Electric Guitar Lesson 2 - EASY Riff with Open Chords

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AutorWhy did he start with the song then teach it to us
Autor: Sugar Nugget
Autordo u like tea and crumpits?
Autor: Riley McInturff
AutorI have been plying guitar for about a year now and I got my electric guitar (les Paul vintage- epiphone) and I was wondering if u could do a top ten greatest riffs that are about my level ??
Autor: El. Guitars
AutorWhat is the name of this song?
Autor: Aimee Henderson
AutorOmg this video honestly helped me like a lot. Thanks for the help
Autor: żëńįth çhäīńłôč
AutorGreat lesson, keep em coming!
Autor: Matti L
AutorI want to start trying to play a guitar 🎸 right now so I think you'd be a great guitar teacher for it. I haven't gotten one yet but when I do this is what I'll watch. Thanks for teaching and playing Andy. 👍🏻
Autor: Insiders Vlog
AutorI got it but the finger positioning slows me down, hopefully with practice I can speed it up, oh and my fingers are falling off Lol
Autor: Yordin Peña
AutorAndeee Gheethaar
Autor: - TUUBZ -
AutorHi Andy, whenever I try and play the d chord my fingers seem to mute the 1st and 2nd strings. I can’t seem to position them in the right place on the fret. Any tips or is it just a thing u pick up over time?
Autor: haaseerabo
AutorHey man thanks for doing the lessons man helps alot
Autor: Frank Carlo
AutorWhich guitar are you playing???
Autor: kush
AutorHi Andy, I hope you are enjoying the festive season. Forgive me if I appear a little naive, but I purchased this course just two days ago ..... may I ask where is the advantage of this, if it is released FREE to the public just days later, am I missing something here?
Autor: Phil James
Autor: Danny Van der Veer
Autoryou look like Rip Hunter from DC Legends of tomorrow, also can you do Let her go by passenger or Let it go by James bay
Autor: Cesar Peralta
Autor: Grace T
AutorI'm just started playing and I look to see your lessons . if its the last thing I do is to learn to play.
Autor: Michael Birkner
AutorGreat job thou
Autor: Immortal Dragon
AutorCan Someone send me the link to the backing track?
Autor: Yourigames
AutorBest guitar teacher on the internet, thanks Andy! ^.^
Autor: AlmightyStarfire
AutorKudos for the Video! Sorry for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you tried - Riddleagan Blossoming Solo Remedy (just google it)? It is an awesome one off guide for mastering guitar scales without the headache. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my cooworker after many years got amazing success with it.
Autor: World christ worship song
Autorhey Andy can u learn to play green pastures in the sky
Autor: Dalton Woods
Autorman we have the same guitar!
Autorcan make a lesson how to play she will be love by maroon 5
Autor: Scott Wayne
Autorlove this guy's technique. Also love the fact he is using a Gibson Les Paul and a Backstar amp in a beginner video XD.
Autor: SHW1212
AutorWhy is nicky cage giving lessons
Autor: that orange guy
AutorChording is why I switched from guitar to bass so many years ago. I'm an accomplished bass player & the spacing on guitar strings is so much smaller. I appreciate the lessons on chording. I've come back to guitar for the purpose of writing and tired of waiting on guitar players to lay down tracks over my bass lines. Thanks Andy
Autor: jlaml71
AutorReally surprised myself. Got the backing track first time. Still riding the buzz.
Autor: KayC
AutorGreat lessons!! I hope you will continue this series for a ling time.
Autor: Cristian Morar
AutorYou are my hero!
Autor: Matias Santacruz
AutorThanks.........................................forever rock & roll
Autor: Guilio Benitz
AutorHay mucho tutoriales para que aprendas...
Autor: serwin song
AutorThank you for these lessons and backing tracks.
Autor: Georg Mierau
Autorthat was pretty hard for me to catch cuz it was my first time .....but i got it thanks to amazing instructions
Autor: Kashiv Tyrell
AutorI can't get chords, I've tried and tried and tried but I can't freaking get them
Autor: Azmarian HD
AutorAny tips or songs to practice for a beginner moving over from acoustic?
Autor: Ruben
AutorCould you teach us some Dire Straits please dude!✌🏼️🎸🎸🎸
Autor: Sean Cartwright
AutorYour positive attitude is simply contagious, thank you!
Autor: Timothy Cracchiolo
AutorSince I’m a beginner ....my fingers hurts as hell....I’m getting it slowly (just need some practice)
Autor: Batflip 09
AutorA nightmare for tiny hands
Autor: Max Planck
Autoryou looks like pewdipie
Autor: naya aulia
AutorPlease make a vid on how to read the music. Like what makes A5 different A. Also what are the 0 and 2's under the letters
Autor: Not bob
Autor3 Rd comment
Autor: vatsal vishwam
AutorCool I’m learning guitar with your lessons I’m 8 years old
Autor: Israel Tamez
AutorThanks bro..love your channel
Autor: x man
AutorOgly... Lol
You Brits with your screwed up accents.
Autor: Mafaman
AutorI found it very difficult to figure out where to put my fingers, help?
Autor: babey
AutorOkay, I can’t wait to try this tomorrow! Your lessons are so clear and inspiring, I feel like I need this!🙂
Autor: Layla francis
Autorhello thanks really.i am iranian and you are better teature i saw
Autor: Kave Mehr
AutorThese last two videos got me started. Thanks.
Autor: Anthony F Ramos
AutorThanks a lot. It indeed very useful
Autor: Prabal Basu
Autor: Patricia Giannattasio
AutorHow is this a beginner lesson? This is impossible for a beginner
Autor: Flopp
Autorsame feel ya
Autor: Rio Carvalho
AutorDamn second 😔
Autor: Mark Foster
AutorThag was very amazing and sooo much helpful thnks alloooot
Autor: Hasan Sagittarius
Autorthanks rip hunter!
Autor: Jalen Thorbs
Autorthanks Andy
Autor: Abid Rahman
AutorI deactivated my adblock for you because i really appreciate your work. Thanks!
Autor: lavendel blüte
AutorI am black
Autor: Doug Ducich
AutorLove this! I’ll be waiting for more! I think you will love my channel and let’s connect! 🤘
Autor: Raquel Figlo
Autorso heipful,

Autor: BK C
AutorYou wouldn't happen to be willing to teach us "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" by Panic! At The Disco, would you?
Autor: RecordEsque
Autor: Stan Aardoom
Autorguys it 2018 wow soo i mean
Autor: John Adams
Autormy fingers are to fat..........
Autor: jimmie cassidy
Autoryour tanks suched in ww2.
Autor: Riley McInturff
Autor30 year old guy just starting to play guitar now. Wish me luck.
Finding your teachings very helpful
Autor: john Smith
AutorI lied it was an Epiphone
Autor: SHW1212
AutorI’m really advanced and I am looking for something a lot more advanced like me.
Autor: Immortal Dragon
Autor: Finnls 25
Autormy amp is fender frontman 15G. although i adjust many way, this sound doesnt like yr sound. Im a newbie. can you please help me how to do it. (like the level of gain, treble, middle,..)
I watched the previous video about amp. But still, no clue
Autor: top the

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