Caller FURIOUS With Democrats

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AutorI emailed Feinstein about Social Security and got a very disturbing email back. She's not looking out for us.
Autor: Dan MCV
AutorIt's not Left wing Right Wing. That's just an illusion of choice. Every 41 dollars of tax raises is met with only 1 dollar of spending cuts. Senator Feinstein started out with less than 1 Million dollars and is worth over 100 Million now, on a Senators salary. Inside trader.
Autor: firstfire508
AutorSam Seder I think you just jumped the shark. You heard Democratic criticism from a leftist, and your initial reaction was to defend the Democratic Party's actions. My first reaction is to agree and join in on the critique of the right wing Democratic Party. You are just a little too close to the establishment to do that I suppose. You don't appear on mainstream, corporate war machine television without setting limits on your critique.
Autor: youngbuck189
AutorI remember back when she was first running, we voted for her because her opponent was a really horrible Republican (which is how she keeps getting re-elected) but even then we felt we were voting for Maggie Thatcher.
Autor: Dan MCV
Autorthe post office is one of a very few public services created in the constitution
Autor: jakehall331
AutorObama is not a Democrat. He works for Wall Street.
Autor: johnny718bravo
AutorNixon started this actually with his loosening of regulations on political donations.
Autor: WarThug13
Autorits funny how the most ignorant people are the quickest to call others names like "libtard".
Autor: ProjectP
AutorI thought the post offices has always been privately owned ???
Autor: Anna Hudson
AutorI can't stand the time he takes to pick his words.
Autor: Hungarian Paragon
AutorThank God someone else remembers.
Autor: srugel44
AutorAt least the republicans are open about screwing over the people in order to enrich and empower their plutocratic masters.
Autor: Dubious!
AutorIf Fox News really wanted to target Obama, they'd go after him on his drone campaign. Notice they don't do that. It's all smoke and mirrors.
Autor: Solarfactor
AutorI'm FURIOUS with Homo-sapiens!!!
Autor: GodlessHillbilly
AutorGood points, read 2 comments of yours and I agree. However I'd like to point out that there are multiple definitions of globalism, not all are negative. With globalization comes the possibility, perhaps inevitability, of human exploitation on the grandest of scales yet, but also the ability to improve living conditions in underdeveloped parts of the world. With the resources available today we could do it already, but resources are allocated so horrendously, so unimaginably poorly so often...
Autor: LimmingKenny
AutorAgreed 100% I was subscribed but had to un. His speaking manner drives me to distraction.
Autor: Barbara B
AutorSee me, I take the Ernesto Guevara approach. I don't believe in negotiating with illegitimate, genocidal power structures.
Autor: youngbuck189
AutorIf that ain't roostin' already, I fear what you think awaits.
Autor: srugel44
AutorThe cost of the Bush tax cuts over their life has been 2.5 trillion. the cot of the wars has been 1.5 trillion, the cost of the entire debt accrued since Clinton is 1 trillion. But we shouldn't raise tax rates across the board by 4%.
Autor: HConstantine
AutorThis is a clear sign that Obozo WILL be a greater EPIC FAIL than Dubya and Sarah Palin becomes our next President in 2017! It is also clear that the DEMS are the REAL PARTY of CORRUPTION, CRONYISM, and DECEPTION! The GOP is the ONE TRUE PARTY OF GOD HERSELF and Sarah Palin IS OUR SAVIOR!
Autor: ecwaufisxtreme
Autorlol both sides of the system will screw u. it's only a democracy for the people that donate the money
Autor: tyrone121285
Autorit's better than welfare, get outta here with that shit.
Autor: T.J. Vliet
AutorClick on the link 2 take the Bernie or bust pledge & join the movement of over 100,000! The pledge states if Bernie's not the nominee, u pledge to either write in Bernie's name or vote 4 the Green Party in the general. It's highly advised voting 4 the Green Party because write in votes don't count. If the Green Party receives at least 5% of the vote in the general, they may receive up to $100 million in campaign money to fund future campaigns.. After taking the pledge, share the link on FB & Twitter asking others to do the same.
Autor: GenXer Vee
Autorwhere the hell is the inbox with this you tube set up?
Autor: T.J. Vliet
AutorObama held all Aces in the fiscal cliff deal and Obama folded and than threw in some more tax breaks for the rich.
Autor: Boogie man
Autorno shit genius, what is yours a fact. lol. i'm definitely no right winger. i can live on 400 dollars a month. i do not need potato chips and candy or cable to survive and neither do welfare recipients (fact) i have no problem with helping people, but giving people cash to spend as they please, common you really think that is a good idea, and not to mention food stamps lol. they should have a warehouse that only the necessities can be acquired not bought.
Autor: T.J. Vliet
AutorVoted for Stein too. The left and right establishment has to go.
Autor: George Yencha
AutorThis government killed my people, natives, which is never addressed, but when the same institution goes after the " modern whites" you all now take notice. Welcome to the club of sanctioned genocide. Karma
Autor: John Kloc
Autornope fuck welfare.
Autor: T.J. Vliet
AutorWe need a right to work Amendment. You cannot pursue life, liberty or happiness without the opportunity to work to pay your bills. We need to acknowledge this reality, and let the govt create minimum wage subsistence level jobs for people, which is a cheap proposition, and cut all the handouts. If you need welfare, here's a job. It is a low on the totem pole subsistence level job, but it keeps you alive and working while you grow and educate yourself and pursue better. Cut all welfare, make jobs
Autor: srugel44
Autornever give up never surrender :)
Autor: Yavin1v
AutorAccording to George Carlin, if you vote, you have no right to complain.
Autor: Mike
AutorAs long as the US military keeps recruiting African American and latino people to serve, I am confident that a revolution is possible. It's almost like the power structure is putting the puzzle pieces in place for a left wing upheaval.
Autor: youngbuck189
AutorPost that email. The more people that know about it the better.
Autor: brandnutopian
AutorSo this guy thinks it's the democrats trying to privatize everything? Is he even paying attention?
Autor: kronosx7
AutorShe is on the bathsalts again.
Autor: Mulla Nasrudin
AutorAmerica was done once Reagan won.
Autor: biggydx
AutorThe problem with austerity is that, once things are gone, they tend to stay gone. Republicans are counting on this - they are using this time of economic hardships as an opportunity to erase laws, regulations, and governing bodies for their corporate masters so that they can basically operate with impunity, no matter what the cost. At these times, the average person eats it up because they are hurting for jobs and have been convinced that that's the only way they can have/keep a job.
Autor: resistnzisfutl
AutorI too got that response. She is already lining up excuses for cutting Social Security.
Autor: americancheeze1
AutorI can't disagree with anything the caller said.
Autor: Asher8328
AutorThe US government is killing it's people. GMO crops, BPA, Fluoride in water, the dismantling of SPEEDI rad-net radiation monitoring, Obama,s stand down order after 3/11/11's nuclear event. Yeah they're all treasonous, genocidal maniacs groping for power and dollars build on the bones of children denied per-existing medical conditions treatment.
Autor: Skytalon
AutorConcerned troll is concerned aren't you?
Autor: Little Pinky
AutorYou have no idea at all what liberals believe in. The Post Office is great. They provide a necessary service and do it without a profit motive and thus keep costs down. If/when postal services are fully privatized you'll eventually see large increases in costs for the same services. Homeland Security on the other hand should go away. Your crazy idea that liberals are for any and all govt programs being enlarged is absurd and just plain wrong.
Autor: synapse131
AutorI don't disagree. To paraphrase Ernesto: "...a revolution without gun?...impossible."
Autor: youngbuck189
AutorAmerica was done with Truman in office. Plain and simple.
Autor: ElfinHilon10
AutorSam, I'm with you on this one. Until enough people believe that your are living in a system close, if not already a plutocracy, and some of them are elected, and enough are not bought before they change the system, it will continue as it is. I really thought Obama could be one of them... boy was I wrong! Unfortunately, it's not an exclusive problem for the US. I live in Spain, where huge cuts in social welfare are being put in place to save banks that have huge debts they can't pay... :(
Autor: 什么他妈的

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