The Universal Credit Crisis - BBC Panorama

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AutorUC = rent arrears =eviction =temporary accommodation = £300 a week per person to housing associations instead of £98 a week. Winners = housing association companies and hotel chains
Autor: Debtwarrior
AutorSo sad 😞
Autor: Jasmin Hoosang
AutorDirect, calculated and executed peasant murder - government sanctioned ethnic cleansing!
Autor: Richard Freeman
Autor: Mahmodur Rahman
Autorin this world you have to look after your salf coz them scumy m ps dont give a fck the ugly fcking leechers thay are each m p gets 76 000 pounds a year and 300 pounds a day if thay are in the house of lords so if thay in the house of lord all week thay get anther 1500 pounds on top of there 76 000 plus thay clame 27 pounds a day for there dinner and get free mints to eat sweets and cos thay are free thay grab loads of them pluss no council tax to pay and most of them scumy m ps have got 2ed homes all paid for by us tax payers and the scumy old ugly qreen and all her in bred family are worst than the m ps
Autor: Brian Greaves
AutorI've just been made unemployed due to mental illness. Thank god I live in NZ and am being given medical treatment and benefits so I don't end up homeless or in prison. I can barely hold onto reality some days, I can't imagine how much worse I'd be on the streets. I am eternally grateful I live in a society that will let me heal and one day be healthy again.

 I'm so so sorry to the people in the UK dealing with this right now. You all need to band together and form a community that pulls its strength internally. Start guerilla gardening, start offering your labour in exchange for other peoples labour, start occupying under-utilised land and form an alternative to the crushing form of capitalism that's strangling the poor. Support one another and recognise your strength as a collective
Autor: Jeremiah Liggins
AutorI'm glad James got his money and I hope he buys his wee boy a pair of shoes
Autor: Ashley
AutorWhat happens when you put the entire Uk on benefits it’s bound to crash . Weather it’s child tax credits or what it’s going to sink the Uk eventually
Autor: mikey fry
Autorthe man with the bedesit is making a fortune. the uk is fucked.
Autor: andrew tones
AutorNow i understand why Europe is letting all the boatloads of foreigners into the country.....too many native Europeans refuse to work!!!! Nobody should have to PUSH you to take your ass to work. Especially if you have children. How could you then think of suicide and leave those poor babies alone? Selfish parents, laziness, and excuses are why these people won't work. As long as benefits exist, these people will continue their lazy lives. Same thing happens here in the USA, except you cannot get benefits if you don't work.....unless you are disabled. Don't you want a better life? I was on benefits for 2 years when i had a baby, but then i went back to school and was determined to get the hell off of the welfare system. That was 24 years ago. I have been working in my field and living on my own with a high paying job every since. The system is not designed for you to spend a lifetime on it. Please stop making excuses, Get up off your asses and pick up your self esteem off the ground and go get your life back. The government could care less if you live or die.
Autor: Tiny Meadow
AutorLabour created this Problem by allowing ppl too live off Benefits. Unless your Moslem & given a free pass you gotta go out and work & Stop being Bums
Autor: Shaun Twed
Autori agree with the principal it should not be more than you would make at a job
Autor: dogsitter68
AutorAll this is TERRIBLE and heart-wrenching.I cannot believe that the country that ruled the world once has plunged to these sad depths.Sorry,sir and I WILL be praying for all those affected.With tears.Joe.
Autor: Joe D
AutorConsidering the Queen rules over all of us, Why doesnt BBC PANORAMA have a spine go to the queen and ask her what she thinks? i mean the queen should say something because unless shes blind, id say she just dont give a fuck... and if she dont give a fuck? then why would the goverment?
i think we are being set up for something much bigger than Tory goverment, universal credit etc. tho im unsure what exactly..
Autor: hi ya
AutorMore people that die/kill them selfs mean less people on beniffits = UC is working as intended by the gov.
Autor: jsdk84
AutorReduce the renting costs, and people will get back on their own two feets .
AutorIt saves the Government having to solve the "housing crisis" by building new houses, when those that are evicted are replaced by foreign migrants. No housing problem then is there.
Autor: John Wilson
AutorStop popping out kids you can't afford. Stop prioriting your tv and smart phones over bills and food. Simple.
Autor: Chris G
Autorall of you on here need to come with me and start a fucking riot there doing this because we are standing for it
im 800 pound down a month and i work nearly 60 hours a week sometimes
and im a single parent to 2 sons
i was much better off when i had tax credits i worked christmas day boxing day and new years day and did not see a penny of it because they neglected to tell me they would pay my rent for me so when i got paid i paid my rent and council tax
as you should the bastards took all of my money from me because they got the figure wrong that i had earned
they thought i had come out with £1800 when i only came out
£1169 but by the time i payed my bank charges and then council tax and rent and my other bills there was 200 left for this month
and yet i got up and fought for my life
this goverment are a load of useless heartless wankers and to the scum that vote them back in may god have mercy on your souls cause when death comes knocking on the day of judgement you better get your story straight
this could happen to any of us at any time so think twice before you judge people
Autor: i am your puppet
AutorTo those who have a job all i can say lets hope you dont get laid off or fall ill as this could be you, and thats why you should be allarmed at what this gov is doing ,and anyone could be next , this is far far more important than brexit or anything else.
Autor: skylander dad and skylander boy show skylanders
AutorScrap Universal Credit immediately!!!!
Autor: Jakia Khatun
AutorThe lower classes need to learn to do honest work, rather than expecting others to pay for their trips to the bookies, alcohol, and fast food.
Autor: Al Gilmore
AutorI know loads of people in Guildford that get food parcels, when they should not be, when it should be going to poorer areas, to the people that actually need them.
Autor: D Singh
AutorThere is a part of this not being discussed. The benefits scroungers drained all the resources available for working poor or people who lost their jobs due to economic downturn.

Now they try to use this scheme to say to the voters that they're 'paying benefits owed to them'. All the while, they're trying to hide the fact that benefits scroungers bankrupted the system and now the UK government has nothing for people who paid into the system.
Autor: betatalk357
AutorTrying to push people with serious medical problems like mine,If i could work i would ,I miss the money ,i miss the being around people,Instead i live on nothing and see nobody.
Autor: who are ya who are ya
AutorWhen me and my partner lost our jobs, we were told by the job centre that their computer systems were struggling with universal credit claims and would often just stop working, and they had basically had the whole new system dumped on them with no training on how to actually work it. We were dutifully told that, well, there are food banks so at least you won't starve. Got a new job within a few weeks, thank God, because we could've been homeless and the system was in no way there to help.
Autor: Alice Mar
AutorOne day Government led deaths of welfare claimants will inevitably be shared on social media and the World.
Its a crime on humanity
Autor: Paul Yarrow
AutorLet us all who Have (The Haves) SVP Be Kind & Loving & Generous & Giving to The Have-Nots of our world, persons who are suffering in terrible circumstances and conditions, trying to make a living on Beautiful Mother Earth:

Here is wikipedia weblink on sobering info on the massive division between the wealthy billionaires/trillionaires elite and the billions of low-income and poverty-stricken people in our world :(

... beautiful song called "Give"

In homage to God, To Christ, To The Have-Nots of our world. God Thanks so much for Showing Humanity The Way to Healing, Prosperity, Peace & Equanimity & Equality. Yah Ali (God our Friend/Ally/All) <3 <3 <3
Autor: Farzad Matin
AutorMy heart goes out to Anthony, I hope hes okay :(
Autor: Roseanne Gale
Autor.... people bitching but my boy just got (at ) just got over £2k for free .... for FREE!
Autor: Adam Lallana
Autortoo thick to work lol
Autor: TheWeardale1
AutorWhat the Government have done is genius though. They have allowed housing benefit to be paid directly to the claimant, who then don't pay their rent which then frees up housing once they get kicked out for not paying rent.
Autor: Richie Summers
AutorBring back Rodger Cooke he would be busting some balls about all this
Autor: Lord J Mang
AutorLast time i had a convo about how messed up our country is that the current generation that cant be disciplined cos as a parent your scared of being locked up for child abuse, the disrespectful, entitled brats that people refer them to will be the very people that say fuck it and revolt in the future and it will be our cunt of a government and royal family for allowing them to that will regret their selfish choices one day
Autor: nicola Sutton
AutorThey haven't mentioned the fact that crime is on an upward hill as well. Shoplifting has risen along with other petty crime, there are more parolees being breached and returned to prison, food banks and charities are overworked and it's costing the taxpayers to keep these people in prisons. It would have been a better idea to legalize cannabis, the tax on it alone would pay for welfare in this country. There is no excuse for what this government has done. The working class people with jobs are partly to blame, but what they don't seem to get is that they're underpaid anyway. Their frustration has lead to them complaining about people on benefits...
Autor: martin lincoln
AutorThe UK needs to do what it can to attract new industry. By doing so, people could earn their own money and reclaim their dignity. Being dependent on the government equates to modern day indentured servitude. What these people are not realizing is this is all by design by the government; they want you dependent and you all fell for this.
Autor: jason maynard
AutorIf you can work a computer you can work at an office. That is the clever bit about it from the government's viewpoint.
Autor: AvariceUntied
AutorStop Universal Credit: its a disgrace People’s lives have been and are still being ruined. Deadline 26 May 2019 sign it
Autor: robert Borbely
Autor"The Landlord Portal"....sounds absolutely COSMIC!
Autor: Stevo!
AutorA Complete lack understanding of people that struggling every day and there needs. This tory lot so out of touch you can hold your head s in shame your disgrace making people suffer like this ,Universal Credit Should be scrapped immediately
Autor: phyllis woods
AutorTypical Tory in denial the Universal Credit system is working well what people starve to death on it
Autor: chris wilkins
AutorAnd they wonder why the crime rate went up here in Great Yarmouth now we have u c .
Autor: Barbarella T
AutorThe system has failed a lot of
Hard working people. !!!
Autor: decent One
Autor: helen m
AutorEven if you work full time you always paying Tax, Bills Bills etc only the rich people and corporations get away with it.
Autor: OMAR
Autor£500 a month that is actually good what does he do with the money. Alcohol and cigarettes and if he actually cared about his kid you can get free child care so it's an excuse
AutorEnjoy the Jewish communism ruling.
Autor: A
AutorUniversal credit = Asking ADULTS TO BE ADULTS. Pay your bills!!!!! Stop wanting the Government to do it for you on my LIFE this is a joke.
Autor: elizabeth brogan
AutorThe Queen and her family haven't paid taxes in centuries and they own profitable businesses around the globe.
Autor: None Yours
Autor: alex davis
AutorJesus Christ wake up! - vote these nasty b-stards OUT- this is disgusting
Autor: Maxine Galloway
AutorI really feel sorry for these individuals but I don’t understand why on earth would they have pets. Almost all of these shows there weren’t any segments where someone had a pet. They cannot afford to pay there rent or food to eat, so why drag an animal into that misery. And for the single father there isn’t a valid reason for him to stop working. The millions of single mothers that have maintained employment and take care of their children.
Autor: Tonia Jean-Pierre
AutorRotten lying cheating corrupted Tory government taking from the poor to give to the rich in tax breaks
Autor: Linda Harris
AutorI agree that UC should be scrapped but I wonder why that single dad isn't out working, few people have the luxury nowadays of being a stay at home parent. All my friends who are single mums work full time
Autor: Carol Irvine
Autor@BBC how we can help Anthony???
Autor: Adriana Adu
AutorIsland life is a jail in hard times.
Autor: Zero The Hero
AutorThis government is a joke they need kicked out of power people are killing themselves because of them its a disgrace and nothings being done about it
Autor: K S
Autor24.00 + Good for him etc. took long enough, and YES he,s NOT the only one etc.
Autor: Alison Laing
Autorman said he came out of work to look after ,the kid.

let me finish watching LOL
Autor: Ernest Londe
Autoruniversal credits helped me get into full time work as they paid me while I was working and just got paid less the more hours I worked, until I was finally doing enough hours I didnt need uc, where as job center would of had to sign off and struggle for first few weeks. I just think half of these people not paying rent and missing appointments bring it on them selves. I missed an appointment once and got sanctioned, but I accept it was my own fault, yeah I lost money but at least I knew not to do it again.
AutorThis will be a hot topic after brexit.
Autor: Joshua Parrott
AutorIt's crisis another con from dwp
Autor: Shane Mcsporran
AutorThe only job i think anyone can do without experience is care, vacancies r out there.
Autor: Welcome's House
AutorWhat does council tax cover anyway
Autor: Faye Zentner
Autorif you don't absolutely have to, don't depend on other people
Autor: b4lt4z4rG
AutorI'm not sure I've ever seen such a display of rude, ungrateful people than British citizens on these horrible programs which encourage sloth.
Autor: Jason Walker
AutorThis genocidal government Conservatives,northern Ireland coalition supported by New Labor and Liberal democrat parties are using population control by using dirty reforms and austerity to kill the poorest in United Kingdom.
Autor: Paul Yarrow
AutorIt utterly disgusting that these people are being made homeless..Great Britain should ashamed of its policies and charity begins at home!
Autor: Enstrom
AutorWhat about single people sorry chav families always have priority. Why have kids if you cannot afford to do so, oh for etc benefit. Really though and single people that don't like kids have to pay more tax for these peoples kids. It's wrong and disgusting.
AutorThere's only one way to get people back into work and that's to pay them more bloody money...
Autor: martin lincoln
AutorHave people lost the plot?
These are adults. Do we think it’s better to babysit them to make sure they pay their rent?
Take every example in that episode and it always came down to people not bothering enough to manage their affairs. The government understands that the only way to get people invested in their own livelihood is to make it their responsibility and show them that there are consequences to not being organised.
Autor: Gremlin
AutorPeople blame immigrants for all bad things in uk, they are the perfect excuse for all lazy people and single mums, but you should ask yourself why the queen need all those millions of pounds that they get per year and nobody question that, but the immigrants that work and pay their taxes like a british citizen are the problem of UK...

Autor: Tigas
AutorNEVER vote Conservative!

NEVER vote Labour!

Autor: System South
Autor So you are made to go to an appointment and the woman you have the appointment with decided to go on a last minute holiday so you get sanctioned for not meeting her? That doesn't seem right.
Autor: AvariceUntied
AutorThis "crisis" can be solved in one step: people start taking responsibility for their lives!
Autor: Danceographic Ocean
AutorAll poor should die and reduce the surplus population
by Eberneezer Scrooge
Merry Christmas
Autor: del boy
Autorif we gave the cash for section 8 straight to the tenant here in the US there would be a flood of evictions and the landlords wouldnt get paid
Autor: Tracy Hughes
AutorStop evicting people plssssssssssss 💔😞😢😢😢
Autor: hopefaith love
AutorPeople are saying they cant afford to feed their kids on universal Credit well I get tired about hearing all this as much as I am fed up hearing about Brexit ,having kids is personal choice and I am not saying that cos I don't care but at the end of the day not all of us are entitled to welfare ,having a dog is personal choice too so I make sacrifices and don't expect others to pay for all things new ,I don't have any welfare a state of the art phone huge tv don't really vacation much and try to remain positive most of the time and for what I'ts worth I can still work full time and still can honestly truly say I enjoy life to the full with the bestest and most trustworthy friend on Earth .
Autor: Scott Richards
AutorThe vulnerable need support ok I get it, however there are people who abuse the system and give nothing back to society. I have yet to see a better way than what this government is trying to do.
Autor: North Star
AutorNo i madzclassic ENGLISH minister .. you telling him that lounch shitty system what don't work and hi saying that are griliand abd lounch this shit .. and how is incapable to carry duty of care parents who have starving kids or minister who don't Admiring raising national emergency.
Autor: Ewa Engie
AutorThe government have shot themselves in the foot by NOT paying the rent. Given the CHOICE, people on benefits will use the money to pay for what ‘they consider ‘ more important things to live ! It’s clear that roof over their head is NOT their number one priority!
Autornext thing you cant pay your rent like this fella then you cant sleep properly then your at the doctors then your on big pharma drugs then your not sure if your coming or going and you know the rest ...
Autor: steve greenwood
AutorPut this prick on UC and then we will see how it's working well. He's on cuckoo land. Jobs with 0 hrs contracts don't pay enough and I know people working 2 jobs using food banks. It's a joke being evicted at 63. This is what makes people commit suicide but yet he says it's working well
Autor: Maula marsi
AutorWould the BBC be interested in the name of a specific decision maker within the DWP that has been found to not investigate his cases?
Autor: Angry Midget
AutorUniversal Credit brought to you by the Nasty party, champions of the tax dodging elite.
Autor: Rich H
AutorATOS didnt work got scapped after 3 years universal credit is next to go it cant go on like this it doesnt work ..
Autor: guy
AutorSanctioned because the case manager was on holiday
Autor: 0800 Tardis
AutorIt is part of a grander agenda. This is NOT merely an experiment. It's called EUGENICS and SCAPEGOATING. This is the modern way of demonising, breaking down families, etc etc. Eyes Wide Open. Nothing happens by accident :-(. This is how the 'Us and Them' is perpetuated. 'William Lynch' tactics at work.
Autor: Justice AnTruth
AutorThis is why saving and building an emergency fund is important.
Autor: TheZacman2
AutorIt is another form of eugenics. Something that has been in operation for some time. Not just in this country, but globally. The population is being reduced through various means. Pauperism, poisoned food, GMO crops, high levels of fluoride in medication, vaccines, the attacking of the reproductive organs. WE ARE BEING SYSTEMATICALLY KILLED OFF. Universal credit is merely playing its part. Where I live white tax payers are reduced to begging while NEW foreign aliens who have contributed FUCK ALL are instantly housed. Why the F..K do people continue to pay their Council tax is beyond me. We are at war people. You need to wake up and realise that.
Autor: John Wilson
Autorstop sanctioning people and never ever fine people
Autor: John Richard Ogilvy
AutorThis is pure evilness ..No care for the vulnerable .The tax payers paid money for some idiotic narcissist idea , which will not admit this fault and they have stuffed the people because they do not care for themselves or anyone else's .The problem is the narcissist and he or she should be removed .
Autor: Devon Diaries
AutorZero hour contracts. No security. Mental health crisis. Working families in poverty, the rise of machines (job cuts) and children with what future?
Autor: pheenix Rivera
AutorI am Autistic, 29 years old and i'm still live with my mum and dad was on ESA with DLA before they put me on Universal Credit. I was Getting between £200-£300 every 2 Weeks but now im getting £317 a month. thats way less im getting now between £175-£250. This Universal Credit is getting worse. i can't find work i get nothing for a interview which they don't want autistic person to work. I don't know how long i can cope with this i don't want to be homeless. They are taking my happy life away i just can't take it anymore put me take where i should be at back with ESA With DLA and give me money back that they took away from me by cutting it down my benefits. I just want to end it now and go back where it was. i don't want my whole life to be homeless and take my life away.
Autor: adamseecbrown
AutorVote UKIP
Autor: Simon Stickland
AutorWait. He goes for the appointment, the lady he's supposed to meet is on holiday. And then he is treated as having missed the appointment??? And sanctioned ??? In what world is that fair?? I live in Asia and even I know that is a load of bollocks.
Autor: Val Kyrie
AutorI'm on universal credit and it works fine for us. We pay of rent the day we get paid and also all the other bills. Then we have £400 to, if we're lucky, £500 to play with. It works better than jobseekers allowance because you don't get cut off the second you start working. They still pay you while you work. Even if you become self employed
Autor: Ryan
AutorAnthony you've got the wrong ethnicity mate, get on the sun beds and tell them you're pakistani, you'll get as much universal credit as you want. You won't even have to speak any English.
Autor: r3kt m8
AutorPay the rent directly to the Landlord or Councils... problem solved... the balance go to the family for personal use 😕
Autor: Jennifer Grant
AutorFuck you BBC can't wait to see you pedo protectors taken down
Autor: Piss BeUponHim
AutorThe system has been set up for failure from the start
Autor: Sharon Brisbane
AutorUniversal Credit is bad, but you can get them to pay council or a landlord direct for rent!
Autor: 2019
Autor The government gives £95v billions contract to commissioned companies to run welfare, how much of that do they profit from???
Autor: MuusiK Fan
AutorUK became BARBARIC country like US!...learn from SWEDEN,,NORWAY... DENMARK....ISLAND..AUSTRIA..Finland
Autor: Zorka Kelly
AutorThis minister from the department for work and pensions at Claxton house
Looks untrustworthy and predictably using a dodgy DWP script also used by ministers.These people should be charged with manslaughter for all those hundreds and thousand deaths.DWP and minister supporters have blood on their hands
Autor: Paul Yarrow
AutorMy sister in law, who is 33 year old and able, never works in her entire life. She uses the money from job seeker allowance to enter her beauty pageant while I need to work my ass off and pay high tax. Do you think it is fair enough?
Autor: Yalan Patrick
AutorAtos,DWP, pip, universal credit they don't care about us none of them.
Autor: James Norris
AutorSanctions, Portals, Austerity, Food Banks, Universal Credit, zero hour contracts, Gig economy, minimum wage.Its 1984 with its newspeak all aimed at the poor and disabled. Its a concerted Drive by the Tories to destroy the welfare state and at the very least to make everybody petrified of being out of work, even if that work is poorly paid and with no guarantee of enough hours to live on, yet the banksters get huge bonuses and corporations get special tax benefits and cuts. Homelessness is rapidly rising, rent arrears is at an all time high since universal credit has started to be rolled out, Even what was considered a skilled/semi skilled job like driving is all minimum wage with usually no opportunity of overtime and even if you can get overtime its all flat rate even on a Sunday. They talk about Brexit being likely to affect workers rights, what a joke, they have very little rights now.
I don't consider myself a Union man but since Maggie Thatcher singlehandedly destroyed any power that the Unions had, the ball has swung obscenely far in the employers favour, and workers are kept subjugated by bosses or corporations that dont care about the workers wefare, only their profit margins and i cannot see things improving any time soon, in-fact i can visualize things getting a lot worse as the technology around AI improves and more and more jobs disappear. I could go on but it wont achieve anything. We are properly fucked and only a world wide revolution can save us! but that will never happen because everything is screwed down nice and tight, maybe Brexit will help, but i doubt it as the powers that be will exploit that to its max to our detriment.
At this point in time, i personally am OK, i'm 70 and on a state pension, I live in council property which is paid for by housing benefit and even my council tax is paid for, hopefully they don't mess with that for a while, but even a lifetime of work doesn't count for anything these days so i do expect things to change for the worse, after all i am now what they call a "useless eater".
Autor: Ray Tillman
AutorIt's really sad that immigrants get more assistance than your citizens.
Autor: Lilly
Autordeal meth .......
Autor: dogsitter68
AutorSkint and owes rent. But he can afford a dog and afford to smoke. He needs to look up "priority' in the dictionary.
Autor: John Bird
AutorThe Conservatives - “banking on working class misery since 2010”
Autor: JesusChristNeverLived
AutorBut they have plenty of money to fight bogus wars that don't even exists.
Autor: OMAR
AutorSo now with Brexit you going to get much work you want. Problem is lot of people dont want to work anyway.
Autor: Land Lord
AutorHey Fake news! How does it feel being exposed by Tommy Robinson for the lying dirtbags you all are?
Autor: Sue Blue
AutorSo very sad for all the people that are stuck .
They need to change the system not play with an idea that is failing.
Autor: Diana Merren
AutorAlok Sharma has no idea what he is talking about look at his body language says it all.
Autor: OMAR
Autoryet no mention of water gas electric that also has to come out of U.C as well. Why have they not singled out single peeps claiming and run out U.C on them til they iron out the problems that are still here in this shyt system.
Autor: Andy Phillips
AutorIt's not Great Britain it's the capitalists system and the GREED it causes. Don t just think this kind of thing is happening in Britain
Autor: Ian Renenzi
AutorFUNNY OLD COUNTRY - England. - Austerity measures had to be put in place after Labour left the country broke when they were voted out. Brexit is going to cause EVERYBODY to be worse off, apparently. EVERYBODY is struggling (I'm not). Yet immigrants, legal and illegal, still cross the English Channel to get here, from places like Afghanistan, that 3,000 miles away instead of staying on the wonderful EU mainland. What an odd lot thy are.
Autor: John Bird
Autorhahaha housing very intresting yet so many pieces of land being sold to private landlords that whats its like in Dover
Autor: Andy Phillips
AutorWhy doesn't the American " princess" speak out about poverty?!! She should be the face of true American women who are fearless and speak out about ANYTHING. I think she is failing as an American to allow these problems to happen in the UK . In America the problems are just as bad or worse there is no welfare or housing benefit. No job, on the street.
Autor: Brooke B
AutorStraight away u have problem with rent and council tax because delay in paying rent and council tax then when ur sanctioned your rent is stopped in big rent arrears getting seventy pounds to live on after paying bills you have thirty pounds for food food banks shit food that would make dog I'll
Autor: Martin Lanigan
AutorIt's a disgrace! Really hard to live on universal credits and a part time job, can't afford to pay all that needs paying, it's a nightmare! When I was on tax credits, I managed and had a bit spare from my job but not on this. Got into debt by tax credits abruptly stopping and making me wait 6 weeks for a payment. If I never had ny job, I'd not have been able to feed my son. I got into debt due to not being able to pay bills in that time and still haven't caught up as they keep changing my universal credit payment saying it's due to my fluctuation in wages but I've had the same weekly wage for 3 years. It's not good for anyone!
Autor: Lian Massey
AutorNo tax paid by rich who get richer. We are slaves.
Autor: MrFlashman10
AutorJeremy Corbyn for PM he will end uc
Autor: Linda Harris
Autorthe rich landlords and the buy to let are even suffering.
Autor: andrew tones
AutorIt's supposed to be being rolled out in July where I live, whether it's been delayed or not, I have no clue. They don't clearly communicate anything and when you try to ask someone, you're given the run around between two places and neither actually knows. If it does get rolled out this July, it's going to be a pretty short year for me.
Autor: Drew Fox
AutorMaybe I am a bit slow, but i can't understand how it is
after it has been proven over and over again, that people
mismanaged their benefits, buying designer stuff apart from
the fact that some genuinely try to do whats right with what
they receive, why did the govt., decide to give all the benefits
to the tenants? i listened carefully and still do not understand,
the reason behind the change
Autor: Deidra Dahl
AutorIt was the government that allowed legal highs onto our streets that was a social experiment on people in prison and the homeless, basically so they kill themselves. This is the same, but to families and the vulnerable, well they all seem vulnerable after watching this. The Country is run by psychopaths and child molesters
Autor: D Singh
AutorUniversal credits, designed to kill, and it works exactly as designed. Yet we're too busy protesting against Trump. You couldnt make this up
Autor: Mark McIntyre
AutorFuck me anthony is 64 he’s one year off retiring leave alone
Autor: James 84
Autorlet's all encourage a mixed race society every one seems to want brown kids with curly hair must be the latest fashion trend from the brainwashed PC brigade ,
Autor: Ellis Meah
Autorconservative is code for cowardly.
Autor: playlists
Autorwhat's the landlord portal?
Autor: inconceivabledark
AutorNext general election vote labour 👍
Autor: SUB3ERO !!
Autorsorry but how the fuck can you miss appointments ?????
Autor: dogsitter68
AutorIt's one way to wipe out an whole generation
Autor: del boy
AutorIf they try and evict me Ill whack the bailiffs over the head with a baseball bat, get sent to prison, get free accommodation. Lol.
Autor: Nak Koe
AutorYet they give millions to aid countries that don't need or deserve. People in Britain are suffering and the government just make it worse. Look after our own people first.
Autor: Janet Janet
AutorTory voters are vile.
Autor: Grrr.
Autoryou can help homeless we do in our country a collective residential Nomes ten people donate little rent on their dole
Autor: Maya Schembri
Autormuch more likely to die if homeless - to ministers of state - politicians - problem solved

sleeping in shop doorways // sleeping rough - did that as a student
Autor: D. R. JONES
AutorBBC are all pedo
Autor: Simon Stickland
Autorsomething is massively not right. The Landlord portal sounds like an Xbox 30 game and everyone now hates the four seasons! Vivaldi would be turning in his f***ing grave!!! exactly who is in charge here?
Autor: inconceivabledark
Autorlt was NEVER !!! designed to encourage .. give support, confidence, or hope to (someone).
or get people into a job... The so called Government know exactly what there doing.. and so do a lot of people .
Autor: steve greenwood
AutorAll the Tories are going to do is make people ill with an effect on the NHS, also making people desperate which will push up crime, that is violent crime as in home invasions and petty crime, cannabis growing, muggings, some one at the end of the day has to pick up the bill, desperate times create desperate people which costs.
Autor: jaw breaker
AutorI work all my life and since I was 18 am 40 now .... I lost my job two months ago only received £194 in two months ... where is my tax money... I just sold my car and other belonging just to survive.
Autor: frankie homer
AutorEvil Tory basdards
Autor: Ian Renenzi
AutorFew points here;
1. Many, many people would love to give up work to look after their kids- but they don't, they work to pay for their own responsibilities.
2. Sanctions just do not work like that. There is no way the JC turned that guy away and told him he would be sanctioned next month- because that is not how it works and the presenter stating that without actually checking the facts is so misleading and she totally lost credibility.
3. The money the person received from his employer for holiday pay etc- was still money that was paid to him, so use that to pay your council tax.
4. Really can't understand how you can leave the blame with the government because people are choosing not to pay rent. If I choose not to pay rent, then ofcourse I would be evicted- who am I going to blame then? ME! Because it was me who never paid it!
Autor: Claire Lang
AutorI hope the Brexit stress puts May in a early grave.
Autor: anthony phipps
AutorPeople need to take more self responsibility for their own lives, rather than blaming their failings on others.

If you won't get off your backside to get a job, if you spend all your benefit money on alcohol and cigarettes, if you spend your rent benefit on anything other than rent, or if you waste money on takeaways all the time rather than cooking, then YOU are to blame.

Grow up and be responsible for your life instead of shifting the blame on others. You are an Adult. Act like one.
Benefits in Britain are so incredibly generous. Try living in any of the majority of the countries in this world. Benefits to them will seem like winning the lottery. Yet many people in Britain complain they can't live on it. That's only because people want everything for nothing these days rather than earning it.

Food Banks never existed a decade or so ago. The reason why they exist now is not because of Universal Credit, but because people today can't look after themselves. They have become weak. A couple of generations ago, people with little money survived without help even though it was hard. This generation is useless.

The worst thing about Britain now is the self entitled, shifting blame, narcissistic behaviour of many people.

Bring on the hate.
Autor: John 180
AutorPlease try to understand that this is a culling....of the masses we are all fooooked.
They should send out a suicide pack when they send their letters out
make life a lot simpler save the mess in the streets...all we have to do
is choose which way we want to end our lives at least give us that
Autor: Moldavite Angel
AutorThe black n white couple *fuck council tax thats a scam
Autor: hopefaith love
Autorpoor man ,this is a culling of the most weak and poorist of people,while those in power dont give a shit.
Autor: skylander dad and skylander boy show skylanders
AutorAnd do u think these people give a shit about brexit NO ! The fat cats at the top are getting a fat salary and do t give a shit bout people struggling and using food banks. You don't need a degree to figure out giving money to the claimant instead of the landlords. Sanctioning people who need this money to buy food keep their homes heated. Makes my blood fucking boil. Such a bad idea UC but do they give a shit no. Depression and suicide on the rise I wonder why
Autor: Maula marsi
AutorIt will mean more evictions and this is want the government the benefit system want
Autor: Susan Whitehall
AutorStories like this just prove to me that all this conservative government wants is vulnerable people to give up and kill themselves.
Autor: SevCaswell
Autormost jobs are a net harm for people they crush body, mind, spirit, relationships and creativity and keep you just above broke
Autor: Futures
AutorI don’t understand why Anthony was sanctioned for missing an appointment when he did in fact show up?
Autor: soopersonic
AutorWestern societies are now divided into a new economy elite and the rest. The new economy elite see themselves as part of a globalized world and not part of a nation. The left vs right distinction is no longer relevant. The bond between fellow citizens no longer exists. The social contract is now broken. This is why brexit happened.
Autor: Percy elliott
AutorServes the white british people right... they voted Theresa may because immigrants are taking "their" jobs, Theresa may just added an extra gift. Goid luck you noobs lmao
Autor: aisha hussain
AutorThere just like the Nazis killing off the weak and venerable the tories will be voted in again next election by the rich who are benefiting from all the suicides and starvation
Autor: Ian Gardiner
AutorHow is that single dad entitled to over 2000 month? Even minus his rent he is left with nearly 400 week ????
Autor: Mel Nason
Autorthe other sick side of all of this is the therapy industry just when the government is robbing from the poor to bail out the rich, their allies, relations and business partners by enforcing austerity on the majority they also roll out the IAPT service Improving access to psychological therapies so now when the culture crushes you and you arrive to see your target fuelled GP they will spend on average of three minutes with you give you a useless self assessment tick box questionnaire called the PHQ9 and GAD7 label you with so called mental illness and give you a drug marketed as an 'anti depressant' a drug that will likely numb your emotions, sedate you, crush your sex drive, essentially make you less bothered about things previously bothering you and or trigger suicide and the kindly GP will likely refer you for therapy - here you will likely meet a CBT therapist whose therapy philosophy is basically the world is fine its just your own disordered, unhelpful, distorted thinking processes and behaviour that needs 'treatment' to correct so you can just get on with it.

no wonder there's not effective uprising we've got containment on all sides.imagine this assault 150 years ago when ordinary people battled the government of the day for 8 hours work, 8 hours recreation 8 hours rest - we'd still have our children up chimneys and down mines

avoid the drugs and talking therapy understand you are not ill you are having normal reactions to a harmful culture - and get together with others and agitate for change
Autor: Futures
AutorYou think it's bad now just wait til Brexit sets in. You haven't seen anything yet.
Autor: teenie neenie
AutorDepopulation programme! 🌍
Autor: Suzanna Marland
AutorThe amount that Meghan Markle spent to tart up her private dentistry smile went into the thousands of pounds!
Stuff the rich royal family they should help the true brits to get by in these horrid times 🙏
Autor: Tom Melvin
AutorRip white people
Autor: Charlie James
Autorits better to get in jail in cold winter mouths for 4 mouths you get 3 meals a day free pool and snooker you got a t v so you can watch the soaps free no t v licence to buy so i say to all you homeless get in jail though the winter cold mouths
Autor: Brian Greaves
AutorThis is worst than 1932 Germany or the Soviet Union.
Autor: billy giles
AutorTo see your Royals living in 100room castles ect is sickening getting an illness is not your fault but without health youl, never have wealth
Autor: Mezza
AutorThis was their plan single people with kids will dip in to rent for cloths and things need
Autor: Susan Whitehall
AutorMy lunch consisted of chicken Cordon Bleu. I had roasted small potatoes with onions and carrots. I had a salad Nicoise. For dessert, I had cherry cheesecake with a glass of white wine. I watched this and laughed my ass off. All these people that never planned for retirement. All these people being paid but didn't pay their landlord and getting tossed out in the street! This was funny to watch. All the excuses and tears. Poor people like living like that. They'll hold their hand out for anything they can get for free but pull that hand back when you offer them a job! I visit London a few times a year. I love Paris and Rome. Let's not forget Canada! One woman said she's only had one vacation in 6 yrs. Why have that if you can't afford it? They have too many kids and then want the government to cough up more money so they can sit at home and watch tv. So, to see them broke and busted when they never planned for their own retirements is hysterical. People grow old you know!!! I collect rent on a dozen buildings and owe no debt. Every month is like the cash register chinging with free money!! It was fun to see this show about all these poor people. In the ritzy parts of the world you never run across a poor person cause they can't afford to stay where we stay. Let them visit a job center!
Autor: thekingtroll2
AutorI moved to Europe 7 years ago. It is really hard to see whats happened to my country. Seeing the way the population is enabled here makes it all that much harder. Ive become the butt of Brexit jokes to locals here. Imagine they saw this.
Autor: Candy Floss
AutorSTOP handing out our taxes to these lazy people. Make them get a job and start contributing to society instead of take, take, take all the time! Most of them could get work if they really wanted to...they are living it up on our taxes! Unless they are ill or disabled, cut the free dosh and make them responsible for their own lives...and kids!! 🤨☹
Autor: Lady Chatelaine
AutorDavid Cameron I remember u u w.nker
Autor: Luton daddy
AutorThe point is that the government has manipulated people so that they rely on benefits to survive. When my family were growing up, we had no benefits just child allowance. I went out to work and together with my husband we supported our family. We ended up buying our own property and we provided for ourselves. There is no hope, nowadays, for a lot of people to buy their own property. The same with the pensioners, the government pay such a small state pension that a lot of pensioners have to go, cap in hand, to the government for pension credits. The government want us to rely on them, whilst trying to keep us poor. Like that they have control. I feel so very sorry for those who struggle to survive, especially if you have children or are elderly. The only way forward is to revolt against the system which keeps many poor. We need to take matters in our own hands and not rely on useless politicians who only want to feather their own nest at our expense.
Autor: Caprice123
Autornothing wrong ere i suspect nothing
Autor: movado cashmore
AutorMOAR MASS IMMIGRATION ! NOW ! Break Europeans and break them hard ,chase them down and make them disappear .. no culture,no history,no future ... It's GOBALIST TREASON
Autor: Brettox Benzyme
AutorI feel the pain for you, but it the taste of democracy.
Autor: Hamza Khan
AutorWhen will people wake the hell up? When the government brings in something new its automatically gonna screw you. If they say it’s to help us you’re a fucking idiot if you believe that. Nothing they do is to actually help. Ever. Time to revolt and demand these fuckers represent us not rule us
Autor: Madeson Kirk
AutorUk's miniwage is so low.. too bad..
Autor: may Green
Autor: Mahmodur Rahman
AutorI work hard and save a little bit of money each month...... it’s not the governments job to look after people once they are old and haven’t saved any money!!
Autor: Hello hello hello !!!!
AutorThe real problem is the UC was introduced because of all the benefit cheats,the amount of people on benefits with bogus claims had to be sorted out.
I know it’s been hard on some genuine cases who need the money, but don’t keep blaming banks,governments,immigrants.
Blame the CHEATS who took it away the CHEATS who made it a life style the single mothers who have kids just to stay on benefits CHEATS, the bogus walking sticks CHEATS, the bad backs on disability for years while working CHEATS,the Emigrants economic migrants CHEATS, I don’t have to look far where I live to know someone cheating the system as it the case with most decent working people.
Who is screaming the loudest the CHEATS the thought of having to get out and earn a living is giving them heart problems welcome to reality.
The benefits are a safety net not a way of life. As for still paying people who swan off to Spain and still claim is utterly appalling that’s another benefit that should be stopped.
Every action has a consequence don’t pay rent, get evicted,don’t work, no money. Too many kids live in poverty,because of irresponsible parents trying to live on free money: (TAX PAYERS MONEY) who soldier on while thousands of CHEATS laugh in our faces.
Autor: Ellie Finn
AutorThere are many many problems with our government's priorities at the moment and the way our country is going: the cost of rent is too high, and there are too many people for too few jobs. However, Universal Credit does do its best to help people and is very clear what you have to do in order to get your benefit. Also, it is a much simpler system than before. So we can't really blame the system if people fail to attend appointments or are "bad with money". If certain individuals are vulnerable, they should have a care worker or even just a friend who can make sure they pay their rent or go to their appointments. You only have to go to an appointment once every fortnight. There has to be SOME responsibility on both sides!
Autor: Jenny Brock
Autor"to insure that work always paid more". Benefits are there to fund one's bare minimum, but they never do. So if benefits are almost on par with wages, then isn't wages the issue here? Why aren't bosses forced to distribute a fairer share to their destitute workers? Oh, they can't. Perhaps because they are close to the party- this is almost certainly true; however, they can't or they will no longer make profits?! Well, yes, that is also true. Falling rates of profits have insured that despite the economic development (in fact, three-fold increase), wages has stagnates, as well as profits to some extent- or increased only to a fraction of the economic growth. Clearly, the issue here is capitalism itself.
Autor: SkidrowFilms
AutorI dont agree that just because you have a child and decide not to work, that you should be on benefits. There are other options. He should be allowed to work with a benefit or if he does work full time, the government should offer free childcare.
Autor: Sloan
AutorThis is fixed by destroying the government!
Autor: a and b
AutorUnfortunately, those at the very 'bottom of the food chain' are treated with complete and utter contempt! It's almost like they are not regarded as human-beings. It's fucking disgusting!
Autor: Andrew
AutorThe government has come to the realization that encouraging welfare is a failure, and are now unable to sustain this is the reason for universal care understand by enforcing this the government saves tons! The addition of immigrants was reason as the tipping is becoming to topple,I suspect in less than a years time Britain will be going under 😐
Autor: Theresa Caron
AutorPeople wonder why immigrants want to go to UK while the NATIVES are suffering makes me sick
Autor: Mezza
AutorAnyone else notice that all of the people that had issues in this report were in their situation because of THEIR OWN FAULT?
Stop blaming U.C. You idiots missed your appointments, didn't send in the right paper work or otherwise failed to manage your money right. GROW THE HECK UP AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. F*cking plebs.
Autor: C. Lincoln
AutorThe splendour, the beauty and the misery of it all. Welcome to Great Britain!
Autor: sirkastic
AutorThe thumbnail is of a fat blonde with not one but two mixed kids... where is dad, eh? Why do I have to pay you for being a slag with bad taste in men? 😂😂😂
Autor: Uno Dos
AutorWe wouldn’t need welfare programs if Extreme income inequality didn’t exist. Only landlords and bankers making out richer while the middle income class fights with the poverty or no income class and blame immigrants (whose slave labor kept the illusion of a healthy economy running).
Autor: Malyna Senger
Autor: Ginger Boudreaux
AutorThe left and the right both wholly owned subsidiaries of Zionism. This is the result people, take up arms to fight for freedom against the freemasonic royals and bankers or tie the chains around you and your children’s ankles and walk off into slavery peacefully ✌️
Autor: billy giles

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