Chris brown - Yeah 3x (Cover) by Gabriel and Kiana Valenciano

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AutorNiceeeee.. love the cover!
Autor: Rochelle Cabrera
Autorsounds great! ah... igotta know what audio equip you use, haha
Autor: Jamie Grace
Autori love the ideal from changing the lyrics threw the start of the song .. :D !! piano is absolutely amazing . voice .. perfecto !
Autor: Visan Channel
AutorThumbs up Valencianos!
Autor: khryssies63
AutorI heard kiana sing on kris tv she's amazing and i know gary can't wait to produce her album!
Autor: Jake Cocjin
AutorYou're both amazing!!! I like your hair this way :)
Autor: callieporsche
AutorAJ RAFAEL FAVORITED THIS!! oh wow!! yey! :)
Autor: diyanella
AutorMove your body out on the floor
Put your troubles aside, start livin'
Anybody can let go
Throw away all your problems, 'cause right now it's party time
Girl don't feel outta place
'Cause I, I'm in love with this feelin' now, now ah
Hope that this will last a while, we should make it last a while

You like to drink? Yeah
So do we, yeah
Get more bottles, yeah,
bring 'em to me, yeah
Hold your glasses up, people everywhere
Now everybody put your hands in the air

Yeah, yeah, yeah, girl I wanna, yeah, yeah, yeah
I wanna see you tonight, oh, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, girl I gotta, yeah, yeah, yeah
I wanna see you tonight

Oh, oh, yeah, oh
Let me see your hands
Oh, oh, dance, oh
Tonight is the night

Up in the moment, can't believe you're so beautiful
Feels like I'm in a dream
Baby we're going somewhere you've never been before
So take my hand and come with me
Girl, don't feel outta place
'Cause I, I'm in love with this feelin' now, now ah
Hope that this will last a while, we should make it last a while

You like to drink? Yeah
So do we, yeah
Get more bottles, yeah,
bring 'em to me, yeah
Hold your glasses up, people everywhere
Now everybody put your hands in the air

Yeah, yeah, yeah, girl I wanna, yeah, yeah, yeah,
I wanna see you tonight, oh, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, girl I gotta, yeah, yeah, yeah
I gotta see you tonight

Oh, oh, yeah, oh
Let me see your hands
Oh, oh, dance, oh
Tonight, tonight is the night

All the pretty young things at the party, let me see your hands up
And if they mad and they don't wanna party, tell them shut the fuck up
So DJ turn it loud, then watch me turn it up
Don't worry about it, we here to party so jump, jump, jump, jump

Girl I wanna, I wanna see ya tonight
Yeah, girl I gotta I gotta I gotta
I gotta see ya tonight

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Tonight is the night
Autor: Ellaine Culalic
Autorone person doesn't know what talent means :)
Autor: Ayx Nxkkxtx
AutorKiana has a very soothing voice!  Nice one, Gab.  
Autor: Christiene S.C. Bowden
Autoryeah Aj Rafael brought me here. she's so adorable and talented!
Autor: Queen Len 8BP
Autorlove it:)
Autor: mhara are
AutorThis is very beautiful cover.. you should make more you can make your own name in industry start with Youtube...!! nice job..
Autor: nash rudin
Autor: Kaye Quiblat
AutorKeep it up! Just subscribed today and already loved it. Keep it up Pinoy pride!
Autor: tim cooper
Autoramazing voice...feels good listening to kiana...
Autor: jopi jusay
AutorI hope kiana could be like her brothers. she has really an amazing voice. I am starting to like her and gab doing their covers. I am already a fan of her. :) God truly blessed Mr Gary Valenciano. Have more videos. :) I hope you could cover Christian Songs. :) God Bless!
Autor: neutralaxis2012
AutorLove you both! Good singing Kiana. more! more! more! :-)
Autor: Abegail
Autorsuper like this one!!!! galing mo talaga... idol...
Autor: jeniffer pimentel
Autorsooooooo goood!
Autor: bea the fangurl
AutorLove the piano
Autor: eeyah silva
AutorBeen waiting for another video from you for a long time Gab! I wanna learn logic!!!
Autor: Daren Girdner
Autorwtf is wrong with that 1 person who disliked this?
Autor: Mary Milinado
Autor: Rowena Banga
Autor: Gabriel Valenciano
Autor(L) it
Autor: demixk
Autorlonger version pls!
Autor: babygroove
AutorBonita canción.... : )
Autor: Bella Bella
AutorGaleenggg!! Keep it up! :-)
Autor: Lea Russel
Autorvery nice rendition! love it!
Autor: Jo Wee
Autorpure talent! from Idol Gary Vs genes! hooh! great!
Autor: Allan Mitchell Silonga
AutorNice :)
Autor: Pedro P.
Autormore cover! :D we liked 'we found love' :D
Autor: Sarah Buenaventura
AutorI love your version of this song so much! Its amazing how much emotion is in the singing and the piano playing! Seriously well done guys! Subbed :D James O'Hare.
Autor: JamesO'HareMusic
AutorMore cover please... ♥♫
Autor: alden espinosa
AutorI hope you can upload more songs, you're voice is definitely angelic and I love to hear you sing. :))
Autor: Beatriz Espeso
Autor: Jayme del Rosario
Autorsana full song na yung icover nakakabitin po :'(
Autor: sachie ogizawara
AutorJust crystal clear voice. Hope Chris Brown sees this and appreciate the tempo you guys chose. BTW, you guys definitely took after you Mom!
Autor: Beth Craddock
Autorplaying on repeat. <3 nakaka-inlove sya! :D more covers, guys! :D god bless! ;)
Autor: Jermaine Sasutil
AutorSorry about the recording quality?  BS That's great!!!
Autor: TristianHenz5851
AutorBest version ever
Autor: Jeanina Hilario
Autor@AdrianSpecialMusic @crazypimple who's aj rafael? i hope you people put links when you comment "someone brought me here" stuff...
Autor: James O
AutorI like her voice! More please
Autor: mblabezza
Autorall the best for your future vevo on youtube guys...
Autor: Game4uTamil
AutorI really really really really love your voice Kiana. Please make a whole cover of this song. :) xx
Autor: fageroman
AutorYou are rubbish. You dont know them. Theyre the children of Gary Valenciano, a very legendary singer and performer in the Philippines. Get it. Try to Google him. :)
Autor: TheNoisyTwins
Autorwow! awesome voice kiana...ganda talaga;)
Autor: Mary Catan
Autorwow!!! kiana could really be an international superstar!
Autor: MGS21
AutorWho gives a crap about recording quality, I don't even notice, this is just too good for quality.
Autor: Shinenux WTH
AutorCan you a full cover/studio version of this one. Please.... please...
Autor: Christian Dee Palomar
Autor: King’s World
Autorhey! i like your song, come on, nice voice!
Autor: Julien Larminier
Autorhis fiancee
Autor: I Am Happy And I Deserve It
AutorThat voice .... Hmmm like an angel
Autor: robbie
Autor: Talitha Buizon
Autoromg she has an amazing voice
Autor: Soap
AutorMs. Maja S. tweeted this one..
Autor: Tashya Mendoza
AutorFirst time I heard kiana was in Showtime singing We found Love and from then on, I look forward on hearing her again. Sana may album naman all acoustic.
Autor: Itsmhee Dhee
AutorI hope I also have studio in my house.
Autor: fageroman
AutorGab is really the dancer in the family but he can also sing, their kuya Paolo is the vocalist of pinoy rock band, "Salamin". Kiana is obviously an awesome singer as well :)) Way to go V's! We want more :D
Autor: Pandakopandaaaa
AutorThis ruins the point of the song Yeah 3x. It should be a fast song that gets people partying, not falling asleep.
Autor: AbcdefgHi
Autorhands down! i hope kiana will debut her album very soon! she deserves a good one.. god bless Valenciano Kids!!!!
Autor: kath anderson
Autorang ganda ng boses! ♥
Autor: mf cababarros
Autor@gabValenciano pls tell kiana do a terrified or whrn love takes over Cover... puhleeeezzzx
Autor: sheenawashere
Autorkolbeans yaw!!!!!!!!!!!
Autor: marvin asuncion
Autorsuper talented tlga ng mga Valenciano.. 
Like her voice :)
Autor: Sarah Jane Hernandez
AutorBoring :/
Autor: Der Pate
AutorHope to hear more from you! That was really great! Hope to see Gary V. as well on your next videos like this.

@ nash rudin They (Gab and Kiana) already made their own names, at least, here in the Philippines.  
Autor: Rovie Pacaldo
AutorGood job! :) request ako ng song sir. Hindi ko kasi makita yung vid ng 700club dito when you guys sang "When I hear you call". One of my favorite song that was written by your dad. Thanks in advance! God bless y'all! :D
Autor: Jeremy Armenta
Autorkiana really sing...amazing voice..amazing valenciano siblings
Autor: ck250860
AutorI love your voice!! =D <3
Autor: Provemethatimbeautiful Linacolada
Autorthe best!!! ganda ng boses nya :) the best cover
Autor: Lovelene Sale Pangan
Autorwow! this is amazing! do a cver w/ other artists! uhmm like sam concepcion? :)
Autor: I.V
AutorAj Rafael sent me
Autor: Jame5Jame5
Autorbem legal !!
Autor: Theo Nascimento
AutorI dream of having this kind of studio and Kiana is just uber talented, adore her voice!
Autor: Bryan Tayko
AutorDo you guys mind putting up the piano sheet music for this?? amazing cover
Autor: MiharuSarano
AutorGreat job! Way to GO Gab & Kia :-) Blessings to U both...Hope to see Kiana on ASAP more :-) maybe with a partner \m/!
Autor: suzvi01in
Autorbeautiful daughter! :) where's paulo?
Autor: ESCALADEon32inchRIMS
Autorsuper nice voice :)
Autor: _ira bea
Autora full version please :))))) 
Autor: Jeanina Hilario
Autor@01seanmac agreed. I don't mind the censoring, but totally omitting major parts of the song kinda detracts it from the original.
Autor: tekurider259
Autorsweeet! please cover Christian songs :)
Autor: Matthew Kitane
Autormore covers please!!!!c;
Autor: adik7ea
AutorJust saying... Gab valenciano is a filipino singer who is the son of Gary Valenciano... Thumbs up for people to see.
Autor: ComputerNerdSter
AutorKiana has an amazing voice. I LOVE. ♥
Autor: Denielle Duenas
Autorkabitin .. full cover sana ... hehe
Autor: polingling chan
Autorgreat job.. may pinagmanahan.. :D wanna hear more of you Kiana.. :D
Autor: Noypi Stuff
Autorwow!Kiana on Asap please!
Autor: Loun Guillermo
AutorOh Kiana's voice!! <3
Autor: Anj Sulit Music
AutorIt is sooooo pure. So beautiful. I listen to it on and on and I cannot stop. YOU'RE SO GOOD!
Autor: Manon Elodie
Autormore!i watched kiana and gab performed it on kristv before..
Autor: danielle ann
AutorGreat collab! Great arrangement!
Autor: Elle Miranda
Autorthumbs up galing :P
Autor: kd KD
AutorGreat Cover!
Autor: Faye Santiago
Autor: marb belmes
AutorWOW! :)
Autor: Michelle Mae Baronia-Medalla
AutorThat's a huge mic!
Autor: Ludwig Roxas
Autorcant wait for WE FOUND LOVE cover with AJ Rafael <3
Autor: jade cruz
Autor: sokha326
AutorLiked this song so much...:-)
Autor: rpgumpic
Autormore cover of kiana & gab pls?
Autor: Joanna Casinillo
Autor: ls q
Autoranag galing supper! :D more covers! pa!
Autor: Jeazel Mae Mana-ay
Autorlove it, moreeeee :D
Autor: Mary Milinado
AutorOMG! her voice is SUPERB,..cute mo GAB!
Autor: gHe afRicaNo
Autorthat awkward moment when the top comments are the same
Autor: Maireen Espiritu
Autortalent runs in the blood.. really lovely cover..
Autor: Melissa Anne Maquiling
Autorseriously, this deserves more views.
Autor: Kaye Quiblat
Autor: David Simon
AutorAwesome !!.
Autor: Joel Padrino
AutorYou should make more vids. :)
Autor: chloe albea
Autoryour voice is awesome :)))
Autor: Jomari Braganza
Autordamn gab!!! you guys did great 
Autor: Harvey Fenellere
AutorCool! Im working and in the mood coz of this piece! :)
Autor: HOW GEE
Autorgaling! you should make more covers or maybe an album?
Autor: fema grace Parocho
Autorastonishing! i can think of myself dancing with my soon-to-be wife with this song on our wedding day. more! :)
Autor: Nopain Nogain
Autormore! more!♥
Autor: eulan marie
Autorboth good tapos click pa silang magkuya nice nman
Autor: KingDerp 202 so impressed.shes really good and gab looks so hot! XD
Autor: iris m
Autorgaling! :D
Autor: Peachy Juelar
AutorI love you Kiana and Gab!!! Do more videos pleaseee...
Autor: Ace Durna
AutorGreat voice!!
Autor: Claris Kapinga
Autorwe want the complete song! <3 do more covers.. :)
Autor: Verna Vanessa Garbin
AutorI like this video myself.
Autor: Bronson Fasavalu
Autorgreat rendition of that song! It's finally nice to hear and see some great filipino talent these days.
Autor: Janina
AutorOh my gosh! Im sorry. I accidentally hit the dislike button. But, I really really really liked it! Galing! :)) God has given you guys great talents. :) sana at the corss naman gawan ng cover ni Kiana. :)) God bless. ;)
Autor: Margarette Aimee Albores
Autori was suprised they were this good
Autor: Yo Mama
Autorcan you upload a longer version? and mp3-ish quality please please please <3
Autor: beabbee
AutorReally great voice and music !! You guys need to upload more :)
Autor: XxUberDashxX
AutorGreat cover
Autor: Jorja Solamillo
AutorNice voice
Autor: kikkothegreatful
AutorGreat voice subscribe
Autor: Nate Johnson
AutorMy name is kiana lol
Autor: xathlete_
AutorYou guys are amazing!!!
Autor: Leo Cagape
Autorwhat a talent! both of you....
Autor: Mira Jimenez
AutorFull cover please! :)
Autor: Pandakopandaaaa
AutorOh my goodness... This is beautiful. Blew me away...
Autor: XDWendyXP
AutorAj Rafael actually liked this video :)
Autor: Adrian Papp
AutorYou have such an amazing voice! It's so unique and fresh! I really hope you make an album because my ipod needs someone like you on it.
Autor: Alyssa Magahis
AutorForever by Chris Brown
Autor: kris gonzales
Autorsing it mama!
Autor: A. Oreal
Autoruhhh i love her voice! it's so calming :) .. what the heck ... i love your whole family! LOL such talented people <3 
Autor: pixie
Autorlove it! talented siblings!
Autor: Joyce Anne Oñes - Sibal
Autor: Jaira Angeli
Autorbitin! I wish you did a cover of the full song coz you did it really great!!
Autor: diyanella
Autorgood singing but to slow
Autor: wayne b
AutorSana buo-in nyo na tong song na to, first time ko narinig to sa Kris TV ata. Galing super!!
Autor: siasmas soriano
Autormake more covers please? :D
Autor: rina erika Amatorio
Autorsir, please post more and complete this song. "nakakabitin" po kasi. :))
Autor: chawchawful
Autorexcellent job!
Autor: Jocy Lavette
AutorÜ great
Autor: Kath Minor
Autoraj rafael brought me here. and he liked this. :)
Autor: Cla Oblepias
Autornice! waiting to hear more! :)
Autor: celestheralexis
AutorHe meant video quality.
Autor: Juanmanuel Vizcarra

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