Angus Young (AC/DC) Awesome Guitar Solo

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AutorRock it, Angus! 🎸 🎶 FUCKING ROCK IT!!! 🎸 🎸 🎸 🎶 🎶 🎶
Autor: Dredyn Cade
AutorLooking great considering how hard these guys lived, drugs, women. It's a miracle these guys are still alive, let alone playing shows...
Autor: Cee Tee
AutorAwesome? Lol
Autor: das Mordschaf
AutorU were hteat until ya did the axel rose thing. Now your just another sell out. Axel really???????
Autor: Randy Green
AutorThere’s guitar solos. Then there’s this.....
Autor: Camping for everyone else...
AutorTrue legends never die
Autor: Baby Shark
AutorHe just has more time to practice
Autor: Арсен Назарян
AutorUhhh "awesome guitar solo"..... it wasnt anything an average guitar player couldnt do, hell there were parts a 5 year old could do...... and i love Angus
Autor: Chris Smith
AutorToo many faults. He is too old
Autor: Janusz Staniaszek
AutorOne of the greatest guitar players of all time still up there for the fans even though he cant play like he used to when he was the GOAT. Cant wait to see Megadeth at this age lol. Marty will be shredding the same sure lol he will be playing slow jazz
Autor: done with internet
AutorI like ACDC but this isn't his finest hour nope, this is sloppy, real sloppy.
Autor: You F'coffee
AutorU can see the swet
Autor: Conner Gaming
Autor man times have changed I was waiting for the crowd “yowwww”
Autor: Nisms
AutorMore like Angus Old
Autor: weerob1jnr
Autorthis solo is actually very bad when you know how to play guitar
Autor: Léo H
AutorRide On solo go listen to it all the people giving an opinion on a 70 year old playing. You wont be on stage still at 70 that's only for GUITAR HEROES
Autor: done with internet
AutorI honestly thought someone overdubbed it with shit playing for a joke :L
Autor: Tombro
AutorGreatest entertainer of all time!
Autor: The Captain
AutorWhat's wrong with the dude at min 😂😂
Autor: Nachtschatten !
AutorMuito foda💖
Autor: Linda pontes
AutorAnd that's 70s rock man..guitar marshall stack.....balls to the wall....nothing will ever beat the end of recording let there be rock.....the amp blew up
Autor: foo man 70
AutorThis reminded me a lot of Jimmy Pages solo in Heartbreaker from how the West was won.
Autor: Jake Fowler
AutorAxel go Home.
Autor: karsten73 egal
Autor: クロマニヨンズ
AutorHe is amazing man, but what the fuck is the camera man doing 😂😂😂
Autor: Sten Bouten
Autor: Stephen Stark
AutorAge is just a number for Angus Young!
Autor: Jacob C.
AutorA true performer on stage a master
Autor: Mike Kennedy
AutorWasn’t it in marseille ?
Autor: Sayssio PVP
AutorNo wonder Angus goes through so many guitars.
The sweats pissing of him all over his fret board.
Autor: John Henderson
Autorangus young made that dat man have anngusm without even touching his hand strokes were enough
Autor: Yikes 888
Autordude jizzed his pants at
Autor: alexi skiadas
AutorOne of the greatest guitar players to ever walk this earth
Autor: David Driscoll
Autor5 munites of pure shit man
Autor: Arda Akın
Autor😍😍😍 Angus !!!
Autor: Elias Millonario
AutorMakes me feel better about having small hands
Autor: Beep Beep
Autor: Jason Chicoine
AutorHe's the grandfa- I mean godfather of rock!
Autor: Somba
AutorIt's raw,it's crude and nasty,its ROCK!!!
Autor: randy mekalet
Autor: Heath Barker
AutorThe man is god , period.
Autor: Paul Bradley
AutorPuffff, vaya mierda, Todos idiotas en ácido!
Autor: Jef Fa
AutorI just want to place a reverse uno card to turn him young (pun intended) again and rock the fuck out of the guitar with his badass band.
Autor: Coconut Oil
AutorAngus is a god alive
Autor: brazilian guy
AutorVou aprender pra perde peso
Autor: Celio Lima
AutorIts more like angus old nowdays
Autor: HyralProductions
AutorLook at that sweat rolling off him. Fuck
Autor: Jrod Cult
AutorIt’s sounded actually pretty bad and sloppy but for his age it’s acceptable
Autor: JTgBassing V
AutorAwesome!!! I Love AC☇DC
Autor: Luciano NitRock
AutorNo need to put "awesome" before the guitar solo. It's given when it's Angus Young
Autor: Louie Furio
Autormakes me smile.
Autor: Husky Pes
AutorHe's probably tired as fuck but honestly, it sounds like when I first learned power chords and pull offs.. not trying to throw shade in Angus youngs face but kinda mislabeled
Autor: Reid Judd
Autor: Simon Mon
AutorMost people can't walk at his age. Try bouncing around under those lights and rolling around on the floor playing guitar for an hour at his age. Is and always will be the best. True legend.
Autor: Mark Nasser
Autor: VL Muana Syn Gates
AutorQue hdp ese sr young sepa usted que nos malacostumbró con esos deleites guitarreros
Autor: alejandro Vazquez
Autorthe sweep pickers coming here to judge a 70 year old man lol. Angus played on Back IN Black with mastery of tone like no other. You cannot sound like that. Its like telling someone whos color blind what blue looks like and they argue. Shredders are not musicians they are technicians who are tone deaf hence their awful bends and vibrato that they will tell you is just fine hahahahahahaha you guys are musical retards IM SORRY HAHAHAHAHA
Autor: done with internet
AutorI wonder how many pickups he has killed from sweat alone.
Autor: Matt Schmissrauter
AutorThat guy ain’t young anymore
Autor: Afnan Ali
AutorHe took one tab too many.....
Autor: Joseph McCaffrey
Autor: Nahuel Velazquez
AutorThe Younger Spirit never has an and
Autor: brazilian guy
AutorХуй старый
Autor: Глеб Жеглов
AutorAC/DC will live on forever
Autor: Mason ross
AutorMislabeled "awesome guitar solo"
Definitely average
Autor: Jerry Geisel
AutorMany popstars who won Grammy's don't stand against Angus Young's thumbs....
Autor: Rahul C
Autor I swear he havin sex
Autor: Paddysteele 11
AutorThose people having angusms are me every time I listen to AC/DC!
Autor: Forever Angus Young
AutorA TRUE Legend never Get OLD
Autor: Arya BOOJANK
AutorHe's very good, but he's no Slash.
Autor: njw1383
Autor: Lucas Sanchez
AutorRespect to a 63 year old man still rocking BUT he is very very average on guitar. The fan boys just are in denial. Sloppy and his solos are all the same. Yawn.
Autor: Wardruna Ragnar
Autor: Linda pontes
AutorO goood, Love song
Autor: vanusa Hoffmann
Autorlooks, sound, weak and pathetic.
Autor: pat hoolahan
AutorMuito foda só podia ser obra de Deus msm
Autor: luke 7705
AutorIt will be a sad day when he's gone
Autor: wolf infinity
AutorEs como el Chabelo del rock 😂😂
Autor: Angelfury02
AutorI love angus but he's been playing some variation of this same solo with this same routine since bon scott era. Super boring now.
Autor: Christopher Moles
AutorThis man is a legend! All hail Angus!!! Long live AC/DC, the best band in the world!
Autor: Forever Angus Young
AutorNow who the fuck disliked the video 😑
Autor: Nathan nel
AutorNever saw slash play with one ✋
Autor: The Captain
AutorЧто это ??? Он жостко лажает
Autor: Бернардо Росоха
AutorWow! Legend
Autor: Brian Murphy
AutorMan, why does he look so frail? Im kinda worried
Autor: First Name Last Name
AutorAwesome guitar solo? One of the worst guitar solo I heard in my life by a famous guitar player! Those licks are easy to play and he play them sloppy as hell! U are a real guitar player u know what I am talking about! Most comments on here is defend him just because he is famous! I bet you if this was some no name old joe blow you guys would have talking shit about his playing already!
Autori bet he doesn't sweat that much while having sex.
Autor: Efe Baloglu
AutorI never noticed how crappy Angus plays where has the 40 years of experience gone you don't sound like you been playing for ever sounds really crappy. The crap hes playing sounds like a bunch of noise not a solo. the music by is simple and not complicated anybody can play buch of chords anyway. Is time the call it a day AC/DC.
Autor: GERARDO1343
AutorGreat Angus solo !!! and someone madly sighs there :P
Autor: White Ace
Autor Wtf
Autor: Andy B.
AutorAngus and David Gimour the greatest ever. Just one note and I'm floored. Steve Vai is trash lol cause WHEN HE PLAYS SLOW LIKE YOU IT SOUNDS LIKE SHIT ITS CALLE`D MUSI`C NOT TYPING CAUSE THATS WHAT VAI TRASH SOUNDS LIKE LOL A TYPEWRITER
Autor: done with internet
AutoraSK sTEVE vAI WHAT PITCH IS he will tell you oh yeah baseball lmao!!!
Autor: done with internet
AutorLet there be rock ! Fuck yeah!!
Autor: Guitarguy 16
AutorVerdammt alt. Verdammt GEIL!!!!
Autor: Lutz Lefert
AutorThis is a good rock & roll .
Autor: Pitchchanan Hop
Autorhes a shadow of what he was in 79 on the let there be rock movie. LET THERE BE ROCK THE MOVIE IS FROM TOP TO BOTTOM THE GREATEST LIVE PLAYING its why I bought an sg and started playing. It was a religious awakening of soul endless soul. The most soul ive ever heard from the wimpy instrument sTEVE vAi maKES AWFUL NOISE FROM WITH OUT OF PITCH AWFUL BENDS LMAO
Autor: done with internet
AutorWhat are you talking about this is natural angas shredding
Autor: More Lachie03
AutorWas that fucking axl rose up there yelling? Fuck that dude!!
Autor: Timothy Walling
Autor: Brutal Jung
AutorGuitar god
Autor: John Swanick

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