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Autordamn. it's owesom
Autor: Eri Dany
AutorNo problem man.
Autor: maikai196
AutorJust bought this album today... its amazing ....
Autor: MrHsauvageau
Autorthis was the (good old) Pumpkins at the height of their indisputable Powers. .Billy can form a thousand bands n perform his old songs. .but it'll Never Ever come close to the original SP's killer performances of early to late 90s. .For me (as a lifelong fan) the Band hit Peak in the years 93-96. i can understand why some fans think MCIS was their masterpiece.. in terms of maturity and creativity. .while others say the best was after Siamese (along with Gish and post Gish material, Pisces etc). .
Autor: Mussad
AutorBest concert ever
Autor: Fish Man
Autorwho is that singing at the end?
Autor: rjtkoh
AutorAlways loved this show although this upload seems to be missing the first song performed with Cheap Trick "Baby Loves To Rock". Full show can be found at archive . org
Autor: SadPeterPan1977
AutorIs that literally the name of this album? I just thought someone named Bullet With Butterfly Wings wrong again.
Autor: maikai196
Autorgod damn though, this album is so fucking good. normally i watch a lot of the visual live videos, but this is the best live audio i've ever heard from any band like ever. god damn i love this band. i'm so glad they starting to recording / playing the more emotional takes, rather than just the ones that "sound better." this is so emotionally raw. and the guitar tones are fucking on point. i love all of those harsh, heavy, slammed out down-strokes, god damn..
Autor: idontimagineyouandi
AutorAuf wiedersehen cover Cheap Trick amazing motherf**ckers
Autor: Baires Electronic
AutorBilly whatever reason you split the band your look and Darcy too great replacement espectaliallly bassist and drummer ROCK on. Joe and Phil.
Autor: Pahola Brobst
AutorI'm sorry you had to be sorry for all of your "sorrys" :)
Autor: maikai196
AutorYeeeaaahhhhh ! But the video's sound is bad !
Autor: Travis Bickle
Autor This is a real appealing album to add it has a real powerful musical energy and outstanding songs, thanks.
Autor: Curtis Sterling
Autorgreat live performance - the pumpkins at their best
Autor: Oida Ratznvogl
AutorI was there. This is awesome!
Autor: Carlos Ortega
AutorSo powerful. Awesome!
Autor: 79Goaltending
AutorThe MCIS release show! I remember staying up and negotiating with my parents to be able to listen to this since I had school the next day. The Pumpkins were "my" band. While all my friends were hung on Nirvana and PJ I was obsessed with the Pumpkins. I remember the pre-show interview/album pre-view too. I had it on tape for years and years. Somewhere along the way I lost it. This brings me back to being 15 and obsessing for this album to come out after playing the hell out of Pisces Iscariot the whole summer before. The next day I rushed out and grabbed it. For me this was the last album I really dug of theirs. Through my teenage years this was one of the only bands of my generation I truly loved. They are still up there for me all these years later.
Autor: DedHedJosh
AutorThey aired this on a local radio station in my home town live. I remember I had recorded this to tape on a dinky radio that I had and the only way I could get reception was to put the radio on top of the fridge because it was the highest point. Man I would do almost anything to hear the Pumpkins. 22 years later I would still do the same. I will live and die a hardcore Pumpkins fan!!!!!
Autor: Jas
Autoralso, to record this on 10/23/1995 and release a month later in november 1995, only the pumpkins could release any music that quickly.. especially after just releasing mellon collie the same year, and writing all of the material for that only 2 years after siamese dream.. damn they worked fast.. also, 20 year anniversary now~ o__o
Autor: idontimagineyouandi
Autoreinfach nur geil!
Autor: Fickschlampenschleimrosettenhengst
AutorThanks for uploading...         Does anyone have the pre-show interview that accompanies this show?
Autor: Zero Hero
Autorwhere did that song at the end "if you want my love" come from?.. or that last song in german?.. never heard those two before, wtf, weird way to end this cd if those are really on it lol..
Autor: idontimagineyouandi
AutorI ordered a copy of this recording through one of those Rock-a-Bilia catalogs you always find in music magazines. I waited 3 months for it to arrive! Now I can hear it instantly here! Thanks for uploading!
Autor: Jason Melrose
AutorI like the name you gave it, it's cool
Autor: NoSuchThing99
AutorThe closing guitar arrangement on Porcelina makes this the absolute best live version you will hear on any bootleg or video clip, bar-fucking-none. On a side note, it's a shame that Baby Loves To Rock is missing from this upload. But thanks anyway, it's a nice sounding upload. Peace to all SP fans....
Autor: Tom Reynolds
Autor21:54 immer wieder Gänsehaut
Autor: Fickschlampenschleimrosettenhengst
Autorversão de mayonnaise fantástica ....emocionante !
Autor: EverSad Rock Band
AutorThe album is called "Zero"
Autor: DrostanDeRos
Autorcooooool ....¡¡¡¡¡¡
Autor: Meli Eli
AutorWhen was this released originally? Great album!
Autor: GodsGreiner
Autor: Fickschlampenschleimrosettenhengst
Autor: Jazzy

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