Getting rid of fear - Eckhart Tolle

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Autoroh jeah sao zao jhhohn macaroon chacaroon noon
Autor: Marialuz Albuja
AutorThank you, you little hobbit I love u
Autor: Cat Dog
AutorThe light of awerness.
Autor: Cecilia Castro
AutorI hardly understand a f*** thing he says there's something really fake about that guy
Autor: Michael Collins
AutorTolle is a savage
Autor: RealJoshTv
AutorStudying psychology I csn still say that people stiöl believe the best predictor of happiness is when your öige runs perfectly :D. I love Psychology but science sometimes is oddly shallow ( though I öove it and it's amazing :) .
Autor: Kili Fischkopp
AutorI dont believe this guy, i think hes on mad pills thats why hes calm
Autor: Billy Envy
AutorMost spiritual practices take a very hands off approach to the ego. Live Now is a very hands on approach to taking our lives back from the ego. We begin with one simple non-meditative tool to center our selves in our own presence. Then we have another tool which is to speak directly and clearly to the thinking to reprogram life long thought and behavior patterns. We observe everything and don't emotionalize anything. The result is the steady shrinking of the ego and a continual increase in our presence.
Autor: Live Now Life Counseling
AutorIdeas...are what you need to realize...they are all something that hates you...

You have to realize who you are...and that all these thoughts and what you see is no thing like you...

Life is prison...

Want to be free...the time is now
Autor: TellDTruth NBReal
AutorBut if i accept my fears and feel it is happening to me then that unpleasant thing will surely gonna happen to me, put aside that i have no fear left when that event comes. But this is like inviting the unfortunate events directly. Any body please help me...
Autor: World Of Fun
Autor: Eddie Palma
AutorAcceptance is the key to all my problems today...
Autor: Stephen Furlong
AutorSo your supposed to sit with the emotion. Not try to fight the negative emotion....
Autor: Edward Jacobson
AutorOutstanding and extraordinary Person. I had heard such teachings only in India in Oneness University
Autor: Piotr Zawilinski
AutorI don't get the whole "He stole this info from the bible/other teachings thing " . Knowledge does not belong to anybody. Knowledge is for everyone
Autor: Christie 94
Autortrue (typing while listening). if you surrender to that very one thing, then you are not in dis-alignment so fear will go away
Autor: John Doe
AutorThank you Eckhart..
Autor: Hector Padilla
AutorThank-you Eckhart, this clip talked me through a pretty intense state of anxiety at am last night. I appreciate your work so much!
Autor: Melanie Krueger
AutorEckhart Tolle is God!
Autor: J R
Autorit's not the situation's the thought of something.
Autor: Barbara Stepien-foad
Autorwhy you cut videos ,that part is important,my opinion
Autor: Dzoni MNE
Autorwonderful. wow. this video really helped me surrender to the fear I was trying to block!
Autor: Karen Coaching For positive health!
Autorabsolutely amazing!
Autor: stormcnicholas
AutorAfter some 20 years (on & off) of unsuccessful counselling/therapy, Mr. Tolle opens his mouth and speaks for 10 minutes - I'm further along and am making progress. This man is on this earth for a reason.
Autor: Emily Anderson
AutorThankyou so much Eckhart, I've been trying to avoid this emotion for many years. I've taken your advice and feel that it is working. This would be monumental for my peace of mind.
Autor: patricia schuren
AutorEckart Tolle is enlightened for sure - but I'm not, and so my body still starts feeling fear (if there is a reason for that). How does that work to be able to get out of a "freeze" - state, and you did not even thought one thought, your body just freezes.?
Autor: BlueRingedEntity
Autor: Anup Bharvani
AutorI have been working exactly on this. Paying attention to it. At first it makes me feel worse but it is what it is. Hope soon changes.
Autor: P JT
AutorDon't believe this fake he gets his info from the Bible but acts like it's his.
Autor: Anna Miller/ Ronnie truth
Autorthank you deep strong information
Autor: bekhadra hamza
AutorA lot of what he says is insightful. The all is one teaching however, is derived from Gnosticism. I can't get down with that. He is essentially saying all is god....
Autor: Billy hoskins
AutorI'm a bit confused, after focusing and shining the spotlight on the pain what should we do then?
Autor: littledreams77
Autorallow it to be................
Autor: J.R. Goldman
Autor: Bojan Bosilkov
AutorYour evolution will be accomplished when you have learned the simple fundamental truth of life, it is as simple as that. You are not dependent on the fate of mankind which could get really dark and ugly.

It is available at this point so there are no more excuses and time to be wasted. Google "Truth Contest" and read the top entry The Present.
Autor: Nick Alexander
AutorLet me tell you my experience about fear ... There are many kinds of fear ... first one because you did something wrong and you afraid from the results from this action ... second kind you afraid or you have horror from obscure and this the most commonly kind .. We you feel a fraid from something you don't know about it or you are afraid from future ... here I will tell you the solve for this kind of fear ..If you want to avoid this fear or you want to avoid the bad results your action now should be right then don't think about the future and try to remember our god as you can
Autor: Aaron man
AutorIt's hard when u tink about it. It's not just easy but effortless when you "accept", instead of thinking.
Autor: Blessings Claire
AutorMy mom was mentally ill and I had a very difficult childhood. Too young to understand what was happening, I suppressed my fear and anxiety to cope. After the tragedy of my parents death in a car crash and losing my fiance to lung cancer, my fear level skyrocketed.
Suppression became impossible. Thank god I found Mr Tolle. I now feel my fear, breathe into it and to my amazement, it subsides. I have never felt more at ease, because now I know that I CAN handle the intense emotions that rise up in me.
Autor: chickadee
AutorJoyce Meyers has a book called the power of the mind. Very biblical actually. Same thing.
Autor: Carissa Ingratta
AutorThat's exactly the process that David R Hawkins talks about in Letting Go
Autor: Sam Wh
Autorlove you eckhart
Autor: Happy Learning
AutorI am enligtened. If you have any questions. I have answers for you.
Autor: Jesus is Love
AutorThankyou Beloved Eckhart Tolle Sir........
Autor: Clixx4Quest
Autor: Lisa os
AutorThis is all you need to know. I did this before reading Eckhart's books. My life totally changed. You don't realize it is happening until all of a sudden everything seems to be falling into place, and your life begins to change directions. I discovered through my own awareness that the Awareness itself is dissolving, or lets same 'transforming,' the fear. To me, Awareness is your connection to consciousness, and that light energy transforms the dark, fearful, energy. It is a process but if you stick to it you will see that it works. Don't give up. Your life will change.
Autor: Tamra Solves
AutorI believe in you.
Autor: Robin Hood
AutorThat's exactly the process that David R Hawkins talks about in Letting Go
Autor: Sam Wh
AutorThat was the deeper original meaning of "alchemy" -- transforming the lead (Pb) of suffering into the gold of enlightenment.

As for Fear, even a science-fiction writer got it right:
“Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”
Frank Herbert, from his 1965 novel "Dune".
Autor: forestsoceansmusic
AutorI feel so much love for, and oneness with this man.
Autor: Scot Free
AutorThank you for posting this... God bless you
Autor: pallavi pathaniya
AutorGod thanks for blessings.
Autor: damian2001111111
AutorI have bad panic attacks when o get nervous and my face gets beat red.. Thats the thing that bothers me the most is how i look to other people, i also feel like im getting shocked all over and i get really tight and confused and cant breathe, been sober from xanax for 2 years i dont take any pills so thats not an option. Any tips?
Autor: The Paradigm Shift
AutorThe real trick is make fear a trick. When fighting appear way more afraid than you actually are. This will cause you opponent to use way less force than they need to win. Let them control the first moments the argument or fight, use maybe 10% of your power. This will further disarm them. Then unleash 100,000% Hell on them. Bait and switch!
Autor: Sam Young
AutorAcceptance of the seemingly unacceptable. I like that.
Autor: Cyberosy
AutorI absolutely agree. The more u fight it, the worse it gets. When I get anxious I say to it "bring it on bitch " and it's not so bad
Autor: tye81
Autor: Anna Wojcik
AutorLove you Eckhart tolle🙏🏻💐
Autor: Light Passion
AutorThis is one of the best videos of Eckhart! ❤️ Right to the core of whatever problems you might have. Thanks !!!
Autor: dilo dilo
AutorFear is resistance.
Autor: roy york
AutorAwakening is terrifying now. Vinzzi
Autor: Vince Diglio
AutorYour mind will define you at your deepest level that you have a serious 'fear' related issue/issues. Even to the point of chronic social phobia. In any case you need to accept your condition. You quite literally have to see that your Ego/Pain Body/consciousness are wagging you somewhat like a dogs tail (they have taken you over).

You need to accept that this is what is happening to you and grab that 'dog's tail' in order to invert the situation so that you take power away from the Ego/PB&C and return it back to your control where it belongs. You need to reprogram (de-proggram?) yourself through and via enlightenment. Probably worth the commitment if you are, or have suffered enough hey. But of course - it's your call. ;o)
Autor: TheOmnipresent12
AutorThis dude is legendary
Autor: Stefan Escandon
AutorMusic to my ears 🙆
Autor: GIA A
AutorThank you god and spirit that I found this guy..hes a true simple and right on the ♡ namaste
Autor: Nejka Reiki master
AutorThis idea is not new - fear is an illusion etc. Granted, I've lived an entire life of fear. You could say I've never been a huge fan of courage. I figured courage was the price tag of life - so if it would be too expensive - I'd just trade it in and be done with it! Death would be the obvious deal and a bargain at that! But as I became a student of ACIM, I'd find out death is not Real - much to my chagrin! So I would just mention the first step in facing it is to acknowledge its presence. ACIM said ultimately what we (ego) are afraid of is Love - not what is actually Is but the illusion we have made it out to be.
Autor: Erich B.
Autorhow to get rid of all fear? in one word...........FAITH
the perfect LOVE of God casts out all fear.....1st John
LOVE of God is according to Faith....
Autor: Clark Kent
AutorHow do you know if you're not mentally ill? He's talking about "one" thing in every people's life, and to surrender to it.
I've always believed i was mentally ill in some way or ways, and i still do. Now i have OCD, but that is not the reason, nor is it what im referring to. It is also not the kind where i believe i have this and that, because i read it on the internet, just through what i think is rational analyzing and digging into myself.
I've found that i'm very imbalanced, and not at all stable, and thoughts are always racing in my head to the point where I cannot focus on just one. There's all sorts of thoughts, weird ones, to so called "normal" ones, and they all inhabit my mind daily. Thoughts, often questions without conclusions, but it will also be thoughts that are just completely out of it.. like something i cannot even explain.
What if spiritual awakening and enlightment won't make me stable? What if i will be right about myself, having to live with my mind the same way even after the enlightment (if that happens.)
Autor: Alexander Front
Autor"Suffering burns up the ego. There comes a time when even the ego / mind says "I'm sick of this suffering!" and asks our higher self to take over.
Autor: forestsoceansmusic
Autorif you have experienced fear, you know how terrible it is; you might even commit suicide; you cannot help it; you know it is ego, but the thoughts and reactions create something unbearable to your body; i don't know how someone can have no ego; think about fear. if it's not ego, why is it there? no one wants to feel fear, but it will be there from time to time. i wonder how one can really be free of fear?
Autor: Huang Aisha
Autorreally helpful. thank you
Autor: Wesley Kilbane
Autortkhank you ECKHART
Autor: marianne jordan labarca
AutorAmazing words of wisdom.
Autor: A Hill
AutorI love E T. He talks so much sense.
I have suffered from fear 😱 for much of my life.
I am an alcoholic, and i am still alive through working the 12 steps, i have wanted to die a million times believe me, but i just keep going. I found looking at myself in inventory and seeing the lies for what they are, my problems stem from selfishness and self-centredness, this is my experience, not my opinion,i have tried oth methods.
Fear 😱 knocked at the door, Faith answered it, there was nothing there. God bless 👍 🇬🇧👋🏁❤
Autor: shaun keates
AutorI am sorry, I know he's supposed to be profound but his features point to something else.
Autor: Helpers
AutorThis is why meditation is basically useless , you try to sit and get over something when nothing happening . Whatever fear you have put yourself into situation like that which probably you already attracted in your life situation so you wont need to search far and then you face it with presence that intensity can give you instant transformation otherwise you can waste 20 years in meditation and nothing changed maybe some thought patterns but that doesn't mean you can know ultimate with just changing couple beliefs . '' Acceptance of seemingly unacceptable '' Just like that
Autor: X Malizen
AutorThank you so much. I came upon this just when I needed it the most.
Autor: jade222gem
Autorit's hard
Autor: Huang Aisha
AutorBut how does one surrender to fear ?What does bringing consciousness to it mean? What is this process of surrender.
Autor: priyanka sharma
AutorWhat if I do not feel any fear anymore? Or any "Problem" at all? What am I supposed to do? Nothing? xD
I don't want to make up a problem, because I feel good and everything is cool. Asking questions is a good signal, that I do not understand the moment enough? I don't know, lol.
Autor: Máximo Casas Stöldt
Autor“Acceptance of the seemingly unacceptable.” I’ll keep that in my pocket for the rest of my life.
Autor: Mriza
AutorSo how did you do it, just did not let emotion leave the body, and kept feeling it only with body? Or did you let the emotion run full course and let it to burn out letting it run through body and mind too?
Autor: Beka Meskhishvili
AutorHis words have helped me so much in my life I’m really at peace - no more mind fucking me (excuse my language) it’s so amazing to be free of the mind. “Don’t let the fear into your head focus on the feeling in the stomach” it’s truly amazing how true it is God bless you Eckhart
Autor: calvan candy
AutorWow!thank you mr.tolle!
Autor: Joseph Villena

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