Does It Taste Good On Pizza | Guacamole

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AutorThis was hilarious to me for some reason
Autor: Wesley Shaw
AutorDo you let the pizza cool down a lot before you put stuff on it? Because I can see super fresh pizza plus cold guac being super gross.
Autor: LisaThinksALot
Autormmm guacamole
Autor: sweet yunita
AutorI love guacamole!! I wanna try!!!
Autor: Giulia Botticelli
AutorI'll definitely try this.
Autor: Mauricio Diniz
AutorMild flavor enhancement but rich. Just tried guac on pizza and wondered if it was 'normal'.
Autor: Yotrymp
AutorDo hot sauce next
Autor: Chuck Mellisa
Autordo McDonalds McNuggets on pizza
Autor: Jacob Armour
AutorWhat brand of pizza do you use for these videos?
Autor: ninaelle2003
Autortater tots and onion rings on pizza
Autor: Thompson Sampson
Autorribs on pizza?
Autor: Jacob Armour
Autorwhat do you do with all the crust?
Autor: Hajirac Hajirac
AutorGuacumami is amazing on Pizza
Autor: Emily Cedeno

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