Pro
AutorI watched it all still want some more
Autor: TazOMFS
AutorWatched it all it was great!!
Autor: bonoplayer99
AutorI always watch your vidoes without skipping.
Autor: Paolo Maldini
AutorI watched it all
Autor: D4rk5py
AutorAny tips on a 4231 formation? J.low
Autor: david
AutorI watched it all 😎
Autor: Prikshit Chauhan
AutorI watched it all
Autor: Mladen Mitar
AutorHow i can buy coins ?? 🤔
Autor: Lt Mustafa
AutorWached all ! for a SIM Mode less RANDOM
Autor: fredysu Gamer
AutorI watched it all
Autor: Bryan Fury
Autorslow internet on vista pes 2019.
Moving really slowly what to do you can tell me I would be very happy Online
Autor: AndLagon
AutorI watched it all And I am trying some of the things now. Last year I had a pretty decent squad with 70 rated players, leveled up. They have same cost as any white ball. This year the player stats looks nerfed and is very hard to find such players, so I go little higher rated bronzes plus the ones from pack I do not plan to use.
Autor: Nikola Todorov
AutorI watched it all keep doing sim mode helps. That’s the mode I like most or have time for most. Miss the days sim mode was really great in PES.
Autor: Nimric May-Garber
Autorso u have 2 teams like this one for when the 1st team stamina is low and do u use the same manager for the 2nd team and like how many games u play with them..
Autor: Shaun Buys
AutorFirst of the all i like your pes tips and tricks. Can u pls help me with My club Co op Clan match. Whn i play with 1 or 2 more friends vs other 1(with 2 com) or 2-3 players, its impossibel to pick certain players from our 3 my club teams. Game just pick players as he wish and alywas 3-5 players missing because game put some other one on that position. And yeah, we got good players as well in teams so idk whats the problem. i hope u understand our problem. Thanks
Autor: SonOfAcid
AutorGreat video!!
I really like your channel!
I hope sim mode gets less ramdom in the future.
Autor: SR10
Autorthanks for the video! new to pes. helped me a lot! :-)
Autor: Chris K
Autor# I watched it all 😎
Autor: phil price
AutorI watched it all , best video so far! thanks for the tips as always
Autor: Federico Atzei
AutorI watched it all # pesology
Autor: Kambiz Mobin
AutorI watched it all. Very good informative video regarding sim mode. Been waiting for a video like this ages lol. Thanks so much.
Autor: Mohammed Miya
AutorGreat video bro
Autor: Greg Navarro
AutorI watched it all . Thanks for your wisdom!
Autor: Σπυρίδων 14
AutorI watched it all.
Autor: TheAxxiD
AutorPes is ass
Autor: M. N.A
AutorI didn't just watch it, I went backwards a few times as well
Autor: Victor
AutorI might watch this again. Just installed the pes 19 lite.
Autor: gore delpilar
Autorwatched it all habibiii
Autor: yasscasa
AutorHi i whant to tell me how to play in the coop mod because every time i play some time my team its not playng the player are static and i have a verry god team with messi 97, neymar 95, hazard 94, ter stegen, rakitik and more good players
AutorΙ watched it all . Great video mate!
Autor: Stelian Leo
AutorWatched it all! Really useful video :)
Autor: wooooooooooohhh360
AutorI watched it all ...
Autor: Shaun Buys
AutorI watched it all
Autor: Francisco Coutinho
AutorI watched it all. Great video by the pesologist
Autor: Martin Yakwo
Autorpes 2019 tooooooooooooooooooooooop
Autor: cherif madrid

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