Glenn Miller - In The Mood [HQ]

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AutorI am using this is one of my class projects.
Autor: Christian Wheeler
Autor: 小池まさみ
AutorGlen único mundialmente
Autor: Alejandra Soberon
AutorPeter Sellers' funeral song. He had it played as he was cremated.
Autor: Robert Tylor
AutorI am really craving some Chunky's Chicken right now.
Autor: Copper-Nitrogen-Thorium
Autor2019 💋💯❤️
Autor: Cat Perez
AutorPotato potato potato potato po-ta-to
Autor: H T C
Autor: Dani TheRealHucasys
AutorSo, is this recording actually from 1939??!!
Autor: Pat Zimmer
AutorHuh... must be nice living in the 50s
Autor: Flou
AutorI got here from kanye west hoe song.. somehow
Autor: Lore Abiding Citizen
AutorThe man photographed here is not Alton Glenn Miller. He is Jimmy Stewart portraying Miller in "The Glenn Miller Story."
Autor: Richard August Autistic Christian MGTOW
AutorAbsolutely adore jazz. Thanks for introducing me grandma
Autor: Madi Bendy
AutorPeople say rap is good no its trash this is my favorite song
Autor: Luke Hay
AutorThe riff structure reminds me of The Beautiful Blue Danube for some reason.
Autor: HordrissTheConfuser
AutorThat image is of James Stewart not Glenn
Autor: colintraveller
AutorThis is James Stewart,who played Miller in the movie,....still,two of the finest!
Autor: Beál Feirste
AutorUn giorno sarà la sigla del mio anzi del nostro cartone animato
Autor: Michele Visca
Autori really enjoyed that scene in the The Glen Miller Story where his band is playing for the troops over England as a buzz bomb approaches nearby as the song goes into the quiet part, then as the bomb explodes away from them, the song picks up loudly, ending to the cheers and applause of the audience.
Autor: tomshiba51
Autor"It's Major Glenn Miller and the Army Air Force Band. They're In the Mood!"
Autor: Grace Skerp
AutorO L D B U T G O L D
Autor: Blitz Pix
Autor: Voldeweed Green
Autor: claudie jubeau
Autor2019 anyone ?
Autor: The Pyromaniac
AutorGreat Glenn miller, vanished in the English Channel, just like Emiliano Sala.... but at those times they didnt have the research technology that found sala today
Autor: Guilherme Barbosa
AutorI usually just listen to rap music but this is a whole new world I can’t go back
Autor: Lamontez Lee
AutorOne of Glenn's biggest & best hits!
Autor: Scott Burton
Autor2019, alguien?.
Autor: OTTEN
Autor is my favorite part.
Autor: Jono Incorporated
Autorthe swing era is the best, dance with your wife
Autor: rick 59
AutorGod why is this so nostalgic? I love it.
Autor: Robert Lettieri
Autorget down...yeah love it
Autor: Karen Marshall
AutorSadie Dunhill and George Amberson....
Autor: Music Milenio XXI
AutorMusic from this era makes me feel so anachronistic; like I'm just longing for another time and place that existed fifty years before I was even born...
Autor: Sarah Riddle
Autor: MO CHI
AutorHow about 2019!!
Autor: Indigo Butterfly
Autorif you are on pc and you go to you see this on screen DAMN IM SEXY
Autor: kovduko
AutorAlthough this song is Jazz/Swing, several of my music historian friends rank this as the first rock 'n' roll song. If not the first, they say it is the direct progenitor of the style and they believe that if Mr. Miller had survived the war he would have helped bridge the generational music gap.
Autor: Pulsatyr
AutorLa funcion debe continuar 1978
Autor: Sabri Na
AutorHeil maximillianmus
Autor: Fallout BrotherhoodCommand BOS
AutorYou dumb asses, that's Jimmy Stewart from the biopix. Couldn't you find a photo of the actual Glen Miller?
Autor: Joseph Lomeo
AutorGreat story Loved it and the Music......
Autor: 1953Stephan
AutorThe Parent Trap anyone?
Autor: Maria Santiago
AutorNo wonder it sounds familiar. Female japanese musicians played this in their movie The Swing Girls.
Autor: Faye
Autor1st trumpet in jazz band jesus christ this shit is so much fun to play
Autor: Ethan Tuh
Autor: Natalia M
Autori wish i ran into other 16 year olds that were into this kinda stuff, as well as sinatra, johnny cash, etc :’)
Autor: clampy
AutorHi Genn Miller
Orchestra band
Everybody jump
Jam giong on
Back then
Autor: John Hopkins McConnell
AutorI really like the soli at the beginning by the saxophones
Autor: Michael Garvin
AutorPeter Sellers the comic legend had this playing as his coffin was cremated knowing that all attending knew how much he hated this song and would give them all a last laugh.
Autor: Paul Morris
Autor: The Kiwa
AutorNow thats music!!!! Today music really sucks!!!!
Autor: Tempo
AutorStill better than current music
Autoryou're my fucKING DAD
Autor: tylpums
AutorThe parent trap movie ♡ hotel scene
Autor: Valeria Alvarez
AutorI can't get tired of listening to this music.
Autor: Leon D
AutorTimeless Perfection..!!! From the greatest Generation EVER..!!!
Autor: Choff C
AutorI believe that's actor James Stewart, not Miller, in the photo. Duh. Someone said, in reference to Miller's fate, that it would have been better if he had lived and his music had died.
Autor: Geoff Nelson
AutorMuseum of Flight
Autor: Devin Graves
AutorWonderful music! Love the big band era and the Andrews Sisters, Glenn Miller. I can picture my great grandparents in 1939 dancing to this
Autor: Victoria Standeven
AutorLove this piece by Glenn Miller
Autor: Candice Mcatee
AutorBest song for the Mc Donalds 1955 Burger LOL
AutorSuper excellent
Autor: Main Account
AutorMe encanta esta orquesta , aclaro no soy de esos tiempos...
Autor: Claudia Beatriz Schmidt
Autora écouter sans modération . Mieux qu un médoc . ce gars merite une medaille
Autor: Ric Man
AutorFor me, Glenn Miller still stands alone at the top.
Autor: chris nelson
AutorWooHoo playin this for 7th and 8th Jazz Band and it is really fun to play.
Autor: weirdo
AutorAhora recuerdo que me enamoré de esta música cuando vi el film sobre la vida de Miller, muy hermosa y emotiva en esa época era una pre-adolescente. Muchas gracias por traer estos bellos recuerdos.
Autor: Sallymay Bergeon Ulises
AutorIs there a Ms Dunhill who wants to Jive to this
AutorOne of the best pieces of American music ever composed.
Autor: Greypon3
AutorThe ultimate party song! I dare anyone to try and sit still when this is heard. The only song that rivals this is "Sing;Sing;Sing" by Benny Goodman
Autor: carl rosetti jr
AutorHa! 😂 Buen intento con la foto ☝️. El de la imagen NO ES GLEN. Es del actor que interpretó la vida de GLEN M. en su película biográfica. Hahahahaha!!
Por otra parte, la música es muy buena, lógicamente.
Autor: Marcelo Kasan
AutorWho came here after watching the haunting of queen Mary?😭
AutorMy grandparents loved this tune and I think it's very catchy too. ❤❤❤
Autor: Justine Hamer
AutorI’m playing this in my middle school jazz band and ITS SO FUN
Autor: Ainsley Mcdaniel
Autoranyone listening in 2019??
Autor: July
AutorThe portrait is of Jimmy Stewart in character, playing Glenn Miller, from the 1954 biographical film "The Glenn Miller Story"; NOT Glenn Miller
Autor: DirkDigler13
Autor14 Adam27 not believing Isabelle's story : Assume Isabelle's Grandfather was 21 when he played with Glenn Miller.
Glenn Miller had a civilian band '37-'42 (Army Air Force Band 42-44)
2015-1937 = 78 yrs ago + 21 (age in '37 when started with miller) = 99
2015 -1942 = 73 yrs ago + 21 = 94
Grandfather would have been approx. between 99 and 94 when he died a "few" years ago.

You decide
Autor: Ginger Hamura
Autor: Zuliana Herrera
AutorMusic of many of our grandparents. The GREATEST generation that will ever exist. Just look at what they accomplished during WW2 and immediately after. They were and are what being a American is all about.
Autor: Patrick Hurley
Autorman I finnally know the name of this song.
Autorca c'uò
Autor: Budullu Azzalafat cammella
AutorChaka , master not pleased
Autor: Andrew L. Rodriguez
AutorI asked for this to be played on my wedding day but the dj said he didn’t have it. Thank God for Youtube!
Autor: L R
Autor My favorite part
Autor: Sir Panda
AutorWith a name like Smucker's, it has to be good.
And no one grows ketchup like Heinz.
Autor: Charles Finke
AutorThis kind of music shall live forever. 2019, anyone?
Autor: Felipe Fortalejo
AutorDoing this song for one of my concerts
AutorAlguien se acuerda en que caricatura o serie de televisión salía está música?
Autor: Viri G
AutorOooohou the bass line.
Autor: Vishal Bhattacharya
AutorThis music just makes me smile! I hope swing and big band becomes popular again!
Autor: Jessie G
AutorAlways puts me in the mood
Autor: never give up never
AutorMüzik budur, iştel..
Autor: Deadpool TR
AutorOui les poto
Autor: rummens xavier
AutorThis has outlasted time!
Autor: zmznzbzvzmznzb
AutorThat’s not Glen Miller, that’s Jimmy Stewart.
Autor: SvenTviking
AutorI think about Grandpa Simpson rebelling against Homer when I hear this song.
Autor: James Shepard82
AutorEsta canción is fire bro! 🔥
Autor: Nigga RiGon
AutorOne of my fav swing songs
Autor: Charlie Bank
AutorKilling creatures in eso to this for some reason.
Autor: M. job
AutorP.S. I Still Love You brought me here. 🌙💕
Autor: illen d
AutorHave anyone noticed that in the spot where the artist name is written on the video description, it is written Frank Sinatra? Lol
Autor: Ju an
Autor!!2019!! еаа
Autor: Earth Peace
AutorI was born in the wrong generation
Autor: odi mor
Autorthe chicken version though..
Autor: CG maddy
AutorSo schön immer wieder
Autor: Ramona Trensch
Autor: Little bear
Autormerveilleuse Alice Rosset
Autor: Daniele Duthoit
Autor best trumpet solo ever
Autor: Po S
AutorI'm just an old punk rocker who had a dad that played in orchestras and raised me on big bands and this was one of his favorites.
Autor: David Whitmore
AutorThis song woke me up every Saturday morning, Grandma I MISS YOU SO!!!!! Rip Angele... 1923-2016
Autor: Robert Head
Autor20m views ;)
Autor: Lakupatukka
Autor: oh!dear
AutorRecordando al viejo 😊
Autor: Dima Saanz
AutorGreats song. Ever ever ever
Autor: Nancy Lyle
AutorAfN in Germany, great!
Autor: Ingrid Randa
AutorRose Red.
Autor: nahmanini sithole
AutorHands down the greatest music ever made.
Autor: Ryan Dietz
AutorI was just thinkin' ......if that's Benny Goodman, I'm Jimmy Stewart.
Autor: Al Anton
AutorDo you want to listen to (insert a song’s name other than this song)?
Nah, I’m not in the mood. But you know what I’m in the mood for?
Autor: Emily Schatz
AutorDançante, ritmo contagiante 😍
Autor: Tamires Camargo
AutorLooks like Jimmy Stewart.
Autor: The Readers Corner
AutorMe gusta mas serenata a la luz de la luna.
Autor: Claudia Beatriz Schmidt
AutorStephen King brought me here.
Autor: Muhammed Emin Demir
AutorI wake up to Glenn miller’s tunes almost everyday and it starts me up on a good note , thanks Mr Miller for such good music
Autor: rusteeee12
Autor이런영상에는 한국인이 없는듯
Autor: ᄋ ᄋ
AutorHow many true fans knew that Glenn wasn't leading this? Or that this recording wasn't from the 40s? :-) still great though.
Autor: Andreas C.
AutorWaW A M A Z I N G A
Autor: WetParrot
AutorMy father was conceived to this music.
Autor: Andrew Baumann
Autor: TheOnlyWay Out
AutorGlenn Miller died on my birthday. ;(
Autor: Conroy Lunsford
Autoryessss love this song from Parent Trap
Autor: Yamani Bryant-McCray
AutorHappy valentines day grandma ❤
Autor: joseph guerrero
AutorThis makes wanna grab my wife and do the jitterbug. Most of you youngsters don't even know what that is. Enjoy anyway
Autor: Red Clark
AutorFabuloso swing
Autor: Sandra Nava
AutorI remember this from doctor who
Autor: Olivia EDWARDS
Autor: Elham susi
AutorHe looks like Jimmy Stewart
Autor: Glenn Lego
AutorParent trap😂
Autor: Macarena Vela
AutorHim and The Andrews sisters made me think of the world war II era.
Autor: David Alder
AutorHere is a different version, in Ultra-HQ

Download link
1 file
Glen Miller - In the Mood.flac
Autor: Dragan Milunovic
AutorI'm getting major big band vibes with this song
Autor: godzillaisking TWT
AutorThis reminds me of nyc
Autor: juliana neves
AutorI cannot sit still when I hear this tune. Genius work.
Autor: Simon de Cornouailles
AutorI would love to play like this and have the same level of brain capacity of Glenn Miller. But I am mainly on piano and listen to a lot of jazz
Autor: II Ixlx II 3
Autor1975 I was at a conference in London Ontario and they had the Glen Miller band at the dance pavilion.  What memories for my wife and me.  It was heaven for the dance nuts and music lovers
Autor: Ray Brunka
Autor: Danilo Pineda
AutorI was thinking "wow James Stewart looked a lot like Glenn Miller!" but of course that IS James Stewart.
Autor: Isabelle Lake
Autor: Rob Vilar
AutorWow! Classic!
Autor: Ruple Thaker
AutorI'm an old headbanger and I can't make it through a day without my '80s hair metal - Poison, Cinderella, Bon Jovi - but I also love the big band sound.  This was the hard rock of the WWII generation.  I crank this song up and headbang or dance around the room.  Good music is timeless.
Autor: carly grayson
Autor: Rat Cheese
AutorThis one's for you Nan. 1922-2018 <3
AutorGlenn Miller murió en un.accidente aereo sobre el.Csnal de la Mancha en los tiempos de la II Guerra. Habia llevado un poco de alegria a las tropas en Europa
Autor: lilly peña
AutorCan't help but thing of my WW2 Vet Dad when I hear this .
Autor: gregg horner
Autor2019 Glen Miller siempre, Argentina.
Autor: Alejandra Soberon
AutorThis version is too slow
Autor when i am talking with a girl and she smiles to me
Autor: TacoVoladorChino YT
Autor: Shut up Stooopid
Autor2.8k people were not in the mood
Autor: Anna Mavriiki
Autor2019 anyone?
Autor: PapaGru 4
Autor: 정현빈
AutorNothing today can beat this masterpiece
Autor: Daily Blank screen
Autorawesome song....great memories listening and dancing with my Dad
Autor: caymclean
Autor2019 anybody?
Autor: karen mueller
AutorLove it what an era that must of been. Just fantastic.
Autor: Anne Kenna
AutorPeter Sellers deslike it 2,8k times
Autor: Olaf O.
Autor: RAGE Gameing
Autor: OXS C
AutorЧувствую вкус той эпохи шик блеск красота
Autor: Проф Брус
AutorThis recording is NOT the Glen Miller orchestra. It’s not the original release which is available in GREAT fidelity.
This is a recording made after Glen died by members of his former band. You should have used the original imho.
Autor: Scottie1152
AutorThings were better before this shitty modern time
Autor: Jorge Gonzales
Autor a house appears and the DHMIS characters fall into it
Autor: TheHicko13 Funtimegamer74 FTW Squidward UTTP FTL
Autor2.9k people not in the mood disliked this video
Autor: Helios seven
AutorSo that is not even a photograph of Glenn Miller. Surely there must me a photograph of Glenn Miller somewhere.
Autor: NobodyisD2Z
AutorThe best ever.
Autor: Kitty Callinan
Autorit was classic in its day and i honestly think that there is admirers today 2019
Autor: gary scott
AutorMy parents loved dancing together to this song. I love Glen Miller music, and it will live on forever.
Autor: Melissa Gross
Autor i could listen to that part for hours
Autor: Kameron Waddell
Autor: wendahvw
AutorEste Señor , era de la. época de mis padres. Grande!!! También
Tengo que reconocer que estos instrumentos de aire. Son mi debilid. En especial el saxo.
Autor: Carmen Rosa Silva Moena
AutorIs it just me or does Glenn Miller look exactly like Jimmy Stewart
Autor: Emily S
AutorWOW, I have listen to big band all my life, and this still awes me!!!!
Autor: Dino fox
Autor"Who's this fat kid from the future?"
Autor: Daniel Grant
AutorRICARDO AMADOR SO MG Vai entender
Autor: De Tudo Um Pouco
AutorPs ainda amo vc♡♡♡
Vim do livro♡♡♡
Autor: Giovanna Pereira
Autor2018 now and in 2118 it will still be awesome!!!!!!
Autor: Kyle Flieler
AutorOhhh this is the songs name
Autor: gameus boyius
AutorRose, I just remembered.. I can dance! I can dance!!
Autor: The Des Chronicles
Autori'm in the mood while listening to this piece of art (excuse my bad english i am Argentinian, english apprentice)
Autor: TacoVoladorChino YT
AutorI could not get it to play, could someone help me
Autor: Jerry O'Neal
AutorFrom what year in this melody jazz music,?
Autor: Tomas Aguilar
AutorDeport Justin Beeber back to Canada and make music great again!
Autor: pat c
AutorExcellent. Real music!!
Autor: paula carron
AutorI wish I could improvise like that 😔
Autor: Sophie Wilkins
AutorI am happy
Autor: Piero Urpi Veliz
AutorI heard this song in a lobby of a ww2 flight SIM and I found this song after 5 years.
Autor: Heinz Guderian
AutorTHUMB DOWN to 2.7K people S---W YOU !!! LOL
Autor: Eric Cartman
AutorI'm only 16 and I like this music.
I'm 14 and I like this music.
I'm 4 and I like this music.
I'm 3 months old and I like this music.
I'm 2 days old and I like this music.
I'm 2 hours old and I like this music.
I'm still a fetus and I like this music.
I'm an embryo and I like this music.
I'm still an egg cell and I like this music.
I'm a strand of DNA and I like this music.
I'm a Carbon atom (not yet part of a DNA strand) and I like this music.
I'm a Neutron (soon to be part of a Carbon atom) and I like this music.
I'm still a Quark and I like this music.
Autor: Mr. Noodles

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